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Hi all ^__^ still remember my recent giveaway for bloggers only?
Here is the 3 bloggers who’s going to get a FREE hair makeover sponsored by L’Oreal Professionnel . . . hoooraayyyyy!!!! Thank you L’Oreal Professionnel!

Take note the criteria of choosing them are based on:
1. Bloggers (active bloggers are preferable)

2. What they choose
3. Their hair and facial condition match for the makeover
4. Last but not least abide to the t&c from, L’Oreal Professionnel, and Lancome.

and they are:

Hanna from will be getting a Korean Wave by Dulcia Advanced.
Gita from will be getting an INOA hair color.

And Christina from will be getting a Japanese Smoothing by X-Tenso Moisturist
Clap clap clap!!! They are going to have their makeover this week and you all will witness their transformation.
Readers? Pay attention! There will be 2 readers (of each blog) that will join the bloggers they choose, for hair treatment day with them, so yes, total 6 readers. Details will be given later so keep on tuning ^__^
Is that all? Nope, remember when I said there will be another surprise for the 3 bloggers (the clue is everywhere in this post)

It is:

Lancome has kindly join the makeover team and will be giving the 3 bloggers a makeover plus getting hampers sponsored by Lancome. Merci beaucoup, Lancome!

Wonderful isn’t it?! Hair makeover by L’Oreal Professionnel plus Rp.500k worth of hampers AND Makeup makeover by Lancome plus hampers too! Don’t forget to read their testimonials after the makeover and comments away 🙂 You never know when the opportunity comes to you.

Have you check out HerWorld Indonesia Sept,2011 edition? Julia is the cover and there’s plenty things offered. I miss reading a good mag, really! I miss the juice of all things beautiful, and now reading a mag is a luxury time for me, I hardly can get one these days. And today, I finally did!
One of the reason I have to get this mag is I’m on it ^___^ haha, and guess what, the beauty editor didn’t change my statement! Love it! Kiehl’s truly deserve the spotlight.
And on the other side is all about hair, oh yes, this month hair is all about being BIG and gorgeous locks that shine and fluffy. Kerastase is there! Hmm, haven’t tried a Bed Head, yet, but I’ll get my hands on them asap. And look at Kate, isn’t she a darling? She is practically everywhere now.

Don’t missed out the beauty polls girls, I know you are late to send it by post, so open up Herworld Indonesia on Facebook and submit them online, you might won some goodies afterwards, but best of all, you’re fave products get the awards.

 In fashion, pumps are still very much alive and many in leather too, from snake to crocodile, I’m all in, gonna get one soon, too bad my feet are 4,5 and I still can’t find one that have my size –__–. so sad, I want one, or maybe I can just get a 5 and add some soles inside? DONE!

Beside all the lovely things I’ve mentioned here, you’ll get lot’s of articles from real life women, events, and  many more. HerWorld is one beauty mag you won’t want to missed!

I’ve been waiting for HerWorld, July 2011 to finally published, why? Because I’m in it. As an avid magazine reader (yes, usually for beauty products and sometime fashion, as in shoes), being in one gives me a thrill on it’s own. So, from now on, I’ll post it on the blog too, which I should have done it years ago when I’m in Singapore, yes, I’ve been in HerWorld Singapore, Singapore’s Women’s Weekly and Simply Her, some even repeatedly but I never think of taking a pic and just remember those moments. Most of the time I’m in a magazine for a review (whoopy) and I just love beauty products and service, that’s why I’m taking my part on it.

That’s me with my Les Divines Alcoves Solid Fragrance from Sephora, I remember kept thinking about the product until I finally get one, it was really a divine and a must have items. It comes in many scents, mine is “you, my lord” toi mon prince (yes, that light green one), I still remember being torn between this one and the light blue one which smell powdery and so soft (too soft perhaps).
This is the article which actually anyone can take part ^_^ when choosen, heehee. I named some products from Clinique High Impact Mascara, Lip and Cheek Stain from The Body Shop, Cherry Lip Balm from Nivea to Pearl Powder from Etude, but I guess the solid fragrance is more appealing (and I think so too, it is much more unique and irreplaceable).