Hello everyone!

I’ve been using K-Palette’s for years now and really like the product, when I thought that the Regular Black is wonderful, the Waterproof SuperBlack is even better.
Here’s my review on the Regular Black: Click me! And below is the comparison.

Waterproof SuperBlack is the lines than below, the ones that darker. On the image of two lines the lower line is SuperBlack. On the images of 6 lines, 3 lines below is SuperBlack.

Now here’s the results of my tests:
 Against skin rubbing: the line that smudging is the SuperBlack.
Poured by water: SuperBlack remains undisturbed while Regular Black dissolved a bit
Put cream/lotion: Regular Black stains on the skin, while SuperBlack easily removed by lotion without a trace.
Both gives a subtle constant lines when stroke. A light pressure means fines lines and stronger pressure means thicker lines created.

When ones uses an eye cream/gel, make sure there’s no leftover, the cream/gel is fully absorbed. Greasy eye lids like me? Probably have to skip the eye gel/cream on the lids where the eyeliner is going to be used, or … use eye primer ^__^