Just got this product from their recent promo in the facebook page. A product worth S$48.90 is free for anyone who  won the giveaway. This mask claim to have 8 benefits in 1 action:
1. Cleanse
2. Detoxify
3. Exfoliate
4. Replenish Oxygen
5. Apply Mask (huh?)
6. Hydrate
7. Tone the Skin
8. Provide Vitamins

But after reading, reading and reading the whole bottle and packaging I can’t find a single clue on use it on a clean/dirty skin, after searching numerous site and found out they don’t have a site either, I look into their Facebook page (theNatureLab) and found some people also asking the same thing. The answer is, clean your face before using the product.

And after that read the how to use:
(read below)

After reading carefully I’m eager to try them on

This is my cleaned face and I’m ready to use the Bubble Mask

I pumped for 5-6 times I guess since it is the first time using it, the first pumps are empty. The liquid is cloudy, thick gel and have a mild flowery scent.

Then I spread it evenly on my cleaned dry facial skin, immediately the gels turns into bubbles in a matter of seconds

It’s like they are bubbling

And they are popping fast enough too, so I massage them lightly into my face. And wait for another 10-15 seconds for skin to absorb (pay attention to seconds! Not minutes!). My skin at the edges of my nose feels sting a bit, I guess it was either congested or due to my sniffles and a bit of irritation there. My advice do not use this product when your skin is having some hard times already, like irritation, wound, scratch, etc.

I also put the mask for my husband and he doesn’t feel a thing, no complain from him whatsoever

Then I put on a bit of water on my hands and massage my face again

It felt and look like washing your face with cleansing gels, they are like facial foams now

After waiting for 5-10 seconds

Wash them away with warm water

Cleaned them thoroughly, they are bubbling again and feels so slippery. My facial skin feels so slippery too and soft to the touch

Dry your skin

And feels really clean, refreshing and toned. But I didn’t feel hydration as mush as I want to, my facial skin also looks brighter, but I get that same result after taking a shower too. I think I’m gonna keep on using the product since it is fun to use and see the prolonged effect.

My verdict: You’ll like the fresh flowery scents. The bubbles. How simple and easy it is to use it and fast too. How it made your skin feels clean and refreshed (perfect for any hot days or dull days). Suitable for any skin type, but problem skins with irritation issue, take time and solve the problems first before using it. I say this product worth trying for ^___^