A post just for lips is here, none other with the products from Lip On Lip that I recently got from the event with Skin Aqua. Same big company as in Rohto.

The first thing is Pure Lips, a simple lip balm in a shape like a lipstick, I wish they made it cuter in terms of packaging since the product itself is quite cute. Bergamot and a whola lotta beeswax. I event let my 7 yr old gal use it when her lips are chappy. We both enjoy the citrus scent, smoothness and even thou’ it’s a bit oily, it helps the skin on the lips to heal.

It can also be used as lube for scrubbing the lips. Use a lot of them, just keep applying on the lips until it felt ‘too much’ then get some sugar and scrub it up. Clean the leftover with cotton pad or rinse it up with warm water. Result? A smooth lips. After the scrubbing process, use the lip balm again, it will appeared much more glossy.

Beside Lip Balm, Lip on Lip also carries water color, here’s some details from Rohto Indonesia:

Mine is in Strawberry Red, yums!

Sleek packaging with longer look too. This one is stylish.

Contain vit E and UV protector too ^^

Here they are. Pure Lips and Water Color

Pure lips looks like conventional lipstick while Water Color  is slimmer. Let’s see them on the lips.

While Pure Lips gives nothing but gloss, the  Water Color in Strawberry Red gives me a red hint of strawberry.

Both comfortable, both smooth and watery on the lips. Water Color can be used daily without being too much since the sheer color (mine-red) looks soft.

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