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I got them for free and really enjoy the products. The problem of my hair is in the scalp that often oily (after all I am living in a very humid land). So I need a product that can penetrate and oversee that. This is one of my favorite shampoo, Redken Hair Advance Scalp Revive. It can refresh, rejuvenate, and have that tingling sensation that notify me of the working ingredients inside it.

I do feel my scalp is free-er from oiliness and can breathe again. Less oily and more growth. I also use the ‘tonic’ and I must say the applicator is really clever. I can sprayed it on the area needed and right through it. I love the fresh scent and the freshness it create on my scalp. Some other product that I used create more oily and the alcohol sting a bit, but with Redken I found no such problem.


Since LUSH product are nowhere to be found in Singapore so when I found out SkinFood have this amazing conditioner I blast myself to the nearest store. So at Jurong Point branch, a very nice staff explain the whole thing for me. And when she’s not even finish explaining I know this is the stuff I needed. My scalp is oily and I hate how they easily turn limp, so when I used this product it gives the volume I want.

I use with the shampoo I already had in my home, then I apply a chunk of this wonderful thick gooey conditioner all over, yup, all over. Other conditioner are not allowed to touch the scalp while this one not just can but help my problem from root to the end. I love how it makes my scalp clean and my hair lusciously clean but not dry and frizzy. The hair is surprisingly glowing and hydrated perfectly.

You can check out their website for more details. Someday I’ll buy the Salt Mineral Hair Wash and I’ll sure to love it too, so far every time I visit them they either out of stock or just not there.

1 jar of Salt Mineral Hair Conditioner can last about 2 weeks if used daily.

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