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It seems like these 3 days will be all about TALIKA, yes indeed ^__^ Celebrating the relaunch of TALIKA in Indonesia (Read: HERE), let me share you more of my reviews on TALIKA products.
TALIKA Lash Conditioning Cleanser, let’s read the details given by talika.com:
Lash conditioning cleanser
100 ml / 3.4 oz | Ref. : 5100
A soft, refreshing OIL FREE eye make-up remover capable of removing all traces of make-up, including waterproof mascara.
Who should use it ?
– anyone who wear waterproof mascara and do not want to remove it with an oil-based solution
– anyone with sensitive eyes
– anyone who want to help treat and strengthen their lashes
Results :
A dual performance :
– cleansing action
– lash conditioning action
The Talika + :
1 – The Lash Conditioning Cleanser is the first non-oily eye make-up remover that is capable of removing waterproof mascaras
2 – Its dual performance is also unique, combining high cleansing power with lash treatment and conditioning.
High performance presentation:
– Easy to use
– Product remains fresh and clean
– Excellent hygienic properties
Ingredients :
 Cornflower extract           Softening, astringent
 Silk proteins                  In-depth treatment to improve lashes structure
 Natural cleansing                     
Seems so impressive, let’s prove it!
The packaging is cyan blue as always and I really like any pump device for beauty product since it is a lot more hygienic than pot, tube or normal bottle. I took like 2 pumps on a cotton sheet, sorry for the mess haha! The color is delightful and the texture is a bit gooey.
The Before pic (left)
I use a waterproof and stay on eyeliner, mascara on my brows and even thou’ I’ve taken off the fake lashes, the glues are still there (I really don’t like these glue, they are tricky alright). Some foundation and powder are there in the eye zone as well.
So I took the cotton that already moisten by TALIKA Lash Conditioning Cleanser, put in on top of my closed eye lids and let them sit for a while. Some of the gooey cleanser did get into my eyes, I feel a bit sting and thinking it would be a problem. So NOT! In less than a minute my eyes are comfortable again, unlike other makeup remover that really uncomfortable for the eyes. TALIKA Lash Conditioning Lash Cleanser is made for the eye’s zone.
Then I gently swipe them and voila! It’s cleaned everything it touches. Those nasty glue are taken off without a fuss, so does mascara, waterproof and stay on eye liners.
See the cotton sheet, it;s all there.

Will I keep using it?

With the result this good and not irritating my eyes, definitely will!

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