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>Kawaii is so kawaii (cute) look at these wonderfully pretty widgets, don’t you just want to play with them….love it!



>It’s Kawaii Brighten Up Wash Spring Vacation, it’s a nutritional facial cleanser. It’s a must try for everyone. It got Royal Beauty Essentials and Vitamin ACE and everything inside is a skin friendly formula. I think I’m going to get myself one 🙂

>I don’t think anyone could have any difficulty in finding the difference in these two object, remember the game find 7 difference where we should find them in 2 similar picture, well this one is very easy:

My first hand phone:

  • Bulky
  • Heavy
  • Ugly
  • No individual separate alphabet keyboard
  • No email
  • No internet connection
  • No camera
  • No color
  • No Bluetooth
  • and last but definitely not least NO FUN!

Now compare with HTC Magic:

  • Light and slim (with Streamline Profile, that comfortably lie on my hand, 10 cool points)
  • Pretty and cool design
  • Have email with Inner Circle, so can even automatically chose emails I want to receive (10 cool points)
  • Typing message or email is easy like on PC keyboard only better with Qwerty keyboard with natural offset pattern and raised key so I can be a magic wizard with speedy typing ability (10 cool points).
  • Trackball (wow my old hand phone can’t even understand the word trackball) for quick and easy navigation (10 cool points).
  • Camera (woo hoo) 2.0 Megapixel color WITH fixed focus (10 cool points)
  • Bluetooth, Wi Fi, Audio and Video format so cool (40 cool points)
  • The ingenious of all in one set (10 cool points)

This is truly my dream gadget, it replace even PC/laptop, camera, radio, TV, I feel like I can go all over the world just with HTC Magic and have the world on the palm of my hand. I can continually blogging, put some picture that freshly taken to my Facebook, never misses a single news from any kind a form of news (from TV or internet globally), with the long hours of battery I can have no worry and spend the whole day with my adventure.

I used to feel like I’m connected to all the cables in my home, with wires that dangling to keep me connected with the rest of the world, but with HTC Magic those string attached is cut free and I can move freely without any hassle, is this what future like? I like it, I like it a lot.

With 100 cool points it really gives me (and seriously, anyone) 100% reason to gotta have it.
We all should discover Magic with HTC Magic.