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This review is linked with my previous material on DR.WU click —> here. The masks are made for anti wrinkle and claimed to be a topical alternative to Botox. Selling price USD 45 per box (3 sheet of masks).

“DR.WU’s Microinject Anti-Wrinkle Mask breakthrough BotoLift formula combines the tightening properties of multi-peptides, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 and Pentapeptide-3, which can help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and slackening of the skin. It is safe, non-toxic, topical alternative to Botox, and has been scientifically proven effective on forehead, around the eyes, between the brows and around the mouth. It also contains a strong agent Pentacare-NA, it is a complex of plant-based active ingredients that actively and perceptibly tightens the skin and smooths fine wrinkles. Continuous application can reduce fine lines, wrinkles, blemish, loss of elasticity and improve dull skin tone, scarring and wound healing.”

This is my face before the mask, I have mild (so mild in fact) fine lines under my eyes, laughing lines, a bit of blemishes.

The mask consist of three layers, white plastic, very thin papery mask in the middle and blue thick papery mask. After taking off the white plastic, put the mask where the middle part in on your skin and the blue mask on outer side. Try to adjust so the middle layer stays put, it’s a bit tricky for me on some parts.

No, I’m not angry nor grumpy, it’s just I’m under a mask and facial expression is limited

Then peel off the blue outer layer mask and you got this thin papery mask that was in the middle. The super thin mask can envelopes your facial skin like it was your second skin. The very small openings on the eyes and lips are perfect, which they reach my under eyes, eye lids, lips zone are closely sealed. The mask itself is comfortable for me, no irritants, itchy nor burning sensation. It was quite lovely in fact. Usually paper masks are either difficult to reach every angle, too wet, slippery and watery, or just plain ehm, useless. But this one fit every angle (perhaps due to the thinness) and perfect in terms of ‘wetness’.

After using the mask for 30 minutes (somehow I always tend to leave mask longer). The mask can be remove easily and still so moist. I don’t feel any tightness on the skin but it does looks smoother on many parts like under eyes and laughing lines. Some redness on the blemishes do appears less obvious. I will use it again and I think so far this is the best mask with visible result on wrinkle and lines that I ever use.

Thanks to Singapore Women’s Weekly, I am able to try on DR.WU’s product. They are Taiwan based clinical skincare that believes in half art and half science. you can read all about their brand at

For me personally the products is too advanced for me since I haven’t found visible wrinkles on my face, frown lines, crow’s feet, etc, but I do have laughing lines . . . let’s see if I can work on that.

The set consist of Instant Repairing Anti-Wrinkle Filler with Multi-Peptides, All-Purposes Super Serum with Multi-Peptides, Intensive Revitalizing Cream with AA2GTM.

After cleansing the face and toned it up, I am using the serum which like a thick liquid but blend easily and smoothly on my facial skin surface. Very faint flowery scents but immediately gone.

Then, it’s the cream time which feels thick yet easily absorbed too and I can’t smell any scents whatsoever.

Last but definitely not last the wrinkle filler that feels thicker than the cream. That only be used on the lines and wrinkles.

 This is my face after using all of the 3 products shown, no touch up, no makeup, no powder whatsoever.
Okay here’s my verdict: All the products are feels comfortable to be used, no allergy reaction or any immediate unwanted sensation. Unscented, simple and easy to be absorbed. I will keep using it on my laughing lines and gives you all the updates, but may I say . . . so far so good