Hi dearies ^______^ (been watching Once Upon a Time for too long)

this is item is not specifically made for the ladies, to be certain, it was made for the men and in the men collections … yums!


Details from kiehls.com:

Facial Fuel Sky Flyin’ Foaming Multi-Gel

The ultimate all-in-one solution for your shaving and cleansing needs that relieves irritation and provides a smooth shave.  Gentle to skin, lightweight and lathers quickly.  With the help of highly invigorating Caffeine, Vitamin C and E, skin is hydrated, energized and ready for takeoff.
• As a cleanser, this hydrating gel packed with Bamboo, Lemon and Orange Peel Extracts deeply cleanses skin to remove oil and impurities without over-drying or stripping.
• When used for shaving, this multi-tasking formula transforms into a highly lathering, dense foam to lubricate skin for the smoothest of shaves while Panax Ginseng works to minimize redness and irritation.
• To shave, wet face with warm water and apply foam gel as needed. Shave and rinse with cool water. To cleanse, massage gently onto damp skin and rinse with warm water.
• Paraben-free


Where do I even begin to praise it? From the calming properties or to the ability for shaving wise and cleansing while keeping the skin happy, invigorating, energized yet far from irritation and other kind of discomfort a shave could do. And beyond that a clean finish as well as it get the title of Multi-Gel which is multifunction. A self foaming gel that gives anyone a great start for the day.

I’m for sure a sucker in term of foaming the cleanser correctly, and so does my husband. He is a man for sure and plumping up a cleansing foam to a perfect density is NOT on his to do list. It’s not that important for him, yet the skin still need that foam to begin with. This is where I start praising the gel, oh yes, the prelude above is nothing 😀

From the moment I pump it on, a blue clear gel comes out and immediately transform itself into this super fluffy foam ready for action. I use it to shave and for cleansing my face just like he does. I’m not going to let him have all the fun, I want some too. I love the scent and sensation as much as he does and for once (in a while) we both agree on something, we both love this product and will continually use it as a gel for shaving but most of all for cleaning the face. Since the result is a clean skin from daily debris without striping the skin dry, in fact, the skin become so soft and like I said before happy, super happy!

A must try and must have product in every household. Kiehl’s put it in the men’s zone, I put it in unisex.