Hi all! Recently, I stayed in a 4 star hotel that pretty famous and thinking about the stuff that have been lying in the hotels which is their freebies. Yes, the toiletries.

I’ve stayed in a 5 star hotel before and their toiletries was superb, branded and known for high quality, so the stuffs there wasn’t difficult to be used and love most of them ^__^ but when you stayed in a 3-4 stars hotel where the brand and quality of the toiletries are doubtful, I got some tips for you to make them useful 🙂

Let’s start from Soap Bar that really too dry to be used on your skin but hey, you’ve paid all of them as well, you can bring ’em home and use it to protect your feet from the pain of a new shoes, especially on your upper heels. Rub a dry soap bar on every edges and sides that might be painful, it will give enough wax and gentler to the skin down there. 

Or when you’re still in the hotel, soap bar and liquid soap can be used as a detergent for your laundry. Undergarments or accidents can be cleaned by them nicely 🙂 It wont clean hard stain, but at least daily dirt are gone.

And the liquid soaps can also be made into bubble bath (if bath tub is provided), or when you still think it is too drying just use it as a foot soak with a warm water, it’ll help easing those hardship during traveling ^__^

Now, let’s see the toothbrush just looking at it makes my gums screamed, yes, don’t use it for cleaning your teeth, bring them home to clean your tap on the sink, or those hard-to-reach places. In the hotel I use it to clean my sandals or shoe (when the time persist), yes, the soap bar comes in handy as well.

For the toothpaste, I found them unpleasant to be used, so with the toothbrush I use them together to clean my jewelery, be gentle thou’ some might scratch the surface.

Cotton bud,  as told by ENT it is a big no-no to used them for your ear canal, so use it for make up is my best option and I don’t think any of you need to wonder how to make the best out of a cotton bud ^__^
Shaving kits, I really like them on the hotels since the new one always so sharp and most of them have the cream/foam as well. But careful, some can be too sharp, test it on your legs first. 
Stuff like nail board and shower cap is just a necessity, sewing kits are important too. But there are more things you can do while staying in a hotel and make them more worth every penny, like if you used to do your hair dye at home, do it in a hotel and you can save lot’s of money on the water, yes, you do need a lot to rinse them right? But careful not to stain the towels, so make sure you rinse them well. Or do a hair mask, body scrub, etc.

Last but not least hotel always means comfort, bring your face mask also and have a great pampering time for a maximum comfort and absorption of all the juices from your mask.