Enid Blyton, have been with me since I was in Primary. I remember vividly reading her books (oh yes, I thought she was a he back then) through all my days feeling and day dreaming I was in Malory Towers, and many many many of her little books that are available in my school library. Now, I want this legacy to go on and have my children grow with her too.

These are her first Enid Blyton, The Magic Faraway Tree, the edition comes in 3 books, so it’s kinda a trilogy. My child finished the books in 3 months since we only let her read a few pages per night, if not she will kept on reading and forget school. I think the difficulty level is almost intermediate for Indonesian, my child is 6 years old when finishing the book and only a very few words she needs translation. English is her first language.
The book is about a magic tree that filled with living creatures that are unique and fascinating. I found myself drowning in the book since the beginning. Well, we both are. We love Silky and in our imagination she was the most beautiful fairy in the whole wide world. The best thing about Enid is, when she describe something they are clear enough and filled with details but there’s still abundant things left for our imaginations. The adventure of the siblings in the Faraway Tree seems endless and Enid kept bring something back and refreshed our curiosity.

I’m not going to blabber much about the story, all I can say is, my daughter really like the book too, numerous time I found her giggling by herself just reading the books. Yes, they are THAT entertaining. Who says TV is the most engaging thing in the house?!

Recommended age is 7+