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Hi everybody,

I’m here with Nivea Indonesia. Recently they’ve launch new products from the body series. Instead of plain regular lotion, the name body serum comes up, why?

dr. Hanny Nilasari, SpKK selaku staf pengajar Ilmu Kesehatan Kulit dan Kelamin FKUI-RSCMmenyatakan, Serum merupakan bahan tambahan dalam formulasi perawatan kulit dan dapat terserap lebih cepat dan dapat berpenetrasi hingga ke lapisan kulit yang lebih dalam. Seperti produk perawatan kulit lainnya, serum dapat bekerja sebagai anti-aging, dan membantu mencerahkan kulit. Kelebihan serum, kandungan bahan aktifnya cukup tinggi, sehingga penggunaan serum
akan menunjukkan hasil dalam waktu yang lebih singkat dibandingkan dengan pelembab biasa atau produk perawatan kulit lainnya.

-All details provided by Nivea Indonesia-

In the lovely box, there’s two products, a charm bracelet, CD, booklet and agenda.

I’m so interested with the body serum since this is my first time trying on Nivea’s Body Serum. For Nivea’s fan for more than 20 years, especially the body and lips product, I would like to keep myself in front with their latest item on the market.


The two new products is made to help brighten up the skin tone, one for the dry skin and one for the very dry skin. Please do watch my video here:

What do you think about that? Are you interested to try them on? Here’s some more facts I want to share with you.

Clearly if you’re an outdoor person and very active, sun protection is highly recommended for daily maintenance. Keep the skin hydrated and sun protected is crucial.


It’s not just for beauty reasons like keeping the skin fair, but kept them healthy. A healthy skin can work better as our natural barrier to the environment. Healthier skin also more elastic so they doesn’t get hurt easily and looks glowing with natural radiant too. Nivea Body Serum gives me option to stays active outdoor and indoor.


Indoor? Yes, all of us who stuck indoor either for classes or our jobs demands us to, also get sun rays from the windows. I’ve done a test where I sit in a car on the left side. The left part of my body tend to be dryer even thou the sun haven’t touched the skin directly, while the right part is moister since there’s zero sun rays, direct nor indirect. So even thou we’re not outdoor, anywhere the sun touches us (direct or indirect) our skin still ‘suffer’ the consequences.

Of course, I’m not denying the benefits of the sun (Vit D), but around 15 minutes a day is consider adequate. That’s why we need SPF on our skin daily to prolong that 15 minutes.


NIVEA Intensive Advanced Moisture Care Serum

Memberikan perawatan intensif untuk kulit kering

Body Serum yang diperkaya dengan 96% kemurnian Vitamin E dan Grape Seed Extract untuk mengatasi masalah kulit kering.

Rp. 15.000 (75 ml), Rp. 30.000 (200 ml)

Look at that with just Rp.30.000 per 200 ml, I think Nivea is quite generous, especially for a cheapskate (like me) heehee I thought the product will at least cost Rp 50.000, it’s not, hooray!


NIVEA UV Extra Whitening Advanced Moisture Care Serum
Melindungi kulit dari sinar matahari dan mencerahkan kulit dalam waktu 2 minggu.
Body Serum dengan kandungan Vitamin C dari Camu camu dan95% Purity Vitamin C derivative sebagai antioksidan, serta licorice extract untuk membantu proses pencerahan kulit.
Rp 15.000 (75ml), Rp 30.000(200 ml)

Either UV Extra Whitening Serum or Intensive Moisture Serum, your call ^^ I think both serum is light enough, smells good (original or fruity), doesn’t give my skin any white cast, oily nor greasy effect, but just the right amount of moisture, low price, comfortable on the skin and unisex too.

To ensure the optimal benefit, just be sure to use them every day and like any other product with SPF, clean the skin thoroughly after each usage.

Thank you.

Helloooooooo ^0^

These items are friends to the lips and frankly I’m not really using lip balms, since if left too long it might cause the lips to chapped as well. So usually I used them during traveling to a dry climate.

However, now Nivea has come with more variant that can be use daily and heeheehee so juicy that encourage me to use them daily or at least more often than before.

Here they are, some I already share on my previous post (HERE) but none given for the look on the lips . . . until now ^__^

I like to bring the med protection during traveling, especially on a long haul flight, winter wonderland or other extreme condition. The SPF 15 is protection against the sun, the hydration is smooth and away from greasy nor oiliness. Smooth sailing all the way with no scent, no taste, no color, and  . . . let’s just say plain lip balm packed with protection to the lips. Like condom to your lips.

I like to use the fruity shine cherry when I want a touch of red and replacing the lipstick. Add a bit shine, balm-ish, smell like cherry, and repeated swipe will increase the redness level. I always use it alone without lipstick while other lip balm here used on top/before a lipstick. 

I like to use vitamin shake when I need something fruity and smells good. It perk my mood up and bring more vitality with the juicy feature. This one is a fun lip balm for the whole family. Packed with vitamins such as C, E and B5, yums!

Now, the pinkish boost.

I like pinkish boost when I need an ultra luscious lips and feeling seductive, oh wow, where should I begin with this one, from looking at the bright milky pink creamy liquid I knew it was something that add ‘boost’ on the lips. From the shine, silky feeling and oh la la, romantic date? Here I come!

Hello lovelies,

from my recent brunch with Nivea (HERE) a series of products are given to me including Sparkling White. The foam, scrub and day cream.

Sehari-hari terkena sinar matahari, debu dan polusi dapat meninggalkan kulit terasa tidak hidup dan terlihat kusam dengan bintik hitam. Ini membutuhkan produk khusus untuk melawan faktor-faktor tersebut. NIVEA mengembangkan NIVEA Visage Sparkling White Whitening Foam untuk membersihkan kulit secara menyeluruh dari kotoran sehari-hari dan membuat kulit tampak berseri.

Bagaimana Cara Kerjanya

NIVEA VISAGE SPARKLING WHITE WHITENING FOAM membersihkan secara menyeluruh dan memutihkan kulit secara efektif dan halus. Kristalit Putih, dikombinasikan dengan White Pure Actives, mendukung proses pemutihan dan membuat kulit tampak berseri. Hasil: Kulit murni menyeluruh dan kotoran hilang, meninggalkan kulit terasa lebih segar dan berseri


Bagaimana Cara Kerjanya

NIVEA VISAGE SPARKLING WHITE WHITENING SCRUB Memutihkan dari dalam dan menghilangkan sel-sel kulit mati untuk kecantikan yang berseri tanpa kulit kusam dan bintik-bintik. Kristalit Putih, digabungkan dengan White Pure Actives, mendukung proses pemutihan dan membuat kulit tampak berseri. Butiran halus membersihkan sel-sel mati sambil memperhatikan keseimbangan kelembaban kulit. Hasil: Kulit murni menyeluruh dan kotoran hilang, meninggalkan kulit terasa lebih segar dan berseri

Day Cream

Bagaimana Cara Kerjanya

NIVEA VISAGE SPARKLING WHITE DAY CREAM, tidak hanya bekerja di perwajahan kulit namun juga di dalam kulit agar kulit bersinar alami. Formula pelembab mengandung White Pure Actives, yang membantu pengurangan produksi melanin dan pigmentasi tidak rata di dalam lapisan kulit. Kristalit Putih juga membantu agar wajah tampak berseri di perwajahan kulit. Diperkaya dengan Karnitin, regulator minyak dari kulit, ia membantu mengurangi produksi minyak berlebihan di dalam kulit. Filter Pelindung UVA & UVB NIVEA Visage melindungi kulit dari sinar UV matahari yang membahayakan. Hasil: Kulit terhidrasi dan direvitalisasi. Warna kulit nampak lebih putih dan berseri secara instan.

All the products are white, the differences is in the texture, smell and function.

Foam to clean the face for daily debris, not suitable as a makeup remover, lather easily and make the skin feeling squeaky clean . The Scrub has tiny beads, suitable for weekly usage and lathers up too. And the Day Cream, to be used every day on AM only, feels light to the touch and doesn’t feel greasy but I found the scent to be a bit overwhelming.

The products work by enhancing cleanliness on the skin so the dead skin cell is removed. The Day Cream claimed to have UVA/UVB filter and reduce the sebum. I can’t say anything about the UVA/UVB filter but sebum wise the lotion does feels light on the skin and not sticky nor greasy.


all of these product is a generally affordable items in the market, easy and user friendly. The foam can be use daily to remover sweats, dirt and other daily debris. If happens to wear makeup use a makeup remover first before this cleansing foam. I found the squeaky clean to be unpleasant.

The scrub is gentle enough since the beads also tiny, but like mentioned on my previous review, I’m not a fan of the perfume used, I prefer something more subtle or perhaps smell more natural ^__^ The scrub also turn into foam when mixed with water.

Day cream, a light day lotion that smells quite strong and doesn’t gives the skin a sticky/oily/greasy result. But, I still recommend using another layer of sun protection after this cream. Suitable for those who have oily skin.

Good morning everyone!!

Last week I went to an event called “Sparkling Brunch with NIVEA” where we all share a meal with the lovely Miss Julie Estelle and Ariani Rudjito (BM of NIVEA Indonesia).

In here we are also commemorating 100 years of NIVEA.

The venue, which is in Yeyo (Senopati) is dressed in white and navy blue.

Nivea Visage is a series for the face area and Nivea Lip Care presented.

 On each table lip balms and products from Nivea Visage is given. On my table is Fruity Shine Cherry Lip Balm and Nivea Visage Whitening Scrub.

Soon the event began with a sound of a cheerful MC.

Followed by Ms Julie and Ariani. Sharing their experiences in using the products by NIVEA.

This is me with the scrub. The packaging is simple with white and pinkish hue, it somehow represent how it would create fairer skin with a touch of blush on the cheeks.

Details from

Daily exposure to sun, dust and pollution can leave the skin feeling lifeless and looking dull with dark spots. The needs special products to combat these factors. NIVEA developed Sparkling White Whitening Scrub to remove deep impurities and bring out your glowing skin.

How it works

NIVEA VISAGE SPARKLING WHITE WHITENING SCRUB Deeply whitens and removes dead skin cells for glowing fairness without spots and dull skin.
White Crystallites, in combination with White Pure Actives, support the skin lightening process and bring out your inner glow. Micro-beads genlty remove the dead cells while respecting the skin’s moisture balance.
The skin is gently purified and dirt is removed leaving the skin feeling fresh and glowing

Use once or twice a week as a part of your face care routine. Apply gently massaging onto your wet skin with finger tips avoiding the eye area. Remove with water.
For best skin results, use the complete range of NIVEA VISAGE Sparkling White.
Compatibility dermatologically and ophthalmologically approved.

White Pure Actives and micro-beads

A very small white beads in a white creamy texture. Very fragrant, which for me I found it a bit overwhelming, it smells good, if it’s in a bottle of perfume not as a skincare. The beads feels rough on the skin like most scrubs and deliver a clearer skin away from dead skin. After splashing some water the cream will easily lathers and cleans away all the debris. Leaving the skin clean, a bit squeaky, fairer. Suitable to be used 1-2 times a week.

Next, it’s a very familiar product in my household, NIVEA’s lip balm which we uses for the last 15-20 years. It comes in many different varieties from the original to the latest variant.

Now, let’s see the Fruity Shine Cherry.

Details from

Taste the scent of summer cherry while bathing your smile in a glossy shine, with deep red tones on top. The new formula of NIVEA Lip Care Fruity Shine Cherry combines rich almond oil, jojoba oil and shea butter to keep your lips as soft and fresh as they can be!

How it works

  • Delights young delicate lips with fruity scent and smoothing, long lasting care
  • Naturally enhances your lips with shimmering pigments and a soft glossy colour
  • Contains SPF 10, protection against UVA and UVB rays

With a light SPF the red colored lip balm is lovely as a coat for the lips. I used it instead of lipstick for my daily activity but need to be re-apply every 3-4 hours and remember to always drink a lot with juices and fruits to be consumed as well. The lips is a sign of a healthy person, chapped, dry and pale means the condition is not well.

Sometime I use the lip balm as the base or after a lipstick too. It added another dimension to the lips, more juicy and the cherry scent also so lovely.

The affordable product also friendly for the whole family.

And, a new family member is coming to town. The Vitamin Shake.

details from the packaging:

The Vitamin Shake in Cranberry & Raspberry with Vitamin C&E and Pro-Vitamin B5 gives the lips a touch of natural pink with fruits aroma such as cranberry and raspberry. SPF 10 helps protecting the lips from UVA and UVB

Compared to the sister product (Cherry) which is solid red, the Vitamin Shake is a swirl of peach and red color… and for me the concoction smells really yummy. But both gives the lips the same feeling and moisturizing ability. Enough smoothness without being too much, a bit thick and feels creamy too.

Swatches on the napkin and below on my hand.

I can only see the cheery on my hand while the vitamin shake stays are a skin shade. I wish NIVEA lip care can come up with more variant so I can use 30 different taste, smell and texture for every mood I have.

 Thank you so much for having me and I’ll share more reviews on the products given ^__^ see you soon!

Hello everyone,

as everyone must have know and aware, a cleanser always play a very important role in our beauty regime. A clogged pores will cause problems therefor they need to be cleaned regularly and thoroughly. 

This is one of the item from NIVEA called Refreshing Cleaning Milk. Use it as a daily cleanser or makeup remover as well. The creamy white lotion smells exactly like the original NIVEA creme, the one in the blue pot (love it).

Normal to mixed skin needs intensive moisturisation. To keep normal to mixed skin fresh and supple all day long, its natural moisture balance should already be respected while cleansing the skin. NIVEA Laboratories developed the NIVEA VISAGE Refreshing Cleansing Milk especially to respect the special needs of normal to mixed skin while cleansing it.

How it works

NIVEA VISAGE REFRESHING CLEANSING MILK thoroughly cleanses normal to mixed skin in a mild yet efficient way:

  • Enriched with Lotus Extract & Vitamins the skin is optimally hydrated, keeping its natural moisture balance while make-up and daily impurities are removed
  • The gentle formula is so soft, it can even be used to cleanse the delicate eye area

The skin is mildly cleansed and hydrated, leaving a refreshed skin feeling.

Use every morning and evening as a part of your face care routine. Apply gently massaging onto your skin with finger tips or cotton pad. Remove with a cotton pad.

    For best skin results, use the complete range of NIVEA VISAGE for normal to mixed skin.

    Compatibility dermatologically and ophthalmologically approved.

Usually a cleansing milk for the face wont be safe for use around the eyes, but this one does (considering the affordable price), so it is handy and easily loved. The cleansing milk gives the skin a wonderful clean feeling without the dryness. It cleans makeup base, foundation, lipstick, mascara and eyeliners too. When using heavy makeup one cleansing step wont be enough, after wiping with a cotton, I’ll massage some of the cleansing milk again for the second time until the cotton pick up no more makeup. Then followed by a foaming facial wash and toner.

Overall, NIVEA Visage Refreshing Cleansing Milk cleans the facial skin without over drying and feels friendly on the skin overall (including the skin around the eyes). Suitable for daily use and as a makeup remover too.

Hi all! How are you today? It’s really hot at my home, the air conditioner is fully on, but the humidity outside is so high @0@ help me!! It’s really uncomfortable to do pretty much anything. And nothing worst than a sticky skin in these times, well any time perhaps. But our skin still need to be pampered and moisture replenished.

I’ve know Nivea like more than 20 years ago, like 23-24 years ago when my neighbors cousins visited them. They are from Netherlands and the smell of Nivea they’ve used, yup, the original one, was so interesting and it stick in my mind even until today. I like the original one but can’t help to be seduced by their newer addition. I’ve used some before yet not making any review, until now. These are from Japan and some not available in Indonesia.

First is the Premium Milk, details found in

Premium skin actual feeling
    Soft skin moist with dry skin high humidity retention milk
The feel that is light though it is high humidity retention. Time when I let heavy milk with moisture adjust to skin, and finger-tip がするっと became light is a signature of the humidity retention.
    Premium moisture ingredient (humidity retention ingredient) combination
A keratin is quick deeply, and plentiful moisture penetrates. (high penetration quick Moi strike prescription)
    The premium moisture distribution of the ingredients that I extracted from a plant
A humidity retention ingredient: Avocado oil, Rose water, chamomile (chamomile) extract, cornflower extract
To moist soft skin continuing all day
    Fragrance of Rose who is elegant at the good quality that the heart feels at ease
Here’s my review:

Smell wise it was wonderful. The rose is like Bulgarian Rose which is subtle, fragrant and so sexy. I can’t help but thinking I feel prettier when using it. The white slightly creamy lotion is typical and no different than Happy Time, but the divine scent of rose is just amazing. Like a tiny bubbles popped when you rub them on your skin and the friction cause more scents to come out. I love the scent, the soft moisturized feeling and it did penetrates fast yet stay on for hours. Perfect to be used on any season except winter, I think I need more richness on that particular time.

Now, it’s happy time!

Details from

We love this gorgeous silky textured lotion enriched with Bamboo milk because it provides fast absorbing moisturisation and a feel-good sensation for your skin.
What does it do?
    Moisturises and strengthens your skin’s natural
    Leaves the skin with a refreshing orange flower scent
    24 hour moisturisation
The Result:
For best results apply daily, for silky soft and gorgeously scented skin.
Skin compatibility dermatologically proven.
How it works

As world leading skincare experts, we bring you an innovative formula with HYDRA IQ technology to promote a 24 hour moisturisation. This new formula supports the skin’s own natural moisturisation.

My review:

The lotion feels rich and light at the same time. I can’t help but notice the ow-so-juicy and refreshing the scent is. It was perfect for perk me up in the morning or anytime I need a boost. Hmm, is the smell actually better than the one sold in Indonesia? I did try and bought one from Singapore as well, both me and hubby realize that the one from Japan smells better, longer and more bursting in citrus. The moisture and smell is perfect for any summer or year long use in Indonesia. Touch up also feels delightful thanks to the smell.

 Last but not least in my currently Nivea collection is Happy Time Sweet Time that I can only find in Japan, any other country want to say something? Please do comment, okay?!

No details can be found from any web, so I just go ahead with the review.

The texture, color and feeling is about the same with Happy Time (Orange flower scent) but the different is in the scent. It was peachy berry which smells more peachy than berry. It did feels so sweet and perky at the same time. Seriously, Nivea has made moisturizing a lot happier ^___^ Juicy-licious to the max! Bite bite bite.

I always been a fan of a red lips yet the idea of something that toooo red can be a bit overwhelming nor the confident in walking in one. So by having thoughts like that, I’m making a glossy red lips instead by using Lancome and Nivea.

L’Absolu Creme De Brillance from Lancome is enough for moisture and hydration 10 hours straight but in terms or that wet look, Nivea does it. A layer of Lancome followed by Nivea would do this trick, deeper shade or red of Lancome and glossy wet lips by Nivea, suitable for daily look or on a got date ^____^

Why this two a perfect combination? Lancome was able to fill in all the gaps of the lips really well, so when I apply Nivea the surface already smooth, just need a bit more slippery heehee.

A simple affordable cleansing foam that pretty much every one can enjoy.

With flower extract and vitamins, this cleansing foam claimed that it will not clog the pores and dermatologist tested.

Put a small amount on your clean palm.

Make a bowl with your palm, put some water little by little and work the foam up until completely lathered up. Remember you need the foam to clean your facial skin, not the under developed cleanser.

You’ll know the lather is ready when you put your hand upside down and it will not drip nor fall. The texture of the foam have to be really smooth and spongy. Than apply the foam to a wet face and work through the pores and massage well. But I need double cleansing every time I use this cleansing foam. Like the floral unique scent and it’s still gentle enough to be used daily. Do not forger toner, serum and moisturizer afterwards. ^__^