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Hi all!
I’m here with a splendid jolly good news \^0^/
I got my first ULINX
What is ULINX?
Yes, ULINX is a Jewelry with magnetic personality. Kindly read it here for more details and information:
And couple weeks ago they contacted me and offering a sponsored giveaway, and it’s worldwide too woo hoo!
So stay with me and I’ll let you know how to win one.
After a week of delivery, yesterday, I’ve received my bracelet, it is a customized for me and by me too ^__^ ULINX is just superb. The winner of the giveaway also able to made their own as well. In fact all ULINX’s customer can design their own bracelet and use it however they please.
The charms right now have around 54 charms to be mixed and match. I’ve choose mine from the LUX and Classic Collection.
Open the site and after choosing the design, click the charms you want and drag it to your bracelets. You can have it as simple as choosing the available designs or like me, choose them personally one by one.
I called mine “The Never Boring Summer”, the colors and shades I choose represent summer, a lot of sunset aura and some bold pink from the fruits and flowers in the summer
Mine is worth around USD 62.65 and with the delivery (worldwide) USD19.95 = USD 82.6, heehee, thank you ULINX
And the reason why I want it in many colors and in that specific design is that, I know that the magnetic charms are so easy to detach and re-attached, creating more style which is suitable for the most conventional to the contemporary.

The magnet are strong alright, so don’t worry, it won’t suddenly detached from you without your will. And do use it wisely and not purposely attached them to your credit card, watch, etc. It is okay to be use near those magnetic sensitivity items, but use common sense ya ^^

For those with medical devices, please keep it away from the bracelet, ULINX is safe for you but maybe not for your medical device.

And since the bracelet are all made individually, they can be detached from each other, giving me endless possibilities when using it alone or all at once. For my wrist the bracelet is very long but can easily made into something that fits like second skin or a loose accessory. Some people even made it into a ring. 

Playing with ULINX for me is very fun and I never look at accessory the same way again. Instead of this boring one item, ULINX can be changed daily and suits my dynamic lifestyle. Sometime I like it plain while on some days I like it colorful and draws attention.

The choice of colors in ULINX also liberating, no matter what outfit I’m in, they are always IN, from a very matchy matchy day to block colors. Awesome!

Here are some of the inspiration and yes, you’ve seen them alright! Many celebrities have used it and they look fab! I read many praises and adoration from them.
And now you can be one of them!

We (ULINX and me) are giving you a chance to win one of your own! You can design a bracelet with your own creativity or choose the one that existed and inspire you. The delivery cost for the winner … also FREE! Hooray! So you get a bracelet and it will be shipped to your home, wherever it is, yes, a worldwide giveaway! Let’s say it together, thank you so much ULINX!


How to win it?

Very easy, follow these steps:

1. Be a follower of my blog
2. Like my Facebook page, click —> HERE  (this is needed since I’ll announced the winner on my facebook page)
3. Comment on this post of who are these famous person who used ULINX, there are so many, you only need to mention one. Hint: They are on ULINX official website.
4. Create your own bracelet on the web , you may want to register first (also FREE), and then email the design to me: with your name, email, country and name of your design.

After you made your design, in the ULINX website there’s an option to send your design via email then add some data.

Example: Carnellin,, Indonesia and The Never Boring Sunset.

Where later I’ll publish your designs on my facebook page. So, after 2 days you should be able to find your design on my facebook page, if it’s not there, please do send me again, just in case there’s a glitch.

The winner will be chosen base on creativity in designing their bracelet and naming it and adding a few word of why that designs means to the creator, will add some bonus points ^__^

The contest is ON from now until 5th of August 2012. So, yes, there’s not much time, so hurry and participate!

There’s only 1 winner worldwide
ULINX and me are not responsible for any lost mails or any mishaps during the giveaway.
So everyone, please behave and play fair ^__^

Hello everyone!

Another product from Ultima II is here and I’m going to give you a short review, hmm, why short? You’ll find out soon.

This is the product, you can easily read the details photograph in the packaging ^__^ click on the image if you wish to see it in larger view.
And I got mine in Aurora Beige shade which is too dark for me  . . . now you know why the review is short, but doesn’t meant I can’t have fun with it heehee!

A bit warning, the liquid is watery and the packaging doesn’t reminds you of how liquid it is and this is a real spill. It’s not creamy nor thick, so in a way actually it is suitable to be placed inside a bottle like this. Just remember to tilt it a bit only and not go all the way, like I did haha ^0^

I did wish I get my shade, but hey, I’ve gotta use the one I have. And I still can use it, if I want a tan look, see it below:

Yep, the coverage is quite okay and easy to blend. It’s just too dark for me. I look like I’ve just having a sun bath. But it does covers the large pores and uneven skin tone. A bit tips for me, if you happen to have a foundation that was too dark, you can always use it as a shading material. Use it under the cheek bones (below the blush on area) and the darker shade will create a slimmer face.

The SPF is low, so it’s not that significant, but I guess it’s better than none at all. The texture is liquid but still felt rich but comfortable when gliding on the skin. Easy to blend with fingers or brush and sponges too. There is a faint musk scent in it but it wont be a problem to anyone.

Overall, a pleasing foundation for daily use. Top it off with loose powder and you are ready for some colors, or if you need a more coverage (like for a photoshoots or some sort) add some pressed powder and then loose powder. There is a bit of talc in the foundation so it does help mattefying your look. Will it stay long hours? Around 5-6 hours in normal condition, not when you’re joining a marathon.

Hi gurls!

Another product from Ultima II and this time is their pressed powder and funny thing thou’ . . .  why is it called nakeds?

Soon I’m gonna find out.

Details from the packaging:

Ultima II
Nakeds Pressed Powder

Microfine silk texture
Natural translucent apperance
Non chaulky

Free of irritants
Minimizes oil breakthrough
Non pore-clogging
Long wearing
Helps protects the skin from the harmful drying effects of the environment

To Use: Touch the sponge applicator lightly to pressed powder. Apply evenly over face and neck

Mine is in 4L (kinda clueless what does it means hehe)

Since the product is given without me having any say on the shades, so first I’m in the doubt thinking it would be too dark for me, or at least will not look nude on me.

Surprise suprise! It look nude on me and overall I’m pretty much liking it. The powder is indeed soft and easily lovable for being blend-able and like a chameleon and adjusting the colors to me. And it does lightweight and well, I didn’t use the sponge, I still prefer using a brush for any base done, and brush do gives better coverage in terms of application and lighter too.

Will I keep using it? Yes! And I completely understand why it is said ‘nakeds’, since it does gives coverage like we’re using none. But the skin tone looks better, more even, matte and like a soft focus glow on your cheat photoshop, the skin look fine!

Suitable for summer and it gives your skin a matte look (so if you want a moist look, this is NOT the powder for you).

Hi all!

Living in a hot and humid land means sweats and grease on the skin almost most of the time. Which I also have and it’s not cool nor fun.

So I try many product that tackle the oily t-zone without being too harsh on the dry cheeks.

These are my before look with my oily forehead and nose. And the heat is making it worst, the sweat become sticky and it ain’t pretty. Making makeup clumps and blotting is needed.

And I just happen to have this Immediate Rescue Stick from Ultima II (from their event), the product long tube is super cute and so does the color.
The details on the packaging:

Instantly dries, purifies, and soothes the skin. Helps to reduce the appearance of local skin imperfections.
To use:
Apply locally. Reapply during the day if necessary.

I’m using it directly on the affected part (affected means oily) and it does instantly dries out, but on some parts that are really oily, it’s still a bit sticky, really just a bit. The scent at first felt fresh but after a while it turn kinda nasty. Like (sorry) acid from vomit. It’s just unbearable for me. So I wipe it all out after 5 minutes.

I don’t know if maybe it’s just me, but it is unpleasant for me. There’s some kind of sharpness of the acidity (clueless where it is from).

Will I use it again? Unfortunately, no. I can’t stand the smell 😦

But maybe it’s just me, my sis claims her nose was fine with it … (trying to be neutral and objective), bottom line, it’s your call 🙂

Get these zesty goodness by The Body Shop, which is just 50% from their real price. Only applied for the old packaging, but no worries, same delicious ingredients and if you’re planning for stocking it up, find those with the longest expired dates.

I found those up to 09/2014, it’s still 2 years from now and a whole lot of skin to be pampered, till then, grab some of these and be butterlicious!

Available in many different variant from Olive, Moringa to fruity and zesty like mine!

Last week I went to Shinjuku Premium Salon. Mr Audid, the talented owner is not around so I trust the stylist there can help me out.

These pictures are my before conditions. My hair need some styling and repairs, plus touch ups too ^__^

It is not pretty isn’t it?! So let’s make ’em gorgeous again!

Start by the touch up!

Meanwhile, my sister also get her mini makeover with just a hair cut, her look become refreshed and it shows that the simplest thing can make a big difference ^0^

This is me after the touch up, the hair color become event now with a soft glow. Now, let’s add some groove!

Foils are added, inside the creams of highlights are there and stripes are defining. No more mono-tone.

And here it is, my new hair colors, highlights and style.

Below is Mr. Tiyas, the man responsible for the stripes ^__^ he is available in Shinjuku Premium Salon or call them directly for further details

Visit Shinjuku Premium Salon at Kuningan City Mall Lt.1 No 58
Phone: (021) 3048 0775

Get your new hair style and designs, today!

Hi hi hi hi hi ^0^

I’m back with another make up remover and now it is from YSL.

For your eyes only…

Refreshing and non-greasy, this bi-phased eye cleansing lotion dissolves all make-up, even waterproof and long lasting, without leaving an oily film on the skin. Enriched with provitamin B5 and Chamomile extract, it protects and fortifies the eyelashes, while enabling you to apply make-up to even the most sensitive of eyes. Free of all traces of make-up, your eyes look bright and relaxed. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

The video shows how it cleans without any doubt but I can still feel the oiliness and a bit discomfort because of the oiliness, which later I need to use a cleansing facial foam to removes the oils. Except from that it’s all good.

Remember to shake the bi-phase product so it become one and moist a cotton pad with it. Then all the makeup will stays on the cotton pad and no longer at your eyes zone. It is gentle alright and highly effective but I’m not fond of the grease.

Hi all!

After reviewing a very good product that is so waterproof –> HERE, we need a cleanser that can clean it up in a jiffy and gentle to the eyes, here’s come Sens’Eyes from Make Up For Ever.

As seen the product works like magic. It make the Aqua Shadow disappears in thin air ^0^

Details from

SENS’EYES is a mineral oil-free gel that removes make-up from eyes and lips and is extremely effective and incredibly gentle. It doesn’t leave the eyelids feeling greasy.
It instantly removes impurities, even waterproof make-up on the most sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

The blue cream is thick and that’s why the original product is in pump since it make it far more easier. Pump it on a cotton pad and using fingers try to make the blue cream goes into the cotton so when you press it on to your eyes, there’s no leftovers cream that can go into your eyes through the close lids.

Now gently let the moisten cotton pad touches your eyelids, mascara, and so on and let it sit for a while before wiping it off. And all of those makeup will stick to the cotton, leaving the skin clean and without any leftovers. No grease, oils or anything like other cleanser do, well at least most of them do.

I use contact lens on daily basis and usually some cleansing oils made the lens blur and some sting the eyes. Sens’Eyes works really well without the sting nor oiliness. Perfect!

Hi all!
I’m here with Make Up For Ever newest products which is the lines that loves Aqua, meaning …  so waterproof you can even use it for swimming ^__^
Images can be found in and you’ve seen the Aqua Liner and their other range, here comes the Aqua Shadow!!

Waterproof Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil

Aqua Shadow dresses the eyes in pearly natural or matte smoky shades, all intense and irresistible. With its large tip and creamy texture, it can be applied in a single stroke, leaving behind exactly the right amount of product. Its unprecedented texture quickly covers the eyelid; it stays perfectly in place and does not highlight skin creases. Its buildable coverage enables natural as well as sophisticated makeup results, and it is easily blended with the fingertips.
Aqua Shadow come in 12 shades and during the workshop (click HERE) each of the bloggers can’t choose their shades, so it’s pretty much a cat in the box haha! So excited and I got mine in 4E
Matte Taupe Grey
This is the image of the product and below is a video of my first time using it ^0^

Haha! I can’t believe I say dark brown . . . it’s grey ya, not dark brown XD

And yep, I definitely need to learn how to make it more precise and let that perfect angle achieved.
The pencil can be sharpened using a large round pencil sharpener.

I really like how bold the shade is, I was told by other bloggers that their shades also vivid, the pale pink, look vividly like a pale pink should be, the black one so universal and for most of us it was an instant love. My sister also really like it, we can use as thin or as thick as we want it to. And the waterproof part was almost surreal haha! Really love it, perfect for a hot and humid summer and pool party will never be the same.
This is my before after tool. My right eye lid has used it and it stays there. Aqua Shadow gives my lid a depth and definition it needs. I didn’t look naked anymore.

For the waterproof-ness, I used it all day long in a hot and sweaty day, watching tear-full drama and yes, it stands through it all. Including some wiping and a whole lot of touching.

A bit tips for me, the Aqua Shadow is waterproof and smudge-proof after it set, so if you want to use different color or created some smokey-ness, smudge it right after the application and don’t wait too long.

Overall? Love it!