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Hi Ladies and Gents too ^__^ Biotherm is back with their monthly event for their customer. Just by purchasing a Rp150.000 voucher (can be redeemed with products later), all of you can join in
Today it was held in Cengkir Room (Klub Kelapa Gading) from 11 am to 7 pm
They have many to offer including Member Get Member. So far as I know member get many benefits from bonus and birthday gift. They might have some changes, so please do check on them. One thing for sure Biotherm always make sure the customer get the best service like making sure to use the product properly and get the most from it.
Normally after redeem some samples the customer will be called in 3 days, normal products with purchase around 7 days, so they cherished every feedback from the customer and you’ll be able to understand better since you can do another consultation for the products you’ve tried.

Here’s some more reasons in coming to Biotherm Beauty Workshop, bonus with purchases ^__^ and yup . . . FREE services too:

Biotherm Facial, from cleansing, scrub, mask, toner, serum and moisturizer too. Plus “totok wajah”.

And it is in the comfort of a closed room. Yes, some light massage too. Bliss!
And all using Biotherm product as well. Btw, I think Biotherm Homme also awesome, will do some mini review after this post.
Maybe feet reflexology? Sure! Don’t be shy, it’s prepared just for you.
But never forget the highlight of today’s: The 3 step Aquasource. The one that started my experience with Biotherm, the one that got me in love with Biotherm ^__^
They look so refreshing and juicy.
 So my friends, never forget to come to Biotherm’s Worskhop and be pampered like my besties here ^__^
Stay tune for more reviews on Biotherm’s products.

 On 18th of January 2012 in Plaza Indonesia, Bakerzin to be precised, ladies are gathered for a wonderful workshop held by Bobbi Brown

On the entrance of Bakerzin we can see and took pictured of Bobbi Brown, oh and Joy magazine is here as well. I went home with 3 editions, thanks Joy!

Without further a due the workshop is start on time. One guest willingly become the model for today. Everyone can come just by Rp.500.000 for a free workshop where refreshment, light snack, hands on guide, and that Rp.500.000 that you paid can be redeemed to the products of your choice.

Everyone can also try the wonderful skincare regime by Bobbi Brown.

And now I’m ready for the makeup, btw have you try their lip balm? Love it to the max, super glossy and moist, too bad the application is on a pot, I wish they have one in a tube for better (hygienic) application.

Today’s star is the mineral makeup, do you see the one on top of the color (on the pic above)? Yes, that one, the mineral powder, with just a sprinkle of that using a big rounded brush, your face is ready for the day. It covers everything lightly from foundation till loose powder. The feeling is comfortable and like using nothing at all.

Then I add some color, eye liner, mascara, plus . . .

their famous eye shadow

everyone learn to use on their own, guided but still they have to be able to do everything by them self, a workshop like these is perfect for beginners who want to learn about makeup perfect for daily use, working or special occasion.

Bobbi Brown also shared many tips along the workshop including how to achieve light makeup and how to use your brush properly.

This shimmer lip gloss is a winner as well. Glossy and not sticky. It comes in many color.

The brush also unique. Now, let’s see my final look.

Ta da! A soft makeup that’s suitable for my daily look without looking heavy whatsoever.

Next time they’ll have more workshop, btw, I’m curious, are you more interested for a workshop held in weekdays or weekends?