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Philips Satin Perfect

Hello ladies,

these tool has been my best friend for years. It’s a perfect solution to be used at home. Since I’m not qualified in waxing, shaving is known to have ‘side effects’ such as darken the area where shaved, to more hair growth (either rumor or true, I choose not to do it) and the growth also faster compared to epilating. Pull the hair out. Yes, it is a bit painful but there are some tricks I know up to my sleeves \^0^/


This is the box, inside there’s the product, product warranty, details, information and some attachments to be used along plus the charger.


Beside as an epilator there’s a shaving head as well, just in case shaving is needed instead of epilating. Everything is neatly tucked in inside the box after opening I can throw away that big box because a pouch is provided enough for the whole item.


6 cool features inside one. Here’s some details from

And beside all those wonderful things above there are small items which I think made them into perfection, a small brush to clean in between the grid.


A tweezers which I can use to tidy up the brow. It got small mirror and equipped with light, small, handy and very convenient during traveling, or just about anywhere. 


The tweezers when the lights is off.


And of course the main attraction, the epilator, it have lights as well so I wont missed small hairs. I love the fact that the product is cordless, so I can easily move the product anywhere I please and sleek too in terms of design. The battery last quite long, 40 minutes non stop for me means no hair underarm. legs, feminine area and hands as well. The charging time also decently fast with a screen to show me when it’s done, so there’s no room for overcharge or undercharge.


There’s the indicator.

Now, as mentioned above epilating can be a bit painful, so here’s some tips from me:

1. Avoid epilating during and before menstrual period as the skin is more sensitive.
2. Do the epilating after a warm shower/bath as the skin pores is loosen.
3. Never do it on a broken skin (broken as in boo boo, other kind of irritation, and other irregular condition).
4. If you happen to have very sensitive skin or easily irritated use a tea tree oil or skin soother after epilating.
5. Hair removal cream 5-10 minutes before epilating will weaken the hair and make epilating painless but some hair may broke and not pulled from the roots.
6. Do not sunbath before and after epilating, at least 48 hours before and after.
7. Rinse the skin with cold clean water after epilating to help ‘closing the deal’ (the skin) if skin soother is not available.
8. Don’t forget to read the manual carefully before using any tools/appliance ^__^

That’s it, hope it helps!

ZAP Alam Sutra

Hello babes,

yesterday I went to ZAP at Alam Sutra

Alam Sutra – Tangerang
Ruko Alam Sutra Town Center
Jl. Alam Sutera Boulevard 10B No.31 – Tangerang
(021)-3306 4040


I’m not a regular in the neighborhood so I’m not familiar but the location, here’s some clue, it is right across Living World and in front of a Karaoke place.


Here it is. Bigger than the one in Belleza and Woltermonginsidi. For me it’s like a comfy hotel. Let’s look inside.


The walls are decorated in green and white tiles. On the first floor the guest can sit down and wait for their friends or families whose having a treatment.

I hope soon there’s a cafe here so waiting wont be an issue.


Or walk around outside and there’s Dapur Coklat in the neighborhood plus coffee shops. I love the clean atmosphere, perhaps because it is new, but I hope they keep it like this, nice and tidy but more seats please on the first floor 🙂


I went on the second floor for my treatment, this is my 4th Brazilian and underarms IPL. I’ve been went through  4 different experiences:

– After first IPL the number of hair decreasing is highly significant and the ‘pain’ also the most from all the other session I’ve been since there’s still so much hair. What I meant by pain is the sharp feeling when the IPL lighted the area. Like ant bites.
– On the second session which is exactly during PMS my skin is more sensitive and the staff have to reduce the power.
– Exactly on this session I know fast is better, instead of kept asking me every single zap, I requested the staff to keep on moving and it all end faster and the result for me are better as well, the ‘pain’ as in ant bites are gone after a second so actually I can tolerate why they say painless. And on the 3rd session as well I’ve noticed the hair grew longer than before, less is definitely in terms of quality but seems longer.
-This is my 4th session, the hair become less and less, on the underarm area the hair was become finer and finer and almost all out. While on the other hand the private area seems to taking it slow. So far 50% reduced is visible, but still have a lot, maybe I’m just hairy.


Yesterday I got a chance to look at three rooms here. One with private toilet and shower room while 2 are rather smaller.

All equipped with a clean bed and small pillow.

Mirrors, fridge, machine and TV.


Customer don’t have to bring anything here, a clothe is provided during treatment, but if you’re having cold feet (literally and due to anxiety) socks is very comfy during Brazilian. You may bring some toys as well to calm down the nerves. I know I’m nervous even thou has gone through this several time, dunno why, it’s not that painful, it’s just worry.

Although, on the fourth session I find the place much more comfortable than the one in Belleza or Woltermonginsidi, this place like a comfy hotel for me.


Relaxing and calming too. I think this branch is my favorite for IPL ^__^ while the one in Woltermonginsidi is my favorite for Beauty Treatments thanks to the pretty doctors and Belleza for Ms. Ayun, my first IPL was with her and she fast as in A.S.A.P, I like her work.


Ooohh the fridge, I love the gel when it is super duper cold as it numbs the area and I can go with higher power thanks to the freezing gel.


Each room is accompanied with all the appliance and important ‘ingredients’, but my favorite amenities is …

TV has successfully made any treatment went on faster and sometime I wish the treatment last longer so I can watch my favorite show longer ^__^

Thanks for the cable and wide selection of channel, I’m enjoying my self here.

The result of my fourth session, I’ve noticed the hair become less and less and I can’t wait for my 5th, the cold gel definitely handy and I’ll request the coldest one on next treatment and I’ve noticed the underarm area has become fairer than ever before.

Love it!

ZAP’s New Treatment

Hi everybody,

last week I was invited by ZAP to promote the new Beauty Center.

The location is still in the same place as ZAP hair removal, which is at Woltermonginsidi, Kebayoran Baru. With a cafe right below and free wifi, those who wait for our treatment can happily assist us and enjoy a nice meal . . . and I hope someday they’ll make it a non-smoking area, as it is inside an air-con room.

When I’m arrived the event already started, I blamed the traffic that day. The beautiful doctor is explaining about the treatments, how it works, and how to make it possible. The Q&A’s also run so well, the audience is excited and seems eager to know more. Who doesn’t?! The Photo Facial, Pore & Wrinkle Reduction, all sounds so interesting and too good to be true. Say good bye to dark spots, large pores and wrinkle never sounds easier.

With many promotions and comfortable spaces, I move on to the second floor to try on the treatments. I’m trying the one for the eyes.

Eyes? Yes, the Pore & Wrinkle Reduction is available for overall full face or just the eyes.

Below is the price list:

You may click any images to see it in larger view.

Now, as I enter the room, it was comfy and I must say, I’m a bit afraid, afraid that it might be painful. I see those machines and somehow got chicken out.

But I assured you the treatment is unlike those facial treatments in some places where pain is one of the key ingredients, here, the beauty treatments are comfortable and fast. Yes, very fast! In terms of treatment time and showing result.

From the machines for body, they also have a skin analizer, I get to know my skin’s age, wrinkles, lines, dark spots and other condition as well.

Now, let’s see the result of my eye treatment, shall we?!

A 10 minutes process has reduced fine lines at my eyes, visibly seen under the eyes but not the eye bags. The treatment start with cleaning the eyes, put a lubricant and massage the area with a metal thingy, 5 minutes per eye and done! Very fast right?! Now, I must say when using a contact lenses it is best to remove it first before the treatment so it wont keep being pressed. I feel discomfort when the metal thingy run on top of the eye balls.

And after the eyes are treated, ZAP kindly gave me a treatment for the tummy, since I have a lot of stretchmarks and the skin are sagging (so no image ya, I’m too embarrass to show anyone), the treatment is 40 minutes and it was comfortable. After the treatment, the skin does appears smoother and softer but since only the skin (not the muscle) so overall the area is still ‘going down’. So I need another treatment and ZAP will also caters the need of slimming ^0^ hooray!

Stay tune for more news regarding ZAP!

My First ZAP-ing in Bellezza

Hello everyone!

This is my first time trying IPL in Zap, I’ve visited the branch in Bellezza. Please refer to for any details needed.

Or follow them at these social medias:

They have many promotion going on including ZAP lifetime guarantee after your 8th treatment. Which is so cool and show how they focused on the client’s need and satisfaction.

You can check the pricelist directly at their website, and the prices are reasonable. I thought it gonna be super duper expensive helloooo, IPL are famous for being expensive, I know a place that put thousands of dollars tag for the whole treatments.

In ZAP after the 8th, yes, a lifetime guarantee:

ZAP Lifetime Warranty

ZAP Warranty
If you require more than 8 treatments, you`ll be eligible for deeply discounted treatments under our hair removal maintenance program for the rest of your life.
Some client never need a maintenance treatment while others may decide they want one periodically to maintain great results. It`s part of our commitment to deliver the best beauty treatment experience possible.
Term & Condition :

  • Valid Identification card is required to show before treatment
  • After 8x ZAP, we will only do treatment on area that still have hair growing.

Ooh, more promotion, yippiee! Can’t see the details? Don’t worry, go to their web or chat with the friendly staffs.

Or come by at their outlets:

Jakarta Barat (10am – 9pm)
Belleza Shopping Arcade, lantai 1 no.38
Jl.Letjen Soepono No.34 Arteri permata Hijau
Kebayoran Lama
(021)-33337330, (021)-94927927

Jakarta Selatan
Jl. Woltermongisidi No.14E
Kebayoran Baru,
Jakarta Selatan
(021)-71500007 , (021)-7206333

Cihampelas Walk
Ground Floor, Unit No. 28 & 29
Jl. Cihampelas No. 160
(022)-2061195, (022)-61007773

Jl. Blambangan No. 35 – Raya Darmo
Surabaya Pusat
(031)-5610262, (031)-72621000

Still don’t have the time to do so? Call them and they’ll do a home service, nice!


After finding out more about ZAP, I went into my treatment room and I’m so nervous about what’s going to happen there. My treatments are for underarm and Brazilian, yes, the whole area down there.

I know many many many people are curious and wanting to know the process of IPL please read it here: ZAP did provide you with all the details including this:

Saat kamu di ZAP, kamu akan merasakan rasa hangat yang bertahan hingga beberapa detik. Selain itu sebagian orang juga merasakan rasa ‘clekit’ dibawah kulit. Rasa ini sering di deskripsikan seperti dijepret karet kecil. Rasa tidak nyaman ini, tidaklah seberapa dibandingkan dengan ketidaknyamanan saat melakukan waxing. Walaupun hanya sedikit yang mengalami, efek samping seperti kulit kemerahan maupun pembengkakan mungkin terjadi. Efek samping ini dapat bertahan selama beberapa menit hingga beberapa hari kemudian.
Jika dilakukan dengan teknologi yang benar, dan dilakukan oleh operator dengan jam terbang yang tinggi, efeksamping yang mungkin terjadi dapat di hindari. Pengalaman ZAP telah melakukan lebih dari 40.000 prosedur hair removal menjadikan ZAP telah belajar banyak untuk meminimalkan efek samping yang mungkin terjadi maupun rasa tidak nyaman dari treatment hair removal. Ikuti instruksi sebelum dan setelah treatment ZAP, dan selalu berkomunikasi dengan theraphist ZAP saat melakukan treatment.

Now see the video of my first underarm session in ZAP.


So every session it will be like shown above, fast, carefully and professionally.

And here’s my step by step review:

Yes, the image is definitely not pretty, I know, the constant shaving for this past few decades has been the cause. That’s why I took IPL with open arms, widely open underarm ^__^

The therapist carefully checked on my hairs condition whether it is a suitable or not for IPL, and yes, they are suitable, they are black, thick and a lot (why oh why, my mom have almost zero underarm hairs and I got abundant).

Then she cleaned the area, oh yes, my therapist is Ms. Ayun. Ms. Ayun, cleaned it and prepare the skin for shaving. Using a disposable one time only shavers then an after shaved is used. After couple of seconds the blue cold gel is applied on the skin, so the skin stays cool while the roots the one getting ‘light-ed’.


The cold gel is cool and wonderful, and my heart beats so fast haha, I’m so afraid of the pain, I have zero tolerance of pain.

Then . . . it’s ZAP-ing time! Oh wait, it’s not painful. Ms. Ayun kept asking me how it is so the whole treatment is a pleasing experience. Yes, there are a few sudden feeling like bitten by ant, fire ant 😀 but it was like 1/100 compared to waxing and with no side effect like from shaving (ingrown, ouch!). Client can ask the therapist to go higher with the level or lower as everyone’s ability against pain is different. But, if I can handle it, most people can too \^0^/

There are some mixed feeling of the coldness of the gel and the heat from the IPL’s head but overall the session is pleasing and fast too.

I still need more sessions, why?

Terdapat 3 fase dalam pertumbuhan rambut, yaitu anagen, catagen, dan telogen. Hanya rambut yang sedang dalam fase anagen yang mampu menyalurkan energi panas sampai ke akarnya. Sementara rambut-rambut yang sedang pada fase catagen dan telogen akan melanjutkan siklusnya ke fase anagen yang dapat di treatment pada kedatangan berikutnya ke ZAP.

And now, my Brazilian.
I can’t show you any images or video, but I can tell you the experience, it was embarrassing haha! Naked with a stranger but really, Ms. Ayun is a pro, she makes the whole session comfortable and bearable (in terms of being super shy).

The heat felt more down there so she lowered the level of IPL. For both underams it took us around 20 minutes for the whole session while for Brazilian is 45 minutes, front and back, and all the way behind, beneath and a bit inside. Yes, all the hairs down there. The process is the same, cleaning, marking, shaving, cold gel and IPL section by section as there are many hidden ‘objects’ heehee.

And when I’m done, there’s no more heat felt, no inflammation (like after most waxing), no pain whatsoever. It was just that and it’s done. There are some does and dont’s including before coming to ZAP thou’:

Jangan mencabut rambut, waxing, menggunakan krim perontok ataupun bleaching minimal 2 minggu sebelum treatment. Hindari juga paparan sinar matahari langsung dan tanning selama 2 minggu sebelum dan setelah treatment. Jika menggunakan tanning cream, tunggu hingga 2 minggu untuk bisa memulai ZAP treatment. Jika matahari tidak bisa dihindari, selalu gunakan sun block minimum SPF 30 (UVA / UVB). Mencukur rambut diperbolehkan baik sebelum maupun setelah treatment.

And after treatment for 6-8 hours please avoid taking a shower or bath with warm or hot water.

I’ll be back for my second session in 6 weeks like recommended by ZAP and see you all again soon. There will be week by week images of the underarms after session one and all the way until session 5. Stay tune and thank you ZAP, I’ll be back for more.

Shaving is one of the must to do thing weekly. In order to have everything going down smoothly, I use a shaving foam from Gillette for Women. The scent is faintly soft with a musk that definitely noticeable.

The color of the gel is blue-ish green that quickly turns into foam. I’ve used this product for years and feel really different when I use it or not. Soap, shower gels, shaving cream (for men) or anything is almost useless. They either made my skin too dry or too oily and prone to boo boo. Gillette for women Satin Care Shaving Gel is lovely and so smooth. It helps the shaver glide effortlessly on my skin and the hairs are cut away. Feels comfortable with the pressure on, keep my skin moist and far from pain or unnecessary scratch from the blade. 

How to use: Just pump it and get the amount needed, take note the gel will turn into more than 2 times it size when foamed (out from the can) so you might want to press bit by bit, don’t waste it thou’. A whole can last for almost 3 months for me.

I have this tool since a year ago and don’t know what I’ll do without it. It help reshape my brow anytime, no pain, no hassle, just pure result. I hate plucking they are painful and I don’t like those tattoo brow thingy since well, trend are changing fast so why committed oneself with something that stick to your face for good.

The battery last a long time (only use high quality ones), and you can simply choose the top, longer or shorter, it is also comes with a brush to helps you clean the tools. Easy to clean too.