>I was underage at that time, getting a visa to USA is not a problem at all (yes I’ve been rejected once when I was not underage anymore but could not understand what sponsor means, I’m still at school and my daddy is my sponsor as far as I’m concerned). Anyway, the whole gang ( my family and me) take a tour to the west coast , so we visited:

  • Hawaii, may I say, it’s the most beautiful island I ever land on, even until now. The rainbows, the weather, the blue sky (oh no, not just that pale blue sky, it’s deep gorgeous blue sky), the hang loose people, I promised myself someday I’ll go there again and eat those spam again. And the banana cakes too, I swear it’s really yummy and spongy.
  • Los Angeles baby, no trip will be completed without China town and a round bus tour in Beverly Hills neighborhood. Then we visited the national park, that time is winter and my first time seeing snow, yes like any other “Snow Virgin”, we ended up throwing each other with snow balls and completly ignore the tour leader.
  • Tijuana, Mexico. Just at the border and around enough to buy some Ponchos for me and my mom.
  • Disneyland, Anaheim. It’s beyond my wildest imagination (when I was a kid, and now a kid at heart). It was fully crowded and the toon town is like a dream come true, and don’t ever forget to see the fireworks at night, the first time I see the night can be so bright as day is that time only.
  • Solvang, a small town that have a charm like Holland with their windmills, I like their sweets, I don’t think I would ever get back to that place again, not that I don’t want to but I can’t remember exactly where it is.
  • San Fransisco. During New Year’s Eve we spent it on the harbor town of San Fransisco, it was cool and the tour leader warned us so many times, be careful there’s many gangster there, just watch out and avoid empty alleys.

Like many other places that I go I keep reminding myself always eat like the locals, so eat those hotdogs at the streets and buy food from local supermarkets and I do feel like local.