May I warn you that you’re about to see my skin naked, without any makeup on, so embrace yourself.

The good news is you’re about to see the wonderful effect of Skin Retouch, it’s like your naked skin being improved, tailored, fixed, renovated, etc . . . so it appears finer, smoother, softer, matte and well, in photoshop world, like being retouch.

Before reading this post, please do read my previous post about the details of Skin Retouch by TALIKA, HERE.

After reading the previous post, with me on a full make up, now take a deep breath and behold ^0^ Aaaaaaaa!

Please see the video of me using it, as in a matter of minutes the transformation achieved.

And here’s some pictures with before after skin. Just in case you can’t bear watching the video heehee.

I was really amazed haha, anyone who have this product really need to test their skin half and half.

The Formula

Stretchy Texture: fills wrinkles, fine lines, and pores. Smoothes skin

Intelligent Pigments:

Small pigments create an optical soft-focus effect by unifying the reflection of light within lines and pores.
Large pigments hide imperfections and redness of the surface of the skin.

The advantages of the formula:

non-drying moisturizing complex
a truly transparent skin primer, both universal and unisex
easy application
long-term treatment effect

Now, let’s digest it,

the white turns clear on the skin and as it dries up it gives the skin a slightly pulled feeling, like a mask, which will slowly become loosen as the hours goes by. The cream can be used alone or best with a loose powder, no, you’re not advice to used foundation or other cream after this one as Skin Retouch already ‘envelope’ our skin.

The matte effect will be a major benefit that everyone will looked for as instant result and the matte effect stays on for more than 8 hours, yes, it is impressive and I can clearly says more than 8 hours since now it is more than 8 hours and my skin still look matte without drying them.

The coverage is natural and unlike tinted moisturizer or foundation which can be heavy, uneven, or unnatural, Skin Retouch is clearly looks natural. And I’m longing for the long term benefit as well

My skin looks flawless as the cream really fill up the large pores and fine lines.

Wonderful!!! Highly recommended and I’ll be back with before after pictures with several victims member of my family so you’ll see how universal and unisex this product is ^__^

See you and thank you TALIKA Indonesia.