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Now who doesn’t know Guess?
This iconic American brand fashion has been with us 30 years, that’s 3 decades of gorgeousness!
Guess was established in 1981 by the Marciano brothers, and the story goes on until today, you can read the complete story –> HERE.
Indonesia wont missed this wonderful event, so all the way from Wednesday the 16th of May 2012 to the 20 (Sunday) we have a party going on at Senayan City. And yes, the party was also held ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!
Iconic style, trends and designs are all there. Guests and visitors that enjoy the extravaganza of the event.
Another bird view from the side, from that corset to those jeans, it’s all there! I’m reminiscing my first Guess jeans, watch and bags. What’s yours?
On the 16th, it’s VIP’s turn to rock on the show. Many celebrities and famous people are there. It’s HOT down there ^__^
Ms. Dewi Sandra is performing, redefining the word SEXY
And of course the highlight of the show, collection of Guess attributes. Men and women collections, and oh yes, they also carry kids collection on the store, so cute!
I join the event on the 19th, for bloggers. Thank you for the invitation \^0^/ woo hoo!
Ooh! I really want to see the secrets, don’t you?!
Inside, it’s there! The feeling of watching the runway up close and personal. The loud music and it moves your heartbeat. The sexy collection, it’s all there!

Anyone who went to Senayan City can enjoy arrays of beautiful clothes and accessories. I love those pumps! I love those bags and the clothing, wow!

I hope Guess brings 30 more years ahead and another 30 and another 30 and another 30 after that … and so on 😀

See anything you like? Can’t help it to feel sexy when I’m around Guess. Do you feel it too?
And on this event, Revlon is here, they are the official makeup for Guess 30th Anniversary in Indonesia and all of us got free makeup, photo booth and pretty nails. Something special also happening that day, bloggers fashion show! I will deliberate the photos on my facebook page:
So don’t forget to stay tune there, okay ^__–

I’m done, love it!
 But I wont leave you just like that, you need something to remember these moments.

Here you go ^__^

Life do begins at 30!

On the 28th of September 2011, thanks to (flying kiss to Ms.Nuniek and team), I was able to be inside the Guess for their Fall Winter Collection 2011 which filled with Jeans and reminds me a lot of a good ol’ western movies.

Ms. Ary Kirana as MC start the event with a va va voom look from Guess that’s sexy and fabulous. As always Guess have a thing for gorgeous people from the entertainment industry.

Another young celebrity is stepping in, guest are laughing for Ms. Ary wittiness. But, the main attraction is still . . .

On the fashion show! It’s starting y’all!

With music by DJ Doddy Thang models are walking in the catwalk
She is truly a wow-za, stunning, sexy, it’s all Guess!
Good looking boys
 good looking girls
And a whole lot of Fashion!

Leopard motif, leather for dress, tops, jackets, shoes, and clutches, it’s all there, and don’t forget the collection key this time is The Brittney Flare.

Familiar faces ^__^ She is super nice and so beautiful in person.
No event would be completed without taking a pic in a wall of fame. Thank you Guess and for the invitation, looking forward to hear more success and creation that are a must to have, wear, and walk it with style!

My Guess Wallet

My last wallet is officially unusable in terms of being too painful to even looked at, really all the sides are going rampage. For me it’s too embarrassing to use that one. I bought it at 30$ deal from Esprit and it served me for a short 1 year period. But learning for those times I know I need a bigger wallet, got so many membership here and there so it is too unrealistic to have either smaller or the same size. Mine have officially blown up.

So my friend bought me a Guess wallet that exactly like hers, yes, two of us are bff! It’s my birthday month and she gave me this. Thank you, sel ^_^

The inside is spacey, perfect for many cards . . . and cash (hopefully). Love the exterior that seems better than fake leather that easily chapped off. The zipper is smooth sailing and again, love the space and details. Okay, I just love my new wallet, okay.
The handy back side for anything simple and practical so you don’t need to open the whole thing is just perfect. Love it to the max, for now, . . . I hope it will last more than a year.