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Hello everyone!

Another product from Ultima II is here and I’m going to give you a short review, hmm, why short? You’ll find out soon.

This is the product, you can easily read the details photograph in the packaging ^__^ click on the image if you wish to see it in larger view.
And I got mine in Aurora Beige shade which is too dark for me  . . . now you know why the review is short, but doesn’t meant I can’t have fun with it heehee!

A bit warning, the liquid is watery and the packaging doesn’t reminds you of how liquid it is and this is a real spill. It’s not creamy nor thick, so in a way actually it is suitable to be placed inside a bottle like this. Just remember to tilt it a bit only and not go all the way, like I did haha ^0^

I did wish I get my shade, but hey, I’ve gotta use the one I have. And I still can use it, if I want a tan look, see it below:

Yep, the coverage is quite okay and easy to blend. It’s just too dark for me. I look like I’ve just having a sun bath. But it does covers the large pores and uneven skin tone. A bit tips for me, if you happen to have a foundation that was too dark, you can always use it as a shading material. Use it under the cheek bones (below the blush on area) and the darker shade will create a slimmer face.

The SPF is low, so it’s not that significant, but I guess it’s better than none at all. The texture is liquid but still felt rich but comfortable when gliding on the skin. Easy to blend with fingers or brush and sponges too. There is a faint musk scent in it but it wont be a problem to anyone.

Overall, a pleasing foundation for daily use. Top it off with loose powder and you are ready for some colors, or if you need a more coverage (like for a photoshoots or some sort) add some pressed powder and then loose powder. There is a bit of talc in the foundation so it does help mattefying your look. Will it stay long hours? Around 5-6 hours in normal condition, not when you’re joining a marathon.

Hi gurls!

Another product from Ultima II and this time is their pressed powder and funny thing thou’ . . .  why is it called nakeds?

Soon I’m gonna find out.

Details from the packaging:

Ultima II
Nakeds Pressed Powder

Microfine silk texture
Natural translucent apperance
Non chaulky

Free of irritants
Minimizes oil breakthrough
Non pore-clogging
Long wearing
Helps protects the skin from the harmful drying effects of the environment

To Use: Touch the sponge applicator lightly to pressed powder. Apply evenly over face and neck

Mine is in 4L (kinda clueless what does it means hehe)

Since the product is given without me having any say on the shades, so first I’m in the doubt thinking it would be too dark for me, or at least will not look nude on me.

Surprise suprise! It look nude on me and overall I’m pretty much liking it. The powder is indeed soft and easily lovable for being blend-able and like a chameleon and adjusting the colors to me. And it does lightweight and well, I didn’t use the sponge, I still prefer using a brush for any base done, and brush do gives better coverage in terms of application and lighter too.

Will I keep using it? Yes! And I completely understand why it is said ‘nakeds’, since it does gives coverage like we’re using none. But the skin tone looks better, more even, matte and like a soft focus glow on your cheat photoshop, the skin look fine!

Suitable for summer and it gives your skin a matte look (so if you want a moist look, this is NOT the powder for you).

Hi all!

Living in a hot and humid land means sweats and grease on the skin almost most of the time. Which I also have and it’s not cool nor fun.

So I try many product that tackle the oily t-zone without being too harsh on the dry cheeks.

These are my before look with my oily forehead and nose. And the heat is making it worst, the sweat become sticky and it ain’t pretty. Making makeup clumps and blotting is needed.

And I just happen to have this Immediate Rescue Stick from Ultima II (from their event), the product long tube is super cute and so does the color.
The details on the packaging:

Instantly dries, purifies, and soothes the skin. Helps to reduce the appearance of local skin imperfections.
To use:
Apply locally. Reapply during the day if necessary.

I’m using it directly on the affected part (affected means oily) and it does instantly dries out, but on some parts that are really oily, it’s still a bit sticky, really just a bit. The scent at first felt fresh but after a while it turn kinda nasty. Like (sorry) acid from vomit. It’s just unbearable for me. So I wipe it all out after 5 minutes.

I don’t know if maybe it’s just me, but it is unpleasant for me. There’s some kind of sharpness of the acidity (clueless where it is from).

Will I use it again? Unfortunately, no. I can’t stand the smell 😦

But maybe it’s just me, my sis claims her nose was fine with it … (trying to be neutral and objective), bottom line, it’s your call 🙂

Last week I was invited to attend a Ultima II event at FX. Beauty Bloggers and the Press are there. A new product launch and some more information.

In front of the venue everything is set. Registration and photo booth.

The dress code is touch of black and silver and here is how I interpreted the colors.

Inside the are ready too!

These are the information of the products.

The products are ‘dressed’ in black with silver packaging, hmm got the connection ^__–

Yes, it’s the collagen, so pretty much it is a products to fight the aging and creating a younger and better looking skin.

Then the event started with performance from the dancer.

And the mc, Ms. Ari.

Representative from Ultima II introducing Extraordinaire Supreme Pure Collagen (ESPC) to all of us. Details? Don’t worry, a full press release are below for your perusal.

Then the lovely ambassador and doctor gives us a bit for their expertise to us. Ms.Titi Kamal and her mom are a fan of Ultima II. She is so pretty, polished and her skin looks flawless. The talkshow is informative and the mc are able to make everyone loosen up with her funny remarks.

And later on Ultima II shares their newest passion on getting closer to the curstomer.

Seiring dengan perkembangan teknologi yang kian dinamis, perkembangan dunia digital sangat memberi kemudahan kita untuk beraktivitas serta berkomunikasi dengan orang-orang yang terkoneksi dengan internet kapan pun dimana pun. Trend inilah yang kemudian menjadi perhatian bagi Ultima II untuk membangun komunikasi yang lebih intens sehingga terbangun brand awareness bagi calon konsumen Ultima II dan loyalitas yang semakin besar bagi orang-orang yang sudah menggunakan Ultima II. Sosial media juga menjadi perpanjangan tangan tim marketing dari Ultima II, untuk memudahkan konsumen mendapatkan informasi seputar dunia makeup, kecantikan dan produk-produk cosmetic maupun perawatan kulit dari Ultima II.

Facebook Ultima II memiliki beberapa aplikasi menarik, yakni: Ultima II & Your Need
Aplikasi ini mempermudah konsumen dan calon konsumen untuk mengenali jenis kulit dan permasalahan kulit mereka serta mendapatkan solusi dan tips dari Ultima II untuk setiap masalah kulit mereka. Find Ultima II & Join Our Event

Aplikasi ini mempermudah bagi konsumen dan calon konsumen untuk mengetahui lokasi counter Ultima II dan event-event apa saja yang akan diselenggarakan Ultima II. Ultima II & Your Fun Side
Aplikasi ini merupakan sebuah permainan dimana konsumen dan calon konsumen dapat mencoba menggunakan berbagai seri makeup untuk wajah, mata, dan bibir serta memilih shades warna pada makeup Ultima II secara virtual. Ultima II Tutorial by the Expert
Aplikasi ini akan menunjukan tutorial menggunakan make up Ultima II dari para ahli kecantikan. U Club
Aplikasi ini ditujukan bagi para pengguna setia Ultima II untuk meredeem poin yang mereka kumpulkan melalui cara tertentu, untuk ditukar dengan hadiah menarik.
Melalui Twitter, selain dapat membangun komunikasi yang bersifat dua arah, Ultima II juga dapat mengarahkan followernya untuk turut mencoba aplikasi-aplikasi yang ada di Facebook. Interaksi-interaksi seperti ini akan membangun engagement antara Ultima II dan konsumen serta calon konsumen karena Ultima II memposisikan diri sebagai sahabat yang bisa menjadi tempat bertanya masalah makeup dan kecantikan.

Selain Facebook dan Twitter, Ultima II juga akan membangun microsite. Microsite ini nantinya dapat dimanfaatkan oleh konsumen dan calon konsumen untuk mengetahui segala promo, produk, dan event yang diselenggarakan Ultima II.
Dengan memanfaatkan ketiga saluran tersebut, diharapkan bukan hanya brand yang akan mendapatkan manfaat tapi juga konsumen. Manfaat yang dapat dirasakan oleh konsumen ketika berinteraksi dengan saluran-saluran sosial media milik Ultima II.

 I see that Ultima II are trying to get closer to the consuments in an engaging and from the simplest way possible, I’ve tried some of the application myself and it was fun too! I like the part where we play make up.

And below is the product details given by Ultima II, not by my personal experience.

Extraordinaire Supreme Pure Collagen [ ESPC ] Perfect Skin Resurfacing Treatment 90% PURE MARINE COLLAGEN Latar Belakang Sudah 30 tahun, Ultima II menjadi pelopor dalam penelitian seri perawatan yang mengandung kolagen, yang merupakan elemen terpenting untuk mempertahankan elastisitas dan vitalitas kulit. Dampak negatif dari sinar ultraviolet, bertambahnya usia dan pengaruh radikal bebas pada kulit, adalah jumlah kolagen dalam kulit akan menurun dan kemampuan beregenerasi pun berkurang. Kulit pun kehilangan elastisitasnya sehingga tampak kendur, suram, dan kusam. Pusat penelitian kecantikan ULTIMA II mempersembahkan hasil penelitian terbaru, EXTRAODINAIRE SUPREME PURE COLLAGEN [ESPC] Perfect Skin Resurfacing Treatment, dengan daya serap tinggi untuk perawatan menyeluruh dan membantu kemampuan meremajakan kulit. Ditargetkan untuk memenuhi kebutuhan perawatan kulit para wanita diatas 30 tahun yang memiliki masalah wajah yang kusam dan kendur.

– 90% Pure Marine Collagen: kolagen dengan konsentrasi tinggi
untuk menggantikan kolagen kulit yang rusak sehingga membantu
memperbaiki elastisitas dan kehalusan kulit wajah.
– Marine Elastin: untuk membantu mengisi kepadatan di lapisan
kulit wajah.
– Dynalift™: untuk membantu mengencangkan dan melembutkan
– Hexapeptide 10: untuk memperbaiki ikatan lapisan dermis dan
epidermis sehingga sirkulasi oksigen dan nutrisi dalam kulit dapat
tersebar dengan baik dan merata.
– Tripeptide-10 Citrulline: mengatur pertumbuhan kolagen untuk
memperbaiki struktur dan elastisitas kulit.
HASIL AKHIR Memperbaiki jaringan kolagen kulit yang rusak. Membuat kulit wajah lebih elastis, halus dan padat. Menipiskan garis halus dan kerutan kulit wajah. Membantu menjaga kelembaban alami kulit.
AVAILABLE: July 2012 hanya di 53 Counter Ultima II di seluruh Indonesia

Gunakan setiap pagi dan malam hari, setelah kulit wajah dibersihkan. Dioleskan merata pada area wajah dan leher dengan gerakan memijat melingkar sehingga serum dapat terserap sempurna pada kulit wajah. Dapat dilanjutkan dengan penggunaan seri perawatan lainnya sesuai kebutuhan dan jenis kulit yang ada.

5 Steps to Youthful Skin
Facial Massage Movement
Pijat menggunakan jari tengah dan jari manis dengan arah melingkar dari tengah ke arah pelipis kiri dan kanan bersamaan.
Pijat sepanjang tulang hidung dari atas ke arah cuping hidung dilanjutkan pijatan mengelilingi bentuk bibir.
Pijat dengan gerakan melingkar dari dagu-pipi-telinga. Akhiri tekanan memutar di sekitar telinga. Ulangi 3 kali.
Dengan menggunakan telunjuk dan ibu jari, tekan dari arah rahang tengah ke arah telinga, kiri dan kanan.
Gerakan mengusap dengan menggunakan jari-jari, ke arah atas, dari leher bawah ke arah dagu.

Okay! I guess that’s it for now 🙂 Maybe someday I can try the products.

Thank you Cosmopolitan and Ultima II for having me!

The color is mine to begin with, it’s always rose. It provide a very (very) light moisturizing effect, kinda standard, the color also not a stay on lipstick. I’ve tried finding more info regarding the products online, but failed to do so. If any Ultima II staff read this post, please do send me a link regarding the products.

Ultima II Rose

So far I use it with lip balms for a more moist effect. It is best to be used with a brush, and easy to clean. It provide a matte vivid rose color that stay for 3-4 hours and it is not comfortable without added moisturizer.