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lately I’ve been reading about this particular blog competition from other beauty bloggers. It’s seems that the product have a highlighted features suitable for daily usage here in Indonesia. The sun is shining brightly every day and I always say how SPF is important in our daily skincare routine, it prevent aging, sun burn, and other problems by excessive sun exposure.  Most of us has done a great job by protecting our facial skin by using sunscreen, BB Cream with SPF, etc. Let’s not forget our skin at the body area as well. We don’t want to stay pretty on the face area only right? We want to look good all over ^______^

Marina, together with their new launched product, try to bring awareness to the society of how we can protect our body skin from the sun, beauty bloggers, this is our calling!


Since I want to know more about the product, I read on the product knowledge and can’t help but drooling over the prices too. iPhone 5, Samsung Camera and HTC, like the world of must have gadgets at this moment is within reach haha! #DreamON. Hey, it can come true, that’s why I write this post sharing with you about Marina UV White Extra SPF15, so I can join the competition and in the same time, be a part of bringing this information to anyone about how important it is to use sun protection on our body skin.

Since the product is available locally, let me share the info with you in Bahasa Indonesia (foreigners may use the Google Translate tab on the side bar).

-Product knowledge made available by
Perlunya Perlindungan Kulit
Sinar matahari memang sehat untuk tubuh, tapi jika kulit terlalu lama terpapar sinar matahari, kulit dapat mengalami risiko kerusakan akibat radiasi Ultraviolet (UV) sehingga timbul masalah seputar kesehatan kulit, bahkan kerusakan kulit secara permanen, termasuk kanker kulit. Radiasi ultraviolet (UV) dapat menyebabkan kulit terbakar, menyebabkan noda-noda cokelat serta penebalan dan keringnya kulit. Radiasi UV dapat merusak DNA, menekan kekebalan tubuh, dan mengaktifkan bahan kimia dalam tubuh yang bisa menimbulkan kanker. Efek negatif lainnya adalah penuaan dini. Karena intensitas sinar matahari di Indonesia sangat tinggi, maka kulit membutuhkan perlindungan menyeluruh terhadap pengaruh buruk sinar UVA dan UVB, serta nutrisi bagi kulit yang mampu menyehatkan, serta membantu mencerahkan kulit kembali.

Oh no! From a simple fun activity outdoor or just about our daily basic routine where the sun ray touches the skin, our natural protector aka the skin may get the side effect. From sensitivity, sun burn, redness, dark spots to even cancer. That’s scary!

Pada dasarnya peningkatan tingkat SPF 15 tidak bersifat linear terhadap tingkat perlindungan dari sinar matahari.
SPF adalah singkatan dari Sun Protection Factor. Nilai SPF mengacu pada kemampuan sebuah produk untuk menangkal paparan radiasi ultraviolet dari Matahari pada kulit manusia. Hal itu diukur melalui jumlah energi Matahari yang dapat menyebabkan terlihatnya kulit yang terbakar dengan jelas. Ini berarti ketika kita menggunakan produk dengan nilai SPF yang optimal, akan dapat mengurangi resiko terbakarnya kulit.
SPF ini akurat untuk menilai paparan sinar UVB saja bukan paparan sinar UVA. Produk dengan SPF 15 dapat memberikan perlindungan optimal terhadap sinar UVB untuk aktifitas sehari hari karena pada dasarnya peningkatan tingkat SPF 15 tidak bersifat linear terhadap tingkat perlindungan dari sinar matahari.
Sebagai ilustrasi SPF 10 dapat mem-filter sinar UVB sebesar 90%, SPF 15 sebesar 94% sedangkan SPF 30 sebesar 97% dan SPF 45 sebesar 98%, yang berarti  bukan duakali lipatnya. Jadi untuk aktivitas setiap hari seperti sekolah, kuliah, dan bekerja, perlindungan SPF 15 cukup optimal.

❀ ✿ ❁
, instead of focusing on numbers, Marina taught us to focus on the percentage of coverage the product able to work on the skin. And the light texture of the lotion also easy to be use and re-use every 3 hours or when our skin feels the need to use it again and again, its fast absorbing & non sticky formula make it suitable for daily use. Basically, body lotion is made to nourish the skin and gives hydration, so there’s no dryness and white strikes when scratched. Marina UV White Extra SPF 15 wants to give the option of moisture and protection in one.
Marina UV White Extra SPF 15
“Marina UV White Extra SPF 15 membuat kulit tampak lebih cerah dengan perlindungan extra yang menjaga kulit dari pengaruh buruk sinar matahari dan merawatnya setiap hari. Fungsi SPF 15 sendiri adalah pelindung kulit yang optimal dari sengatan sinar UVB saat beraktivitas di tempat terbuka.” Memang, eksposisi (paparan) sinar UVB yang terlalu lama dan terlalu sering pada kulit dapat menyebabkan kulit terbakar dan terjadi proses penggelapan kulit sehingga menurunkan rasa percaya diri.
“Selain itu, Marina UV White Extra SPF 15 juga mengandung PA+ sebagai proteksi terhadap radiasi UVA dan menghambat proses penggelapan kulit, juga Biowhitening Complex dari Yoghurt dan Vitamin B3 yang kaya nutrisi untuk membantu mencerahkan kulit dari dalam.
SPF 15 bisa memberikan perlindungan optimal terhadap sinar UVB untuk aktifitas sehari hari.

❀ ✿ ❁

So there’s the idea of “white” coming from. Protection from the sun with the SPF so the skin may stay fair and avoid the darkening process by melanin, and Biowhitening Complex from the yoghurt and Vit B3 which is nutrition for the skin from within. You may google it up and find all the on why Vit B3 and yoghurt are used on most hand & body lotion which help to enlighten the skin. And it doesn’t stop there, to maintain a lovely skin, we know for sure, it has got to be done daily and routinely. Don’t expect an optimum benefit when using it once in a while, it’s like a good dietary habit, skincare need to be ‘digest’ daily and routinely.

  1. SPF 15 sebagai UV B Protection yang melindungi dari paparan sinar matahari
  2. PA+ sebagai UV A Protection yang membantu menghambat  proses penggelapan kulit
  3. Biowhitening Complex dari Yogurt dan Vitamin B3 yang kaya akan nutrisi, bekerja membantu mencerahkan warna kulit, sehingga tampak lebih putih merata

There it is, get a confident look with an assurance that the skin   show an even whiter and protected from the sun when using a hand and body lotion with SPF protection daily and don’t forget to take care the skin by maintaining a good habit start from within too. Avoid smoking, drink responsibly, drink water 8 glass per day, eat the fruits and veggies and it will all come up on the skin as well. Try avoiding the sun during peak hours also help, the window wont protect you so a body lotion with SPF is definitely still needed on daily basis. Don’t ever skip using skincare for your face and your body too!

Like any SPF product, after usage or during shower time, please clean properly so there’s no leftovers on the skin, as Marina UV White Extra SPF 15 contain sun protection please do use it during the morning until the sun sets, no need to use it during the night.

I guess it’s time for me to stop rambling and give you time to start writing! The contest ends on 31st of May 2013.
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