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Bouvardia is having a giveaways gals (and guys too), how:

Follow them on Twitter @MyBouvardia and wait for a DM from them and to follow you back. Give your details accordingly and you get a confirmation email with a voucher you need to print like shown above.
Make your way to Bouvardia with the voucher (Grand Indonesia) and pick a rose of your choice from the selected pre-prepared rose. At first, I have low expectation for the rose, but theirs are amazing.
It is freebies but you can choose the words from Happy Birthdays, Congratulations, to like mine, I Love You. The roses are big, fresh to the max and oh-so-lovely. They are high quality red roses where the stem is thick and healthy. Love the petals that’s so fragrant, soft velvety yet strong.
Look how big mine is and it’s worth Rp. 100.000. Yes, each rose is worth 100k and that is your gift from Bouvardia.

Individually wrapped to with their beautiful bow, paper and plastic. Each rose can last up to 2 weeks.

What I like about them is a personalized print that can be made on the petals from words to photo for Rp. 100-150k per flower. Unique!

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Hi gals, Kerastase is having a giveaway on Facebook. Yes, this wonderful products are for free. I’ve been in love with Kerastase years and years ago, you can read it more —> HERE.
Okay, back to the giveaway, each of us can do a diagnose on their Facebook page. First, you need to ‘like’ Kerastase Indonesia. And after that Kerastase can help diagnose which product suitable for your hair, not scalp okay, hair. If you need to figure out something for your scalp do visit a doctor or specialist in scalp, which Kerastase also can help you when you go to one of saloon that selected by them. Now, after your hair been diagnosed and you get the range suitable for your need, you can choose which saloon to collect it (Jakarta only) and read everything accordingly, like dates to collect, etc.

Everyone are allowed to collect one range which consist of 6 shampoo sachets, 3 conditioner / masque (depend on the range) and 3 leave ins. It last for up to 1 week. And if you like the products so much you can buy them afterwards and get a promotion gift in the same saloon you redeemed the products (in designated time).

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Levi’s Indonesia is donating $1 for each female who wants to find their Curve-id

Isn’t it awesome! You are not only get your correct type according to your curve for free, you also get Rp.100.000 voucher and on your behalf, Levi’s will donate $1 to the Breast Cancer Foundation…..what’s not to like?

Picture belongs to: Levi’s

>Biore MakeUp Remover


Again thanks to The Sample Store and KAO for their wonderful opportunity, I can try out these makeup remover that fit to any budget and works out accordingly. They are Biore MakeUp Remover for Eye and Lip (the pink bottle), Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets, and Biore’s New water-based makeup remover.

This is my makeup look, L’Oreal Infallible Lipstick that really stay on for a very long time, non smudge and waterproof. Foundation and pearl compact highlighting powder, plus last but definitely not the least, hard to crack super waterproof mascara

The first product that I tried is Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets which I found very handy and so easy to use. Perfect for traveler for a touch up, I can imagine myself taking a long flight and need to clean up my face and put some mask afterward, no need keep going back and forth to the small cubicle toilet. I like the fact that even thou’ it contained 48 sheets (WOW) it’s still compact and practical.

I found the texture of the wipes is better than any other makeup cleansing wipes that I used before, softer and more moist. The first thing that gone is my infallible lipstick, just put the wipes for about 5-10 seconds on the area that about to be clean and wipe it, all my lipstick is gone without a trace hooray.

But for my hard to crack mascara, it took longer time before wiping it off. Foundation, highlighter and pearl traces are gone easily too. After the use the skin feels not dry and taut, but still moist and supple. The best thing about this product is how handy and simple it is.

This is Biore’s Makeup Remover for eye and lips, I found the texture is very rich and I must say depends on the cotton you use for a better result. Do shake it until all in the bottle become well mixed.

Be careful when you use on the eyes since the oils in it can get into your eyes and hard to come out. Fret not thou’ the product is Ophthalmologically tested so it should be safe to use on eye area. Use a cotton pad that better in quality and price so the string wont easily pulled, better grip and better wiping effect. I found the product perfect for my infallible lipstick and since it contain Hyaluronic Acid it does makes my lips softer after used too.

For the eyeliner and mascara, brands like L’Oreal works out suitable with it. The 24 hour eyeliner and waterproof mascara from L’Oreal can easily come off with Biore Makeup Remover for eye and lip.

Hydra-Clear Makeup Remover. The first water based makeup remover that I used and actually works perfectly for removing waterproof makeup. It is said in the packaging “Restores skin to it’s original clean, bare condition“.

How to use:
Pour the liquid to hand, not cotton pad or anything else. I use about 1 tablespoon. Don’t forget to clean and dry your hand before so the liquid can concentrate on cleaning your face. Distribute the liquid on dry face, massage on area where needed, especially waterproof makeup. If you open your eyes you can see the product dissolving the color of the waterproof makeup. Finally rinse with water until all clean.

It cleanse all and I really like how refreshing it feels.

Now my fellow readers, you want to try some too?

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