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Details from Dove:

Memang benar yang dikatakan bahwa kecantikan berawal dari dalam. Karena itulah Dove Essential Nourishment Body Lotion diformulasikan khusus untuk meresap hingga jauh ke dalam*.
Tidak hanya melembabkan permukaan kulitmu, Dove juga memberikan perawatan mendalam** untuk kulit lembut dan halus lebih tahan lama.

I love all Dove Body Lotions including this one. Since Jakarta is so hot and humid I uses this one at night or during a flight or traveling only. Or perhaps when the skin feels really dry. The lotions feels rich, smells comforting (like a bit flowery, a bit milky and creamy) and so luxurious with DeepCare Complex where penetrates deeper into the skin and provide longer moisture or hydration to the skin.

Unlike the Fresh one, Essential Nourishment definitely feels richer on the skin with silky effect too. As see when the product applied and gradually melt on the skin, massaged and absorbed, it will leave a glistening effect on the skin for being so creamy. Those suffering with dry skin will enjoy this lotion the most since even thou it gives high level of moisture the lotion still feels comfortable without being too much.

Suitable to be used in long term (like above 18 hours) and in dry air conditioner room. Normal – oily skin may uses it night time only or when needed, while dry skin may uses it day and night.

Hi everyone!

I’m trying the newest addition in the Dove family, which I’m not really a fan, why?

Details from


Mengandung Trichazole untuk membersihkan kulit kepala dan rambut secara menyeluruh, serta mengurangi rambut rontok agar tetap sehat dan indah*
Gunakan setiap hari jika diperlukan.


Dove Hair Fall Conditioner dengan Trichazole menutrisi setiap helai rambut rambut. Merawat kekuatan akar rambut , membuat rambut tetap kuat dan mengurangi rambut rontok*.

Setelah keramas, gunakan dari helai rambut hingga ujung rambut, lalu bilas hingga bersih.

The shampoo has a more liquid texture than the conditioner but both have a similar scent. The shampoo lathered so easily and abundantly, like really a lot, the cleansing ability is okay, leaving the scalp and hair feeling clean without the squeakiness, so definitely still in the commitment of moisturizing.

The conditioner feels lighter than other range in Dove family I’ve tried before (except for dandruff since I have none), I think I prefer the heavier one since my hair is dry.

Overall, it’s a daily shampoo and conditioner from Dove with the original Dove signature scent of the hair’s range, but I don’t think this particular range (hair fall treatment) work with only shampoo and conditioner, serum (system) is their main attention which unfortunately I haven’t try. Maybe next time then 🙂

Meanwhile, for the shampoo and conditioner, I can easily replaced them with any other shampoo and conditioner I have or in the market for hair fall care. Nothing special for me. And hmm.. I’m googling about trichazole . . . it’s kinda disturbing. But I can be wrong and since I can’t find more details from the packaging and Dove Indonesia official website, I think for now I will not recommending the products for anyone. 

Details from

Dove Whitening Deodorant Original sekarang hadir dalam bentuk spray. Kandungan ¼ moisturizing cream-nya yang dilengkapi vitamin E & F memberikan triple action moisturizer pada setiap penggunaan yang merawat sel-sel kulit dari dalam dan mengembalikan kelembaban alami untuk kulit ketiak lebih cerah dan halus dalam 7 hari*. Dove Deodorant juga mengandung ekstrak biji bunga matahari dan licorice yang membantu mencerahkan kulit ketiak dari dalam. Dove Whitening Deodorant, perlindungan optimal 24 jam, kulit ketiak lebih indah.

Heehee, a sensitive subject is here, deodorant vs body odor. As someone who do have body odor, I become very conscious about my scent. I always have perfumes on my bag and occasionally check certain areas for being smelly or not. Yes, the underarm. The roots of some people social problems =^_^=

Some just getting a hang of it after going through puberty and boo ya! Went home as stink as a stink bug. It happens, it just happens. Hormones, bacteria, sweats, it all takes part. I’m just glaring at some people who doesn’t have body odor in full glance of either envy or awe.

I have many deodorants at home, tried various brands, type, texture and prices too. Expensive products doesn’t always works! I’ve bought a 30$ organic deo that hmm, too friendly, not just to the environment but for the bacteria on the area as well. It doesn’t work.

Does this aerosol deodorant powder from Dove works? It does!

I use it daily for the past few weeks now, and it never fails. I dislike the powdery effect on the air (when sprayed) but love it on the underarm. Careful not to inhale it, watch out not to spray it near food, kids, babies, animals, etc. The wonderful soothing scent of Dove is there ^_^ it brings back the whole memory of Dove, I think I like it better than the roll on, since the aerosol deo powder is not sticky at all, no need to wait for it to dry as it dries instantly and smells better too, fragrant of the signature scent of Original Dove.

Does it have a whitening effect? It definitely doesn’t have a darkening effect for sure since my underarm stays the same color as usual, not dark.

Does it really stays 24 hours? No. But it stays with me for 12 hours on normal activity. Vigorous sports and exercise with a lot of sweats will decrease the number hours of effectiveness.

Moisturizing effect? Hmm, can’t tell the difference from other deo I’ve used heehee. But definitely doesn’t make the area feels too dry.

Do I keep using it? Yes! For the scent, the immediate dry effect unlike roll on and the staying power (for me 12 hours is very very good).

Details from

Dove® Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Wash with NutriumMoisture® features 100% natural moisturizers that can absorb completely to nourish skin deep down. Plus, an improved formula gives your skin the proven best care: our gentlest cleansers ever, a rich lather and a clean rinse to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.


Water, Glycerin, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil or Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Sodium Hydroxypropyl Starch Phosphate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate, Lauric Acid, Sodium Chloride, Fragrance, Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate, Stearic Acid, DMDM Hydantoin, Citric Acid, Guar Hydroxypropyltimonium Chloride, Tallow Acid or Palmitic Acid, Sodium Isethionate, BHT, Tetrasodium EDTA, Methylisothiazolinone, Idopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Etidronic Acid, Titanium Dioxide.

The new body wash smells different than the original, more refreshing and flowery than the powdery scent of the original Dove Body Wash. Same thick white creamy liquid, same ability to lathered up but gives the skin a different type of moisturizing that feels deeper in the skin, adding that radiant glow of a hydrated skin.

I see the vivid difference after using the products for weeks, it help the skin to retains moisture better and longer. I think those suffering with dry skin may see the differences in one wash. Since the skin is hydrated it become calmer, less irritated and more supple. Still, a body lotion is needed after the shower/bath time, I recommend the Fresh Body Lotion for those with normal skin and those who need more protection may use other variant such as Indulgent Nourishment.

I’m an avid lover of Dove body range, from all their variants of soaps, body wash, and body lotions as well. This product is one of my favorite. I wish Dove will have more and more variants, I love to try them all ^__^

Details from

Kini kamu bisa menikmati sensasi segar seperti sehabis mandi dengan Dove Go Fresh Nourishment Body Lotion. Paduan kesegaran menthol dengan aroma mentimun dan teh hijaunya merawat dan memelihara kulitmu** dari pagi hingga malam. 

Tersedia dalam ukuran: 400ml & 250ml. 

From 10 years ago I’ve used Dove Body Lotion from abroad and exuberant knowing that Dove Indonesia has embraced the needs of body lotion for our nation, exaggerating? On the contrary. Our skin does need moisturizing on a daily basis, two times a day after taking a shower or a bath to replenish all the lost moisture and there’s not a lot of body care product made locally that actually comes in a high quality matters. From those with too much fragrance that will irritated the skin or low quality ingredients that damage the skin when used long term.

I have had my allergies, redness, itchy and angry skin thanks to ‘these’ lotions and I know for sure, Dove Go fresh Nourishment Body Lotion is not one of them.

Skin is our own barrier that need to be protected by keeping them supple, flexible and hydrated. As long as they are moist, it keep them ‘stronger’, bouncier, and ‘stretchable’. A dry skin can easily ‘broke’, bleed and the opening may cause infection.

Dove Go Fresh Nourishment Body Lotion have a delicate fresh scent that’s mild and definitely not overwhelming, the menthol also feels gentle and doesn’t sting. The lotion feels comfortable on the skin, cooling and gives moisturizing effect without being greasy nor oily. My husband and I, we both enjoys this one and may be use for the whole family (except babies ya). I think it’s on of the must have item at home ^__^

Now it’s the mask, hmm I think I’m gonna give it like 3 out of 5 stars. It’s not as moisturizing as it claims to be and not as intense as I want it. I imagine a super smooth silky moisturizing effect but it’s not.

How to use: Use shampoo first and really clean your hair thoroughly and after rinsing you can towel dry your hair. Apply the mask start from the middle part of your hair all the way down to the ends. No need applying the mask on scalp or wherever near it.

Leave it on for about 3-5 minutes. While leaving it on, I use my body soap, clean other part of my body, well, just about doing several things in a go while waiting. Sometime when the chance are here, I soak in a tub and wear face mask as well.

And after that, I rinse everything in mildly warm water before the final rinse of cold water. And, yup! That’s all. The result is not as fulfilling and as smooth as I want it to be. But price wise it’s a very affordable price and did help dry hair to look better, not best, but indeed better.

Have you seen the ads? I did and they look great. Don’t you always wonder that whether those ads really represent the products, well some do 🙂 I’ve tried Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo and Conditioner too.

The first thing that comes on my mind is Oh No! It’s oil, my scalp is oily enough, it doesn’t need to look more oily that ever before, I hate looking limp. Still, I give these products a try, for you my readers, for you.

The shampoo itself smells still like Dove but a bit more luxurious than other range. The thick gel-creamy texture of the shampoo is like milky honey. Smooth and easily lathered. Wet the hair and lathered it first on my palm before touching my hair, massage the shampoo well especially on the scalp and all the hair strands as well. Rinse it with clean water and put some creamy conditioner ONLY on the edges of my hair until about half way up. Always avoid conditioner reaching your scalp as it my blocked your scalp. Conditioner as made for the hair, especially the ones that is dry, yes, on the hair ends.

As I waiting nervously whether my hair will be limp or not, as normal I blow dry my hair and do my normal activity. The result at the end of the day: My hair is not limp at all! The hair ends are smooth and my scalp stays happily breathing. No signs of dryness and it does maintain the healthy look of my colored and processed hair.

A must try products for a dry to very dry hair with a friction of a cost.

Details of Dove Bloggers Luncheon

Here are the details, strictly CoPas from the info given:

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Topic: “Managing your dry and unmanageable hair”
·         Adina Tontey, Brand Manager Dove Shampoo
·         Maia Estyanti, Brand Ambassador Dove
·         Jerry Pravda, Professional Hair Sylist

About Dove Nourishing Oil Care:
·         Created for those who have dry, frizzy, and unmanageable hair
·        Benefit
o   Blend of sweet almond oil & coconut oil that penetrates hair to nourish better. It replaces hair natural lipids to reduce protein loss
o   Leaves a very thin surface film that prevents moisture loss BUT does not feel greasy
o   Almond oil contains very high levels of Omega 9 that re-build cellular structure of damaged hair to repair surface roughness
o   it gives deep nourishment of dry hair and turns an unmanageable mess into a supportive friend
·         Product Range:
o   Shampoo
o   Conditioner
o   Daily Treatment Conditioner
o   Treatment Mask
o   Nourishing Oil Care Serum

 On 21st of January 2012, I was invited by Dove for a lunch in Koi Kemang. Bloggers are gathered for the new range in town, Dove Nourishing Oil Care, for deep nourishment of dry hair and turns an unmanageable mess into a supportive friend in a soft, smooth and frizz-free hair.

The event still empty even though it’s way pass the time, hmm, we do need to learn appreciating each other better here.

On the table near the slides are the newest range, crafted in a more luxurious packaging of white and gold.

Then around 1 PM, we are starting while having a delicious lunch provided for us.

Dove begin the slides with how the damage begins, and it began with a dry hair. The one that come naturally and the one that come from the environment and the one that was done by our self. Coloring, changing the natural texture with chemical or daily habits, hair dryer and poor regime that doesn’t use the correct products that help caring your hair.

Dove are here for the damaged hair. And help prevented the hair from being damaged as well. It’s not a secret that I also use some of Dove’s product for my hair such as the mask and overnight treatment, but this one is new and I’m curious as well.

Beside the usual shampoo and conditioner plus serum, they also have intense conditioner.

It comes in 2 tones. Use it like once or twice a week.

Deeper healing with the mask. I really like the new packaging, it looks edgy and cool heehee ^___^

Oh yes, the trio that help us through all these lunch time is, Brand Manager of Dove, Ms. Maria, Mr. Jerry the hairdresser and Ms. Maia (user of Dove for 6 years).

We all share our experiences, asks questions for the sake of our hair, tips and tricks as well. I must say, Dove took criticism very well too. So, do join their facebook page and ask around, learn how to use their product correctly, such as NEVER put conditioner on your scalp or even near it, and you never know, you might be an expert for your own hair ^___–

Last but not least all of us went back with the new range of Dove, will definitely review the products soon, stay tune, okay?!