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Hello everyone ^0^

Last week, I was invited by Fashionese Daily to visit a very lovely place in Cikarang named Kampoeng Djamoe Organik. And it wasn’t just me who attended;, there are other bloggers, media and YCPAs.

What is YCPAs, you asked? It’s Young Caring Professional Awards winners, finalists, contestants and people behind it.

This is a picture of Carryn and me on our way to Cikarang. We were both there representing the bloggers, we are both from Indonesian Beauty Blogger and honored to be there. Why am I honored? Soon you’ll find out.

Kampoeng Djamoe Organik, around 1,5 hour away from Jakarta. DR Martha Tilaar (Founder & Chairman of Martha Tilaar Group) owns this place and through her perseverance for more than a decade to groom this slightly almost barren area into a lush of greens.

I felt refreshed because this place is so serene. Kampoeng Djamoe Organik also opens daily. They also have a restaurant where everything is prepared using locally grown and organic ingredients.

You can find many natural herbs and teas are here. Once again, I was reminded of how rich my country is. That’s one of the reason why I feel honored to be here.

There are also snacks and herbal drinks, all are packed using modern technology, making sure that the product produced here are of top-notch quality. 

On each table, there were plenty of bottles with different ingredients where learned it’s usage and benefit for our body. This is a great place to show the kids different varieties of herbs. You are more than welcome to come with your family, friends or even groups (for bigger groups, you may need to make an appointment prior to your visit, ph: 021-70110076).
After a quick registration, we are divided in group where we were, then, taken to the rustic setting garden..

The entire guests are in awe with the view: Very green and beautiful-scenery you can’t get easily within the city. I wish there’s one like this in the heart of Jakarta, a reminder for everyone the benefit  of proper green area.

A perfect place to rejuvenate.

27 years ago this kind of flowers bloomed everyone in my neighborhood. As time has passed, they’ve all been replaced by bricks and cements. I live in an apartment now and plants are even considered as nothing but dirt and bothersome.

Here, all kinds of plants are celebrated and cared for. You can instantly feel the love in Kampoeng Djamoe Organik. We took plenty of pictures, took notes and jotted down all the guides given.
We also learned a lot more about herbs and their function.

Look! They even have name tags ^_^
And yes, as a city gal, I am 100% clueless about these plants. Instead of putting chemicals in our body, why not give these natural remedies a try? 
Tikel Baluns for broken bones, ulcers, and Rheumatism.

Ekor Kucing for internal bleeding. Or other herbs used as tea, drink daily to reduce cholesterol, blood pressure, and many other benefits and feel the native of the earth healing powers. Of course those plants need a series of process before consuming.

At Kampoeng Djamoe Organic we also get to taste some of their fresh produce.

Afterward, wet sat down to hear inspiring stories from people behind Kampoeng Djamoe Organik; the inspiring DR. Martha Tilaar (the main reason I feel honored to be here) and YCPA. family

The theme for that day is Caring for Your Community. Where other seems to focus on self development, Caring Colours is taking it to the next level, our community.

DR. Martha Tilaar shared her heartwarming stories. She was diagnosed  by many Professor Doctor from various countries as unable to bear a child. But through her faith and research for alternatives with herbs, Wulan Tilaar is born. A very beautiful lady with a lot of accomplishments. When western medicine has made her given up all of her hope, the power of nature and eastern philosophy kept her moving forward gave result.

DR Martha Tilaar also eager to help Indonesian women to be entrepreneur, independent and professional in their carrier and life.

Then the ladies from YCPA winners (2010, 2011, and 2012) shares what YCPA means to them. They learnt that through YCPA women can be women, embrace their potentials to the fullest and how to build a professional carrier. Friendship and network are the bonuses they get from participating.

“Para pemenang YCPA dari tahun ke tahun akan menjadi cermin dari brand Caring Colours, yaitu kosmetik Skincare Makeup yang mempercantik sekaligus merawat kesehatan kulit dengan kandungan mineral di dalamnya,” ungkap Deby T. Wibisana selaku Marketing Manager Caring Colours. Begitupun dengan para pemenang YCPA nantinya, mereka adalah wanita yang menarik, bukan hanya dari segi fisik. Namun memiliki prestasi, aktif dan memiliki kepedulian terhadap sesama, serta memberikan kontribusi terhadap lingkungan sekitarnya. Young Caring Professional Award adalah sebuah komunitas yang menginspirasi wanita professional muda lainnya menjadi pribadi yang percaya diri dan memiliki inner beauty bersama Caring Colours, Skincare Makeup.
New Portal
Bagi para wanita profesional yang ingin kenal lebih dekat dengan para pemenang YCPA pada 3 tahun sebelumnya, bisa ikut bergabung dalam komunitas Caringlova lewat website, ikuti kicauan kami di @caring_colours dan gabung di Fan Page Caring Colours. Kunjungi juga portal, sebuah portal komunitas yang menjadi wadah interaksi dalam karier, fesyen dan kecantikan, serta bagaimana menciptakan sebuah kehidupan profesional yang seimbang.

Submit your form to join YCPA, here: 

Next is fun time! Makeup time!

Cikarang, 2 Februari 2013 – Caring Colours Skincare Makeup mengawali bulan Februari dengan hadiah istimewa untuk para wanita profesional. Bertempat di Kampoeng Djamoe Organik Martha Tilaar, Cikarang, Beauty License for Professional  diperkenalkan sebagai sebuah beauty kit terbaru persembahan Caring Colours yang diciptakan untuk memberikan solusi praktis nan cantik dalam mendukung penampilan para profesional muda. “Tampil cantik kini bisa dilakukan dimanapun dan kapanpun, baik itu saat kita bekerja sebagai seorang profesional, saat bersosialisasi dan hang out, menikmati me time di coffee shop kesayangan, hingga saat travelling,” ujar Deby T. Wibisana selaku Marketing Manager Caring Colours Martha Tilaar.  

Beauty License for Professional comes in 4 selections: Beauty Guide for Me Time, Beauty Guide for Hang Out, Beauty Guide for Office, dan Beauty Guide for Travelling.  

I got mine in Hang Out ^__^

Each Beauty License for Professional equipped with  3 shades of  lipstick from Caring Colours Happy Series, 3 shades eye shadow Caring Colours Happy Series, 1 shade of blush on, 1 two way cake, 1 mini mascara and filled with brushes. Packed in a lovely pouch and mirror.
Team from Caring Colour show us a simple look can easily being created with these items.

Thank you Caring Colours!

Yes, it’s the Hang Out series that I mentioned above. The roses are so pretty. Perfect for a gift.

On the back side, products details are provided. Mine are:

01. Sea Gold Extra Protection Dual Action Cake
Luxurious Perfecting Blush 01. Rose Desire
Happy Eye Shadow 08 Amuse Me
Happy Lip Colour 03 Bronze Nude- 06 Cherish Ruby – 13 Dramatic Pink
Perfecting Mascara 01 Black
and 5 applicators

The pouch comes in several color, mine is in gold while Carryna’s is silver.

Inside there’s a tutorial, but I found the Hang Out to be rather romantic, with all the pinks.

The tutorial is very simple and easy to follow. With one series you can create many different looks, not just the one shown in the tutorial. Your creativity is the limit. Or you could try to mix and match with other products. 

I open the pouch and ta da! There’s also a medium-sized mirror.

The Sea Gold Extra Protection Dual Action Cake shade match my skin tone and the texture is quite smooth, soft and I can feel the talc. Gives a light coverage to the skin and medium effect in staying power against the sebum.

Below are the swatches of eyeshadows on my hand using flash.

And below, without the flash.

Amuse Me are pigmented enough and you can use it to create several different looks. From all pink, purple, to combination of 2 and 3.

The eye shadows smells a bit flowery and it’s a lovely smell. Very soft in terms of texture and I love the sparkling effect of the frost pink color. The purple shade gives the skin a sparkly effect, while the pink is a slightly more to the matte finish.

The blush, without flash (below).

A lovely pinkish to coral hue, for that rosy cheek glow. Glow? Yes, there’s a bit of glowing effect as well.
It smells like soft musk, not as soft as the eye shadows in term of texture, but it’s easy to blend. It adds that natural hue without being to bold on the cheeks.

And the lipsticks without flash (below).

Smells fruity and I found it to be interesting, in terms of being creamy, but for those who dislike creamy or gloss finish, the lipstick can have a matte finish as well.

Dab them a bit and smudge it over, I found the matte shades to be quite satisfying, yes, all three of them can be as matte or as glossy as you want them to be.

The matte and glossy lipsticks are all build-able and last around 4 hours. Of course it depends on personal habit of licking, eating and everything that involves touching the lips.

The lipstick for me is quite bold and the colors are fresh, matte to moist and have this dewy and glossy finish as well (when you want to) which is suitable for a many different occasions. Bronze Nude can be worn when things get a bit serious, like in the office; Dramatic Pink when hanging out means with a potential lover or a date; and Cherish Red when the woman inside us wants to be noticed.

The mini mascara. A very cute mascara with a shiny pink cap. I really like the packaging but found the smell to be a bit discouraging.

Black in color, creamy and coating the lashes gently. It doesn’t add volume nor length and not waterproof. So it’s a very simple mascara for daily look.

Overall I found the products to be interesting and easy to use. Some are impressive while some are not my personal preference.

The box is lovely, the fonts and writing also fun to be read. 
The packaging could use some improvement. I think if the black plastic holder was replaced with other materials, it will be prettier.

It would be great if the collection comes in smaller box/pouch (easier when carried), better quality of applicators and more variations/ colors.

I hope someday they also come in thematic or seasonal series, such as Valentine, Halloween, etc.
Last but not least, here are my looks created using Hang Out.

In this image, I’m using the purple shade on upper lids and pink on the crease. I also wore pink lipstick. This look is great for a day in the mall, shopping with the girlfriends.

Below is another look created with the exact same item, Hang Out. I used the purple eye shadow as liners, pink on the lids and frost pink as a highlighter on the brow nude. The lipstick is Bronze Nude.

This look is suitable for a day hanging out at cafes or at a friend’s home- a beautiful afternoon together.

I find the lipstick to be mixable as well, so I can create a pinkish red, or pinkish bronze, reddish bronze, or nude pink. Again, your own creativity is the limit.
Read more review on the products here:

Cleansing wise, use a good makeup remover for face and lips, since they stain a bit. Use a cleansing oil if needed and it will help take off the colors completely. 

Thank you Caring Colours. In one occasion I got the chance to learn more and understand our rich herbal tradition and heritage, be reminded on how rich Indonesia is, inspired to be an entrepreneur, be one of the people who is proud of Indonesia and be an Indonesian woman inside and out. I also had a great time learning about the newest item from Caring Colours which makes applying makeup easier on daily basis and a revelation in being professional.

Viva Cosmetics

I just got a package from Viva Cosmetic today and everyone can also get it, just by signing in at, register, fill in all the necessary data and you’re done! Wait for their confirmation email and confirmed by clicking in the link given on your email.

I heard that you can get different items, here’s what I get: Face Mask, Rose Water, 3 types of tubes, lipstick, face powder in natural tone and a booklet.

Thanks Viva Cosmetic for the goodies ^__^

Viva Cosmetic is made in Indonesia.