Hellooooo ^0^

This new item is no stranger in our household and perhaps in anyone household. It’s a very famous brand of Vaseline. Their original jar or petroleum jelly is worldwide and used in so many ways.

This aloe is considered ‘new’ compared with the one that started it all.

Vaseline® Total Moisture® Aloe Fresh lotion leaves your skin feeling light and fresh. Our light feel formula combines pure aloe and Stratys-3TM multi-layer moisture absorbing quickly, infusing moisture at the top, core and deep down layers*, leaving skin hydrated.
*stratum corneum (multi-layer surface skin)

The lotion is indeed light and absorb rather quickly leaving the skin feeling soft without any dots of stickiness. The lovely refreshing scent is pleasing for both male and female. Suitable for those looking for a nice moisturizer without being too much, however for people who are looking for a moisturizer that’s buttery wont be a fan.

Me? I like this soft, light, airy lotion heehee, especially living in a hot and humid town. But if I’m traveling something heavier will be my opt.

The white light lotion is affordable, fresh, simple, no fuss and hydrate the skin without being oily, greasy, and uncomfortable.