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Hello everyone,

New Year’s Eve is coming soon and here I am writing a post since this holiday I’m going nowhere and stick by for a home renovation =^__^= There’s tons needed to be done and remember there’s an exciting event last week with SILKYGIRL.

I know the brand since 4 or maybe 5 years ago when I still live in Singapore and this affordable brand always bring modesty in their product’s image. A “girl next door” ambassador with a fresh look, suitable for daily look, light and I think it was made for those whose young in age and at heart too.

The event is held on a Friday night at Mega Kuningan area, yes, I hear you, it’s a mad traffic on Friday night and finally, I reached after 3 hours on the road.

The event just begin to warm up, media and beauty bloggers are ready to become a part of SILKYGIRL campaign on Magic Pink Lip Balm. However, an introduction was made with all the products given. Each table are equipped with a box of SILKYGIRL’s cosmetics.

I’m ready to play with mine but dinner time has arrived and all the quests are enjoying the meal given with sweet desserts too.

Soon after the MC and Ms. Annisa (SILKYGIRL) greeted us and the event started with trying on the products right in front of each of us.

The bloggers are eager and amongst the first to try.

While we were ‘playing’ with the beauty products,
Ms.Gutawa appeared and share her testimonials of how she uses and loves Magic Pink Lip Balm. She uses it in London where she get her education now.

I’ll share with you my review on the next posts and the press releases as well of Magic Pink Lip Balm.

From the ingredients, testimonial, and experiences in using the Magic Pink Lip Balm and the rest of the products given. The ones that in the box, let’s open it shall we?

Eyeshadow palette, BB Cream, Eyeliner in pencil and gel, 2-way foundation and lipstick. And later on we were given the Magic Pink Lip Balm to bring home.

I’m using Moisture Rich Lipcolor No.25 Hot

Details from

A moisturizing lipcolor that provides full coverage with a lustrous finish. Enriched with Vitamins A & E to ensure lips stay soft and supple all day long. Contains Aloe Vera Extracts to prevent dry lips and soothe chapped lips.

The lipstick feels so smooth and easy to be used. Providing the lips moisture and a color that not so bold.

The eyeshadow in No.5 Smokey Charm swatches.

Blockbuster Color PaletteWith the all-new Blockbuster Color Palette, adding drama to your eyes is so easy. It includes an interesting selection of pigment-rich eye shadows from classic neutrals to bright funky colors – you can create any look that you desire The Blockbuster Color Palette is sure to guarantee you eyes-cellent performance.

Magic BB Cream

Magic BB Cream is an all-in-one product that acts as a moisturizer, makeup base, concealer and foundation that comes with sun protection and lightening properties. Contains Hyaluronic Acid to prevent fine lines and Vitamin E Derivatives to fight against free radicals. With its Brightening Powder, skin will appear brighter through continuous use of the cream. The result – skin that looks like it’s been reborn. SPF 25 / PA++.

The BB Cream only comes in 2 shades and I find the lightest one to be a bit too dark for my face. But, I’ll test on the coverage, staying power and comfort, later on.

The eyeliner pencil, mine is in 08.Frosty Silver and it can be used as an eyeshadow as well. Just draw them and smudge accordingly to the outer side of the lids.
I’ve used it as an eyeliner for the inner corner of the eyes and all the way down. Leave the outer corner with dark liner for an appearance of bigger eye. The eyeliner does have staying power but not waterproof.

Funky Eyelights Pencil

These liners add definition to your eyes with flashes of dramatic colors. Jam-packed with high level of pearlescence, your eyes are guaranteed to shine and light-up in a stroke. So soft and smooth, these kohl liners will not tug or drag at the eyelids. It can even double-up as an eye shadow. Available in 10 funky shades.

 That’s all the news I have for today, thank you SILKYGIRL for having me at the event and all of you reading this post. I’ll share more as soon as possible, so stay tune!

Hi everyone,

I’m here with another product from Pantene. Lately, I’ve been checking out their stuffs since it seems like they more items with better ingredients, shampoo with no silicone and conditioner with no paraben.

One more thing, I’ve checked their new website and the information provided is pretty neat, just go directly to the products tab, since the front page seems to have a bit of a problem nowadays.

Details from Pantene Indonesia:
Dirancang untuk menutrisi dan melindungi rambut agar lebih halus, lembut, ringan bebas terurai tanpa membuatnya lepek karena bahan-bahan berlebih. Diperkaya dengan vitamin Pro-V dan bahan-bahan dari tumbuhan seperti Aloe Vera, Calendula dan essens Jahe. Tak mengandung Paraben.
Langkah 2: Melembabkan

Beside the product details there’s also a how to use page which gives illustration. This is another bonus point that educate consumer in using their product accordingly. I see it as an effort from the company to help us ^__^

Now, the review from me.

I use the conditioner just like the instruction and it feels different. Start from the texture, most Pantene conditioner is silky, smooth and white. Slippery to the touch. The Nature Care Conditioner is yellowish, creamy and doesn’t feels as slippery as the others (Conditioners from Pantene). The feeling on the hair is also like that, not as slippery as the rest of Pantene’s Conditioner I know, the scent is milder, the texture is a bit rougher, conditioned the hair in a gentler way, suitable for normal hair or those who are looking for a lightweight protection. For a chemically damaged hair like me won’t find it enough, I need a heavy duty conditioner that fixed, deeply moisturized and give back the hair strength.

The packaging is simple and nice, with accents of “natural environment”. I think the conditioner comes in different sizes.

Overall, it’s a conditioner for normal hair with no paraben and easy on the wallet. Use it after shampooing and don’t let it touch the scalp or hair near the roots.

Hello girls,

Recently since I’m home a lot for the holiday and love to pamper myself =^__^= I’m trying thing item which I haven’t try before, after using it for a month comes a thought to make a review.

Details from

Perawatan yang kaya akan conditioner dengan Collagen untuk memberikan perlindungan pada rambut berwarna dari akar hingga ujung rambut. Menjaga keindahan warna rambut agar tetap berkilau.
Mengatasi rambut bercabang dan kusut setelah treatment. Rambut lebih terawat, indah, elastis, lembut, halus dan mudah diatur.

.Details from the packaging:

Shampoo hair and towel dry. Apply evenly to hair, gently working through to ends. Leave for 10-15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and style.

The hair mask texture is somewhat gooey, like a mixture of lotion, cream and soft jellies. The white cream smells a bit like white musk, a flowery and like powdery too, definitely not overwhelming. I use it after deep cleansing the hair strands and put the mask onto the hair (avoiding the scalp). Massage gently and comb the hair using fingers. Cover the masked hair using shower caps for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse everything off with clean water (warm/hot water is not needed). When rinsing the hair does feel silkier and smoother with less tangled. The scent last for 2-3 hours but the hair does feel softer until the next wash. However, the product won’t be suitable enough for the hair that chemically over-processed. Dry, slightly damaged, and colored will find it useful for the less tangles and soft feeling but wont fixed the hair structure and filled in the coarse hair strands. But hey, for around Rp. 60.000 the product does what it cost.

Hi sexy laydeeeh!

Sexy Look is back with more masks, and this time it’s not just about a brighter look but lifted up too.

A purple hue and seems so plain too, hmm, the box design’s doesn’t impress me at all. I wish it was fancier like the Moisturizing Black Cotton Mask.

Behind is the product details and on the side there’s the instruction with images too.

Gently pull out from the packaging and put on both of your ears and feel the mask being pulled to each sides, leaving less wrinkle and then put the lower mask all the way so the double chin are all tucked in heehee, and securely put the holes on the ears again and voila!
A mask that can be used with a secure fastened sides and give that lifting boost as well.

These are the details from the press release and below are my pictures using it.

The most unique thing about the mask is how tight it can be by pulling the loop holes, so it provide better smoothness and less lines after the mask, however, the upper lips are covered with the mask while the area below the lower lips are exposed. So, if you happen to have a face structured as the mask, you might find it easy to fit in, while others? Don’t.

Now the effect of the mask,

from the good quality of the mask my skin feel hydrated and does have a lifting effect, especially from the lower part that hooked on the ears. There is a brightening effect too, although not visible during photo shoots. I like the fact that the mask is gentle enough for my sensitive cheeks and the tight fittings gives me freedom to move around unlike other conventional facial paper mask. Will I use it again? Definitely! I like a mask that unique in terms of shape, gentle to the skin, and give less lines (from the after mask effect), hydrating and help pulled up my double chins ^__–

Hi everyone!

Wow, this is the last item I have from Luxola at the moment and yes, it’s another one from Mario Badescu.

Details from

Firm, tighten and smooth aging skin with this daily or overnight serum that is safe for all over the face and eye area. Plumping Collagen and Elastin, moisture retaining Hyaluronic Acid, antioxidant Vitamin E and mineral rich Seaweed Extract are the active ingredients that preserve the skin’s tone, moisture levels and elasticity.

How to Use: After cleansing and toning apply 4-5 drops on face and neck. Safe for eye area. Follow with moisturizer or night cream. May be used twice daily.

Beauty Tip: Apply twice daily under eye cream for firming and moisturizing results.

Ingredients: Collagen, Seamollient, Retinyl Palmitate, Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrolyzed Elastin, Tocopherol,Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans,Dermonectin, Bladderwrack Extract,Imidazolidinyl Urea, Filagrinol,RNA,Herbal Extract

I’ve been using this serum for a while, and from the smell, texture and feeling on the skin is wonderful. Let’s start the review of this green creamy gel like lotion from the herbal scent that’s fresh and easy to the nose, to the oh-so-light felling on the skin and probably that’s why the serum can be used for the eye’s area as well.

I feel the hydrating effect almost instantly and it gives my skin like a silky effect with the feeling of elastic as in bouncy. I find the serum suitable for twice a day usage and I used it with varieties of brands of pre-serum, moisturizer, toner, etc. During the day when I like to keep things light and not oily the serum works well as when at night when I’m pairing it with a very hydrating moisturizer to stay all night long. For me, it works both ways ^__^ another bonus point? Can be use for the neck too.

Hi everyone!

Last week I was invited by Maybelline for Oh Maybelline Gathering aka OMG!

Upon arrival each of us are given a chance to choose a mask, the kind of mask easily found anywhere in Venice, adorable!

We are introduced to their newest campaign, I Speak with My Eyes at Style Central.

Open their website and found out for yourself how you can learn, be inspire and shares with others too.

Using all the wonderful products from Maybelline, we are going to create looks that’s soooooo NY and soooo us ^__^

This is Ms.Mitzy and after her warm welcome, we are opening the box with excitement @o@ woohoo!

Three stories of cosmetics, mascaras as the solid base that started it all, the one product that put Maybelline in the spotlight as one of the world top class cosmetics. Now, they keep inventing mascaras that beyond our imaginations, volumes, curls? Not just that, talk about Falsies, Long Extreme, Hyper Curl, Magnum Volum’ Express and many many more.

The liners? Crayon, liquid and pencils, they’ve got it all. And on the event, I get 4 of them. 6 mascaras and 3 eyeshadow palettes. Wow, they pampered me alright =^__^=

 After touching up with the products we have times together to take pictures and chat! We love to chat!! Turns out that most of the bloggers at OMG really love the products as much as I am and I will share you more photos, more reviews and look that can be created with all of these goodies. Stay tune for my next posts, meanwhile, don’t forget to read the press release courtesy of Maybelline Indonesia.

Let Your Eyes Speak with Maybelline

JAKARTA. December 14, 2012. Accentuating the beauty of Indonesian eyes, Maybelline unveils their six looks for the new fabulous make up trend. The six looks are New York Chic, Alluring Daring, Party Gliterrati, Provocative Fashionista, Cassic Confidence and Sexy Starlet.

The six looks are inspired by the trends from sidewalk to catwalk, empowering woman to make a statement, explore different looks and flaunt their own creativity and individuality. Maybelline is here with the new looks for women to enrich and boost their confidence with the enjoyable way of exploring their features and DIY make up.

Picture 1:

From (left to right) Mitzy Cassandra (Marketing Manager Maybelline Indonesia), Luki Febriyanti (Product Manager Maybelline Indonesia), Cynthia Dwisanti (Junior Product Manager Maybelline Indonesia) and Citra (Maybelline Indonesia) taking picture after the unveiling of Maybelline six make-up looks. The six looks are New York Chic, Alluring Daring, Party Gliterrati, Provocative Fashionista, Cassic Confidence and Sexy Starlet.

Ms Cynthina Dwisanti and Ms. Mitzy Cassadra were among the Indonesian Beauty Bloggers that came to the OMG (Oh Maybelline Gathering). The Indonesian Beauty Bloggers were to prove that Maybelline eye make-up is easy to use. With complete products range specially created to help women to create their own look  for any occasion. Not only easy, but it will be fun to accentuate beauty and create any desired look without going overboard.


Picture 3 and 4. The media at OMG (Oh Maybelline Gathering) had the chance to create the six make up looks using complete Maybelline eyes make up range and visit Style Central, a stylish digital portal that has all information on the latest trends in fashion and make-up, including Maybelline latest looks! Furthermore, it is also a portal of education that contains fashion and make-up tips, step-by-step guide on how to adopt the trend, and reference to the different looks themselves. Through this website, Maybelline encourages women to always be experimental on make-up and fashion. Inspired by confident women, you can see in Style Central that Maybelline new eye make-up trend will help you explore your distinctive features and to also enhance them. Let your eyes state your unique style, with Maybelline.


About Maybelline:

From a small, family-owned business to the number one cosmetics company in America, Maybelline New York takes trends from the catwalk to the sidewalk, empowering women to make a statement, explore new looks, and flaunt their own creativity and individuality. Inspired by confident, accomplished women, Maybelline gives you scientifically-advanced formulas, revolutionary textures and up-to-the-minute, trendsetting shades effortlessly, affordably, beautifully. Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

Hi everyone,

from my recent trip to Japan, I bought these goodies from Kate. I’ve been a fan of Kate’s eye shadows for the amazing sparkling effect since 5 years ago and for me they are among the first that keep giving sparks to the eyes in the vividly natural way possible.

Nowadays, there are many other brands and variety as well, we have plenty of choices in getting our eyes dazzling.

Mine is in PU-1. I love how easy and simple the product is, blending has never become easier and the fine texture of the powder makes it worth every penny to purchase. The look changed into wider eyes but still in the softness and delicate tones of Japanese makeup.

Here is my look from yesterday’s event with Boss. The dark shade can easily gives me a smokey eyes, the white base is super fine and soft, suitable as a base before everything else and as a highlighter for the nose, the purple is a hue that so delicate and definitely no color block here, and the beige, light brown and cream is the complements for everything else and make a wonderful harmony.

I rarely use a primer prior using eyeshadow and with Kate Wide Edge Eyes? I don’t feel the need to.

Hello ladies,

as soon as I turned 30, I know that my skin will slowly changed, not necessarily means for the less than before but there are some differences in texture, hydration level, ability to adapt and growth. In return, the skin doesn’t create as much oil as before but I’m still in need of hydration and creams that provide lifting effect.

Naris, a brand from Japan has a range called Excentia made for those conditions mention above, these are the details:
Age :30 – 40
Menyamarkan dan memperlambat timbulnya tanda-tanda penuaan.
Bercak hitam
Kulit kering, kasar dan kusam
Keriput, kerut dan kendur
Pori membesar
Warna kulit tidak merata

I have received the Day and Night Cream months and months ago and now, after a series of trying, observing, and exploring, here are my thoughts.

Excentia Face Up Day Creme

Pelembab untuk membantu menyamarkan dan memperlambat tanda-tanda penuaan. Merawat
kelembaban dan kesehatan kulit di siang hari. Bebas pewarna dan pengharum.
Cara pakai:
Gunakan pada wajah yang sudah bersih. Ambil krem secukupnya dengan ujung jari yang bersih. Usapkan dengan lembut dan merata keseluruh wajah.

Bahan aktif (untuk Day & Night Creme):
• Collagen
Protein alami bagi kulit yang dapat menahan air sehingga kulit tetap lembab.
Membantu proses regenerasi sel kulit yang dapat mengurangi kulit kusamdan keriput.
• Ekstrak Horse Chestnut: memperbaiki elastisitas kulit, membuat kulit kencang dan lentur.
• Vitamin A:
membantu mengecilkan pori-pori.
meluruhkan sel kulit mati. Proses regenerasi sel kulit ini membantu mengurangi keriput /kulit
menipiskan bercak hitam.

The day cream is lighter than the night, feels ‘easier’ on the skin while the night cream feels heavier. The cream even thou’ they doesn’t have fragrance, the smell is still very good and fragrant. Like really fragrant that I doubt the word free from fragrant.

The cream is like a marriage between lotion and cream, feel luxurious on the skin and feels a bit sticky when applied but they’ll melt on the skin,left only a bit stickiness after a minute or so (heehee, still sticky but not that sticky).  The skin will feel an instant suppleness, lifting, firming, hydrated and I’m a fan of this bouncy effect on the skin. Then after around 5 minutes the stickiness is gone, later on the cream somehow like creating a film and feels watery on the skin. A bit glossy/shiny at the finishing, which I think some people would prefer covering up with some loose powder for a matte effect. But if ones prefer a healthy glow, no need to cover it with makeup. Let the skin gets the credit by looking vibrant. 

Excentia Face Up Night Creme

Pelembab untuk membantu menyamarkan dan memperlambat tanda-tanda penuaan. Merawat
kelembaban dan kesehatan kulit pada saat istirahat di malam hari. Bebas pewarna dan
Cara pakai:
Gunakan pada wajah yang sudah bersih. Ambil krem secukupnya dengan ujung jari yang bersih. Usapkan dengan lembut dan merata ke seluruh wajah.

The night cream, like mentioned above it’s a heavier version from the day cream. Same texture, scent and color (white). Yet on the skin I can feel it being richer. It makes the skin stays hydrated and moist all night long and waking up with no oily or grease left, but when put on there are some greasy feeling. Not overly greasy, let’s say 3 out of 5. Like a healthy glow but when your spouse kisses you on the cheek, he’ll complain about the ‘rich’ feeling.

Overall, both products gives the skin moisturizing and hydrating effect, feels richer (the night cream does richer than the day), feels a bit sticky (the night cream again feels stickier), fragrant, white and a mix between lotion and cream, looks like there are some very tiny sparkling particles at the cream, long lasting (like up to 8 hours), gives the skin a lifting and firming effect, also healthier look, moist, supple and bouncier. Suitable for those with dry skin and looks dull, since the cream will provide moisture and the ‘shines’ will provide a perkier looking skin.  The product definitely suitable for those whose already in the range of 30’s and won’t be suitable for those below. Since usually younger skin still have enough moisture and oils plus collagen too. The creams will feels too much on them, in fact, too heavy as well. So, they are definitely made for the one in their 30’s up to 40’s.
For me, the cream is perfect for ‘at home’ usage heehee, When I’m going out, I’ll prefer a lighter cream so the makeup stays intact better.

I will give the products to my mom now and tests observe the result for those above 50

All product details are from the Official Press Release.

ZAP’s New Treatment

Hi everybody,

last week I was invited by ZAP to promote the new Beauty Center.

The location is still in the same place as ZAP hair removal, which is at Woltermonginsidi, Kebayoran Baru. With a cafe right below and free wifi, those who wait for our treatment can happily assist us and enjoy a nice meal . . . and I hope someday they’ll make it a non-smoking area, as it is inside an air-con room.

When I’m arrived the event already started, I blamed the traffic that day. The beautiful doctor is explaining about the treatments, how it works, and how to make it possible. The Q&A’s also run so well, the audience is excited and seems eager to know more. Who doesn’t?! The Photo Facial, Pore & Wrinkle Reduction, all sounds so interesting and too good to be true. Say good bye to dark spots, large pores and wrinkle never sounds easier.

With many promotions and comfortable spaces, I move on to the second floor to try on the treatments. I’m trying the one for the eyes.

Eyes? Yes, the Pore & Wrinkle Reduction is available for overall full face or just the eyes.

Below is the price list:

You may click any images to see it in larger view.

Now, as I enter the room, it was comfy and I must say, I’m a bit afraid, afraid that it might be painful. I see those machines and somehow got chicken out.

But I assured you the treatment is unlike those facial treatments in some places where pain is one of the key ingredients, here, the beauty treatments are comfortable and fast. Yes, very fast! In terms of treatment time and showing result.

From the machines for body, they also have a skin analizer, I get to know my skin’s age, wrinkles, lines, dark spots and other condition as well.

Now, let’s see the result of my eye treatment, shall we?!

A 10 minutes process has reduced fine lines at my eyes, visibly seen under the eyes but not the eye bags. The treatment start with cleaning the eyes, put a lubricant and massage the area with a metal thingy, 5 minutes per eye and done! Very fast right?! Now, I must say when using a contact lenses it is best to remove it first before the treatment so it wont keep being pressed. I feel discomfort when the metal thingy run on top of the eye balls.

And after the eyes are treated, ZAP kindly gave me a treatment for the tummy, since I have a lot of stretchmarks and the skin are sagging (so no image ya, I’m too embarrass to show anyone), the treatment is 40 minutes and it was comfortable. After the treatment, the skin does appears smoother and softer but since only the skin (not the muscle) so overall the area is still ‘going down’. So I need another treatment and ZAP will also caters the need of slimming ^0^ hooray!

Stay tune for more news regarding ZAP!

Hello ladies,

yesterday I’ve shared an awesome product from Skin Inc (click ME!) which gives an instant result on the skin, now this product is different, not completely the contrary, just not as instant as the Pure Snow White Mask.

Details from the Press Release:

Once Upon An Apple
Three apples changed the world, they say.
Eve ate one, another fell on Newton’s head,
and Steven Jobs built the third.
Now, Skin Inc has perfected the fourth.
And packed it into the world’s best
anti-ageing salve.

From the Tree of Knowledge to the Fountain of Youth, here’s one
more compelling reason to bite into the forbidden fruit.
Skincare experts have discovered a rare and endangered
Japanese species of apple that helps to protect the longevity of skin
cells by maintaining its self-renewal capacity at a DNA level. And
Skin Inc has bottled this miraculous ingredient into the revolutionary
Skin Inc Age-Revival Stem Cell Serum.

The New Apple Care
Marking a new era in anti-ageing skincare, this product moves
beyond dousing skin in active ingredients to literally re-programme
skin at a DNA level to fight ageing on its own. That’s right, at the
core of Skin Inc Age-Revival Stem Cell Serum is an advanced apple
stem cell technology that energises skin to generate new tissues
faster, fend off UV damage, and preserve its vitality for longer.
That said, don’t go creating your own DIY apple masks from the
grocer’s just yet. The key ingredient in this super age-defence
serum is Malus Domestica, a rare and endangered species of apple
which dates back to the mid-18th century when the seedling plant
was first discovered to possess an incredible ability to remain in
pristine condition without shriveling when stored away for extended
periods of time.

To tap into such astounding self-preservation abilities, Skin Inc
cultivated this apple through a Plant Cell Culture Technology in the
most advanced laboratories of Japan, and encapsulated it to
enhance absorption into the deeper layers of skin. The result: a
stem cell serum that imbues skin with the self-recovery and self regeneration
prowess of the ‘forbidden fruit’.

Nature Meets Science
Apple stem cells are not the only anti-ageing actives in this powerpacked
serum. In fact, Skin Inc Age-Revival Stem Cell Serum
marries nature’s finest bounty with high-tech anti-ageing
ingredients, including:

TOMATO AND GRAPE EXTRACTS: Super-antioxidants that fight
degeneration and soothe inflammation.

ARGAN TREE EXTRACT: Plumps skin with essential fatty acids
and resists oxidation more effectively than olive oil. It is traditionally
used to treat skin diseases, and is hard to find outside its region of
production as it is sold as a luxury item.

HERB EXTRACTS: Aid in brightening and evening out skin tone
SOY ISOFLAVONES: Regenerate and replenish estrogen, an
important female hormone that stimulates metabolism and cell
growth for a thicker epidermis, and tauter, smoother and more
luminous skin.

COLLAGEN: Refines skin for finer pores and smoother skin texture.
HYALURONIC ACID: Amps up the moisture factor for hydrated and
bouncy skin.

7 Times More Potent
Skin Inc Age-Revival Stem Cell Serum is formulated with one of the
highest percentages of active ingredients in any skincare serum –
7 times the percentage found in most popular anti-ageing serums.*
Use it daily as a 4-week intensive anti-ageing programme or as a
booster serum to power up your customised Skin Inc My Daily Dose
Serum, and banish fine lines, pigmentation, pores and saggy skin.
After cleansing, simply pump this sleek silver serum applicator once
and roll over lines, wrinkles and other areas of concern. Massage
into skin gently and follow with Skin Inc My Daily Dose Serum for
perfectly airbrushed skin.

True story. For the first time in modern history, the latest lifechanging
Apple is not a phone. No offence, Steve Jobs.
*Based on the market average of popular anti-ageing products.

This is my four week treatments, separated in four tubes for freshness and these small pre-serums hopefully going to make a differences for my skin, for the better.

I know for sure Stem Cell is a hit ‘ingredient’ at the moment. Almost all brands has come up with skincare with Stem Cell. So there’s a lot of options out there, just make sure to choose the one that suits the skin’s need and effective as well.

The packaging is neat but when if you’re staying abroad and taking them on a baggage, remember to put some papers or tissue on the spaces so they wont collide and stays ‘standing up’ on their own places.

I’ve been using the pre-serum for almost a week now, so I’m still in week one bottle. The pre-serum is used on a cleaned and toned skin and right before serum. So, a serum is still needed after using the Age-Revival Stem Cell Serum. After the serum? A moisturizer of course.

I pumped once, just like the instructions, then roll the metal ball on places that I think need some refining, revitalizing, re-plumping, regenerating, re-smoothing, and let’s just say, looks younger, healthier and better.

There’s some tiny white dots that easily gone when massaged into the skin and there’s no feeling of sensitivity, allergy reactions, discomfort or whatsoever on the skin. It doesn’t feel anything actually. So, it was just like putting some light soft watery gelatin made out of pure H20. Usually anti aging products are well known for being heavy, so rich and yes, sticky on the skin. This one is oh-so-not ^__^

I’ll keep you updated every week, so stay tune ya!

Skin Inc is
currently available in Singapore, Spain, Vietnam, Brunei, Dubai, Lithuania and Hong Kong