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Hi all!!

I’m looking for Princesses for an event here:


The details are available at my page: HERE

Please hurry and sign up HERE. Since only a very few seats left.

Yes, you could win all Rp 1.4 million, or if you’re not, don’t worry, all 12 bloggers will still go home with goodies bag worth Rp.600.000.


Join the fun and buzz from all over the world as you’re about to make history with ob and shu uemura in Indonesia.


Come as one of the princesses, Ocean.


The delicate Moon.




or the lovely, Cherry Blossom.


Use them as your inspiring ideas, be the princess you want to be, with your definition of her, come and be yourself for that day, be the nature you want to be, the princess in you and celebrate with products from shu uemura.

All are welcome in viewing, trying, and testing all the products at the counter, bring your friends along and get samples for them.

Your interpretation doesn’t just about getting the same color of hair or dress as the princess but you may try it in makeup, accessories and style. You have the freedom to explore.

See you soon!

All images are from shu uemura Indonesia and google search.

Hi everyone,

lately I’ve been reading about this particular blog competition from other beauty bloggers. It’s seems that the product have a highlighted features suitable for daily usage here in Indonesia. The sun is shining brightly every day and I always say how SPF is important in our daily skincare routine, it prevent aging, sun burn, and other problems by excessive sun exposure.  Most of us has done a great job by protecting our facial skin by using sunscreen, BB Cream with SPF, etc. Let’s not forget our skin at the body area as well. We don’t want to stay pretty on the face area only right? We want to look good all over ^______^

Marina, together with their new launched product, try to bring awareness to the society of how we can protect our body skin from the sun, beauty bloggers, this is our calling!


Since I want to know more about the product, I read on the product knowledge and can’t help but drooling over the prices too. iPhone 5, Samsung Camera and HTC, like the world of must have gadgets at this moment is within reach haha! #DreamON. Hey, it can come true, that’s why I write this post sharing with you about Marina UV White Extra SPF15, so I can join the competition and in the same time, be a part of bringing this information to anyone about how important it is to use sun protection on our body skin.

Since the product is available locally, let me share the info with you in Bahasa Indonesia (foreigners may use the Google Translate tab on the side bar).

-Product knowledge made available by
Perlunya Perlindungan Kulit
Sinar matahari memang sehat untuk tubuh, tapi jika kulit terlalu lama terpapar sinar matahari, kulit dapat mengalami risiko kerusakan akibat radiasi Ultraviolet (UV) sehingga timbul masalah seputar kesehatan kulit, bahkan kerusakan kulit secara permanen, termasuk kanker kulit. Radiasi ultraviolet (UV) dapat menyebabkan kulit terbakar, menyebabkan noda-noda cokelat serta penebalan dan keringnya kulit. Radiasi UV dapat merusak DNA, menekan kekebalan tubuh, dan mengaktifkan bahan kimia dalam tubuh yang bisa menimbulkan kanker. Efek negatif lainnya adalah penuaan dini. Karena intensitas sinar matahari di Indonesia sangat tinggi, maka kulit membutuhkan perlindungan menyeluruh terhadap pengaruh buruk sinar UVA dan UVB, serta nutrisi bagi kulit yang mampu menyehatkan, serta membantu mencerahkan kulit kembali.

Oh no! From a simple fun activity outdoor or just about our daily basic routine where the sun ray touches the skin, our natural protector aka the skin may get the side effect. From sensitivity, sun burn, redness, dark spots to even cancer. That’s scary!

Pada dasarnya peningkatan tingkat SPF 15 tidak bersifat linear terhadap tingkat perlindungan dari sinar matahari.
SPF adalah singkatan dari Sun Protection Factor. Nilai SPF mengacu pada kemampuan sebuah produk untuk menangkal paparan radiasi ultraviolet dari Matahari pada kulit manusia. Hal itu diukur melalui jumlah energi Matahari yang dapat menyebabkan terlihatnya kulit yang terbakar dengan jelas. Ini berarti ketika kita menggunakan produk dengan nilai SPF yang optimal, akan dapat mengurangi resiko terbakarnya kulit.
SPF ini akurat untuk menilai paparan sinar UVB saja bukan paparan sinar UVA. Produk dengan SPF 15 dapat memberikan perlindungan optimal terhadap sinar UVB untuk aktifitas sehari hari karena pada dasarnya peningkatan tingkat SPF 15 tidak bersifat linear terhadap tingkat perlindungan dari sinar matahari.
Sebagai ilustrasi SPF 10 dapat mem-filter sinar UVB sebesar 90%, SPF 15 sebesar 94% sedangkan SPF 30 sebesar 97% dan SPF 45 sebesar 98%, yang berarti  bukan duakali lipatnya. Jadi untuk aktivitas setiap hari seperti sekolah, kuliah, dan bekerja, perlindungan SPF 15 cukup optimal.

❀ ✿ ❁
, instead of focusing on numbers, Marina taught us to focus on the percentage of coverage the product able to work on the skin. And the light texture of the lotion also easy to be use and re-use every 3 hours or when our skin feels the need to use it again and again, its fast absorbing & non sticky formula make it suitable for daily use. Basically, body lotion is made to nourish the skin and gives hydration, so there’s no dryness and white strikes when scratched. Marina UV White Extra SPF 15 wants to give the option of moisture and protection in one.
Marina UV White Extra SPF 15
“Marina UV White Extra SPF 15 membuat kulit tampak lebih cerah dengan perlindungan extra yang menjaga kulit dari pengaruh buruk sinar matahari dan merawatnya setiap hari. Fungsi SPF 15 sendiri adalah pelindung kulit yang optimal dari sengatan sinar UVB saat beraktivitas di tempat terbuka.” Memang, eksposisi (paparan) sinar UVB yang terlalu lama dan terlalu sering pada kulit dapat menyebabkan kulit terbakar dan terjadi proses penggelapan kulit sehingga menurunkan rasa percaya diri.
“Selain itu, Marina UV White Extra SPF 15 juga mengandung PA+ sebagai proteksi terhadap radiasi UVA dan menghambat proses penggelapan kulit, juga Biowhitening Complex dari Yoghurt dan Vitamin B3 yang kaya nutrisi untuk membantu mencerahkan kulit dari dalam.
SPF 15 bisa memberikan perlindungan optimal terhadap sinar UVB untuk aktifitas sehari hari.

❀ ✿ ❁

So there’s the idea of “white” coming from. Protection from the sun with the SPF so the skin may stay fair and avoid the darkening process by melanin, and Biowhitening Complex from the yoghurt and Vit B3 which is nutrition for the skin from within. You may google it up and find all the on why Vit B3 and yoghurt are used on most hand & body lotion which help to enlighten the skin. And it doesn’t stop there, to maintain a lovely skin, we know for sure, it has got to be done daily and routinely. Don’t expect an optimum benefit when using it once in a while, it’s like a good dietary habit, skincare need to be ‘digest’ daily and routinely.

  1. SPF 15 sebagai UV B Protection yang melindungi dari paparan sinar matahari
  2. PA+ sebagai UV A Protection yang membantu menghambat  proses penggelapan kulit
  3. Biowhitening Complex dari Yogurt dan Vitamin B3 yang kaya akan nutrisi, bekerja membantu mencerahkan warna kulit, sehingga tampak lebih putih merata

There it is, get a confident look with an assurance that the skin   show an even whiter and protected from the sun when using a hand and body lotion with SPF protection daily and don’t forget to take care the skin by maintaining a good habit start from within too. Avoid smoking, drink responsibly, drink water 8 glass per day, eat the fruits and veggies and it will all come up on the skin as well. Try avoiding the sun during peak hours also help, the window wont protect you so a body lotion with SPF is definitely still needed on daily basis. Don’t ever skip using skincare for your face and your body too!

Like any SPF product, after usage or during shower time, please clean properly so there’s no leftovers on the skin, as Marina UV White Extra SPF 15 contain sun protection please do use it during the morning until the sun sets, no need to use it during the night.

I guess it’s time for me to stop rambling and give you time to start writing! The contest ends on 31st of May 2013.
Don’t missed out and joined before it’s too late

HERE to register and HERE to read the full T&C

Hello everyone,

Thanks to Shu Uemura Indonesia, I’m able to share one particular item from their all-time-favorite collection, the cleansing oil.

I’ve been using Ultime8 for almost a month now and feel the cleansing not just gives the skin a clean feeling away from makeup and daily debris, but with a plus size ingredients which you all have says it correctly: 8 botanical oils which are corn, jojoba, soy bean, camellia, safflower seed, ginger root, olive & Shea butter.

So congrats dear winner, for being the first to answer it correctly:


Please send me your details through email at with full address and phone number too ^__^

Don’t forget to share me your review as well!!!

Hi everyone,

I’ve got an exciting news for beauty bloggers, especially those who are a big fan of Estee Lauder. You could win an invitation to attend Estee Lauder’s event on Sunday, 7th of April 2013 at Mal Taman Anggrek.


Not just that, the winners will receive products from Estee Lauder for FREE on the day of the event. One lipstick and one Eye Shadow Duo of which every winners may choose they own favorite shade. PS: NOT SAMPLE SIZES. So they are the real/original/full sized products \^0^/

1.       Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick Rp. 280.000,- 




2.       Pure Color Eye Shadow Duo Rp. 360.000,-
How you say? (Read carefully this whole post since I will not answer ANY silly question)

Make a blog post on (You may choose one or more topics):
1. Why do you love Estee Lauder?
2. Which item do you think ‘a must have’ in the entire collection (may be more than one)?
3. How many Estee Lauder products do you have?
4. Why do you want to be invited to the event?

Then, on that same post, share about this contest and don’t forget to put my blog URL as well. Share about this contest everywhere you please (but no spamming), on twitter, facebook and other social media you have. Don’t forget to tag me in each of your sharing activity.

Comment in this post that you have participated and would like to win an invitation.


1 . Be a follower of my blog
2. Like my Facebook page, click —> HERE  and Follow my Twitter account: @c13v3rgirl and the winner (later on) will be announce via my Facebook Page. There will be 10 winners handpicked by me.

Contest runs from today until 5th of April 2013 at 12noon where the winners will be announced at 6 PM on the same day. So hurry and make a post ^0^

Contest is open for beauty bloggers who provide their own transportation to the event.

Winners will be chose based on creativity of the post, shares in multiple social networking system, have followed all the T&C’s, write a post in Bahasa Indonesia or English. Every winners will have to attend the event, details as mentioned above, at MTA, 7th of April 2013, be there at 12 noon sharp and personally collect the products after the event is finished (around 2-3 PM).

Thank you and hope to see you all real soon!

*Shades are depends on availability

Hi everyone!

Last week for the first time I went on a haul at Multiply at the comfort of my own home. Most of the time I feel doubt in shopping online knowing some of my friends complaining about the ‘bad services’ given. Such as:

– after payment the online shop went mia (missing in action)
– products are fake/counterfeit
– expired goods
– lost mails?
– items seems opened and used (when payment made for brand new item)
– a very long delivery time (like a month)
and yes, still other excuses and reasons of why we shouldn’t shop online . . . unless they are trusted seller, like some shops at Multiply.

How do we recognize these shops? Do we need to check on them one by one? No need!

Multiply has done it for you. Just look at the Trusted seller logo in each shop and fret not, your purchase and as a buyer, you are protected from problems that may come from purchasing online.

So when I have the chance to try shopping at Multiply, instead of shopping at one online shop, I went on several cosmetic online shops so I can ‘test’ how things are going there. I found the system in Multiply to be very user friendly, where usually we need to pay individually, in Multiply even thou I bought many items from different online shops, I just put them in one shopping cart and pay them all at once, no need multiple payments.

(Cherry Lip Gel Patch and Tony Moly Cat Chu Lipstick from Korean Noona)

And since I already have an account in Multiply, my address is saved as well, so I don’t have to keep writing my address several times.

Confirmation are given in several different inbox message automatically. So I can check the progress one by one. Some shops response immediately, while some need 2 days.

(Etude Eraser Show Remover Bar from Rie Butik)

Cosmo for Beauty is the winner, they send me a reply almost immediately that my payment has been received and will send the product the day after.

(Egyptian Magic Cream from Cosmo for Beauty)

Petite Collection and Nadia Fashion Butik send me a JNE number the next day.

(All was done without I have to ask anything)


Nadia Fashion Butik, Petite Collections, Cosmo for Beauty and Olivianneshop sent the goods in 2 days directly to my home (very impressive).

The rest come in 2 more days (which means 4 days after payment). Korean Noona forgot 1 item and after I ask about it, they say it was oos (out of stock) and the refund is made after I give them my bank acc no. Kesho Shop also forgot to add one item I’ve paid and send the good the next day.

The Cherry Blossom shampoo and rinse (conditioner) smells really good and instantly turn my hair smooth and silky.

PocketBac from Olivianne
Smells really good and feels soft on the skin.
Everything went so well, so I made more purchases in the lingerie departments ^__^ why buying lingerie online

1. The selection of choices are vary.
2. Privacy (for some reason in Jakarta, I found many ogling eyes when shopping lingerie and many times there’s men in the shop >.<
3. Comfortable to browse around and pick the one I like, plus many shop comes with details for sizes too.

Now, you’ve read my shopping experiences, please share your shopping experience at any online shop and the best, the worst and the most memorable experiences will win a shopping vouchers from

There will be 3 winners where each win Rp.200.000


1 . Be a follower of my blog
2. Like my Facebook page, click —> HERE  and Follow my Twitter account: @c13v3rgirl and the winner (later on)  will be announce via my Facebook Page
3. Comment on this post with your experiences (yes, you may answer more than once)
4. Tweet with: Hey @ (tag your friends),  share with @c13v3rgirl your olshop experience and win prizes from

Contest runs from today until 30th of January. So hurry and share your experiences ^0^

Contest is open for readers residing in Indonesia

Use code
during check out at Multiply and receive 10% discount until 31 January 2013
(min Rp.20.000 purchase).

And don’t forget to read my blog post for the reviews.

Hi all!

Almost a month has passed since Indonesian Beauty Blogger second Gathering in Rumah Cantik Citra.

In the event, which I think you have read many reviews and event report about it, we are given so many information about the product, some of them are provided HERE.

Above is Dr. Edwin Djuanda, a dermatologist. And Mr. Johan Lie, a brand manager of Citra Lotions.

I love the enthusiasm of everyone who went into the event, they asked a lot of questions, in return, we understand more about our skin, the product and Rumah Cantik Citra.

After the introduction and product detail by Citra, it’s Indonesian Beauty Blogger’s turn to share some of their tips, life stories and experiences as a beauty bloggers. The presentation given is thorough and some even found the material to be so useful and an eye opener. We enjoy our meals and chats as well, indeed, we are girls after all, we love to chat.

That’s not just it, after the event we get to enjoy our spa moments at Rumah Cantik Citra, but since I don’t have the time, I’m coming back in the following weeks for a treatment there. Everyone going home with hampers and a voucher for a treatment ^__^ wonderful! Who would resist a spa experience?!

10 lucky bloggers are enjoying the treatment and giving us good reviews on how comfortable the massage are. Of course, the team are prep by a professional masseuse from a spa in 5 stars hotels. 

And hmm, what is Carryna doing with a Longchamp bag? It’s the prize for a blogging competition held by Citra, and get your chance to win a nice pretty Longchamp bag like this one. Found out HERE for the details, T&C, and due date.

Now, here’s my Rumah Cantik Citra experience ^0^

We bring camera too, since the last time I’m here as an MC, I can’t take pics since being too busy with the prep, now, I’m here to relax and enjoy. I brought my mom and sister to join the experience with me.

The building is quite spacious, with around 8 customers per session (each around 60 minutes), the parking lot is enough for 6 cars all at once. Right in front of the entrance is a beautiful pond underneath the path with Koi fishes swimming freely.

All the treatment is open for ladies only and above 15 years old.

Here is the menu and below the selections of products.

Different treatments available in different room.

Above is a treatment place where you don’t have to take off your clothes since it was foot and hand massage or a back massage.

This is the treatment room for body massage and scrub. Thank you sister for the images ^__^ I was in a separated room than she is. But the room is similar. For one. 2 rooms are equipped with 2 beds for double occupancy, just in case you want to share a room with your BFF.

Since this is a night treatment, we were there around 3 PM and asked to take a shower before the treatment where other treatment is the other way around.

Before you came into Rumah Cantik Citra, please call them first at (021)-8303101 since sometime the venue is closed due to an event. Open from 10.00-19.00 and closed on national holidays.

More information can be found here:

And if you happen to go with someone who can’t do a treatment or prefer to wait, don’t worry there’s a nice waiting room with magazines and 2 computers with internet connection is given ^__^

Now, back to the treatment.

After the shower with of course a selections from Citra Body Wash, our feet are scrub with natural ingredients, salt and lime.

After the feet are pampered, we moved to the bed and get an invigorating massage which later relaxes the whole body and I went to a sleep the minute I’m inside my car. It was a wonderful experience for my mom, sis and me. All of us enjoy the professional massage given, the grape seed oil infused lotion and the ambiance there. Who said that spa treatment has to be expensive to be good? Citra proving otherwise.

Rumah Cantik Citra has given me a very useful tips too on how to use Citra Night Whitening Lotion, first, the skin need to be cleaned so the lotion may absorb better on the skin and the nourishment is taken. I’ve tried the lotion before and it’s like a few hours after taking a shower and indeed the effect is not really felt.

In Rumah Cantik Citra the grape seed oil also added, so it will double the effect ^__^ that’s why I recommend every ladies to try the treatment there. They are also very kind in sharing information and tips. When application, it is best to do a circular massaging movement to the skin, not just for helping spreading the lotion but to increase blood circulation. A deep tissue massage may be difficult and impossible to be done alone, but you can ask your partner to help out heehee.

There are other ingredients in Citra Night Withening Lotion that would be beneficial for the skin as well, it is mulberry. As stated by

According to the Fruitarian Foundation, mulberries are rich in vitamin A, potassium, phosphorus and calcium. In addition, mulberries contain the highest levels of antioxidants of any berries. Antioxidants protect the body from harmful oxidation of free radicals.
and how about the grape seed oil?

Applying a few drops of grape seed oil to the face provides protection from premature aging and may actually help acne, because of its powerful antioxidant properties. Flavonoids which are found in grape seed oil may assist the skin in stabilizing collagen and maintaining elasticity. Its light and easily-absorbed texture makes grape seed oil ideal for cosmetic purposes as well as being useful as carrier oil in massage therapy.

Ah, maybe that’s why Citra Night Whitening Lotion uses them as ingredients. And it is already well known that our skin at night become drier, not just due to the fact that we uses air conditioner, but the skin regenerate, breathe and faster in releasing moisture as we sleep as well. A night lotion should be able to give an ample hydrating effect so the skin stays moist and healthier in the morning.

So why don’t you start taking care of your skin at night as you do on day time as well and get a better skin every single day ^__^

Asian On Air Program

Who wants to go to Korea?

I do!

Please read the details provided above and join the fun.

Here’s my post for the program:

Click Me!

New Crocs New You Event

Hi all!

I just got back from a very colorful event with Crocs Indonesia. This is the official event for New Crocs New You where they gonna give a very very lucky person Rp 22 mio and to be the finalist all over the world for a dream makeover with an International Stylist shopping to the country of your choice all worth USD 8000.

The event is held in Miitem Plaza Indonesia where every guest invited can take a picture at the booth and a change to win vouchers too.

Shortly after the mc started the event with a bit information of the new Crocs, Crocslite: colorful, light weight, comfortable and a whole lot of attitude.

Then a mini makeover began with bloggers and media take part. It was raining colors everywhere. No more boring looks when Crocs around.

We all goo goo ga ga over the selection. Women are sure to find a pair they truly adore. Flat, wedges and rumors has it, high heels will soon join us here. Woopie! Heels in comfort is my best friend.

The cute girl who won best pics =^___^=

With Wingky Wijaya, Crocs Indonesia hand in hand has began an era of Crocs stylish range for Indonesia.

Now, why don’t you open and be a part of this awesomeness 🙂

Lux White on Facebook

Hi all!

Lux is back with more contest goin’ on \^o^/ it is fun indeed to join a contest.

The contest is held in Lux Facebook Page: and please do read their T&C and how you can win:

Cara Untuk Menang

dengan tiga langkah mudah.

  • Langkah 1

    Pilih 3 elemen untuk membuat ceritamu!

  • Langkah 2

    Share ceritamu dan kumpulkan vote sebanyak-banyaknya!

  • Langkah 3

    Raih kesempatan lebih besar untuk menang!

Lux White

Promosi ini tidak dipungut biaya apa pun. Hati-hati penipuan.

Eligibility to Participate

1. Promosi ini terbuka bagi pengguna Facebook yang merupakan penduduk Indonesia. Karyawan Unilever Indonesia dan keluarga dekat mereka, agen serta siapa pun yang terkait secara profesional dengan Promosi tidak diizinkan untuk berpartisipasi. Pihak Promotor berhak untuk menolak setiap aplikasi yang diyakini melanggar Syarat dan Ketentuan.
2. Untuk berpartisipasi, seorang individu harus memiliki akun Facebook pribadi yang sah untuk mengajukan aplikasi. Peserta harus berjenis kelamin perempuan dan berusia 18 tahun ke atas. Memberikan informasi palsu untuk membuat akun merupakan pelanggaran terhadap Pernyataan Hak dan Tanggung Jawab kami.
3. Siapa pun yang diketahui mengganggu proses atau berlangsungnya Promosi, atau bertindak dengan segala sikap yang oleh Pihak Promotor dianggap melanggar Syarat dan Ketentuan; atau bertindak dengan segala sikap yang oleh Pihak Promotor dianggap mengganggu akan didiskualifikasi.

How to Participate

1.Untuk berpartisipasi, pengguna harus merupakan pengguna Facebook dan sudah ‘Like’ halaman Facebook Lux Indonesia. Untuk membuat akun Facebook, silakan mendaftar.
2.Pengguna boleh membuat cerita Star Moment dan mengirimkannya sebanyak yang mereka mau. Cerita akan mendapatkan poin berdasarkan jumlah suara (voting) yang diterima.
3.Jika entri selanjutnya ditetapkan tidak sah karena alasan apa pun, entri akan didiskualifikasi dan poin terkait akan dihapuskan dari cerita.
4.Pengguna harus menjaga kerahasiaan segala macam kode, kata sandi atau data pribadi lainnya. Pihak Promotor tidak akan bertanggung jawab atas segala penggunaan data yang tidak berizin.

Eligibility to Win – General

1.Pengguna boleh mengirimkan lebih dari satu cerita dan memberikan suara untuk beberapa entri, namun pemenang akan dipilih berdasarkan jumlah suara terbanyak per cerita, dan parameter kualifikasi yang ditetapkan oleh Unilever Indonesia. Pemenang hadiah harus berjenis kelamin perempuan, berusia 18 tahun atau lebih, pengguna Facebook resmi, penduduk Indonesia, dan memenuhi kriteria penilaian. Keputusan Pihak Promotor sehubungan dengan pemilihan dan penentuan pemenang bersifat final dan mengikat.
2.Tidak ada seorang peserta pun yang boleh memenangkan lebih dari satu hadiah.
3.Harap diperhatikan bahwa pemungutan suara akan berakhir pada tanggal 22 April 2012. Suara yang diberikan setelah tanggal ini tidak akan diakui. Pemenang akan diumumkan di halaman utama aplikasi Facebook ini pada tanggal 25 April 2012.
4.Segala upaya oleh seseorang untuk menjadi pemenang beberapa hadiah akan mengakibatkan entri terkait dibekukan selama 24 jam. Segala entri yang dianggap melanggar syarat dan ketentuan atau akun yang dibekukan berulang kali akan dianggap sebagai upaya penipuan untuk meretas aplikasi atau merusak integritas promosi dan akan didiskualifikasi. Pihak Promotor berhak untuk mendiskualifikasi entri yang dianggap mencurigakan.

Additional Term & Condition for Weekly Competition

1.Pemenang akan dipilih setiap minggunya, pada akhir minggu (hari Minggu pukul 12 siang).
2.Pengumuman pemenang akan dilakukan di wall dan notes facebook Lux di hari Senin pukul 1 siang. Notifikasi juga akan dikirimkan secara langsung ke pemenang.
3.Pemilihan pemenang berdasarkan jumlah suara terbanyak per cerita. Akan ada 5 pemenang setiap minggunya (5 BESAR).
4.Seorang peserta hanya berkesempatan untuk menjadi Pemenang Mingguan sebanyak 1 (kali) namun peserta yang pernah menjadi Pemenang Mingguan berkesempatan untuk memenangkan Hadiah Utama.

Fulfillment and Rewards

1.Pihak Promotor berhak untuk meminta bukti, termasuk namun tidak terbatas pada, identifikasi, dan berhak untuk meminta bukti bahwa keberhasilan cerita diperoleh sesuai dengan Syarat & Ketentuan ini.
2.Pemenang harus membuktikan identitas mereka dengan menunjukkan fotokopi KTP yang sah dan bukti pembelian Lux White.  
3.Pihak Promotor berhak untuk menampilkan pemenang untuk keperluan publikasi dan promosi.
4.Hadiah fisik dan voucer kertas hanya akan dikirimkan ke alamat sah yang diberikan oleh pemenang, tidak termasuk PO BOX.
5.Hadiah ditentukan oleh Unilever Indonesia dan hadiah alternatif umumnya tidak tersedia. Hadiah hanya berlaku bagi pemilik akun dan tergantung pada ketersediaan, serta syarat dan ketentuan yang ditetapkan. Dalam hal terjadi keadaan yang tak terduga, Pihak Promotor berhak untuk menawarkan hadiah alternatif dengan nilai yang setara atau lebih besar.

Invite a friend to Vote

1.Menu “Undang Teman untuk Vote/ Memilih” terbuka untuk seluruh pengguna Facebook Page Lux Indonesia, yang berusia di atas 13 tahun, tidak termasuk karyawan dan keluarga dekat dari Unilever Indonesia, biro iklan, dan setiap orang yang secara profesional terkait dengan promosi ini.
2.Untuk teman yang berpartisipasi dalam voting  harus menjadi pengguna Facebook dan telah “Like” untuk Facebook Page Lux Indonesia. Untuk membuat akun silakan mendaftar di Facebook.
3.Untuk mengundang teman, peserta perlu memilih profil Facebook teman mereka atau memasukkan alamat email teman mereka dengan sebuah pesan. Peserta perlu memastikan  telah memiliki izin dari teman-temannya sebelum mengirimkan rincian informasi mereka dan teman-temannya telah berusia 13 tahun atau lebih.
4.Rincian teman-teman yang diundang akan disimpan dalam database yang aman, selama 2 minggu dari tanggal pengiriman. Mereka tidak akan menerima email berupa informasi dan promosi dari LUX selain undangan kompetisi ini, kecuali mereka telah melakukan “Like” di Lux Facebook Page, dan memilih untuk mendapatkan informasinya.
5.Promotor berhak untuk mengubah, mengubah atau membatalkan penawaran “Undang Teman.”
6.Promotor tidak bertanggung jawab untuk setiap kegagalan yang diakibatkan oleh pihak ketiga termasuk penipuan.
7.Promotor tidak bertanggung jawab atas kegagalan sistem dan tidak dapat dipersalahkan atas kegagalan pihak ketiga untuk memenuhi kewajibannya dalam Promosi ini, walau demikian kami akan berusaha untuk meminimalkan dampak kegagalan tersebut pada peserta.
8.Peraturan keikutsertaan. Dengan berpartisipasi, semua peserta dianggap telah menerima dan terikat oleh aplikasi dengan Syarat dan Ketentuan yang berlaku. Promotor dapat  mempertimbangkan untuk menolak memproses undangan  atau mendiskualifikasi setiap individu yang diketahui akan mengganggu proses atau jalannya Promosi atau aplikasi ini, atau melakukan berbagai cara yang dianggap Promotor telah melanggar Peraturan Resmi; atau yang bertindak dengan cara yang dianggap oleh Promotor  akan mengganggu proses atau jalannya Promosi atau aplikasi ini.
9.Promosi ini tunduk pada kebijakan dan peraturan Unilever. 

Pembatasan kewajiban 
Kecuali untuk kematian atau cedera pribadi yang disebabkan oleh kelalaian Pihak Promotor, karyawan atau agennya, baik Pihak Promotor, karyawannya ataupun agennya tidak mengemban tanggung jawab atau kewajiban apa pun atas:

o Segala entri kode yang salah atau tidak tepat, atau atas segala kesalahan atau kegagalan transmisi data elektronik.
o Segala akses tak berizin terhadap, atau pencurian, penghancuran atau perubahan kode kapan pun juga dalam berlangsungnya Promosi ini.
o Segala kegagalan sistem pada aplikasi atau di tempat penanganan.
o Segala kegagalan untuk memenuhi kewajiban pihak ketiga mana pun yang terlibat dalam Promosi ini, meskipun kami akan berupaya untuk meminimalkan dampak kegagalan tersebut terhadap peserta.
o Kegagalan saluran komunikasi, terlepas dari penyebabnya, sehubungan dengan segala peralatan, sistem, jaringan, saluran, satelit, server, komputer atau penyedia layanan yang digunakan dalam segala aspek dari Promosi ini.
o Internet atau situs web atau segala kombinasinya yang tidak dapat diakses atau tidak tersedia melalui koneksi dial-up, broadband, internet seluler atau WAP.
o Segala cedera atau kerusakan terhadap komputer peserta atau siapa pun yang mungkin terkait dengan atau sebagai akibat dari segala upaya untuk berpartisipasi dalam Promosi atau mengunduh perangkat lunak atau hadiah sebagai bagian dari Promosi.
o Segala kecacatan atau masalah kualitas dengan perangkat lunak atau hadiah.
o Isi perangkat lunak jika, karena alasan apa pun, Promosi atau situs web tidak dapat dijalankan seperti yang direncanakan karena alasan yang mungkin mencakup tanpa pembatasan, infeksi oleh virus komputer, gangguan, intervensi tak berizin, penipuan, kegagalan teknis atau segala penyebab lainnya yang mungkin merusak atau mempengaruhi administrasi, keamanan, keadilan, integritas atau perilaku yang sepantasnya dari Promosi ini.
o Segala bahaya atau kerugian yang diderita sebagai akibat dari kegagalan mematuhi segala petunjuk yang diterbitkan oleh produsen hadiah atau kegagalan menerapkan kehati-hatian yang sepatutnya.
o Segala masalah lain di luar kuasa kami yang sewajarnya.


Pihak Promotor berhak dengan kebijakan sepenuhnya untuk membatalkan, menghentikan, memodifikasi atau menangguhkan Promosi baik secara keseluruhan ataupun sebagian kapan pun juga termasuk, demi menghindari keraguan, pembatalan segala hadiah yang tidak diambil. Dalam hal ini, pengguna akan diberi tahu melalui metode komunikasi yang mereka kehendaki ke alamat email atau nomor ponsel yang diberikan. Pihak Promotor akan berupaya memberikan pemberitahuan 30 hari atau, jika kurang, yang sewajarnya dapat dilakukannya.

Wow! That’s a lot, right?

But in reality, all you have to do is post a beautiful picture of yourself, get a frame (choose 1/3), choose a place (castle, beach, or jet plane) and choose a guy (artist, Hollywood star, or mysterious guy). Mine is sparkels, jet plane and mysterious guy. After those clicking LUX will create a story for you, so all those writings, is LUX alright 🙂


Share Momenmu!

Semakin banyak jumlah vote, semakin besar peluang untuk menang!

Hadiah Utama

1 hari dimanjakan dengan perawatan VIP ala bintang di Pulau Dewata untuk kamu dan 2 orang temanmu + hadiah kejutan khusus menanti!

Secondary Price

Hadiah Kedua

Sembilan finalis kedua akan memenangkan cincin berlian senilai Rp10 juta dan 10 finalis berikutnya akan memenangkan voucher belanja senilai Rp5 juta.


Hadiah Mingguan

Setiap minggunya, LUX White akan memberikan 2 iPad 2 16GB dan 3 Blackberry Onix untuk lima peserta dengan suara terbanyak. Pemenang mingguan dapat mengikuti undian hadiah utama

Bottom line, voting is crucial in winning the super duper wonderful prizes, but where is the line between real and unrealistic? Share with me, is it possible within 1-2 days the top Star Wall get votes more than 2000 likes?

If it is possible, show me how.

I’ve join this kind of contest last year and many people suddenly send me emails saying they are able to give me hundreds and hundreds of ‘like’ with some incentive.

I guess it can only means two thing, if the company seems open to ‘options’ then I guess there’s no point for ‘real’ human to join these contest, but if they begin to step up with the rules, I say, let’s join in a sportive spirit of winning ^__^

LUX, you got the power.

Congratulations to all of you, you’ve won these super serums, please send me an email containing your name, email and phone number.

Meta Tresna Christina Lea E  Carolina Utoyo Ai Chu  and Jesika Selina

One Winner from Twitter is Sheilla

I trully wished more of you would join, those you send me an email you still need to follow the rules accordingly so only 6 of you qualified to be the winner.

Again, CONGRATS to the winners and send me those emails okay ^___^