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Asian On Air Program

Who wants to go to Korea?

I do!

Please read the details provided above and join the fun.

Here’s my post for the program:

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Hello everyone!

Today I’m gonna share with you my passion for Korea.

Around 5 years ago, I went to Korea for the first time, and it was like a dream come true. I’ve experience all what I witnessed in Korean Drama, dainty scenery, breathtaking natural grounds, eat the food that I longed for and immerse in the diversion of Sparkling Korea. Beautiful, friendly and rich in cultural heritage. Korean are happy people, they are warmth and embrace life in the most positive way. I felt that the moment I step my foot on Seoul.

And today reminiscing the old days I want to be in Korea again and hear . . . the beautiful serenade of life.

The hustling and bustling of the people in the market, voices of ajumma offering food, ahjussi selling clothes, shoes and bags. The sounds of being alive, energetic and dynamic. I want to hear them again and feel the zing to my soul.

Slurrppp!!! It the sound of all the people enjoying their meals.

The crackling pot of a delicious broth of seasonal food, seafood, beef, that famous crunchy chicken fried made with olive oil, where every bite gives me a crisp of deliciousness, and the gentle note of kimchi being chewed. Even the food symbolized a harmonious melody. Scrumptious and savory. The best from nature and cultural tradition pass on for generations. Perfection and love in every bite.

I want to hear the tastiest food being made, served and enjoyed. Palatable noises.

Then the surroundings, right outside Seoul, I hear the sounds of nature, the clouds moving, whispering through the mountains tops, slowly but sure the leaves are touching each other like a soft violin. Calling everyone to relax and unwind. Be one with the earth and gain strength to go through life.

I want to hear the nature, the drops of dews in the morning, the vox of petals opening.

I want to hear the gasping tone in awe of these remarkable plants, animals and the ambiance of Korea native universe.

And the trumpets of cultural value starts being blow, right in the courtyard of palaces. Spread all over the nation, ready to be discovered. The joy, pride and adore for hereditary masterpiece.

Hanbok, worn by Korean women, I heard the soft silk folded into one. The graceful movements and the chattering ladies, happy and ingratiating for their colorful Hanbok.

Hear, the men are calling too, they are wearing Jeogori and Paji. More subtle to depicture their charisma, charm and sentiment to Korean traditional style.

I want to hear it all, the music of folklore.

The cities. Horn blowing, winds between buildings, and everyone heard hurried up. Mixed of every lifestyle, school children, shopping moms, working dads, and grandparents having their daily walks. Yes, the city is always a dense, jazzy and merry. Technology and modernity making their noises to be No.1.

K-Pop, I hear them everywhere now. It’s global, it’s phenomenal, it’s Korea.

I want to hear them all, this year, next year, again and again.

All the pictures are taken in the year 2007 in Seoul, Sokcho, Incheon, and Everland. And now as the years has passed and the amazing growth of Korea, the pictures need to be updated. Send me there and I’ll show you the spanking new Korea, better, improved and more beautiful.

I love traveling and it’s been part of me, I like having my adventure, well all in a good way. No, I don’t need 5 star luxury, just pretty much basic with comfort as well. I’m not a backpackers either, I don’t have the strength nor the willingness to do so. Now, if you’re somewhat like me, likes traveling that involves city life, or relaxing beaches, shopping, good food, like living the life with stuff to enjoys yet don’t have the money for a luxurious trip. You might enjoy my trips and experience.

I always choose traveling in winter or at least colder climate than in Jakarta (if I have a chance to choose), to experience different environment and I always choose advanced country, I’m not those people from well established country that like to see what’s the jungle like or small villages,  pollutions, danger, etc. Remember I want something different. I like pretty things, safe country, you know, something to look UP to.

One thing always happen during traveling, especially using a plane and stays indoor with aircon most of the time. Dry skin. And I do indulge a bit. like using L’Occitane. The traveling size is (duh) of course cheaper but enough for traveling needs. I usually travel around a week. Their stuff is enough for a week.

Winter always means dry skin, dry skin can lead to irritation and if you’re a clean freak like I am, I wash my hands often. My hands gets really dry and everything I washed my hands I use this lovely lovely lovely hand cream by L’Occitane as the 4 roses smells really good. It might be a bit slippery for my palms so I apply more on the upper side. I also use it as a comforter, when the air in the plane smells bad (especially when someone in front of you didn’t take a shower, ever) I use it on my neck and smell it all the way too. The traveling size also means you can carry it on board (hooray).

But if your hands really dry, try the shea butter, which is very rich. I use it at night only and waking up with a smooth and moist skin. Healing all the dryness away overnight. Just remember not to rub your eyes, as the oils might disturb the comfort of your sight and irritate the eyes.

Talking about sleeping, staying in a cool hotel also means I can pampered my self with this foot cream, at home I don’t do this. 1. No carpet, so tiles are slippery to be walked on with creamed feet. 2. The sheets, when the cream is not fully absorbed it will goes to my sheet, at the hotel, I don’t do the laundry, they do, so I can make it as dirty as possible (in a mannerly order). And 3. I just feel the relaxing ambiance of a hotel as an excuse to love myself. That’s why I always try to stay in at least 3 stars hotel. Sleeping in a comfort place is one of my reasons for traveling.

Walking all day long also means tired feet, which adding another bonus point for using this wonderful foot cream by L’Occitane. The minty feeling and soothing effect is just hmm, something that you’ll look forward at the end of the day. My advice, no matter how late you went back to the hotel, always have time to take a warm shower or better, warm bath, soak all your tiredness there and after like 15 minutes, the aching parts of your muscles will relaxed, dry your self, use the lotions, and doze off like a baby. You’ll wake up looking and feeling better (smells better as well) too.

Never forget to clean your face and pampered it too. Always look gorgeous even thou’ you’re traveling. Bring this handy cleanser and toner that benefit your skin since it is filled with ingredients that loves your skin.

I’m using L’Occitane Immortelle for it’s properties and the softness. The cleanser is perfect for dry snowy winter, and the toner also calms all irritation.

After a serum, use the moisturizer that stays comforting and protecting your skin from dryness all day long. No sticky nor oily effect, not heavy, but enough for me.

Don’t forget to use the eye balm first before serum. I use it as a lip balm as well as it helps my lips stays free of chap from within before conventional lip balm sealed the moist.

I also need a body lotion that stays moist and a bit heavier than the one I use in Jakarta. Lavande Body Lotion which smells lavender, gives my nerves a peaceful time while using it. My skin also love the soothing effect it bring. No dry nor irritation in everywhere it pleases.

Yes, I do normally uses products that slightly ‘heavier’ than the one I use in Jakarta. But some can also be use in humid condition like Immortelle moisturizer. The thing is, when traveling, sometime I put my self in an extend that more than my usual routine, it made my body stressful. It’s different than not happy, I did enjoy my trip, I do have great times, but I tend to see things more, and experience more different things during traveling. That’s why I tend to take care my body, skin, and all it’s beauty needs more that usual.

I also use hair mask more often than at home and let them shine 🙂 That’s why I also looks better during traveling ^^

Hi all!
As probably some of you already know, I just got back from my trip. Yes, it’s Japan alright, Tokyo to be precised. I went there with Delta Airlines but not from Jakarta, from Singapore. The lowest fare you can find is 534 SGD which is very affordable considering the flight was superb, including meals and baggage allowance that made any shopper happy.
I’m flying solo this time. Thanks to Maybelline Singapore that provide the flight ticket, all I have to do is provide the Jakarta-Singapore- Jakarta flight which I use Lion air and Singapore Airlines. Strangely they both fall behind Delta Airlines. For Lion it’s easily said, but SQ? Broken entertainment system has made the plane loose a lot of point from me.
Okay, so there I am, arrived in Narita terminal 1 safe and sound. Everything went on smoothly, a tips from me, for visa purpose, just get everything ready and accordingly, the visa process will come smooth. A week in advance is needed, but if you doubt yourself, a month before with flights tickets, hotel, and itinerary would be enough. Personal data including financial, company’s letter, id, passport min 6 month before the return ticket is suffice.

The first thing I get is a Suica Card, when in Singapore the MRT card is enough for every transportation on the land (bus and train), in Tokyo, several companies run the subway, train and bus system. If you want to travel within Tokyo alone Suica is enough, for Narita to Tokyo (yes, Narita is NOT in Tokyo), you’ll need another transport system. Limousine bus, bus, train and Narita Express (NEX).

Buying Suica including NEX is a deal. Return tickets can gives you 50% off. The train is comfortable, fast (75 minutes) and snacks on board sold in a cart.

Imagining winter I thought it would be so barren just like some traveler describe, but no, as you can see in the pic above, there still some vegetation. It is cold alright but still okay (5 degree Celcius) compared to the coldness of Europe in January. So clothing wise, a heatech, sweater and a coat is enough. But if you can’t stand the cold, you’ll need another layer of jacket.

Every time I went abroad mini markets is always my favorite place to go, why? It provide me with basic necessities I’m too lazy to bring and gives me chances to try on local stuff.

First thing first, drinks! They have so many drinks that’s new for me. I’ve been to Japan before (2010) but it seems they always have new things and a lot of them as well. Take note that most tea in Japan is unsweetened.

The coffee cravings, surely coffee is a hot item, a full cabinet just for them. Yum!
From local to global brand there are a lot alright. Take your time, I know I did heehee. They cost from 100 Yen to around 300 Yen. 1 Yen now equal to Rp. 120.

In Tokyo everything is decorated. The Christmas may just over but they still have some ‘leftover’ which is unusual for them. They usually packed everything up nicely when the moment is up.

The next day I went to Shibuya, take Yamanote line from my hotel which is in Shinagawa. Don’t get confused with the subway and train map which looks like lose thread, just focus on your location and destination. If still don’t get it, just come to the officer in any train station and they will be happy to help. They not always smile, but they’ll help you alright. A trip usually cost hundreds of Yen, so carefully plan your trip can save you heaps, still getting lost? Just enjoy the ride and maybe you’ll find a new place for tourist ^__^

Unique stand, commercial and like this one, a ramen restaurant that have big ramen noodle with chopsticks that goes up and down. It’s entertaining. Many food in Japan can be really cheap, like in Sugiya or Yoshinoya or other beef bowl place. Ramen, gyoza and curry also affordable. Price start from 240 Yen until around 900 Yen. If you went to a fancy place they usually sell in sets. Cost around 2000 Yen and above. Japanese loves their salad and I can clearly say why, the lettuce are so fresh and crunchy, you MUST try them!

Tokyo have quite a number of malls, the one that you know like Takashimaya or Seibu, or just the one that only available locally.

For me it’s better to went to a local mall, I can find more uniqueness there.

There’s a place that is famous for foreigners, Okachimachi, they sell a lot of products that cheaper than the one in Shinjuku, Shibuya and other famous places like Ginza. An exact same product can cost hundreds of Yen cheaper here.

But it wont be a trip to Japan without their temple. Yes, Asakusa.

As I went there on January and still considered a new year plus 20 year old celebration, where those whose 20 are considered adult now and have a day on their own. Go to temples and ask for blessings. So, it’s crowded there. I’m not looking for the temple. I want the snacks on the stalls as there are many.

Me in Asakusa along the pathway to the temple.

Arriving at the temple entrance.

Yup, I only went until the entrance, take a glimpse of what inside, and couldn’t understand what are they doing, so I’m snacking. Girls, Japan is famous for being safe, and I must say, I like it here. Strolling around like this with no one bothers you is a real comfort. The country is clean, the people is so considerate is just top notch.

After that I leave the temple and on my way. Near the temple there’s a big market which sells a lot of souvenirs and food too. Warning! Come to this place on empty stomach and snack all the way, some can only be enjoyed here.

I was exhausted, my feet are screaming for help that night. So I bought one of these, which is a bath scent to be used in the tub. They have a lot of smell and big packaging. I bough 2 sachets which smells Grapefruit and Lavender. They are indeed a treat. Most Japanese hotel included bath tub since they really like soaking in a bath, some may be smaller and not a regular international size but uniquely fit to our body.

On the next day I went with my friend.

We meet at Hachiko, Shibuya. She is marrying a Japanese man and live in Chiba now.

It’s really nice to walk around with ‘local’ she told me where to buy this and that. Many beauty products here is just so kawaii! The packaging is unbeatable. Am I holding an ice cream soda?

No! It was a hair dye.

Then we walk around and found this cute store that is so famous.

Can’t you guess?

Yes! We’re at Disney Store!

This is the Disney Store in Shibuya, it’s not as big as the one in the Disneyland, but enough for some craving ^__^

Wherever you go in Tokyo, you’ll sure to find tall buildings, crowded places but all in an organized manner. I say, this is one of the city that you must visit from time to time, either for family, solo traveler, with girlfriends or with anyone.


Konnichiwaaaa , hi everybody, here are some scenes when I’m in Shibuya, Tokyo, looking for some stuff to buy, yes shopping is my middle name. Walking around with my friend Shirly (she lives in Japan) whose been suffering with dry skin, I did notice her skin cracked under the cold winter days where it’s really dry. So, I told her about Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream.
Just near Hachiko, there’s a mall you couldn’t hardly missed, go inside and in the beauty dept. you’ll found Kiehl’s next to fancl. The layout is pretty much the same like the one in Indonesia and Singapore. The KCR’s are friendly and accomodating, their english might not be perfect, but they will be sure to help you out in anyway possible.

So after explaining to her the power of Ultra Facial Cream ^^ I let her take her own time, it’s up to her whether she wanna buy or not, and people do need to take time and consult. And gives me time to look around as well.

I took a pic with Bones San aka Mr. Bones heehee. And found more interesting things there.
The mission of Kiehl’s is there in every store but you fight found something a bit different . . .

The cause. Each community needs different help, and here they also made a the packaging of Ultra Facial Cream accordingly. 3 in exact. You can click on the image for bigger view and there’s a note there saying ‘Kiehl’s For Japan’.
And after I finished strolling around and taking pictures, my friend bought something for herself a package of 5000 Yen filled with Ultra Facial Cream’s products and samples of the serums, vit c and their newest Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

Then she immediately uses the product and from the first try her skin is glowing with the moisture it deserves. Now a week has passed and she is loving it. I’m glad I can help her out. Dry skin can be painful and the irritation can lead to more problems. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream can help the skin retain the moisture for 24 hours and help the skin gain their elasticity. Result: The skin looks healthy and feels so comfortable.

Boul Mich

As an opener after my trip to Japan, yes, I’ve been in Tokyo last week and stay in Shinagawa area, let me give you something sweet first, I will also keep on posting about my trip there and some details needed if you wanna go there as well. So let’s begin with Boul Mich. Boul Mich is patisserie from France, the selection of desserts is just superb and 5 star class. But one particular item did caught my eyes.

Looks like big colorful sugar cubes, but somehow seen spongy as well. I bought a couple of them since I just can’t resist the color. Little that I know my friend whose been staying in Japan later on told me it was marshmallow. But the taste is beyond any marshmallow.

You can choose many different flavors accordingly, since I know nothing about their language, I choose based on color that interest me most, blue, pink and purple, all in pastel.

The blue one is tangy, gooey and spongy in the same time, it taste refreshing and so good. You feels like you drink a juice that made out of grapefruit (perhaps?) and unlike marshmallow that sweet and feels like eating a cloud, this one is like a mixed of 20% jelly. Must try! My hubby whose not a sweet tooth owner loves it as well.

The Purple one is refreshing as well in a sense of berry feeling. Sweet but not as sweet as the pink one. The pink one is strawberry, perfect for a girl who likes her things sweet as sweets can be.

Whenever possible, try ’em!

More details here:

Gone for Traveling

Hi pretty readers,

I’m not going MIA, it’s just I’m going abroad for a week and since visa is included I’ve been busy with documents and all the necessary details ^__^, I want to thank you Maybelline Singapore that made this trip visible and all the parties involved.

Yes, I will blog about the trip as well and ALL the juicy stuff that I found during the trip, where? You’ll soon found out. If WiFi is available I’ll be posting some pics on my facebook page. Beauty products galore and everything in between.

So, meanwhile, do take care and off I go!

Hi all! Recently, I stayed in a 4 star hotel that pretty famous and thinking about the stuff that have been lying in the hotels which is their freebies. Yes, the toiletries.

I’ve stayed in a 5 star hotel before and their toiletries was superb, branded and known for high quality, so the stuffs there wasn’t difficult to be used and love most of them ^__^ but when you stayed in a 3-4 stars hotel where the brand and quality of the toiletries are doubtful, I got some tips for you to make them useful 🙂

Let’s start from Soap Bar that really too dry to be used on your skin but hey, you’ve paid all of them as well, you can bring ’em home and use it to protect your feet from the pain of a new shoes, especially on your upper heels. Rub a dry soap bar on every edges and sides that might be painful, it will give enough wax and gentler to the skin down there. 

Or when you’re still in the hotel, soap bar and liquid soap can be used as a detergent for your laundry. Undergarments or accidents can be cleaned by them nicely 🙂 It wont clean hard stain, but at least daily dirt are gone.

And the liquid soaps can also be made into bubble bath (if bath tub is provided), or when you still think it is too drying just use it as a foot soak with a warm water, it’ll help easing those hardship during traveling ^__^

Now, let’s see the toothbrush just looking at it makes my gums screamed, yes, don’t use it for cleaning your teeth, bring them home to clean your tap on the sink, or those hard-to-reach places. In the hotel I use it to clean my sandals or shoe (when the time persist), yes, the soap bar comes in handy as well.

For the toothpaste, I found them unpleasant to be used, so with the toothbrush I use them together to clean my jewelery, be gentle thou’ some might scratch the surface.

Cotton bud,  as told by ENT it is a big no-no to used them for your ear canal, so use it for make up is my best option and I don’t think any of you need to wonder how to make the best out of a cotton bud ^__^
Shaving kits, I really like them on the hotels since the new one always so sharp and most of them have the cream/foam as well. But careful, some can be too sharp, test it on your legs first. 
Stuff like nail board and shower cap is just a necessity, sewing kits are important too. But there are more things you can do while staying in a hotel and make them more worth every penny, like if you used to do your hair dye at home, do it in a hotel and you can save lot’s of money on the water, yes, you do need a lot to rinse them right? But careful not to stain the towels, so make sure you rinse them well. Or do a hair mask, body scrub, etc.

Last but not least hotel always means comfort, bring your face mask also and have a great pampering time for a maximum comfort and absorption of all the juices from your mask.

Press Release: GE and Tune Hotels MOC

Another Press Release regarding GE, but this time with Tune Hotels:


GE Menandatangani Memorandum Kolaborasi dengan Tune Hotels untuk

pembangunan berkesinambungan di seluruh dunia

• General Electric (GE), perusahaan global di bidang infrastruktur teknologi tinggi serta jasa

finansial, dan Tune Hotels, brand perintis di bidang value hotel, menandatangani kesepakatan

untuk saling mengkaji berbagai kesempatan berkolaborasi.

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – September 15, 2011 – General Electric International Inc (General

Electric) dan Tune Hotels, jaringan “value hotel” perintis di bawah kelompok usaha Tune Group,

menandatangani Memorandum of Collaboration (MoC) untuk menjajaki kesempatan di bidang

pembangunan berkelanjutan “sustainable developments”. MoC ini ditandatangani oleh CEO GE

ASEAN, Stuart Dean, dan Group CEO dari Tune Hotels, Mark Lankester, untuk menjajaki berbagai

kesempatan untuk berkolaborasi dengan tujuan menghemat biaya dan mencapai efisiensi energi

pada semua Tune Hotel di seluruh dunia.

Penandatanganan ini disaksikan oleh Menteri Energi serta Teknologi Hijau dan Air Malaysia, Dato’ Sri

Peter Chin, juga Mohamed Butt, CEO GE Lighting untuk Asia, serta Mitul Lakhani, CFO (Chief Financial

Officer) dari Tune Hotels. Stuart Dean menyatakan komitmen GE untuk bekerjasama dengan mitra

local dalam mengembangkan strategi bisnis berwawasan lingkungan yang akan membantu negaranegara

untuk mencapai pendapatan yang lebih tinggi.

“Kemitraan kami dengan Tune Hotels menunjukkan komitmen GE untuk mempercepat

pengembangan dan penyebaran teknologi inovatif melalui kolaborasi terbuka. Dengan

menggunakan pendekatan “ecomagination” dan “GE Sustainable Cities (Kota Lestari GE), kami telah

membangun berbagai program pembangunan berkelanjutan yang disertifikasi oleh “Green Building

Certification” di berbagai lokasi di seluruh dunia, dimotori oleh teknologi dan solusi baru kami. Kami

berharap dapat berkontribusi dan berbagai keahlian kami yang mencakup produk dan jasa kami,

serta bekerjasama dengan Tune Hotels untuk mencapai dampak yang diharapkan untuk

operasional kelompok usaha ini,” katanya. “Kolaborasi ini merupakan bukti komitmen GE dalam

mendukung aspirasi pemerintah untuk meningkatkan solusi hijau dan efisien,”tambahnya.

Dalam kesepakatan ini, peran GE adalah untuk membantu Tune Hotels dalam mengkaji,

merencanakan serta merancang property dengan menggunakan pengetahuan dan keahliannya di

bidang pengembangan model operasional-biaya-rendah, pembangunan berkelanjutan, infrastruktur

hemat-biaya, serta teknologi hijau dan efisiensi energi. Kolaborasi ini juga akan membantu Tune

Hotels mencapai sertifikasi bangunan hijau (eco-building) seperti misalnya Green Building Index dari

pemerintah Malaysia, BCA Green Mark dari Singapore Building and Construction Authority, juga

sistem peringkat Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design dari US Green Building Council.

Perjanjian ini juga akan menjajaki pengembangan dan implementasi solusi energi berkelanjutan di

lingkungan operasional Tune Hotel dan memudahkan mereka menggunakan GE lini produk

ecomagination™ serta teknologi canggih dalam menciptakan solusi lingkungan hidup bagi proyek

mereka yang sedang berjalan maupun yang akan dilaksanakan. Sebelumnya GE telah

mengumumkan perjanjian kerjasama dengan mitra di Malaysia termasuk perusahaan swasta dan

pemerintah dari berbagai industri, seperti kemitraan dengan NAZA, PETRONAS, TNB, Malaysia

Airlines, AirAsia, dan Sapura.

CEO dari kelompok usaha Tune Hotels Mark Lankester mengatakan: “Tune Hotels secara konsisten

selalu mengusahakan penggunaan teknologi ramah lingkungan untuk meningkatkan efisiensi servis

dan bisnis kami. Kami telah merintis konsep “pay-as-you-use” (bayar yang anda pakai saja) yang

sangat popular di kalangan para wisatawan di seluruh dunia, kami bangga bisa bekerjasama

dengan GE untuk menjajaki strategi bisnis yang ramah lingkungan. Hal ini tidak hanya

menguntungkan bisnis kami tapi para tamu kami juga ikut menikmati peningkatan penghematan

dan kenyamanan.”

Tune Hotels, yang merupakan bagian dari konglomerat gaya hidup Tune Group pada saat ini

mempunyai 13 hotel di jaringannya di seluruh dunia. Hotel kesepuluhnya di Malaysia dibuka di Kulim,

Kedah bulan ini, juga 2 hotelnya di Bali, serta satu hotel di London, Inggris. Lebih banyak lagi hotel

Tune akan dibuka di Thailand, Filipina, Indonesia, Inggris, India dan Malaysia dari kuartal ke 4 tahun

ini sampai akhir tahun 2012.

Tune Hotels yang dikenal inovatif serta pengguna teknologi telah masuk peringkat “Top 20 Most

Innovative Brands di Indonesia” oleh MIX magazine, sebuah majalah pemasaran terkemuka di

Indonesia, yaitu di urutan ke sembilan, sebagai satu-satunya brand hotel di daftar tersebut. Tune

Hotel Westminster di London dianugrahi Certificate of Excellence oleh TripAdvisor, sebuah situs

wisata terkemuka dunia sebagai hasil “umpanbalik yang positif” dari para tamu mereka, sementara

portal panduan memberi Tune Hotel Westminster kedudukan No 1 dalam peringkat Top

10 Cheap London Hotels.

Tune Hotels adalah bagian dari konglomerat gaya hidup Tune Group yang didirikan oleh Tan Sri Tony

Fernandes dan Dato’ Kamarudin Meranun. Tune Group terus berinovasi dan mengubah cara dalam

memberi pelayanan, serta menggunakan teknologi untuk meraih pelanggan, memberi gayahidup

unik dari mulai hotel yang ekonomis, solusi finansial perseorangan, dan jasa ponsel prabayar yang

terjangkau. Jaringan usaha Tune Group adalah Tune Air, Tune Hotels, Tune Money, Tune Talk, Tune

Box, Tune Studios, Tune Tones, Team Lotus, ASEAN Basketball League, Queens Park Rangers Football

Club (QPR) dan Kuala Lumpur Education City (owner of Epsom College in Malaysia).

GE (General Electric) adalah perusahaan teknologi tinggi, jasa dan finansial yang bertujuan

menangani sebagian tantangan terberat yang dihadapi dunia. Dengan dedikasi pada inovasi, energi,

kesehatan, transportasi, dan infrastruktur, GE beroperasi di lebih dari 100 negara dan

mempekerjakan sekitar 300.000 orang di seluruh dunia. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, kunjungi situs


Tentang GE ecomagination

GE mengupayakan transformasi energi dunia dengan fokus pada inovasi dan investasi litbang

untuk mempercepat pengembangan dan penyebaran teknologi energi bersih. Sejak dimulainya di

tahun 2005, lebih dari 90 produk yang telah disertifikasi ecomagination telah dilempar ke pasar

dengan pendapatan mencapai $18 milyar di tahun 2009. Dengan $5 billion investasi di bidang R&D

dalam 5 tahun pertama, GE berkomitmen untuk menggandakan investasi ecomagination nya serta

berkolaborasi dengan para mitra untuk mempercepat datangnya era inovasi energi. Perusahaan

akan menginvestasikan $10 milyar dalam R&D dalam 5 tahun dan menggandakan efisiensi energi

operasional sementara menekan emisi gas rumah kaca dan penggunaan air. Sebagai bagian dari

prakarsa ini, GE meluncurkan“GE ecomagination Challenge: Powering the Grid”, sebuah komitmen

finansial sebesar $200 juta untuk para innovator dalam menciptakan jaringan listrik generasi yang

akan datang. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut kunjungi situs ecomagination website di

Sejak Tune Hotels diluncurkan di Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, tahun 2007, lebih dari 2 juta tamu telah

menggunakan propertinya di seluruh Malaysia, Indonesia dan Inggris. Sekarang ada 13 hotel di

Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, KLIA-LCCT Airport, Penang, Johor Bahru, Kota Damansara,

Bintulu, Kota Bharu dan Kulim di Malaysia; Kuta dan Legian di Bali, Indonesia; serta London di Inggris.

Semua hotel di jaringan Tune Hotels mempunyai kamar yang efisien dalam penggunaan ruang,

serta berfokus pada fitur berkualitas tinggi: tempat tidur bintang lima, pancuran air panas yang kuat,

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Tune Hotels adalah bagian dari Tune Group, mitra utama Professional Games Match Officials (PGMO)

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>European Magic


Huge gratitude to Contiki for sending me and my sister on 9 days European Magic tour to 6 countries that was amazing!

Start from the preparations which is from Singapore, I met Tina, a representative of Contiki Singapore to get all the stuff done, some pebbles are met along the way such as visa requirement (I’m Indonesian so most countries I went need visa), flight, and since I can’t go to London first I will meet the group in Amsterdam. 411: Most Contiki tours start from London, they have like a headquarter there.

Finally after all things are settled we just wait until departure time. Tina was a great help, she even help my sister with her Visa, she even call the embassy to help smoothing things up. It was a stressful time for us but the result is worth every sweat.

We fly with Malaysia Airlines to Amsterdam on 14th of January 2011. We were super excited. For you who don’t know what is this all about, me and my sis are the winner of Dynamic Duo Competition held by Contiki.

Since we lived in Indonesia during the departure, we provided our own return flight to and from Singapore.

After 40 minutes flight to Singapore + 1 hour flight to Kuala Lumpur + 13 hours flight to Amsterdam (not including all the transit time), we finally reach Amsterdam’s Schiphol. And it was cold there.

There we are, me and my sis, so happy to finally touch the ground to our land of destination, we know that we got a lot of excitement going on. We check in at ibis Schiphol and it was a breeze. While waiting, we take a shower, a nap (to say good bye to our jet lag and effect of the cramped seat on our flight). And we went back to the airport since ibis have a free shuttle bus going on and we love to shop, there are so many brands that we are looking for like H&M, The Body Shop and many more. Since it was cold I was entertained to see the Body Butter sold need to be mixed first.

Around dinner time we finally met the groups, the first couple that we greet they are from Philippines, they are friendly, well most are. I have a good feeling it was gonna be a fun trip….it was.

Then we met Rachel, she was the tour manager with a sweet British accent. After the prep, we gather at the bus and on with the tour. There are many option open for the tour for extra money, we didn’t take it all since I guess I was more interested in free and easy, and my sis want to save her money for shopping. So like the canal tour, wine excursion, etc she prefer spa inside the hotel or have an adventure on our own.

Amsterdam is a picturesque place, so many beautiful buildings, spots and it’s just lovely. Many knows Amsterdam just for the red light district and cannabis, but it was so beyond that. They have many historical buildings, cultures, and the natures are just gorgeous. They have theme parks too and the food is delicious. Indonesia was under Dutch for 350 years so some of our food and language is influenced by them. Word like Apotik, kantor, parkir, gratis, are all there. First I found it so funny, like I’m in the middle of a mall in Jakarta.

Then after staying a night at Amsterdam we head on to Germany, a small town called St.Goar where it was flooded when we went there. While the rest of the group party at the bar downstairs, me and my sis are sleeping. We were exhausted, I couldn’t even hear a thing while my sis said they are so noisy, I guess it’s just us and the Japanese girl name Chizu that sleep early.

So the next day when we were on Munich, we pay back by having beers at Hofbrauhaus.

There’s a like almost all the varieties of young people there (Contiki is for 18-35 only), couples, married couples, singles, family (like cousins), sisters, friends, and solo travelers. So wherever your selections goes too, join up! There’s always a place for you.

In my group tour I met people from so many places and we all just blend along. South Africa, New Zealand, Japan, USA, but most of them are from Australia. I bet Contiki are really famous there.

This is my picture with Minyu and Rachel. Outside the Hofbrauhaus.

On the next day we stop by in Austria, a very lovely city and nice people. I bought a girl’s traditional dress for a half price. They have a famous Chocolate Cake there called Sacher Torte, it was crisp on the outside with citrus flavor and a bit more moist inside. They served it with a coin of dark chocolate and whipped cream. It was a delightful dessert for me. 5 Euro for a slice I say it worth the prize. We have that dessert at cafe that Rachel told us. Everyday she would gives us a sheet of famous places, famous culture, simple local words, maps, we found it helpful since we like to walk on our own.

And in each time we hit the hotel, Rachel ask us to make a day sheet of our schedule, things to do and prepare. Always read them and you can keep up. Some hotel doesn’t have elevator so Rachel told us to bring an overnight bag and leave the rest in the couch. We go everywhere with that bus.

I thought I have to stop in every city for a passport check, in Schengen countries it seems like you just need to check in and out at the first and last country.

Looking at the Gondola you know where it is….YUP, Venice, Italy. A romantic country that was so cold when we went there.

We join a local tour and take a walk around the small town. Many stores catch our eyes, until this day I’m still regretting for didn’t buy that boots there. Thanks sis!

There’s no way we missed the famous pizza, it was superb. Best pizza I ever tasted. They are thin and wide. The olives, the cheese, the crust, I guess it’s right, you haven’t try pizza until you went to Italy, it was different. They say the water is different there, so even thou’ you went to the famous pizza place outside Italy with an Italian chef if all the ingredients not from Italy, it is different, and I stand by it.

After Venice, we went to Lucerne, Swiss. A night in a jail hotel was something to remember alright. It was snowing hard, and I love it! My sis love it! It was our first snow fall. We’ve seen and tasted and felt snow before but not the fresh one that drops from the sky. It was beautiful. We didn’t feel any cold, just happiness. It’s a magic thing snow can do.

Then it was Paris. You want to see pics of Paris? Google up, it was that pretty. It was surreal, I thought Swiss was my highlight, it was Paris as soon as I landed my foot on. My sis was confuse what happened to me, but she got the germs too ^0^

If you haven’t visit Paris, you’re missing a lot!

After a breakfast at the hotel, it was a free day for us. So we walk on the street of Paris, we bought a tourist card so we can enjoy RER, subway, bus, etc, for 2 day. We went here and there so we get all the Paris and beyond.

We bought French perfume, eat their crepes and even almost got mugged on the subway. The shocking part is girls like 15 years old that try to pick pockets, thank God she didn’t made it.

So watch out travelers, no matter where you are, stay safe, be safe and always in alert mode.

This is Michael (Geordie) our driver. He was hilarious. He joke a lot and I see he have a fan from our group. I think many tour managers and drivers in Contiki are a very attractive people, some in their own ways and some just obvious, I see in their website they have a forum and on the Facebook you can see what they look like. Many pretty people there ^_*

Contiki website provide me with many info regarding my trip to confirming the trip too. So make sure you check them out. After the tour we can also gather at the forum, some even have gathering again.

Last but not least is Disneyland Paris. While some of the groups went Moulin Rouge, we are more ‘young’ at heart choose Disneyland and shop shop shop.

The next day is the last day. We departed before everyone waking up. So we made our own way to Charles De Gaulle Airport by train. Some went back to London, some stays, some continuing their adventure in Europe.

We have a blast of fun with Contiki, so if you fall in the category of their age limit, you are in the lucky zone.