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Ohayo! Another Japanese product is here and would like to show you how easy it is to clean those nasty ehm . . . black/white heads can be.

Details from

In addition to massage, the effect of extrusion equipment like pores! Just to press lightly with a component loosening massage + heat sensitive, and floated out chunks angle plugs jammed into pores to clean nostril.

Yen 50g 892 (tax included)
DPG component name, BG, PEG-8, silica, PEG-75, polyethylene, microcrystalline cellulose, PEG-8 isostearate, orange oil, water witch hazel, rice bran acid, glycolic acid, tocopherol, ethanol, hydroxypropyl cellulose, iron oxide, methyl paraben , perfume

After washing your face, directly adapt an appropriate amount (large grain pearl) to areas of concern such as the angle of the wings of the nose plug, massage lightly to press, please rinse with cold or lukewarm water.

(mind the google translate)

Sounds simple right? But it’s not. There are some of them get out but it’s not as simple as it look . . . they don’t go out as easy as they claimed to be.

This is the yellowish gel, with yellowish beads here and there, so it feels like a scrub but get hotter while touching the skin and the yellowish beads will disappear as I pressed it against the skin. It’s not as hot as Neutrogena heated anti blackhead product, but it still helps remove some of the heads. Black and white too. A regular use like twice a week is better and only on the part needed like nose.

For sensitive skin, I think it is best to use it once a week or test it before a go, but I don’t find the product too harsh nor causing sensitivity.

After the usage today, I use a pore pack mask (the paper strip for pulling the black/white heads off) and yikes! Still a lot of the white heads found, hmm, maybe it’s me that produces a lot of them -__-‘

Anyway it’s a product worth a try, but for heavy white/black heads owner, I think we just need to clean our pores better while using the products regularly in cleaning ’em.

Morning!!! (or just pretend it was morning the moment you read this post XD)
My hair is a mess without any help, it usually goes everywhere it pleases without consulting with me. So I need help and L’Oreal Professionnel got a bunch of stuffs that’s so fun to be used and looks ultra cute as well.
Here is Cosmo Spritzer.
A purple ball with ehm, kinda like a giant nipple on top.
Here is a bit more information from

My review?

I love the packaging haha! The purple ball reminds me of a Christmas decoration hanging from a fully decorated tree and the spritzer is easy to use. Whoever first come up with an idea of hair product should be in spray is genius. Less mess.

Now the scent is kinda like a perfume, alive and hip, a bit sweet and attitude. The liquid is a bid sticky to the hand and it helps anti-frizz-ing the hair by make ’em hardened like a hair spray, well, it is somewhat like extra strong holder for the hair. It keep the hair frizz-free and made up, so if you’re looking for a natural movement and tangle free hair as well, hmm this may not be the one for you. Somehow my hair become a bit sticky and tangled a bit right after spraying, so please do not used them on dry hair, it would be worst. Maybe I need to practice using it as well haha ^0^ . . .or maybe due to the dry hair I have from the coloring and straightening.

Perfect for indoor usage, it help ‘set’ the hair and behave, but for outdoor, especially when it is windy and the hair was untied, it would be messy and stiff. Not easy to fix it up.

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“Cheeks come to life when you accentuate the highlights and contours — it’s what defines a woman.”
 – Tom Pecheux, Creative Makeup Director, Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder introduces a new generation of cheek color with NEW Pure Color Blush.  Now cheeks are vibrant with fresh, radiant color in an expansive new palette of shades that embrace a diverse range of skin tones   High-performance technology combines with skin-loving ingredients in this ultra-silky, modern powder blush to add instant dimension and glamour to the face, from a soft flush of color to dramatic contours that last all day. 

Created in collaboration with Estée Lauder’s world-renowned Creative Makeup Director, Tom Pecheux, new Pure Color Blush allows women to experience a dynamic new cheek palette of amplified and multi-faceted color with innovative textures and finishes.  Cheeks have never been so ready to glow!

6 Fresh, Modern Shades

A luscious new palette of bold brights and subtle hues, with a chic, modern point of view that fits seamlessly into the world of Pure Color:
•           6 chic cheek shades of pinks, peaches and sensual plums add a caress of modern glamour to the face.  From subtle to sublime, the palette enhances cheeks of every skin tone with a subtle radiance and feminine sheen.

2 Cheek-Loving Finishes

Cheeks are enhanced from natural to contoured with two beguiling new finishes that masterfully combine tone and texture:
•           SATIN:  This texture creates a soft, low sheen on cheeks for a true satin finish and refined luminosity.
•           SHIMMER:  This high shimmer finish creates maximum volume shades with prismatic light-reflecting pearls for a sophisticated cheek shimmer.

High-Performance, Long-Lasting Formula

Pure Color Blush’s new, advanced formula transforms cheekbones with a naturally radiant appearance that lasts all day long:
•           Exclusive True Vision™ Technology wraps concentrated pigments in a crystal-like coating to provide lasting, maximum color impact and enhanced wear.
•           A skin-loving antioxidant complex featuring Cranberry and Goji Berry extracts and “Luminous Optic” technology brings out cheeks’ inner glow by adding natural radiance and dimension.
•           The lightweight formula dusts skin with a smooth, non-drying, buildable coverage.

Sophisticated Oversized Palette

•           Extra large palette in an iconic, oversized luxury golden compact allows for lots of cheek play.
•           Exclusive contouring brush specifically developed for use with the Pure Color Blush formula provides a radiant, smooth application, maximum adhesion and the perfect laydown of buildable color.

NEW Pure Color Blush will be available at Estée Lauder counters nationwide in September 2012.  Suggested Retail Price: TBC

Estée Lauder Pure Color Blush Continuous Shades:
6 Shades :

•           Peach Nuance
•           Radiant Peach
•           Girly Pink
•           Rose Nuance
•           Pink Pop
•           Pink Kiss

# # #

New Pure Color Blush

Q&A with Tom Pecheux
Creative Makeup Director, Estée Lauder

Q: What can you tell us about the new blush shade lineup?

A: When you create a new blush collection, as a makeup artist you try to make sure that you have everything in your kit for everyone, for every occasion.  So we created a very wide color selection that will fit every tone for any occasion from a light whisper of color to deep and dramatic.

Q: How would you recommend determining your right shade of blush?  Is there a trick to
determining if a shade of blush will work for you?

A: First, you need to define what you are looking for whether it is a blush to give you a warmer touch color or fresh and fruity pop of color.  Also, you need to decide where you want to apply your blush.  Is it going to contour your face or color your cheeks?  If you want to contour your face, choose the shades that have a brown base and are a little bit darker than your skintone so it blends without looking harsh.  If you want to color your cheeks, look for shades that are more pink, tangerine, raspberry and melon and apply perfectly on the apples of your cheeks.

Q: What are your tips for properly applying the new Pure Color Blush?

A: I like to use is the Estée Lauder Blush Brush and I grab a little bit of color at a time.  Take the brush and sweep it once across the blush and then tap the brush on the mirror to make sure the pigments get worked into the brush instead of just sitting on the top.  This will make the color go on evenly—not patchy or streaky.

Q: Your picks are very bold.  What type of look were you thinking of when creating these bright cheek shades?

A: When I created this collection I was thinking fashion and attitude.  Fashion is never looking for weakness and loving all looks and colors and I created a collection that can do everything.  Fashion loves character, power, individuality, and high femininity and this collection represents those same characteristics.

Q: What eye and lip would you recommend to pair with these bold blushes?

A: I love the bold shades of blush and picked 3 favorites that will be introduced as a limited edition in 2012 through select stores.  When doing a bold blush, pair with either a bold lip or bold eyes.  This creates a perfect balance to the face with just 2 points of color.  If you do all three then you will have too much vivid color and it will not look as sophisticated as you would like
Hello everybody!

Here’s another post from my recent trip and daily I bought so many of them, well, at least as many as I can get my hands on ^__^ heehee.

I love lashes, get them in many varieties and the glue as well, while doing so, the Dolly Wink is so cute and decide to try it on.

Mine is No.1, Honey Brown.

Details by Koji:

In a soft core, Eyebrow pencil can draw natural brow.

Honey Brown familiar fluffy hair color bright. I finished in an impressive natural brow.

You can be strong in sweat and water, because hard fall, to keep fresh all day to draw eyebrows.

With screw brush texture soft, blurred if after drawing, I finished in natural further.

Please do mind the Google Translate mode

The products packaging from behind. Found out more details regarding the product at:

So I try on the product and it was soft and smooth sailing, it even beats items from other brands that cost twice or tripled. Wonderfully made, Wonderfully made, stays true to it’s color and looks natural . . . after brushing.

The brush is super duper wonderful, top of the notch. Love it to the max. Gentle, effective yet give a proper shading effect with a fur-like effect and cottony feeling. It’s the ultimate brush for me.

This is my final look, I love how my brows synchronized with the hair and it stays there until the end of the day or until I cleaned them. It stays there through sweats, humidity and heat too. See the difference between normal brows -black, my sis- and the one colored with eyebrow pencil in honey brown -mine-? Love love love!!

Cleaning it? Use any foaming facial wash, cleansing oil, or the gentlest makeup remover and it’s gone 🙂
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White Musk® Sun Glow, Dreams Unlimited Sun Fresh, Love etc Sun Kiss
Merayakan beragamnya kepribadian perempuan di seluruh dunia, The Body Shop® bekerja sama dengan peramu wewangian (perfumer) ternama, menghadirkan aroma yang mampu memberikan sentuhan khusus untuk menonjolkan keunikan si pemakai.
Selain tersedia dalam bentuk eau de toilette, The Body Shop juga menawarkan Body Puree untuk tiap varian Unlimited Summer Fragrancenya, yaitu pelembap kulit bertekstur ringan. Body Puree cocok digunakan ketika musim panas atau, tentu saja, digunakan sehari-hari di negara beriklim tropis, seperti Indonesia.
White Musk Sun Glow EDT (Rp 319.000), White Musk Sun Glow Body Puree (Rp 169.000)
Best seller fragrance, White Musk, kini memiliki varian baru, Sun Glow, dengan aroma campuran bunga peony, peach, lemon dan our cruelty-free musk. Elegan, sensual dan menonjolkan sisi feminin, diciptakan oleh Domitille Bertier.
Dreams Unlimited Sun Fresh EDT (Rp 319.000), Dreams Unlimited Sun Fresh Body Puree (Rp 169.000)
Untuk kepribadian yang segar dan penuh semangat, Dreams Unlimited Sun Fresh menawarkan aroma bunga neroli dipadu kesegaran buah semangka dan sedikit wangi aquatic. Diciptakan oleh Loc Dong dengan tujuan menciptakan kesegaran instan di tiap semprotannya.
Love Etc Sun Kiss EDT (Rp 319.000), Love Etc Sun Kiss Body Puree (Rp 169.000)
Perfumer Dominique Ropion meramu aroma bunga-bunga seperti bergamot dan melati, menghasilkan wangi yang berani dan menggoda. Segar dan ringan, Love Etc Sun Kiss betul-betul mengingatkan akan  musim panas yang segar. 
Seperti halnya produk-produk The Body Shop lainnya, seluruh rangkaian dalam Limited Editions Fragrance juga menggunakan organic alcohol pada eau de toilette dan olive oil untuk body puree, yang semuanya didapatkan melalui program perdagangan kami yang adil dan menguntungkan para petani, yaitu Community Fair Trade.
Hai everyone!
Another review made in Japan during my Summer Trip heehee, I get a change to test these goodies to the limit, thank you so much Make Up For Ever Indonesia for sponsoring ^0^
I’ve tried Aqua Liners a few months back at the academy, click HERE for the details. In the picture above is me using several different shades of Aqua Liners and fell in love so hard that I want to take them to the next level of reviewing, testing the products in a severe condition that actually over the limit for an eyeliner.

These are the products sponsored \^0^/

Aqua Liner

High Precision Waterproof Eyeliner

Aqua Liner is a high precision waterproof liquid eyeliner. Rich in pigments and polymers, its formula guarantees intense color and an outstanding waterproof result. Its ergonomic applicator lets you easily apply an ultra precise line to create an eyeliner makeup look. Aqua liner is available in a wide range of vibrant shades with matte, iridescent and diamond finishes. Easily remove with waterproof makeup remover.
comes in 15 shades.
Shades chosen for me by MUFE Indonesia: Turquoise blue, Iridescent fuchsia, and Iridescent electric purple.  Heehee, I’m so happy, these stuffs are amazing, dry so fast and as a eyeliner they are perfect as waterproof as possible.
Here are my numbers 5,8,and 9. And when you have some of the Aqua Liner collection, trust me, you want them all. And during my trip I found out more ways of using them.
On the second day of my trip, I went to a very famous place in Osaka called Spa World. I get a chance to try many different type of onsen experience and soaking myself in a goodness of varieties of water. I thought it would be the perfect place to try on the Aqua Liners to the limit, little that I know, photographs aren’t allowed there. Boo hoo 😦 I brought my liners there for nothing. I did use them, but no photos can be taken inside there. Sorry. But fret not, I will give it another shot at the local waterbom (let me plan for one first, okay).
So the next day, I’m thinking how on earth would I make the most of these Aqua Liners . . . try it the unconventional way. While queing at Universal Studios Osaka, here is my picture of me at the famous spot, ‘cleverly’ using a sun glasses so you wont be able to see I’m using the Aqua Liners (duh!) plus a very far distance to see the eyeliners as well.
I play around and use it as tattoos and nail marker. Take note that the areas on hands and nails are expose far more easier and let’s just say in a no way as an eyeliner would have to endure. So if they stand the test, they are a superb eyeliners.
Using the Fuchsia and Purple only, the brush as usual feels so soft and easy to apply. I get many attention from girls around me by doing so. The colors are so attractive and use it as a tattoo is more visible than as an eyeliner. The tattoos are made at around 10 AM.
These are the after shots around 5 PM. Take notes that the condition there is so hot, humid, I even got soaked wet thanks to some rides at Universal Studios and since it was fully crowded, we need to stay together and hold hands, so there’s a lot of frictions and rubbings on the tattooed skin. I also washes my hands a lot, soaps and sanitizer included. I give Aqua Liners 2 thumbs up for being super duper resistant, waterproof and stays on during those ‘hard’ conditions.
I don’t think I would ever rub my eyes as much as that, nor washes them with soaps or let them got splashes and soaking wet like my hands do.
Two days later, I try it again as a tattoo on my hands, this time it was a sightseeing trip outside Osaka, and it stays on the whole day without any difficulties since I’m not in a playground (Universal Studio) the aggressors reduces.
Overall, a superb eyeliners that gives bold colors, define and lines you really wants so the eyes pop and the choices of shades is a delight for anyone, you’ll fine your most favorite colors for sure.
This reviews are made for the extreme tests, I didn’t recommend to use it daily as a tattoo, nail marker, or anything beside eyeliner.
MUFE made it for eyeliners and let’s just stick to the fact it was eyeliner product. And no way anyone would rub their eyes as much as their hands or washing it with harsh soap, anyway, as eyeliner it is superb.
Tips of usage:
Use eye prime before the eyeliner, and after application of the eyeliner wait for a while (really a while) for the eyeliner to dry, and if you have sensitive eyes, like me, and the tears easily comes out, dries them first as the water from the tears doesn’t help the eyeliners to dries out. After that, it’s all good and here’s some picture of me using the Aqua Liner as eyeliners
An example how a tear eliminate ruin the liner if they are not dried yet.
And here it after they set. Love how they stick and do their job wonderfully, decorating the eyes in colorful ways possible. Staying put is easy peasy, cleaning them?
Hmm, somehow the Turquoise blue stained the skin a bit after the cleansing process, unlike other shades which is easily removed by MUFE’s own makeup remover for the eyes,

so, use Sens’Eyes and let them be gone in a jiffy . . . except for turquoise blue heehee, but no worries, just give it another swipe or two and adding cleansing facial foam as well, and there you go, a perfectly cleaned skin.

I’ll be back with more pictures, thank you XOXO ^__^

Hi all!

After using the products for almost 3 weeks and I guess the whole set given to me could last for a month (thank you so much Yves Saint Laurent Indonesia XOXO) I can give you my review now ^__^ but please do read my previous post HERE regarding the product’s details and information.

Now, let’s start with the review, shall we?!

The foaming cleanser. Over the periods of time using it I still didn’t get used to it yet. It still didn’t give me the ‘clean’ feeling I like. Not that squeaky clean feeling, more to the fresh feeling of cleanliness.

Somehow the foam like creating a film on the skin, it was lovely alright and the perfume as well, very much pleases me, but I need more freshness of a clean feeling. But, if anyone looking for a beautiful cleanser with more pretty pretty scent and delicateness, delicate skin condition and delicate cleansing suitable for even the sensitive skin, it’s your match ^__^

Then I use my own toner/lotion (depends on the skin condition at the moment) before applying this gorgeous serum.

The one that really get my attention. A very lovely serum that feels pampering the skin from the moment it touches my skin. Oh yes, before moving on please do view some videos from YSL on how to apply each product correctly, they do have some procedures to make the products works better and optimal.

Click –> HERE and enjoy the presentation. Personally I think the videos are relaxing and enjoyable to be watch than watching me demonstrate them to you haha!

Okay, how do I feel from using the serum?

Comfortable is definitely my first reaction, the lovely pinkish gel is like my skin’s best friend, no, lover. It pampered the skin in a way that I can see the result by days of using it. The skin become smoother, more hydrated and plumps too. I’m not gonna says that I get younger by using it, but time feels stop and the skin doesn’t age.

The serum (and the whole set) looks more visible during stress and unusual condition. I traveled to Japan 2 weeks ago and the night flight gives my skin a dry condition. Do you know that the humidity level when the plane is way up there is only 20%? That’s drier than the Sahara. So that’s why the skin gets really dry.

Using a very good and rich formula will help the skin to cope on dryness. But the moisturizer aren’t as moisturizing as I hope it would be, we’ll get there later. So I use other moisturizer with this serum that offers more hydrating effect and it works just fine.

I did a mistake thou’ during the flight I clean my face with wipes (a big no no) as the wipes dries my cheeks, causing them to be more sensitive and irritated. And it causes me a bit discomfort as well for the next few days. Again, these conditions proven how the serum helps my skin gains it suppleness.

Highly recommended and can be use with other brand and/or range of series.

Next in line is the eye creme.

Also one of my favorite eye cream out there. It was delicate and eye friendly. Not heavy and not sticky. Usually anti aging eye cream feels so heavy and thick. After applying the eye’s become greasy and worst, some of the cream gradually goes into the eye, causing irritation and discomfort. Forever Youth Liberator Eye Creme is wonderful. So easy to absorb and doesn’t glide all over the eyes. Safe to be used around the delicate eyes.

Makeup also undisturbed whatsoever. Eye shadow, liner, etc works on just fine. Proving how they absorbed and stays protecting the eye’s area without greasiness and leftover. My eyes looks fresher and smoother.

Perfect for those looking for eye cream that gives more benefit than fuss.

Last, but definitely not last, the moisturizer.

Like mentioned on my previous post the velvety smooth cream is not oily at all. In fact I actually need more hydration, so for me, it is suitable more as a day cream than night cream. The positive think about the cream is that I love how it made my skin stays true to itself.

After using the cream I use my sun protection, makeup base and so on, it doesn’t create an unwanted grease. So everything feels light, hmm, an anti aging cream that feels so light is like a dream come true. It’s rich alright but doesn’t feel piling up my skin nor oiliness.

Overall, using all of these products does give me a fresher looking skin, better complexion and smoother look.

Well, a picture will meant more than just words 😀 so here it is:

This is me after using the YSL Forever Youth Liberator products constantly for the past few weeks. The picture is real, unedited at all. I love my complexion, glow, radiant and even thou during the trip I suffer from lack of sleep (I really like traveling, so usually I went to bed around 1 AM and wakes up around 6 AM exploring the new world means more outing than sleeping), heat (summer in Kansai is really hot alright), humidity, and sweats a lot with those exercise (walking and taking public transportation, nope, I’m not joining any tour, it’s all free and easy), and many more traveling condition, I can clearly say, my skin looks great!

Thank you Yves Saint Laurent Indonesia and you for reading my post, hope it helps and see you on my next posts \^0^/

Hi all!

Another product from Japan that I bought during my Summer Trip. It is impossible not to buy any beauty products there, as they are blessed with abundant varieties and collections not to be missed. The latest product is always around every 3 months, new packaging, new designs, improved ingredients and so on!

I never have an eyebrow mascara before, I always use the one for lashes heehee, so the tone usually either black or deep brown. So the minute I lay my eyes on this cutie, grab it immediately to be used on my new dyed hair.

I used to think that black brows with blonde hair is okay and still look natural, I’m wrong! Lighter shade of brow that follows the hair look so much cooler, better and friendlier to the eyes (looking at the brows) ^0^

After picking it up, I gazes on other similar products as well, but triggered with Kiss Me since they have the word “Best Seller”, “Highly Recommended”, etc.

After choosing the shade (the product comes in 3 shades of browns, dark, light and the lightest is no 01) I get mine in 01. Confidently using it on the spot and use it for days after it for a full review. The brush is soft and wonderful to be used, the mascara is user friendly and not clumpy at all, gently brushes the eyebrows with it and the colors will gradually follows, no errors whatsoever. Perfect for a shaped brow. For those whose brows are not shaped yet, can trim it down before using the mascara and use pencil brow in the same color.

On the picture above and below is me after using the mascara, no signs of a black eyebrows left behind, meaning, it gives my brows a full coverage with natural looking flows.

The mascara create some kind of fiber wig, strings of gooey things which is later become harder and hair-like rubber thingy. Waterproof and water resistant, it stands through the whole day, against the sweat and humidity. I really like it. Later on I cleaned them at the end of the day with cleansing oil and warm water. The mascara will come out fiber-like, so it’s not the hairs from the brows that falls off, it’s the mascara.

Final words: I love it and will keep on using the product ^__^

Hi all!

How are you all? It’s been a while, I know, I just got back from a Summer Trip in Japan. It was wonderful and well, I don’t want to go back, haha! They have gazillions of beauty products that need to be explore ^0^

And I bring my Anna Sui’s along for a review there. But let me show you a pic of one of Anna Sui’s store in Rinku, Osaka.

Inside is Anna Sui’s fan dream come true, bags, clothes, wallets, attributes, and yes, more bags! I just get off a red eye flight and half awake, still trying to cope the level of my consciousness above sleeping mode and when I saw Anna Sui purple signs, I’m fully awake. Sorry, no pics inside the store . . . it is not recommended.

In Rinku, you can easily get discounted price on Anna Sui’s item, but boo hoo no cosmetics nor any beauty products found there, fret not, I brought mine courtesy of Anna Sui Indonesia (thank you so much) and here is the review.

Details from

Gorgeous. Bold. Captivating. Pure definition and vivid color to
frame your eyes.

• A sebum and smudge-resistant film-forming base formula blends in High-Fix Polymer (highly adherent to skin) and fixes drawn
lines in place.

• Water-resistant and only removed with warm water
upon cleansing.

Comes in 3 colors: black, purple (always expect purple from Anna Sui) and brown.

This is the products and it’s me using it. The clicking pen is user friendly, create a bold black (since mine is black) without any hesitation. At first the brush is white when it was first opened and a few clicks the ‘ink’ will starts to distributed, slowly play with it for a while by brushing it at the back of my hand before application directly to the eyes.

Careful not to put too much pressure. The ‘ink’ got to my eyes by accident and I didn’t feel a sting and easily can be cleaned through the tears. With tissue and cotton bud the mess is easily cleaned. I put it below and above the eyes and it stays there all day. It doesn’t smudge but careful thou’ during sopping sweat it is warm and acts like warm water and some that touches the warm sweat will melts away.

I found that a good loose powder will helps the lids to stay drier longer and don’t rub or wipe your eyes ya, it will affect the look. And during application wait for the eyeliner to be dried before opening the eye completely. Now, as I’ve tried the black, I really want to try the purple tone as well.

At the end of the day as I went to Spa World (Osaka), of course there are warm water everywhere, the eyeliner are gone as easy as they claimed, a simple warm water cleans it all, so I don’t look like a panda in the spa heehee.

Overall, I really like the product since it is safe for the eyes, doesn’t create a sting and the color is super black and the texture is very liquid which is very user friendly, I do need to practice a bit but easily get used to it thanks to the super fine and manageable brush. Remember to swipe it over at the back of the hand before applying directly to the eyes to make sure an even line of eye liner. Easily build up for deeper tone (but rarely needed as the black is bold enough).

Proven not to smudge the whole day through the heat and humidity of Osaka in August, water resistant? Yes, when the water temp is low ^__^

Hi all!

Who loves a blush on their cheek to show how in love they are with a rosy glow? I do! I really really do. So when Shiseido Indonesia kindly handed me this one item, I scream a little, haha! I’m so happy, a girl never can have too much blush on.

And it’s in Rosy Flush (S5). So what is this?

This is an Accentuating Color Stick, so yes, it gives accentuation to our look.
Here is some details from
For brilliant luster and added dimension, this multi-purpose color stick for highlights eyes, cheeks, lips and body. Spreads smoothly, adheres well on skin and maintains a lustrous, crease-free finish. Contains Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE, a lasting moisturizing factor. Contains 3-D Powder that gives a natural depth and highlight to the facial contours.
And it comes in 5 shades
S1 Bronze Flush
S2 Peach Flush
S3 Glistening Flush
S5 Rosy Flush
S6 Champagne Flush
Wait, no No.4? Nope!
This is mine, the Rosy Flush. The packaging is luxurious, simple and elegant. Easily spin and can be dab directly to the cheek anytime you need to blush =^__^=
The image shows us the product in one stroke, so don’t worry, the product is quite forgiving and you do have to to blend it in and use it according to your needs.
After blending that one stroke, as seen unlike other creamy blush on, Accentuating Color Stick still gives me a matte finished, natural and soft. Perhaps this is the effect of the 3-D Powder as well. The feeling is comfortable and not oily at all.
But I want them more striking and more flushes of colors, so I add multiple strokes and blend it.
It was superb. And later on, I did try to wash my hands with a mild soaps but the product stays a bit, so you need to clean it with make up remover before a cleansing foam. For me the blush stays on longer than ordinary powder blush on and much more comfortable than other creamy blush on that usually oily and unsettled.
I love the non-sticky and natural finish. Perfect for summer or just about any season as it is a bit water resistant. I will give you more images of me using the products on my cheek, after my holiday, so bear with me okay!
Overall, highly recommended for being easy to blend, natural with a soft matte look, right tone and shade for me and the stick is perfect in terms of packaging and for application reason. But I hope they increase the simplicity of the packaging, heehee, maybe a limited edition where the packaging is painted with floral or some sort, well anyway, in terms of function, it is wonderful and easily loved.