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Hi dear,

Who have chapped soles? Dry, coarse ? Or at least in desperate need of exfoliation?

Me! And I’m not in the mood (or ever) to do that dry scrubbing thingy, or having pedicured every now and then. So I try this Bebe Foot Mask from Etude House.

I’ve tried this kind of product before, Baby Foot. And it work so well. Too bad I can’t find it here. But, Etude House is here with the Bebe Foot Mask ^0^ hopefully it works out well too.


I know how harsh can they be so I made sure I don’t use this kind of product too often, for me once every 2-3 years is enough.


It’s a simple product where all needed is inside the packaging and read it thoroughly. Clean the feet, dry them, open the plastic which shaped like feet and put them in. Tape it so they wont run.


Make sure the feet stay inside the plastic as long as needed but if ones happen to have allergy where the feet feels too hot, burning sensation, very itchy or other kind of discomfort, perhaps it is best to take it off and wash it away. There may be reactions that needed to be avoided and can’t use this product.

Me? I’m feeling a cool slippery gel, a bit itchy but very little and it happens during the last minutes. I wash it off and dislike the acidic smell of the gel.

And I just leave them dry after a good rinsing action.


1,2,3 days nothing, on the 4th day the skin start peeling from the heels, and this image down here is a week.

It will keep on peeling for 2 weeks max (on my case) and some may experience differences. There is itchiness on day 3-4 which for me was nerve wrecking since other brand doesn’t carry ‘itchy’ in their ingredients.

But now as remember my days back then ^^ it was quite okay and the result is a new skin for the feet, not as smooth as baby’s feet but better than before. During the journey from week 1 to week 2 where there’s a chunk amount of skin peeling of is quite disgusting and interesting at the same time haha. My feet feels dirty all the time as if I’m not cleaning the floor properly.

They look kinda ugly and I avoided going out for a while to their appearance. But hey, after the caterpillar stay in a cocoon, comes the beautiful butterfly ^^.

This product worth a try and suitable as a gift to any hard working mom.

Hi everyone!

It’s rainy season here in Jakarta and I love the cool breeze in the morning, it keep the sweats away as most days here is humid and so hot.

Humidity + heat equals sweats, sweats and sweats everywhere!

Deo for armpits? Check!
Body powder? Check!
Feet? Powders and deo wont do, I know I’ve tried many things before, until . . . 

Kiehl’s Cross-Terrain “Dry Run” Foot Cream.

Details from

This unique, slip-resistant formula primes feet for any activity by providing a long-lasting dry feel. With sweat-absorbing volcanic extracts and soothing Aloe Vera, our cooling cream promotes relief from minor skin irritations and discomforts due to perspiration and the stresses and abuses incurred by active feet.
Apply to dry feet prior to activity. Allow to dry.

My say:

First of all, in MEN section?! I’m protesting! It should be in universal area. My husband feet are perfectly rarely sweats like I do, I am a major in sweaty feet (God knows why), I mean it! It’s like, my feet even sweats when wearing flip flops. And sweats equal to . . .  smell, euuhhhhhhhh  ⊙0⊙ .. ⊙︿⊙ .. ⊙ω⊙ .. ⊙﹏⊙ .. ⊙△⊙

Deo will make the feet so slippery and rarely really work, powders like talc will give white residue everywhere and made my feet seems infected by fungus or something and will lose the battle against the sweat as well.

So when Kiehl’s handed me this item (without knowing my problem whatsoever . . . or did they?) I kept being skeptical and put it on the shelve for weeks months. I don’t want to try it at first. Why? One, it is on the MEN section, two it is not in the universal section, three IT IS in the MEN section even on their website, and last but not least, they say it is for men, haha! Yes, I’ll make a big deal out of it.

Until, around 2-3 weeks ago, I’m trying it on my feet for the first time after so much hesitation and struggles (hyperbolic? Yes!). And the results are:

 I love it. It was amazing! Those who suffers sweaty feet like I do will definitely understand the feelings I get from having a smooth, soft, dry, comfortable feet, far from smelly and sweaty. The product is meant for those (men) who have a very active lifestyle, like sports (etc) or for those (men) with the feet that’s active on their own while the owner just sitting down in a couch watching TV. 

Now, I’m one of those who have active feet (on their own) when maybe most people wont have it. The white slightly yellowish lotion is light and smells good too,  kinda like a mixed between herbs and cooling agents. It gives the skin an instant cooling for a while and dry effect for a day. It’s like the lotion is tightening the pores so the sweats doesn’t come out as furious as before. Leaving the skin feels so good and velvety.

When I move my toes after the lotion is put on, like they have these ‘grip’ now. Before, it was slippery, sticky and unpleasant. The effect also last for hours and hours but at the end of the day when I’m taking a shower and the surface of the skin touches the water, it will become slippery, so careful when rinsing the feet, make sure the floor is not wet and clean them well with soap.

Overall, a very good, even great, product, for active feet which gives them a soft, smooth, velvety, dry, and very comfortable result instantly for those in sport shoes or stilettos!

Hi everyone!

Today let’s talk about caring your hands and feet ^_^

Everyday and almost every posts here is about face, face and face haha! It is time to discuss other part of our body that need attention as well in looking gorgeous. Summer is here, it’s time for flip flop and the trends of open shoes and colors are here too, so the attention is on the other part of our body. You want those hands and feet looking well-groomed as well.

Staying in Jakarta means summer all year long and open toes slippers is always in. Imagine wearing a pair of Jimmy Choo and ehm, those nasty chapped dry heels are visible or the unmanageable toes, they are in need of pampering as well.

There are so many ways of making them look good. From the simplest way at home and daily maintenance to the high end treatments done in a salon or spa.

For me the key start with Cleanliness. As long as they are clean, point no.1  is taken ^^

From washing your hands and feet when they are dirty to scrubbing them well. The skin on our hands and feet are ‘tougher’ in terms of we use our feet for walking daily, so it need to be tough, if not we feel so much pain every single step. And Our hands as well. We touch and hold so many thing daily and it need layers that protect from the heat (cooking mama), roughness (working papa), and other jobs. Some parts can be visible thicker due to constant friction. Like parts where you hold your pen, it create some bumps as a natural cushion. It doesn’t always look good but our body have the tendency to adjust to any situation we’re in.

Nevertheless, due to the adjust mentioned above some part can be quite ‘damage’, seen with roughness, chapped and overly dry. So after scrubbing it, we are using moisturizer for hands and/or feet.

But since those area are used a lot ^0^ some products do cause the hands and feet to be slippery thanks to the oils contained. I experienced it a lot on my feet. To overcome this I put some lotion at night before bed, giving the feet enough time to recover or moisturized over the night. But it need to be done several time and not an instant result. The skin on the are does soften, but easily dries again.

With the hands? Same thing. I wash my hands a lot, from doing laundry, dishes and daily habit as well. So usually the moisture doesn’t last long, I need something instantly making them look good ^^

While pampering is the key, I’m thinking of spa and soaking them real good. There are so many items out there that can be used as a bath soak or some sort. Where I’m letting the natural ingredients soften the skin and nourish it. But again, too much soaking can leave the skin drier, especially when it’s done with warm or hot water.

My resort? Spa and beauty salon! They can pampered my hands and feet alright ^__^ but (haha, I’m really sounds like a complainer) I can’t do this all the time and spend my time at the salon/spa daily. The service depends on the staff and well, humans are also known for being moody and does errors from time to time. I hate when they over clipped the skin, it is painful and sanitizing is a standard not every salon can achieve.

They do have bonus thou’, pretty nails afterwards,

From the most unnatural,

 To the most natural look.

From hands,

To toes.

But I wish I can do these at home all by myself with the easiest way. How?

Yes, try TALIKA ^^ I do tried their Instant Manicure –> HERE

And I see an instant result 🙂

So nails-wise, they are covered. I still want the rough part on the book of my hands and heels be securely lovable as well. Right now all my choices is in the daily treatment. From cleanliness, scrub/peeling, and oh, one more thing, for the feet, we need them smells real good as well. I do found many ideas on removing the odors –> HERE. Aren’t there an all in one solutions? The one that gives smoothness, smells good, pampering, moisturizing, and for the nails too?

Before we go there, daily diet also important for a healthy nails and skin, including the skin on our hands and feet. Nails in particular have these details:

Nail problems    Possible nutrient deficiency
Brittle, weak and dry      Calcium, Vitamin A
White spots       Iron, Zinc
Cracking and breaking    Protein, Iron
White lines        Zinc, Protein
Curved nail end and darkening     Vitamin B12
Reddish-brown spots      Folic acid, Protein and Vitamin C

And one more that often asked, yellowish? Is due to color pigment, who often colored their nails without using base coat to protect the nails, the pigment goes into the nails. Other problem such as fungus, etc, can be solved with anti-fungus cream.

Euuhhhhhhh!!!! I know, I know, we are all here to discuss how can hands and feet become gorgeously beautiful ^__^ take note that beautiful hands and feet (incl nail) start from a healthy condition. After that then you can enhance the condition by pampering pampering and pampering ^^

So remember, healthy diet, cleaning, soaking, scrubbing, and moisturizing is the key to a beautiful hands and feet. Let’s wait if there’s a product that can give us a result of all that in one, until then let’s do the conventional way.

See you!

Hi readers!!! So good to see you today XD hope the heat doesn’t get you, drink plenty of water and juices, they are good, refreshing and most fruits contain cooling aids for our body, neat!

This is my look for Crocs, just a pair can be used daily, you might want to read the previous post and don’t forget to join the super duper contest ya, click —> HERE.

Without further ado let’s see my look in a week taken using a pair of Crocs:

This is my look when bringing these babies home. A simple mall chic on a happy Saturday after attending an event. I remember being astonish by this blackie, I thought I would be so typical and indifferent, but when used they look so good.

Then on the first day of actually using them, feels like a walk in the park. Crocs as their motto, does deliver comfort and style in a go.

Then I offer the pair for a challenge, I’m not doing a marathon or some sort, just a quick walk and well goes around, up and downs and many more. The pair do assist me doing all those stuff, the waterproof part also wonderful and adding another point. Jakarta hot and temperamental weather making Leigh Wedge Woman a must have items.

Perk up and use my make up, a simple look with a dress does match the Crocs I’m using. Pair it up with a branded bags and voila! I officially up do my style for a beauty event. Looking good now goes well with smooth comfort.

Last but definitely not the least (and wont be the last time either heehee) another look can be created with a dark black hose, I found this look totally matchy matchy but adding some colors from the bag and did you see that tiny pinky Crocs key chain, ultra cute!!

So these are the look I have for a week with one single pair, imagine what I’ll have with more than one Crocs, oh wait! I do have more than a pair, I’ll wrap things up and in about a month there will be more looks taken with my Crocs ^__^

See you all soon and don’t forget to join my page for updates and tips on beauty as well
click —> HERE.

Yes, you heard me well, Crocs newest campaign Seven days a week, read —> HERE
has officially started. And I’m joining them ^__^

Crocs has sponsored me a pair of any Crocs I want. So I choose this one:

Leigh Wedge Woman, and the color that I choose is black.

Why black? Crocs are known for their variation of colors and ability to spark things up with their juicy colors, and I agree, but unfortunately the color of my choice doesn’t carry the size that I’m in. My advice? If you happen to find a Crocs that you like on your size, don’t hesitate, get ’em before they’re sold out ^__^


Detail from Crocs Facebook Page:

The Leigh Wedge is the perfect comfortable heeled Crocs™ shoe for those long summer days.

If you are looking for style and comfort, the Crocs™ Leigh Wedge is the clear choice.

Retail Price : Rp 700.000,-

Take note that in Crocs be sure to consult with the staff, I know I did. She helped me decide my size, I was in between 5 and 6, I did have both sizes of Crocs at home, one for my wedge which is 6 and my flat is in 5. But Dea reassured me to get the 5 for Leigh Wedge since Crocs will readjusted eventually, yes, she did emphasize eventually.

So I get my number 5. The truth is, it is not difficult to choose a Crocs I can use 7 days a week, the hard part is to pick one ^__^ The choices are indeed wider by the days, you can see their website

I’m choosing Leigh Wedge since, numero uno: I like heights 🙂 the taller the better. 2. I want the one that pop up in terms of color but black also define them self as universal. 3. Crocs wedges are famous for their comfort as well. Let’s prove it!


Other choices of Leigh Wedges, Berry (top) and Oat (bottom).


Stay tune for my 7 days a week with Crocs!

Details from L’

A prescription for relief and well-being. Contains antiseptic A.O.C. lavender essential oil to purify, and anti-inflammatory arnica extract to help reduce redness and irritation. Refreshing mint cools feet. Enriched with 15% nourishing Shea Butter for exceptional comfort.

Massage from toes to ankles whenever feet are tired from too much walking, or when feet feel hot or tense. May be used daily. Alternate use of Shea Butter Foot Cream with Shea Butter Exfoliating Foot Care, which helps to eliminate dead skin cells and helps to prevent calluses.

My review:
The cream is not so thick, in fact there’s a bit of watery fluid separated from the cream, the scent is mildly refreshing and on the feet itself I can feel a mild cooling sensation plus unlike other foot cream, L’Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream are a delightfully easy to absorb, the skin feels soft afterwards, no slippery or sticky effect. I must say, this is one of the best foot cream I’ve tried. Another high quality product from L’Occitane ^___^


This post is dedicated for those people with stinky feet, haha! Sorry, I used to be one of those people and my sis too, sorry sis, didn’t meant to spill your beans here. Relax, I know there’s many of you, no need to be shy it’s one out of two you know, so some of you may admit it while the rest didn’t 😀 joking!

Okay, now for the last couple of years, yes, I have lived that long, I’ve tried many things, solutions, of whatever possible come across my mind and affordable, I know there’s this surgery that will surely work but come one! It is too expensive. So these things you can easily find in your daily life….convenient isn’t it?!

Kiwi Fresh’in, I got them sponsored, so freebies for me!
The product can easily be altered, so just cut them according to your size and put it inside your shoes, yes closed shoes makes odor worse, so they are fragrant. When I use them for the first time it was fragrant, but the mix between my sweat and the fragrant and the odor, it’s just, yucky! It doesn’t last more than 5 perhaps so I have to keep changing them and I hate the mixed smell of it afterward. One more thing, since it is a sole you put inside your shoe/flats/whatever, it made the shoe feels tighter and sometime too tight and unwearable.

I also used many essentials oils put inside a warm slightly hot pail of water (kills those germs with the heat, haha! Not suggesting thou’) and drop these oils…a drop, two, more when I’m upset, and dip my feet in. Soak them like a good 15-30 minutes and depends on the quality of the oils and the type, you can use eucalyptus oil, peppermint, mint, lavender, etc. But I found eucalyptus oils to be the best, next is tea tree oil, it immediately reduce the smell of the feet and last around a week, so you need to do it like once a week. So again the effectiveness depends on the quality of the oils. There ‘s like a lot of brand out there, my suggestion, get the oils from producers that are well known and got those certificate for being real.

Scholl’s Active Deo that claimed to have 24 hour protection against odor, and this is the last product I bought…that cost me money and it didn’t work. Yup, it didn’t work. I does have a mediocre nice citrus scents but it made my feet slippery and after like 2-3 hours the odors come back. My sis have the same experience. Again the mix between the scent and the odor plus the slippery effect it’s just wrong, dude! I stop using it after couple days of attempt and try to figure it out the best way to use it. I rarely use sock, since I use flats, and actually I don’t need odor control when using socks and this product best used with socks and it wouldn’t be slippery, but for me, I don’t use socks for my flats, so? You can use it if you use socks and shoe, but the mix of the scent and the odor is definitely not my thing.

Clean your feet is the best way to remove odor? Sometime if you peel all those outer skin from your feet. I used this Japanese product called Milky Foot, it is pricey but it does help, not just the odor is gone (until the skin is piling up again like couple of months) my feet also become so smooth and soft to the touch, almost like a baby’s feet. Almost! Not really like a baby’s feet that is so smooth. The downside is when your odor already back and the skin on your feet is still to thin to use this product again. I don’t like using those hard things/sharpy/ whatever that need rubbing the dead skin away, for me Milky Foot is better since the difficult part in between fingers also removed.

Positive side: It work plus you got a smooth, soft and prettier feet afterward
Negative: pricey and you can’t keep peeling all those dead skin away, your feet can feel sore for being to thin on the skin.

My best found solution: TEA BAGS!!!

They are cheap cheap cheap and work work work well 😀 (super big grin).

How: Drop some tea bags on a pail of hot water, like 2-3 tea bags (any brand you can found, the cheaper the better….kidding, but seriously just a normal tea bag will do, no need green tea, jasmine, Dilmah, etc)
Wait until the tea mixed with the water or the water turns to you know…tea color… then pour some cold water until the water is bearable to be dip in or for kids (yes, they can) use lukewarm water. Soak your stinky feet inside and relax. It help when you watch TV during it or magazine, or have a face mask, creambath….you know whatever you can think of. Soak like 15-30 minutes and dry them, or take a shower, or again up to you, the odor is gone…..for a week or so heehee. But you have a solution there, no more odor, no slipperiness, no stuffy shoe, it’s just odor-free. It’s cheap, easy and it work. Do it regularly like once a week and you are free from embarrassment every time you need to take off your shoe in public places.

Psst…it helps on other area too, just soak more tea bags in a bath tub and dip your self in it.

Credit: products image from Google Image Search.