Hello everyone!!

I’m back with SilkyGirl and they also carries some fragrances. I have two, one for men and one for me.

Both fragrance are light and last for around 2 hours max.

A ‘man’ scent 😀 fresh, a bit citrus, woody and musk. I like the Ice better than Sugar. It add more freshness to the body. Reminds me a bit of Eternity (for men) and the consistency of the scent is quite okay. But both offer a ‘common’ scents.

The packaging are cute (both Ice and Sugar), simple but a bit unfocused heehee. I think an Ice should be in blue or white and Sugar should shape more like … sugar or candy. 

Smells really sweet, like a candy, pink candy ^__^ but after around 10-15 minutes it will lose it’s characteristic and smells like any other cologne or ‘cheap’ body splash out there. So I’m really not a fan of this one.


both products are fun, easy on the nose and brings out that familiar scent. Last for 1-2 hours and not heavy (at all). Suitable for those looking for a light fragrance which they can carry in their bag. Friendly on the wallet and suitable for the young.

Hi girls!

I’m making a LOTD with SilkyGirl and Maybelline. It’s going to be simple and suitable for daily use, with a hint of green, it add some freshness to my newly colored hair.

I love how nowadays colors seems inhibited anymore, without being too bold Maybelline able to add green without being so heavy.

The eyeshadows is from Maybelline Hyper Diamonds GN-1 and SilkyGirl in EverGreen for the eyeliner.

Both products works well in creating a smooth gradation of green for the lids.

Now, mascara is definitely needed, I’m using Long Extreme Double Stretch that comes as a two in one mascara.

1 is in white, as a base coat for longer and more obvious lashes in an instant.

Where after a while the whites will dries out and become clearer. I coated it with no.2 which is the black mascara.

So easy to be used and the process may be repeated for a longer and heavier lashes.
The mascara is waterproof and smudge-proof too. Suitable for going on a date and watch a sad movie.

I wish the brush have smaller ends so it can help picking up shorter lashes.

This is the result when the eyes are closed. Instantly longer and more dramatic than before. I only coat them once with each step. Remember the steps can be repeated several time to create longer and fuller lashes but 3 times is max or the ‘extension’ will break.

Using a lash curler will help the lashes to curl up and open the eyes bigger.

Then, the final touch is a SilkyGirl Magic Pink Lip Balm which I think perfect to create a sultry light pinkish lips.

For me the look is perfect for a lunch date with hubby ^__^ fresh, simple and he doesn’t have to wait too long for me getting ready haha!

Hi everyone,

here’s another item from SILKYGIRL, I got a Funky Eyelights Pencil in Ever Green (and Frosty Silver) in my hand.

Details from

These liners add definition to your eyes with flashes of dramatic colors. Jam-packed with high level of pearlescence, your eyes are guaranteed to shine and light-up in a stroke. So soft and smooth, these kohl liners will not tug or drag at the eyelids. It can even double-up as an eye shadow. Available in 10 funky shades.

The eyelights are easy to used, but during the application the pencil is not very smooth, so careful not to create some creases. Tackle this matter by gently make a dotted line instead of one straight line. The Ever Green color shown just like it is and stay on the lids for 4-6 hours. It’s not waterproof but does have a staying power. Can be use for face drawings too and eye shadows like mentioned in the details but I need to practice some more on how to make it blends well on the lid.

After applying, wait for a while for the lines to dry or it will stain on the upper side of the lids. They do dries up quite a while, so try dabbing some loose powder on the lids / eyeshadow base.

Overall, this wallet friendly product is easy and fun to be used with many choices of shades (12) and quite bold too. Some with high pearlescene like the Frosty Silver that I usually used at the inner corner of the eyes while some is like this Ever Green, it’s …. green ^__–

Hello ladies,

Here are some products from SILKYGIRL from their recent event (HERE).

Details from

Silky Lips Magic Pink Lip Balm
is a fun-to-use magical lip balm that changes into a natural sheer pink color when applied on lips and has a formula that lock in 6 hours of moisture; keeping your lips moist, smooth and soft.

It contains anti-oxidants of Vitamin E to protect lips from the harmful drying effects of the environment and retains skin elasticity. It is available in 3 fun fruity flavors – Strawberry, Cherry and Fragrance free

Silky Lips Sheer Lipcolor or Color Lip Balm
Cool Girl Silky Lips Sheer Lipcolor is a lipcolor packed with generous amount of moisture and sheer color that also cares for the lips. It is infused with natural ingredients such as Chamomile Flower Oil, Hybrid Sunflower Seed Oil and Seaweed Extract. These properties help to smooth out roughness, relieve dryness and condition lips.

The Silky Lips Magic Pink Lip Balm is the one in pink packaging and white balm. The balm is melting on the touch of the lips, like butter on a hot pan. The mints is so cooling, wow, menthol indeed. I understand why they say it is fun to be used.

Mine is in 08 Strawberry and on the lips it’s like sheer strawberry color, suitable for daily use for looking so light and the moisturizing effect as well. Feels a bit oily on the lips, I like to dab a tissue a bit so I don’t look like I just ate something greasy.

But, when I dabbed the tissue on the lips there’s not a dot of color there, just a clear balm. So probably the balm shade come out when reacted by … warmth?

So I tried to draw them on a piece of paper, the Magic Pink Lip Balm looks purplish while the Color Lip Balm 04 Romantic Pink is … pink on the paper ^__^

Pink on the lips and feels like a lip balm too. Moist, not as moist as the Magic Pink Lip Balm but still moist like a regular lip balm on the market.

The shade last for 3 hours and the lips stay moisturized. The color is bolder than the Magic Pink Lip Balm but not as pigmented as other lipstick. So still, SILKYGIRL is in their comfort zone in giving us a light cosmetics suitable for daily use and those whose young (at heart and real life) and a touch of caring with the nourishing oil and shea butter in it.

Overall, both of the Silky Lips products give the lips a silky feeling, moist and felt pampered. The Magic Pink Lip Balm have minty fresh sensation with sheer red color while Lipcolor gives the lips a bolder lips almost like a lipstick with a feeling also almost like the Magic Pink Lip Balm. Both product easily crumbled and the shape is smaller than my lips, too small perhaps, I wish it come on bigger form like regular lip balm, but maybe this product is made for teens or young customers with smaller lips.

Next on line, I’m trying the Shine-free Loose Powder, mine is 02 Natural Medium.

 A translucent loose powder for that finishing touch after your liquid foundation. This product gives you a soft and natural look. Eliminates shine with its oil-free formula. Available in 2 Asian shades.

The loose powder is easily used and the shade is a bit darker than my natural skin shade, so it looks like I’ve been spending hours at the beach. Aside from the color the loose powder does gives me a mattefying effect for around 4-6 hours in normal condition (inside building and not in heavy movement such as exercising). The powder is not super fine, so be careful when using it, brush is preferred than the given puff for better result.

Hello everyone,

New Year’s Eve is coming soon and here I am writing a post since this holiday I’m going nowhere and stick by for a home renovation =^__^= There’s tons needed to be done and remember there’s an exciting event last week with SILKYGIRL.

I know the brand since 4 or maybe 5 years ago when I still live in Singapore and this affordable brand always bring modesty in their product’s image. A “girl next door” ambassador with a fresh look, suitable for daily look, light and I think it was made for those whose young in age and at heart too.

The event is held on a Friday night at Mega Kuningan area, yes, I hear you, it’s a mad traffic on Friday night and finally, I reached after 3 hours on the road.

The event just begin to warm up, media and beauty bloggers are ready to become a part of SILKYGIRL campaign on Magic Pink Lip Balm. However, an introduction was made with all the products given. Each table are equipped with a box of SILKYGIRL’s cosmetics.

I’m ready to play with mine but dinner time has arrived and all the quests are enjoying the meal given with sweet desserts too.

Soon after the MC and Ms. Annisa (SILKYGIRL) greeted us and the event started with trying on the products right in front of each of us.

The bloggers are eager and amongst the first to try.

While we were ‘playing’ with the beauty products,
Ms.Gutawa appeared and share her testimonials of how she uses and loves Magic Pink Lip Balm. She uses it in London where she get her education now.

I’ll share with you my review on the next posts and the press releases as well of Magic Pink Lip Balm.

From the ingredients, testimonial, and experiences in using the Magic Pink Lip Balm and the rest of the products given. The ones that in the box, let’s open it shall we?

Eyeshadow palette, BB Cream, Eyeliner in pencil and gel, 2-way foundation and lipstick. And later on we were given the Magic Pink Lip Balm to bring home.

I’m using Moisture Rich Lipcolor No.25 Hot

Details from

A moisturizing lipcolor that provides full coverage with a lustrous finish. Enriched with Vitamins A & E to ensure lips stay soft and supple all day long. Contains Aloe Vera Extracts to prevent dry lips and soothe chapped lips.

The lipstick feels so smooth and easy to be used. Providing the lips moisture and a color that not so bold.

The eyeshadow in No.5 Smokey Charm swatches.

Blockbuster Color PaletteWith the all-new Blockbuster Color Palette, adding drama to your eyes is so easy. It includes an interesting selection of pigment-rich eye shadows from classic neutrals to bright funky colors – you can create any look that you desire The Blockbuster Color Palette is sure to guarantee you eyes-cellent performance.

Magic BB Cream

Magic BB Cream is an all-in-one product that acts as a moisturizer, makeup base, concealer and foundation that comes with sun protection and lightening properties. Contains Hyaluronic Acid to prevent fine lines and Vitamin E Derivatives to fight against free radicals. With its Brightening Powder, skin will appear brighter through continuous use of the cream. The result – skin that looks like it’s been reborn. SPF 25 / PA++.

The BB Cream only comes in 2 shades and I find the lightest one to be a bit too dark for my face. But, I’ll test on the coverage, staying power and comfort, later on.

The eyeliner pencil, mine is in 08.Frosty Silver and it can be used as an eyeshadow as well. Just draw them and smudge accordingly to the outer side of the lids.
I’ve used it as an eyeliner for the inner corner of the eyes and all the way down. Leave the outer corner with dark liner for an appearance of bigger eye. The eyeliner does have staying power but not waterproof.

Funky Eyelights Pencil

These liners add definition to your eyes with flashes of dramatic colors. Jam-packed with high level of pearlescence, your eyes are guaranteed to shine and light-up in a stroke. So soft and smooth, these kohl liners will not tug or drag at the eyelids. It can even double-up as an eye shadow. Available in 10 funky shades.

 That’s all the news I have for today, thank you SILKYGIRL for having me at the event and all of you reading this post. I’ll share more as soon as possible, so stay tune!