Hi all! It’s feels like a million years since I last blog, but it turns out to be a couple of days, the thing is I went abroad for a while, just for fun, but coming back with a major flu. Boo hoo!

Nevertheless my quest for beauty products hasn’t stop and I’ve tried this mask when I’m the hotel room. Feeling dry and need a touch of hydration. Please do click on the image for information needed.

The mask feels like gooey and clear and slippery. It is so different than any normal paper face mask from Korea that I know. So it’s a new experience for me. There are a bit scent of fragrance here, I’m not a big fan of mask with perfume, the natural things feels a lot better for me.

My face is small, I know, so I won’t blame the size which looks too big on me. The mask turns transparent on my face and I let it sit on my cleansed face for 15-30 minutes while watching TV. The whole time when using the mask my face felt really cold (prob due to the aircon as well), I think it would be more suitable on day time when it’s hot.

The good news is, usually I hate paper mask, since instead of giving moisture they exfoliate my skin, but Leaders InSolution Aloe Soothing Renewal Mask still gives me a lot of hydration and soothing my skin need. Would I try another mask from them? Definitely!