A bit info from wiki:

Sunny (Hangul: 써니; RR: Sseoni; MR: SSŏni) is a South Korean film about a group of middle aged women going through various mid-life struggles, seeking to reunite with each other. The film goes back and forth from their 1980s high school selves, when they first became friends, and their present day selves. It is the second film by director – screenwriter Kang Hyeong-cheol the director of Speedy Scandal.[1] The film was released in May of 2011, and it was the first film to sell over 5 million tickets in South Korea during the 2011 calendar year and is the twelfth highest grossing film in South Korean history.

My say:

I watch the movie during my Tokyo-Singapore flight by Delta Airlines. The smooth operator on flight entertainment is just two thumbs up and with no disturbances whatsoever, I watch the movie in full comfort.

I expect a little on the movie which later on I found myself laughing and then in tears, keeping my self in the realm of Nami and her friends. Overall I love this movie and made a big impression on me that’s why I’m writing these down right now.

The movie started with Nami, a girl from a country side, where in her previous school she was famous, known to be so smart and popular. In the new school, in Seoul, as a newbie she later realize her hillbillies side.

But soon enough she become one of the ‘gank’ in the school where ChoonHwa is the leader. The group is so funny and loves each other. Little that I know South Korea high school got some bullies (scary x.x) and some even use those very sharp objects to scarred their enemies face. Oh nooooooo! Beside the fights, bullying, and yanking hairs, the movie also see the little daily things of the teenagers there. How some already obsessed with beauty and other things that common.

The first crush ^__^ that puppy love, the brand oriented mind,  and how then they all grow up and face adulthood problems. Nami is the luckiest one, a mother of one with a husband that loves her so much . . . financially at least haha!
Too bad when they grow up and meet each other is because to one of the group whose dying wish is to meet all of them again. Why they separate you ask? You have to find it out in the movie? It involved some blood >.<
Watch this movie with your girlfriend or alone, it will definitely spark up some of your younger days version, or if you’re still young enough, be happy with what you have right now!

I give this movie 4 out of 5 popcorn. 3 tissue ratings (yes, you’ll cry for sure) and 3 laugh as well for how naive they are. Best part, I’m cracking up when one of the group show her strong point of cursing the enemies LMAO!