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Hi everybody,

last week is the second event with Shu Uemura Indonesia for their OB collections.

Some of the products are already viewed through the previous post (HERE) while some sold out products are available at Shu Uemura Mal Kelapa Gading counter.

Please do watch the video below:

The products are so cute, right?!


While walking around at the counter, I also see familiar faces, hehehe, me and other fellow bloggers chosen for the cleansing oil varieties. Please do read why we love our cleansing oils and learn which one suits you best.


And since there are makeup and look competition for the princesses, I draw something at my sis’s face to commemorate the occasion ^^ she’s the forest princess.


During the event we have the chance to witness 2 artistes drawing the model from the live makeup demo. There are 4 artistes coming that day and we can see their creations.  It was quite a crowded event and happy to see the traffic from the ongoing lookers.


The live makeup demo is colorful and the live sketch done following the makeup is awesome. I love how the colors blends in together and how the artistes are using the shu uemura products as their tools. Yes, all the linings are made using eyebrow pencils, the blush on are using lipsticks, the colors are from eye shadows, and so on.


Ms. Regina, the Brand Manager of Shu Uemura Indonesia happily shares the new collection, the background and Ms.Sesa share the same sentiment. The princesses are unique and somehow reminds me of fairies ^^


Around 30 minutes the drawing and makeup demo is done. Look at the result? Neat!


Me with Ella, the lovely makeup artist from Shu Uemura.


Last but definitely not least, the products and congratulations to all the winners that day ^^ Enjoy the prizes and love love love to read your report soon ya!


Winners? Yes, all bloggers invited come dressed up like the princess they choose to be and 4 bloggers has been picked and won a pretty palette from Shu Uemura.


Thank you so much!!!

Hello ladies,

thank you so much, since 2009 I’ve been blogging about beauty products and finally after saving some time I’m able to start videos session of Skincare 101.

There will be a bunch of videos with different topic every time, I’m planning to discuss per products range, type, needs and well anything I can separate them into.

You may contribute by commenting in which beauty products you want me to share in the next video and I’ll do my best to do so ^__^

Again, thank you so much, it won’t be happening without you, my lovely readers!!

Hello everyone,

this month Lola Box is a perky bright orange-yellow sunshine, please do see the video here:


There are a lot of items isn’t it?! And I’ll be waiting for next week where Lola will replace the expired item with the new ones.

I’ve tried some of the product now and like Skin79 it will be on a different blog post ^^
But for the rest of the item, I’ll share my personal thoughts here:

Clarins UV+HP11 SPF40 UVA UVB PA+++ Oil Free and Anti Pollution Day Screen Multi Protection.
A milky salmon lotion which distributed easily on the skin for a velvety smooth feeling, a bit glossy but still comfortable to be used daily.

Clarins White Plus Total Luminescent Serum.
A clear cool almost 100% transparent gel that smells so good and freshen up the skin almost instantly. Absorb so fast and leave the skin plump and lovely. I would love to use it everyday just for the texture alone.

Air Lift Toothpaste
A simple toothpaste which have a properties almost like a minty chewing gum, keep giving me a fresh minty feeling up to an hour after brushing the teeth with it. The thick white paste is providing fresh breath, but I think I need more than just a fresh breath, like the one for sensitive teeth.

Masami Shouko Cleansing Sponge and Puff.
Both work well like usual, but I like the puff better since it feels softer on the skin. I know the cleansing sponge help trigger skin simulation but sometime when rub too much during cleansing will irritate my sensitive cheeks.

The Face Shop.
The Clean Face series, Toner and Lotion.
A fragrant collection that tone and moisturize the skin in a light way. I can’t say anything more from the 5 ml products.


That’s it for now, see you on my next post regarding Skin79 and Make Over products that will be sent to my home by Lola Box ^^

Thank you so much!! Keep giving me surprises yaaaa.

Hello gorgeous,

Hada Labo with their one drop locks an ocean, has the line tag for their whitening series, one drop reveal natural fairness.


One Drop Reveals Natural Fairness

A Combination of 3 Types of Hyaluronic Acid for 3X the Hydration Power

The ambassador looks super pretty isn’t she?!


A simple product, no fuss, no frills, just ingredients made for effectiveness, no fragrance nor mineral oil, nothing added that can aggravate the skin. An assurance from Hada Labo for a product that work with the gentleness and ultra light feeling.


Everything that was mentioned above is available at the packaging. Informative and right down to the ingredients. Still in the same belief of moisture that will help the skin solve almost every problem existed.


I use it daily as a toner (like mention in the video) and I love how easy it is. Some lotion are too much while some toner is too drying, Hada Labo lotion for me is always in the right level. The level of toning the skin, softening and hydrating with the lightest feeling possible without disregarding the effects.

Btw, have you redeem the samples? Get it free HERE! Enjoy!!

(T&C only available for readers in Singapore only).

Hi lovelies,

here is the second event last weekend, with shu uemura Indonesia, it’s ob.


Every now and then shu uemura keep collaborating with artist and other iconic designer to make a new items and new design to decorate their must have collections, from the cleansing oil to the mousse.


Since they launched near the spring somehow the collections reminds me of sakura, mamechiyo, and a whole lotta girlie girl princess theme. They are pretty alright and the opposite collection from gothic mon shu girl. Which reminds me of one thing, these collection once sold out, they are gone alright. I remember back in Dec 2012, I want to get myself an eyelash curler with mon shu girl attached, thinking I could wait for a while and later, I have missed those precious moments. So the next time I see something I like from shu uemura limited editions, be sure to get it while it’s hot off the press.


Featuring 4 princesses, moon, ocean, forest and sakura princess. They are dressed and have their hair colored accordingly.


There are many collectibles here, from the compact case to the falsies. So cuteee!!!


The full collections can be seen at their images, but the ones that made it in Indonesia are these:


After looking at those super duper cute irresistible items, I see the demo makeup is finished, and here she is in sakura mode:


And I also want some sakura attached to the eyes, so Ms. Dwi create an ocean sakura for me ^^


Thank you Ms. Dwi and please do take a look at her makeup too, wow! All of the colors of the moon, forest, ocean and sakura are all there.


Then, we have a chance to get a bookmark made freshly by the artists invited. Psst! These artists are using shu uemura’s products as their tools, so they create shapes and colors with the eyebrow pencils, lipstick, eyeshadow, and many more.


Thank you shu uemura Indonesia for having me at the event and don’t forget to see you soon at Mal Kelapa Gading on the 25th of May 2013!!!


See you soon, dressed as one of the princesses and won products from shu uemura ya!

Last but not least, here is my video showing off the products available from the shu uemura ob collections.


From mousse, cleansing oils, lipstick and falsies. Grab them fast!

Hello ladies,

I think by now the brand Paula’s Choice has been heard several times by many beauty bloggers. And since years ago they did land in Indonesia. So they offer me to try some samples from their skincare, cosmetics, and body series.

Sachets samples are given, so I can’t say much about them, just first experiences. And I wont share many details as well since I can’t share much within the 2-5 ml(s) items. Rest assure all of them are available at


There are: Optimal result hydrating cleanser, weekly resurfacing treatment (10% AHA), Daily smoothing treatment (5% AHA), Skin recovery moisturizer, Advanced replenish toner, Skin recovery daily moisturizing lotion with SPF 15, Skin recovery moisturizer, and Resist pure radiance skin brightening treatment, skin recovery super antioxidant concentrate serum.

There are a number of trial and errors since the team from Paula’s Choice Indonesia doesn’t exactly know my skin condition, so the first batch of cleanser for dry skin doesn’t work well on me. Maybe it is for a super dry skin with flakiness. On me the cleanser leave so many leftovers, even for daily debris. When I swipe a cotton of toner, there will be residue of the stuff left uncleaned. 

The toner is okay and hydrating, this one I can use, but a big no no for anything with AHA and BHA from Paula’s Choice. I can’t stand it. The BHA immediately causes the hands to feel numb and itchy, while the AHA on the face causing acne.

The serum and moisturizer is okay but I dislike the scent and the super rich texture. In the end the first batch ends in almost failure. However, the Paula’s team in Indonesia are not a bunch of people who would easily gave up on me, and so do I. I think it’s just a matter of finding the right products for my skin.

The only thing from the first batch that I haven’t try is the Resist pure radiance skin brightening treatment, which I’ll share with you along with the second batch.


So on the second batch they send me more items. Most of them works really well on my skin, so yes, there’s a progress in finding my match ^^. The first item I’ve tried is the Gentle touch makeup remover. It works really well in cleaning the makeup, from the base (look at the image above) and even waterproof mascara and eyeliners (image below) without causing the skin to stress out. No discomfort, no allergies, no itchiness, just a good gentle yet effective cleanser. This is what I need.


And then I followed up with a Moisture boost one step face cleanser and failed. It doesn’t help me in cleaning the residue, and when I use it again the day after without any makeup on, so just for cleaning daily residue (sebum, daily dirts, etc) it still left some. So when I swipe a cotton pad filled with toner, there are dirt, and I can feel the sebum are untouched. I know the difference between a cleanser that does a great job in cleaning yet the skin still feels so moist and soft and supple, but this moisture boost one step face cleanser left too much, even the skin doesn’t feel clean.


Now, how about the rest? The Beautiful body butter is a simple body butter without that oily effect that most body butter have. Suitable for those with sensitive skin since it contain no fragrance whatsoever, I need fragrance on my toiletries heehee! So, I think that’s the only low point on this particular item. The while body butter is easily apply without any stickiness nor grease, so hooray for that.

Wow! It’s been up and down hasn’t it?! It is the reality of skincare and other products, some does work on me, while some just doesn’t. The following item works well on me too, the one item from the first batch I haven’t try: Resist pure radiance skin brightening treatment. This pearly glow product is like a wonder. easily applied on the skin and sunk in leaving the skin soft and for the 5x1ml I can’t say anything about the effective brightening effect, but so far, none from this item bothers me. I love the texture, the feeling on my skin, the natural scent from the ingredients, it is lovely and I’ll keep using it for sure.

Last but not least is the Barely there sheer matte tint in sheer ivory, hmm, it was a tone too dark on me. I look like I just spend a day in the sun on the beach. And for me it’s not barely there, it was  completely there, the coverage is sheer but the feeling is thicker than barely there. After a while, the skin feels itchy too. So, I don’t think this is my favorite product either.

I have one more item, and it’s not a sample size (yippie!!). A Weightless body treatment to help treat my sis’s keratosis pilaris condition on her upper arms. It will be discuss and deliberated on my next post, it might take a while, since a thorough review take weeks up to a month of usage before posting.

So far I have up and down experiences with Paula’s Choice products, but I think since they do have a wide varieties of the products I can choose, I’m still positive in finding more items that are made for me.

Thank you.

Hello lovelies,

finally I have the time to finish writing about these wonderful products I’ve been using for some time. I am amazed on how the texture can be so light and fulfilling at the same time, it was like instantly absorbed. Perhaps it is due to the water-based ingredients, ohh yums!

And just a bit of history here, before all of these goodies come, the team from V10Plus ask me to do some check list on my skin condition. Where later they’ll give me products suitable for my skin based on consultation sheet, cool isn’t it?! So the result are suitable items for my unique skin. 


I’ve done my checking and there are items that get more than 3 points: BIO CELL Serum and Ceramide Serum. The team from V10Plus add one more serum for me, the Collagen Serum. An ingredients that I used to avoid since somehow it made the acne appears. Will V10Plus Collagen Serum gives my skin the same effect?


To understand a product, I have to use it accordingly, V10Plus is equipped with step by step guide as well … what, no toner before the serum? Nope! Apparently the serum texture itself is quite light and doesn’t need anything before usage, a clean and dry skin is enough.


Here are my babies, the Collagen, Ceramide, and BIO CELL serums. The one that I’m really curious about is Ceramide, I know I’ve been using Ceramide based ingredients for my hair, as it helps the damage part to be strong and healthy again. I guess it’s not just my hair needs the Ceramide, my skin’s too.


The bottles are in different colors, they are so cute, and I think the texture of the serums should be the same to0, or isn’t? Soon, I’ll find out.


From 10 different ingredients, I am going to review 3 of them, heehee so excited!!

Here are some info from

What is BIO CELL?

BIO CELL encourages the production of energy in the skin cells. BIOCELL in your skin continues to decrease as you get older. V 10 plus slows down the symptom of aging very similar in molecular structure to estrogen. Estrogen is called the “beauty hormone”, which keeps the skin youthful. But estrogen secretion decreases dramatically from your late 40’s, so you have to supply BIO CELL to your skin.

BIO CELL is good for…

DNA Repair, Skin Cells Repair, Anti-wrinkle, Prevention of melanin production
What is Ceramide?

Ceramide is the main component of intercellular lipid, which keeps water in the skin and also protects your skin from external stimulus, such as air drying or ultraviolet ray. Lack of Ceramide depresses the barrier function of skin and causes dryness and roughness of the skin.

Ceramide is good for…

Dryness and sensitive skin. It fills in the damaged horny layer and enforces the barrier function of skin. V 10 PLUS Ceramide serum uses vegetable Ceramide, which is extracted from rice polishings.

What is Collagen?

Collagen dominates about 80% of dermis and keeps the elasticity and juvenility of the skin. It decreases after your mid-20s, so you have to replenish collagen to keep your skin looking young. 

Collagen is good for…

Wrinkles and elasticity. V 10 PLUS serum uses marine collagen which is  FRESH SEA BREAM’s SCALE. It contains more amino acids and its molecule is smaller than the pig’s and cow’s collagen, so it has more penetration power. Also, as it contains marine elastin, you can regain soft skin with this combination. 

Neat, right?! All the details provided by them and please do read on their Brand History to learn more about V10Plus.


The one I’m going to take pictures is the green one, Ceramide Serum, why? The texture of the serum is the one I found to the thickest and almost like a gel. BIO CELL and Collagen are runnier than Ceramide. This is fascinating for me ^__^ since maybe from all those 10 they all have different viscosity according to each of their ingredients.


Currently all of them are made in Japan and have the exact same clear transparent colors. I found no allergy or any kind of discomfort from using them (all three of them).


I uses them daily according to my moods and figuring out my skin’s need at that time of application, so I’ve used all three, mixed all three, and any condition I want. One thing for sure, each usage is 3 drops. It could be 3 drops of Ceramide, 3 drops of BIO CELL, 3 drops of Collagen, 2 drops of Ceramide + 1 drop of BIO CELL, 1 drop of Collagen + 1 drop of BIO CELL + 1 drop of Ceramide, etc, it was a very fun activity for me, which kinda made me wish having all 10 of them ^__^ just to satisfy my ideas or creativity heehee.

The best thing about this serum are they contain NO paraben, NO chemical fragrance (they literally smell like nothing at all), NO artificial color, NO mineral oil, when opened it has to be finished within 6 months, so yes, they are included as fresh products.


Like mentioned, I’ve used all three of them including the Collagen, and I’ve suffered zero acne. The Ceramide is a huge hit for me since it help my skin to retain moisture/hydration way better than any other serum I’ve used. I know I have to keep using them so I can see visible result, but so far for these past few weeks the feeling and sensation I get is just wonderful. Like the products are custom made for my skin.

The BIO CELL actually feels like nothing on my skin and so far I haven’t found new wrinkles/lines, hopefully in the long run it’ll help reducing the wrinkles or at least keeping me stay younger longer ^___^

And I’ve tried them with other products from other brands as well and so far they are okay. Okay as in able to be used together and in fact, adding more benefits to my skin. Since the serums are all water based they are better to be used before any other products that may contain oil or other ingredients that will block the absorption. None of other products that I’ve tried to be as light as V10Plus serums, so suggestion from the V10Plus team about using it before any other product from other brand is proven to be correct.

I know we are used to get a serum in the market which already made just as it is, in V10Plus customers can have a precised ingredients which is benefit for their individualized skin. 10 serums with hundreds of possibilities for mix and match. For me these serums aren’t just my serums for life but things may chance, my hormones, age, or I can move to another country with different climates, and changes happens. I can easily get another series of serums from V10Plus, so I think they are not the kind of unchangeable, one size fits for life, permanent serums. They are like serums that grow with you where you can choose the one that fit you at that moment. 

Will I keep using it? Definitely! Will I recommend these products to my loved ones? Yes!

Hello everyone,

fresh report ready for your delight.

It’s today’s event with The Body Shop Indonesia


Press Release and Product Knowledge freshly caught from The Body Shop Indonesia.
Moisture White Shiso BB Serum Inside
Product Launch

Moisture White™ Shiso BB Serum Inside
·       71 % dari 100 perempuan Asia yang mencobanya melihat kulitnya menjadi lebih cerah secara instant ketika menggunakan Moisture White™ Shiso BB Serum Inside.
·      Memiliki 8 manfaat: Brightening (mencerahkan), instant hydration (hidrasi instan), natural finish (tampak natural), easily blendable (mudah berbaur dengan kulit), uv protection (melindungi dari sinar ultraviolet), soothing (menyegarkan), evens skin tone (meratakan warna kulit), lightweight (ringan di kulit).
·      Mengandung vitamin C yang merupakan antioksidan untuk mengurangi produksi melanin berlebih.
·      Mengandung tanaman akar manis (liquorice) yang meningkatkan kecerahan kulit.
·      Mengandung tanaman lidah buaya (aloe vera) organik yang membuat kulit sejuk dan nyaman.

Sejarah BB Cream
·       BB Cream pertama kali digunakan di Jerman pada tahun 1960.
·       BB Cream pertama kali dibuat oleh seorang dermatologist bernama Dr. Christine Schrammek.
·       BB Cream awalnya dibuat untuk perawatan kulit sensitif para pasien setelah mengalami berbagai perlakuan pada saat operasi seperti pengelupasan, operasi dengan laser, perawatan jerawat dan lain-lain.
·       Dr. Christine Schrammek kemudian mengkomersialkan BB Cream sebagai blemish balm.
·       BB Cream diperkenalkan ke Jepang dan Korea pada 1985.
·       BB Cream populer di Korea Selatan yang sangat mendambakan kulit sehat dan halus bersinar. Para selebriti Korea Selatan (yang memiliki karakter kulit dambaan tersebut) menggunakan produk BB Cream dan kemudian BB Cream dikenal sebagai rahasia aktris-aktris Korea.

Manfaat BB Cream
·       Perempuan-perempuan Korea menggunakan BB Cream sebagai penganti foundation karena manfaatnya yang dapat menutupi flek hitam atau bekas jerawat dikulit wajah.
·       BB Cream bukan hanya sebagai base makeup, namun saat ini telah berkembang dengan ditambahkan benefit untuk perawatan dan perlindungan kulit, sehingga dapat disebut sebagai produk perawatan kulit multi fungsi.

Manfaat Serum
·       Serum merupakan produk perawatan kulit untuk meningkatkan tampilan kulit dengan konsentrasi bahan aktif dan kandungan nutrisi yang lebih tinggi dari produk lain.
·       Serum dapat menembus hingga ke lapisan kulit yang lebih dalam secara lebih cepat dan efektif karena memiliki molekul-molekul yang lebih kecil. Sedangkan molekul-molekul produk cream hanya berada pada lapisan kulit luar.

·       Shiso merupakan nama Jepang dari tanaman Perilla frutescens varietas crispa.
·       Tanaman ini digunakan dalam berbagai kuliner Jepang. Daun shiso hijau utuh biasa digunakan untuk alas dalam menyajikan wasabi(kuliner pedas khas Jepang), atau berbagai tsuma (hiasan kuliner) dan ken (lobak).
·       Shiso dipercaya mengurangi tanda-tanda pembuatan melanin dini sehingga kulit lebih cerah bercahaya.


While Ms. Laila continues with the demo, team The Body Shop shares more and Q&A as well with the media.

The Body Shop® Luncurkan Moisture White Shiso BB Serum Inside:
BB Cream Dengan Kandungan Serum Yang Memiliki 8 Manfaat

Cara praktis untuk base make up sekaligus membantu melindungi kulit wajah dari sinar matahari serta merawat kulit agar menjadi lebih cerah

Jakarta, 7 Mei 2013 – The Body Shop® menghadirkan Moisture White Shiso BB Serum Inside kepada masyarakat Indonesia. BB Cream yang dikombinasikan dengan serum tersebut dirancang khusus untuk kulit Asia. Di dalamnya antara lain mengandung bahan Shiso yang membantu meratakan dan mencerahkan kulit wajah, serta SPF25 PA+++ yang bisa melindungi kulit perempuan Indonesia dari sinar ultra violet sebagai akibat dari perubahan iklim. 

Peluncuran Moisture White Shiso BB Serum Insidedigelar di Jakarta pada Selasa (7/5) yang diisi dengan talkshow dan demo oleh The Body Shop®. Hadir sebagai pembicara di acara tersebut Astrid Indrasari, Training Manager The Body Shop® Indonesia, dan dr. Amaranila Lalita Sp.KK, Dermatologist, serta artis Mellisa Karim sebagai moderator.

Astrid Indrasari mengatakan The Body Shop®  terus melakukan berbagai inovasi dalam menciptakan produk kecantikan alami. Demi menemukan bahan-bahan alami terbaik dan mempersembahkan produk dengan manfaat bagi kecantikan alami konsumennya. Kali ini The Body Shop® memperkenalkan Moisture White™ Shiso BB Serum Inside, BB cream pertamayang terdapat kandungan serum didalamnya dan dirancang khusus untuk kulit perempuan Asia termasuk Indonesia.

dr. Amaranila Lalita Drijono Sp.KK menambahkan bahwa BB Cream merupakan sebuah revolusi didalam dunia kosmetik kecantikan, dimana dahulu, BB Cream (Blemish Balm Cream) awalnya dibuat di Jerman hanya untuk membantu menutupi bercak-bercak kemerahan atau dark spot pada kulit   para pasien setelah tindakan peremajaan kulit dengan laser,  pengelupasan bedah kimiawi,  operasi dengan laser dan lain-lain. Kemudian BB cream dikembangkan oleh Korea sehingga menjadi trend di industri kosmetik saat ini, dengan mengembangkan BB cream bukan semata krim pelindung yang hanya berfungsi sebagai foundation/alas bedak yang membantu menutupi bercak-bercak tersebut (efek kosmetik) tapi juga mampu memberi nilai tambah untuk perawatan kulit si pemakai dengan ditambahkannya berbagai bahan aktif yang bekerja semisal untuk melindungi kulit dari sinar matahari, melindungi  kulit dari radikal bebas, mengobati jerawat ringan hingga membantu menyehatkan kulit seperti mencerahkan warna kulit.

Moisture White Shiso BB Serum Inside merupakan produk yang memiliki delapan manfaat, yaitu Brightening, Instant Hydration, Natural Finish, Soothing, UV Protection with SPF 25+++, Lightweight, Evens skin tone, Easy blend able. Jadi moisture White Shiso BB Serum Inside lebih dari sekadar BB Cream. Moisture White Shiso BB Serum Inside berfungsi sebagai base make up sekaligus merawat kulit. Perempuan saat ini menginginkan produk yang lengkap dan Moisture White Shiso BB Serum Inside merupakan produk make-up yang dapat juga sekaligus merawat dan melindungi kulit wajah,” kata Astrid Indrasari.

Moisture White Shiso BB Serum Inside diramu dengan berbagai bahan-bahan spesial seperti tanaman tradisional Jepang Shiso, vitamin C, tanaman akar manis (liquorice), dan lidah buaya organik. Shiso merupakan sejenis mint yang dipercaya mengurangi tanda-tanda awal produksi melanin pada kulit sehingga kuit lebih cerah dan bercahaya. Vitamin C merupakan antioksidan yang sudah dikenal luas dan membantu mengurangi produksi melamin berlebih. Tanaman akar manis kaya akan kandungan flavonoids dan dikenal meningkatkan kecerahan kulit. Lidah buaya memberikan rasa segar dan sejuk pada kulit.

dr. Amaranila Lalita Drijono Sp.KK menjelaskan bahan-bahan alami yang terkandung didalam Moisture White™ Shiso BB Serum Inside merupakan bahan-bahan dasar yang aman bagi kulit dan punya manfaat bagi kesehatan  kulit.  Contohnya, kandungan bahan lidah buaya yang memberikan efek calming (menenangkan) ini cukup penting dan bermanfaat bagi kulit perempuan Indonesia. Jenis warna kulit perempuan Indonesia seperti bagian dari perempuan Asia lainnya itu mempunyai lebih banyak pigmen sehingga lebih mudah menjadi  gelap bila mengalami iritasi ringan sekalipun seperti yang ditimbulkan oleh gesekkan, garukan, panas, adanya kontak dengan  beberapa bahan kimiawi tertentu yang dapat bersifat iritan bagi kulit, yang kesemuanya ini dapat menyebabkan  warna kulit menjadi lebih gelap, timbul bercak gelap pada kulit atau flek kehitaman. Atau dengan kata lain, setiap iritasi pada tipe kulit Asia akan berpotensi membuat warna kulit menjadi gelap. Adanya Aloe Vera atau Lidah Buaya dengan efek calming diharapkan mampu meredam iritasi-iritasi tersebut, sehingga mampu membantu mencegah terbentuknya noda gelap pada kulit Asia.

Moisture White Shiso BB Serum Inside khusus dikembangkan untuk perempuan Asia dan telah diuji. Dari 100 perempuan Asia yang mencobanya, 71% melihat kulit mereka tampak lebih baik secara instant pada saat penggunaan. Produk ini terbukti memiliki manfaat kecerahan dan meningkatkan kemilau kulit. Hal tersebut hasil dari bahan-bahan organik, sehingga juga aman untuk kulit dan pemakainya tidak perlu khawatir adanya efek samping bahan-bahan kimia.

Bahan-bahan organik dibeli dengan sistem Community Fair Trade yang menguntungkan masyarakat-masyarakat lokal. Bahan aloe vera untuk Moisture White Shiso BB Serum Inside dibeli melalui Community Fair Trade dari Guatemala dan pembelian itu digunakan untuk membantu instalasi pompa air irigasi untuk petani-petani daerah El Progreso, Guatemala.


Tentang The Body Shop® Indonesia
The Body Shop® merupakan natural  and ethical beauty brand yang berasal dari Inggris. The Body Shop® terus menerus mencari bahan-bahan alami dari seluruh penjuru dunia untuk menghadirkan kepada Anda produk-produk yang sangat efektif, untuk menambah kecantikan alami Anda. The Body Shop® Indonesia beroperasi  sejak 1992 telah tumbuh dan berkembang bersama masyarakat Indonesia selama 20 tahun dan memiliki lebih dari 79 toko yang tersebar di hampir seluruh wilayah Indonesia. Sebagai  perusahaan yang mempunyai tanggung jawab yang tinggi terhadap masyarakat, secara berkelanjutan The Body Shop® Indonesia menjalankan program tanggung jawab perusahaan (Corporate Social Responsibility/CSR) melalui nilai – nilai sosial yang disebut values of The Body Shop® antara lain Defend Human Rights, Protect Our Planet,  Against Animal Testing,  Community Trade, Activate Self-Esteem. Kantor Pusat The Body Shop® Indonesia yang berlokasi di Bintaro, Tangerang adalah pemenang Green Office Competition 2009.
Informasi mengenai The Body Shop Indonesia dapat dilihat di

Psst! All the white stripes is: Moisture White Shiso BB Serum Inside.

As always The Body Shop doesn’t just deliver wonderful products but a helping hands to those who needs.


And have all the fun ^___^ by doing good.


Now let’s see the products shall we?! It’s a BB Cream with Serum Inside, wait, so it is a serum? Nope, but has a potent like serum. So you don’t have to be confused whether it has to be used before moisturizer like normal serum. This BB Cream is supposed to be used like any normal BB Cream.


Don’t forget to check out their details while doing so.


Here’s the product, on the hand it appears so white, but wait, after blending in, it will give the skin a sheer finish with healthy complexion without being too much. Below I’ll share a video of my transformation using the BB Shiso.


After trying on my hands, the model has finish with all the makeup as well.


And picture time!!!! Without the products,


and with the products ^___^


Try the full collection for an optimum and overall experience of Moisture White with The Body Shop. Oh and at the event, TBS also bring the Shiso leaves, oranges, they are all the ingredients inside Moisture White. Shiso alse one of the eatable plants, Japanese and Korean has been using it as one of their menu.


From the nature to the skin. Calming, brightening and in the end helps to lighten up the skin to become fairer, less spots and a more even skin tone.


I think all of you understand completely and ready to see the product in action, without further ado, here’s the video, from the Sharing session, a bit Q&A, and my makeover!


The BB Shiso feels light on the skin, no tackiness nor heaviness found. Like I’m in my own skin and the shade just blends in, yes, it only come in one shade fits all.


I’m leaving you with the ads on how the BB Shiso gives 8 benefits in 1 and the full collection.

Thank you The Body Shop Indonesia.


Hello ladies,

another product from V 10 Plus. It’s the Cleanser from the Luminous Series.


Details from :

Type: Luminous

Clearer skin day after day

Brightening gel cleanser that helps to cleanse impurities thoroughly without ripping off the skin’s natural moisture film. It promotes brightening for a clear and luminous complexion. It contains magnesium ascorbyl phosphate to brighten dull-looking skin caused by external environmental pollution while aloe barbadensis leaf extract and rice bran extract help to improve skin barrier function and moisturise the skin to keep it clean, smooth and supple.

Directions: Squeeze a pea sized amount of cleanser, lather it with water and massage over the face. Rinse off well with water

Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate or MAP is known as Vit C in a safe form, here’s a details from

magnesium ascorbyl phosphate

Rating: Best
Antioxidants , Vitamins

Form of vitamin C that is considered stable and an effective antioxidant for skin (Sources: Photochemistry and Photobiology, June 1998, pages 669–675; and Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, March 1997, pages 795–801). This form of vitamin C is also known to increase skin’s hydration levels and improve its elasticity (Source: Skin Research and Technology, August 2008, pages 376–380).
For skin lightening, there is only a single study showing it to be effective for inhibiting melanin production (Source: Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, January 1996, pages 29–33). The study concluded that a moisturizer with a 10% concentration of magnesium ascorbyl phosphate “suppressed melanin formation…. The lightening effect was significant in 19 of 34 patients with chloasma or senile freckles and in 3 of 25 patients with normal skin.”  We’re only aware of one product (Dermalogica MAP-15 Regenerator) that contains the amount of magnesium ascorbyl phosphate the study indicated is necessary for lightening skin.

I think Paula’s Choice website is my favorite place to go now, she helps me a lot in understanding ingredients and therefore understanding a product way better, from ingredients to what it actually does to the skin and all it’s benefits. Please do refer directly to the page for the rest of the ingredients above.

Now. back to the review, so, the product does contain a very good ingredient which Paula’s said to be the best (for that one particular ingredient, the other will have to depend on the quality since there are several types and forms).


Let’s open it up and review more from my experience point of view. The packaging is very simple and looks like a pearl has landed all over ^___^ Doesn’t look expensive or luxurious. The details and product details given is adequate and right to the point.


In English and Japanese since the product is sold in Singapore and Japan. The pearly white packaging also represent what’s inside, a pearly white creamy gel.


So easy to lather on and gives enough foaming action. But a foaming tools from Japan would be great as a partner (that white thingy, which made from soft material, kinda plastic-ky, or perhaps rubbery) oh well, an image does means thousand words, here it is:

A bubble foam net (and I miss Japan so much) in Japan there are so many bubble foam net to help consumer to achieve that perfect foam. Since they studied that the denser and thicker it is, the better it helps cleaning the face.

Use it with the cleanser (or just about any cleanser you have at home) and a perfect foam will emerge.


(the image above is the cleanser without bubble foam net)

Applied the foam on the face and gently massage the skin well with it. If makeup is used, especially waterproof ones, use a makeup cleanser first before this cleanser. V10Plus Luminous Series Brightening Cleanser is not made to remove makeup, and I think it is best for daily debris or as a double cleanser after makeup removing or cleansing milk.


Result: A clean face without striping the moisture off, gentle yet gives the skin enough clean feeling. I find it suitable to be use daily and love to have it at home.

Hi all!!!

It’s pampering timeeeee. Last week was a very busy week and indulging in a mask can be a bit of luxury moment yet sometime time is not on my side. But with this mask, 5 minutes is enough.


Details from

If your skin looks dehydrated, this 5-minute moisture facial restores moisture balance.

Diminishes the appearance of dry lines.
Leaves skin looking smooth and perfectly hydrated.


Carefully examine the how to, use it on a pre-cleansed skin and add the toner. Apply a thick layer, make sure the gel reaches everywhere and leave it on. It does says 5 minutes but I can use it as long as I want, like 15 or even 30 minutes, depends on my availability on that day. The mask can be used daily as well to boost up the hydrating level on the skin until the desired level is achieved.

Do you know where to test your skin hydration level? Many beauty counters have a tool for that, anyone can get a free skin check up, including at Lancome’s. I’ve test mine for the before and after. The skin hydration level does increase after the usage of Hydra Intense Masque.


The aroma is just wonderful and refreshing, somehow it smells like aqua. The milky light blue gel is cooling on my skin, I use it to help my skin get a hydrating effect before starting the day. Yes, this kind of mask may be used just about anytime during the day . . . or night.

Remove the leftover with a tissue and continue with any moisturizer I have according to my skin’s need at that moment. The skin become so moist and plumped. But the result is not as velvety as mentioned, it’s more to the slippery than velvety. And of left too long and all the gel has lost it’s ‘water’, the skin will become a bit sticky.


Here are the ingredients:

Hmm, some may have allergic reactions . . . if you experience itchiness, redness, or other form of discomfort, that could be allergy. But so far, I haven’t experience any of that.


Thank you Lancome Indonesia, you’ve pampered my skin with hydration.