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My Look for CandyLand Nite

Hello everyone ^__^ I know I rarely have time to do LOTD but this time I want to share something simple and get that effortless look. When I went to CandyLand Nite with Revlon, I have less than 30 minutes to do my makeup.

First you need a flawless skin, naaaah! Kidding! Imperfection is everywhere in everyone. But still a healthy skin is a good base for any make up. So never forget to take care of them with proper skin care.

After cleansing, toner, serum and moisturizer, I let them ‘sit’ for a while and absorbed. Then if you’re home is as hot as mine or you are easily sweating, use some tissue, don’t wipe, but like using a mask, press gently to then peel the tissue to absorb excess moisture, water and sweats.

It is always better to apply makeup on a skin that’s feel dry to the touch or at least have even distribution of moisture to avoid blotch.

Oil paper also good in absorbing excess oil.

Then it’s foundation time, I always opt to something light, this time I use The Body Shop Mineral Foundation and use their lovely brush. Brush that made all the differences in terms of easy application and smooth skin appearance.

Beside using the brush in circular motion you can also swipe the brush in the direction of your facial hair. Never forget those area hidden on the sides of the nose, they are tricky alright, so made sure the area is dry.

Then since the event is held by Revlon beside using their pencil for my brow, I use their powder as well, but instead of using the sponge, I use The Body Shop foundation brush. The result is far more even and soft.

Then my cheek are blushed thanks to The Body Shop blush in Rose and I use Tarte LipSurgence Lip Tint in Charmed. For the eye shadows L’Oreal do their part and I add some lashes using LashGrip in black for that extra kick.
A little tips for me, black long lashes can be boring sometime so I add some glitter by applying them with nail lacquer (blue and silver sparkles) wait until they are really dry before attaching them to your lashes, okay ^___^

(Pic belongs to Revlon Indonesia Facebook Page)

Yes, the review is about that Lip Butter that create a lot of buzz here and there for being sensational and slippery delicious.

Here some information from

– Hydrating mango, shea and coconut butter formula boosts lip moisture by 156%
– Pampering gel formula provides super charged hydration and glides on lips buttery smooth
– Sheer to medium colour with buttery shine
– Available in 20 luscious shades

Starting with clean, dry lips apply your favorite shade of Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter onto lips. Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter can be worn with or without Lipliner. Reapply as often as desired for softer, smoother and instantly hydrated lips!

How do I get to know about these Lip Butter, I was one of the beauty bloggers that got invited ^__^ Please do read it here: CandyLand Nite

On that night where I first met them in person, not all 20 shades, just half of them, hi gurls!

We introduce our self and immediately become best friends, I say how pretty Cherry Tart is and she immediately caught my eyes, followed by the daring Raspberry Pie, the soft down-to-earth Peach Parfait, the cool and sassy Gumdrop and the warm-hearted gal named Macaroon.

It was a crowded night and of course they are so popular and everyone wants to meet them, so I can’t get to know all of them all at once. But I did get to chat with 4 of them and they all show they true color. Remember the words “Don’t judge the book by it’s cover”? This words doesn’t describe them, they show they true color exactly like their pretty casing did.

And still with their personality, glows their gentleness and kindness in each of them. All of them wore a vanilla perfume and it is delectable. I like it. They are also soft, smooth and loving me back in every touch.

The people of Revlon also so kind and gives us blogger some to bring home. Here they are:

Introducing Ms. Sugar Plum, this cheeky gal is sweet and add a bit of purple hue to my lips. She is buttery smooth and for me it define the words Sophisticated Love   in a new way

Next is Ms.Creme Brulee, a fresh velvety skin color that prefer to be known as ‘neutral’ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ  , reminds me of a delicate afternoon in the park while having a picnic with the girls. Or I imagine myself as an ‘it’ girl, where she is popular and a trend setter.

And last in my BFF circle, let’s welcome Ms. Strawberry Shortcake, a very girly girl that’s just passionate in everything she does. I would go on a hot date with her where my hearts is full of flowers romantic in so many ways.

Here they are in stamps ^__^

Are they worth every ‘perak’ in Rp.75.000? With their true and vivid color, smoothness and glow, hydration and pampering our every lips? They do.

One more best thing? It comes in 20 rich shades, they really do get us and they understand our 20 variations of feelings and moods. Girls, it’s time to play dress up and loving our lips in the same time! Get yours today only at Revlon 

First of all, I would like to apologize for the super lateness of posting this article for -___-. so sorry,  the product send by them arrived in my friend’s house around 3 days after confirming everything, so I’m convinced about promptness, but waiting for my friend to send me the products is another thing. Now, let me review the products, shall we?

The lingerie sent if so beautifully wrapped in a white box and pink paper. And I’ve noticed there’s a piece of paper, let’s read it.

Ooh, so sweet, isn’t it?!

Aren’t they gorgeous and looks so divine? The pinkish hue is adoring.

Thinking of candle light instead of white fluorescing light? You got a romantic golden lingerie.

View from the back with white light.

View from the back with dim yellow lights

See the details

soft, delicate and a bit naughty in a way ^__-

To be easily attached to a pantyhose/sheer stockings.

Then see the panty. so delicate.

The product details.
Now, I know you must be curious how it look like when used 🙂

See for yourself:


Price? 39.95 USD. In fact, everything in is 39.95 USD, please read the followings: provide Free Shipping, Free Exchanges, Free Returns.

  1. Shipping: All orders shipped to destinations in the United States (this also includes Hawaii, Alaska and US territories) and Canada are shipped FREE of charge via standard ground delivery, and usually arrive 2–3 business days from the ship date. Currently, we do not ship orders overseas.
  2. Exchanges: Exchanges are FREE for all Adore Me purchases. Perfect satisfaction guaranteed! If your order doesn’t fit or you are not satisfied with an item, then merely exchange it for another item or size within 30 days of delivery in its new, unused condition. To that end, you will find a pre-made standard ground shipping return label on our website that can be downloaded and printed. Please do not return packages to self-serve drop boxes, as this will result in delays. Also, note that there is no exchange possible on items that were given away for free during promotional operation. For more information, please contact 

  3. Returns: You can  return your Adore Me purchase without any justification or special notice within 30 days of delivery in its new, unused condition. Orders to addresses within the United States (this also includes Hawaii, Alaska and US territories) will find a pre-made standard ground shipping return label on our website that can be downloaded and printed as needed. A $5.95 restocking fee per purchase will be applied to all orders returned for refunds. This fee is waived on exchanges and items returned for Adore Me credit.
  4. Help center: You can send an email to at anytime or call our Customers Services at 1.800.433.2367 Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. (EST).

Interested? Now get a 20% off for a first timer and 40% off when you invite your friend, do check out for further information and happy shopping girls!

Hi Ladies and Gents too ^__^ Biotherm is back with their monthly event for their customer. Just by purchasing a Rp150.000 voucher (can be redeemed with products later), all of you can join in
Today it was held in Cengkir Room (Klub Kelapa Gading) from 11 am to 7 pm
They have many to offer including Member Get Member. So far as I know member get many benefits from bonus and birthday gift. They might have some changes, so please do check on them. One thing for sure Biotherm always make sure the customer get the best service like making sure to use the product properly and get the most from it.
Normally after redeem some samples the customer will be called in 3 days, normal products with purchase around 7 days, so they cherished every feedback from the customer and you’ll be able to understand better since you can do another consultation for the products you’ve tried.

Here’s some more reasons in coming to Biotherm Beauty Workshop, bonus with purchases ^__^ and yup . . . FREE services too:

Biotherm Facial, from cleansing, scrub, mask, toner, serum and moisturizer too. Plus “totok wajah”.

And it is in the comfort of a closed room. Yes, some light massage too. Bliss!
And all using Biotherm product as well. Btw, I think Biotherm Homme also awesome, will do some mini review after this post.
Maybe feet reflexology? Sure! Don’t be shy, it’s prepared just for you.
But never forget the highlight of today’s: The 3 step Aquasource. The one that started my experience with Biotherm, the one that got me in love with Biotherm ^__^
They look so refreshing and juicy.
 So my friends, never forget to come to Biotherm’s Worskhop and be pampered like my besties here ^__^
Stay tune for more reviews on Biotherm’s products.

Color correcting, wrinkle reducing, and dark spot defying – talk about a miracle product! Create a perfect canvas for foundation application and even out skin tone with this silky, lightweight blend of antioxidants and vitamins A & E. The formula helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores for visibly softer, younger-looking skin. Wear under foundation or alone for a velvety-smooth finish. Now in a sleek tube for perfect dispensing-down to the last drop! Counteract discoloration and dark spots. ADJUST is green-toned to reduce redness.

Apply your choice of PHOTO FINISH COLOR CORRECTING FOUNDATION PRIMER to clean or moisturized skin (over entire face or only to problem areas) and blend with fingertips. For complexion perfection follow with your shade of HIGH DEFINITION HEALTHY FX FOUNDATION.

The lotion is light and even thou’ on my finger feels a bit rich, when it is applied on my facial skin they like melting and feels velvety soft. No oily feeling nor talc. It’s like perfect.

I spread the product all over my face and spread it well. But you can also applied it only in the areas that needed.

Best thing to review a makeup product? Yup, by using it and present to you in pictures ^__^

See the differences? I do, in so many ways too. Where should I start, the more luminous glow, the   smaller pores appearances, the less redness in here, there and over there (haha, I have many redness zone), the velvety look which I really like and feels so convenient using it.

Nowadays its all about light makeup, no more heavy stuff and by using Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer, Adjust, by Smashbox, I can easily achieved that smoother looking skin in a jiffy. Highly recommend the product for a fair skin that sometimes get easily irritated and tempered ^__– hot headed and wants to look fairer. For me there’s also a bit of yellowish and whiter skin tone effect, so you might want to use it gradually. Other skin tone might work, but I think the range is just medium to fair skin only.

For daily use, I can just use the primer after moisturizer and top it off with a loose powder. But during special occasion I just use a light foundation after the primer and finished it with powder for a more coverage and red carpet look.

Cleansing wise: It’s quite easy and usually I just use my makeup remover and do a double cleansing by following it with a foaming facial wash.

Do take note that mine is the old packaging, in a pump bottle while the one that’s in the US now is tubes. Bottom line: It’s a great product that works and convenient to use! Help those who have skin discoloration due to redness, irritation and allergy reaction to a more even skin tone.

Hi beautiful people! Last weekend I went on Kiehl’s in Plaza Senayan. As always, if I know they have a thing goin’ on, I shall not missed it. The friendly environment thanks to the KCR’s, and especially Miss Asia, I love her! She is so genuine and pretty.

She will recommend you the exact correct product for your skin and tell the truth which stuff she uses and which doesn’t. Stuff that she highly recommend is the one that she truly believes in, Kudos! 

And while I’m in the store Kiehl’s have package deal for you. Ms. Asia told me it’s not necessary to spread about this since usually it would be gone in a jiffy ^___^ so if you happen to come to the store and it’s all out, sorry folks, you’re not fast enough!

Another two, just to tantalize your appetite.

I seriously want them all! Really @0@ googling eyes.

I’m not trying to be mean, but if you happen to rush to the store and they all gone, you might want to get their email alert and join their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter. So, next time you wont missed it anymore.

Now, while waiting for the doctor to arrived, Ms. Asia offer me a skin check with this cute papers by Kiehl’s

Just press one on forehead and the other at my cheek

Match it up to the dots and nail it! My skin are normal to dry. Correcto! And yup, anyone can try it too ^_^ FOC

And then the customers start pouring in when the doctor is arrived. Questions and consultation is free here. Kiehl’s do wants you to understand your skin better, not just buying everything in the rack, but get that perfect one.

The environment here is really comfortable. We can just hangout and chat around, some customers also shares their woes and wows to others. It’s like a place for sharing, heehee, I saw movies of the good ol’ days where pharmacy also sells ice soda, it’s kinda like that now, without the soda of course.

Then it’s time for me to go, not without getting myself a Cucumber Toner and took a pic with Mr. Bones here, fancy with a sunglasses.
Don’t forget, come to Kiehl’s Kelapa Gading on 25th of Feb 2012 for a skin consultation session of your own ^__^

See anyone in common? Yes, Bobbi Brown in every frame with many different celebrities. Another book of Bobbi Brown:

Beauty Rules, Fabulous Looks, Beauty Essentials, and Life Lessons For Loving Your Teens and Twenties.

Basically it’s a book for a girl growing up and many more.

As always, Bobbi emphasize on differences. She acknowledges, cherries and liberated the word ‘Beauty’. It’s never a form, instead beauty comes in many forms.

She have a lot of tricks on her sleeve ^__^ but one thing thou’ I really can’t not washing my hair every day, I’ll go bananas for sure. It’s too hot and humid here in our southeast Asia climate.

Nevertheless, who am I to confront an international renowned makeup artist -__-‘

More about hair is deliberated in this book, ehm, there’s also some reasons I let the picture dark and a bit blurry, I don’t thing is appropriate to show all, it’s the copywrite thingy okay. I just want you to have a glimpse on inside the book without crossing any lines 🙂

But this one is like on the back of the cover, so I think I can be quite straightforward. As you can read above is all you will get in this book.

I have many favorite parts in it, but one that caught me is always those in different shapes and sizes wink wink. Bobbi’s Basic Life Rules. It’s beyond beauty itself, it’s more like how you can make the best out of your life and surprisingly a lot of it is not about how you pampered yourself in front of a mirror, but what you presented yourself in front of others in terms of attitude and behavior.

Words of encouragements and building self esteem is easily found here. It seems like she gets that! She know how when girls gone through puberty and every psychologically changes that she have to go through, which actually not just about her biological changes, but her mind and her perspective.

We are bombarded with commercials and the idea of beautiful in the society, this book actually helps young girls to understand and see themselves in a more realistic and forgiving ways, but in the same time teaches them to: Yup! Dream BIG.

On another page I find this entertaining too, her bag! I know many beauty bloggers would love to see it \^0^/ She is a true professional make up artist! Wowza!

Back to kinda serious stuff, she discuss about hair removal, hair coloring and braces too. Best parts: Why Delay.

And about buying your beauty stuff, funny thing thou’ she bought some in an art supply store. I guess Monalisa is made by the same brush haha!

And yes, Beauty From The Inside Out. This is one classic section that you usually read in human development books, you know the one that says no matter what is your outside look like. But Bobbi speaks above that, yes be grateful from what you have and still you can work something up to enhance your natural beauty.

Like shaping your eyebrow when clearly the brow have ‘ruin’ (take note on the ‘ ‘ okay) the entire look by being too messy. A simple tweezers can help out. It’s not changing your face, it’s just ‘tidying’ up ^__^ I hope you get it.

Like this super gorgeous lips, imagine it dry, chapped, and a bit bleeding due to being too dry, would it look this good? It’s the same lips but which do you prefer. It’s like that.

Her beauty is in her smile and her soft eyes, Bobbi’s added by tidying her brows, evened the skin tone, lip balm, a bit of reds on the cheeks and lips, some mascara and pencil action and there she is. It’s still her, only more polished.

 And step by step guide for teens too. Always op for natural look. Never go over the top.
 Last but not least, here’s my most favorite part, HAVE FUN with it. Have fun growing up and all the changes and experimenting.

A must have book for any mom whose daughter is just about to bloom. Legacy.

 In conjunction with my recent post —> HERE about my waxing experience in Strip, there’s some things that I think will be beneficial to share, yup, tips, do’s and dont’s when you’re gonna, during or after waxing.
First of all, always go for the professional waxing place, not just for beginner, but just about anyone. Why? Well, why playing a risk game with yourself, enduring all those pain and agony, have I mention ingrown? Infection? Irritation? Burning Sensation? And yes, still many more if you happen to get a bad wax.
Start with a poor hygiene, lack of experience from the staff, low quality wax (which can be a real pain as well during the process and cleaning them), to embarrassment.  Yup, I do walk that street of shame before, going out from a bad waxing place with a pain on my crotch, I walk awkwardly to avoid any friction. The pain is unbearable. So please, take from my experience, only have a wax in a very good reputation salon like Strip.
After the service like IPL it is important to pay attention on the aftercare, I guess you should have know about this since it related to laser, but, how about wax, something that ‘closer’ to you?
Fret not, Strip also provide you with aftercare information, but I still haven’t find those that gives you info on before making a decision to do a Brazilian wax or just about wax in any area. Here’s some that I know and live with:
Before making an appointment make sure:
1. You’re not on your period. Not just about the mess, but the pain, some do feel more pain during and right before your period. So choose your timing wisely. A week after your period is usually the best time.
2. You are not scheduled for swimming activity and involving a lot of sun exposure.
3. The area down there, yes, the hair, is long enough to be waxed.
4. No open wounded, or just about any wound on the area, no allergy or sensitivity going on.
Then during the day:
1. Pack an extra undies, just in case only. Especially when the day is hot and humid, I just don’t like my cleaned area (after wax) get humid because of the underwear I use before the wax.
2. Do your thing before going in the room, pee, poo, whatever gals, just make sure to clean the area first. In Strip they’ll handed you a piece of wet wipes to clean the area. I remember when I went to other place, they didn’t give me enough time and wet wipes too, so during the wax, the staff found bits of tissue down there. Shame on me!
3. Don’t schedule a wax on a busy day. Take your time and have a relaxing day. You’ll thank me for that. Imagine an irritated skin being force to do lot’s of friction.
4. Ask the staff anything you need to know about their waxing products, methods and aftercare.
5. Wear something comfortable, don’t wear tights or anything that’s too tight, think about let the area breathe and it just don’t want to be disturbed.
6. Avoid using deodorant, powder, or lotion on the area that gonna be wax. Consult the staff before coming down.
7. Bring a pair of socks if you’re not a fan of a cold air conditioned place. Waxing place usually gives you a blanket but it is difficult to cover your feet. Imagine gynae.
When getting waxed:
1. Relax and keep on breathing. 
2. Try keep on talking to the staff, if they are smart they’ll ask you question that involving happy experience, so your mind is not about the pain, it’s about pleasing experience.
3. Just do what the staff told you to. Like bend your leg on certain ways, take a deep breath before a pull, and a good staff will keep you updated on the things going on down there. 
4. Take your time when the waxing is finished. Just like you’ve made sure the area is cleaned before waxing, take note if the staff put some after lotion wax for protection from irritation or bacteria.
5. Don’t touch the just waxed area with a dirty hand. I know some may be so curious and want to touch how clean, soft and smooth the area is, but please don’t. The pores are still open and don’t get your germs there. Be patient.
6. Caferully and slowly put your clean new panties on without being too tight and take your day nice and slow ^__^
Like Strip have provide you with after wax care, here are some that I want to add:
 For married couple, avoid sex for at least 24 hours after the wax.
That’s all now, I think there are some things which important too but not so relevant with many others like if you’re on medication, pregnant, skin condition and many more so ask your doctor for that.
In the end do things wisely and you’ll enjoy the result by being so.

Okay, first thing first, don’t you think that this is the best ad you’ve seen? Chocolate or Strawberry Super Wax, what are those? You’ll see them in a moment.

Browhaus Lobby – Senayan City
Now here it is, about some time ago I went in to Strip at Senayan City and meet Mrs. Elly, a beautiful lady that owns the place. And we have a very nice chat regarding Strip and Browhaus. For Browhaus, I think nowadays it’s quite common and can be found in many salon in Jakarta or surroundings, but the one that really create a beautiful suitable design for you, is their main purpose.
Browhaus Reception – Senayan City
Linked with Browhaus is Strip, the Ministry of Waxing. I still vividly remember like 5 or 6 years ago I was going here and there looking for a place in Jakarta that do Brazilian Wax, a full wax for our private area. None are willing to do so nor even heard that kind of services. So when I moved to Singapore I was so happy to see Brazilian Wax was flourished there. Nearly every mall have one (or 5 sometime). But I’m puzzled with choices, which of them is the best one. I do my math (counting prices) and observed each location.
Browhaus Room – Senayan City
So I’ve tried Strip at Raffles City, I still remember going there, I feel kinda scared, for the pain, and imagining all the things gone wrong. I went for XX Strip for full bikini line, it was a breeze. I remember how quick and almost painless it was, the staff also nice but not overly sweet, she do her job well without a fuss and made me feel comfortable. I remember the word ‘breath’ on the wall in front of me.
After that experience, I went to other places for Brazilian Wax thinking it would be the same. Price wise, Strip do cost more (but not the most expensive), some do priced cheaper, but later I found out it came with other things as well, called pain and super pain.
Strip Reception – Pondok Indah Mal 2
In Singapore alone, I’ve had Brazilian Wax in a place that quite famous (if I say it out loud here, you’d surely recognized) for the term of pain for a full Brazilian Wax was about 6 out of 10. 10 as in giving birth. So I guess the word bearable was true and I thought if I do it in Strip it would be the same (remembering I only done a XX there before).
That’s why I settled with 6/10. Then I moved back to Indonesia last year and try other places that have Brazilian Wax, claiming they done this for years and fully qualified to do the job, with constant training and QC. The pain was 9/10. I swear to my self NOT to do anymore Brazilian Wax in Indonesia. Until I found Strip.

 Today I was scheduled to do a Brow Construction and an All Off Brazilian Wax. First, Brow Construction, the picture above is me with the therapist. She is pretty and her brow is perfect.
This is me, before. My brow are a mess haha!
Frankly speaking, I was ready for the pain, but she didn’t give me any. She is really quick, it’s like crazy fast keep plucking my brow according to what we’re agree on. Oh yes, we did consult each other on the suitable shape for me. She finished one brow for a mere 5 minutes, and she is so humble saying it was 10, really, it was 5 minutes from the first pluck to the last.
Then after 10 minutes, both brows are done. I love love love love love, have I say it clearly? I love it! She made an arch which lifted up the whole face and it looks natural on me. The best part of all is how fast it is, some customer do their brow during a fraction of their lunch hour and it cost around Rp.100.000, affordable have a new meaning, and it says awesome!
Then, I moved to a closed room, comfy bed and clean environment, Strip is well known for their high standard of hygiene and in Indonesia, the rule stays the same. And I’ve got to admit, now as I will take the full all off on Brazilian Wax my fear came back, will it be so painful like the last time?
But before that, I try on the IPL for my armpits. The area is cleaned, shaved the applied by cool gel. Then the IPL is done within a second, since I only want to review the pain, it was really painless. There are some very tiny pinch felt, but it’s really far from the word pain, it’s just a sensation. The therapist told me that usually a pain (heat pain) can be felt if the (level of) strength of the laser is too much. Some customer want an express result and ‘force’ the therapist kinda over the limitation of her condition. so my advice, to listen to your therapist, they are likely to know their stuff well.
I wont do a review for a full IPL service since it will be useless, a person’s hormone, condition and hair follicle is really varied. Some took 6-7 treatments and they are hair free for more than a year, while other need less or more.
Now, we moved on to the Brazilian Wax. A full all off.
I prepared myself for the worse, after cleaning the area, I lay down and the therapist asked me if I was interested in the add ons, which is several shapes we can choose, triangle, rectangle or heart shape. I opted for all out, which means no shape. What’s on my mind? I think I need to review how does it feel for when everything is waxed in Strip. Please do thank me, it does crossed my mind, does a beauty blogger really need to go through all this for a review? Sometime it does.
I’m using a Chocolate Hard Wax, which smells and look like chocolate. But I can’t show you any picture regarding the process wink wink, so I just show you what it’s look like. Here, the pretty cutey strawberry show us how. They are both hard wax (Chocolate and Strawberry), and work kinda the same. But the Chocolate works better for the area down there.
Above is the picture of the hard wax being scooped. It was kinda hot and drip easily, so the therapist need to keep on spinning it, wait to cool a bit before applying to our skin. She always made sure which heat level we can stand. No need to worry about getting burned.
The when applied, I found as always this part as a real treat before the pulling begin. And I noticed she didn’t put any paper, cloth or anything to pull the wax with.
It was a peel off wax!
The wax was easily peeled of from my skin, but stays strong holding each hair, I was amused and relieved all at once. Each pull was completely just the hair. My skin stays undisturbed, therefor the pain is far less than any other places I’ve been. It was 2 out of 10. Yes, some places you can still feel pain, but count to three and all the pain are gone. It was not just bearable, it was a truly liberating experience. My fear of Brazilian Wax is all gone thanks to Strip! They are the best in the best in the business and I highly recommend getting your wax done at Strip and Strip only.
The result is a clean smooth skin with no irritation. There are a very little bit of left over (like 1%) and easily plucked with a tweezers by the therapist.
On the walls there are some words by celebrities whose a fan of Strip, heehee, I made my comment there.
This is me with my therapist from Strip, frankly speaking, my smile is REAL, I was happy as can be. The experience is superb and please do try at least once in your life time. Btw, they do have 20% off until April 2012 for a first timer, so instead of Rp.340.000, you just need to pay Rp.272.000 for a liberating experience like I have.

A little bit sharing here on why I keep having Brazilian Wax, is not just like some people think, you know for sexual pleasure, it’s more like hygienic reason. I like a clean soft private area. I live in a very humid land were I’m sweating just about everywhere and I hate wasting on tissue every time I went to the loo too.

The area waxed also become smoother and I do feel good about myself. I just remembered what Mrs. Elly told me, getting waxed on private area is not about who would look at it, it’s about how we look at ourselves. How we feel about our self. It’s kinda like when you wear sexy underwear and on the outside you started to feel more confident about yourself.  That’s empowering!

Don’t missed out this opportunity and use that 20% off as soon as possible ^__^

Call (021) 2992-3538 Plaza Indonesia branch for any details and information.

Bonjour all!

I’ve posted a review on my first experience and the detail of Visionnaire by Lancome –> HERE. Now, let me share with you after keep using the product for a complete 30 ml. It took me more than a month to finished it. I do use the product day and night (2x a day). On the first week I took the serum with Genifique and the progress is seen faster than when without.

For the whole month (and beyond ) of using Visionnaire, I’m enjoying the process, my skin appears to be smoother every single day. The pores that usually larger on the inner top of my cheek where it’s closer to the nose, now seems tighter and less visible. It create a fresher look on my skin and luminous too. My fine lines look finer too, hmm I must say, now I do feel concern as I don’t have the serum anymore.

Overall my look do seems younger and I highly recommend for anyone who want smaller pores, less lines, and better skin texture to try the product ^__^

I believe Visionnaire do play part in the high elasticity score I get for my skin, during skin diagnose at their counter last week. Please do read it –> HERE.

Au Revoir!