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Have you participate in their petition, yet? Join! 

Over 6 million people have signed up against human trafficking of children and young people. 
It’s very easy all you have to do is go the nearest The Body Shop branch in your town and they have forms for you to fill up. No worries, it took less than a minute to fill the form.
I took my family to join me there.
Write your name, date and give a signature

draw your palm and voila! You’re one step closer to a safer earth to live on

You can also buy some of TBS products that support this cause

or you can signed their Petition —–> HERE or go directly to


I just color and smoothing my hair yesterday and still not able to wash my hair for the next 2 days. Thursday is my day and I have to use a hair mask and a bunch of hair vitamins so the hair can regain or at least….damage control perhaps?!

The process itself feels like forever, I come around 12.30 noon (whoever think it was midnight should be questioned). After a hair wash, my hair is blow dry until almost all dry and given an anti frizz spray almost evenly, I don’t think it was enough thou’ but I’m not a pro or maybe I love having more anti frizz spray 🙂

Then they start putting this white thick cream to my hair, the scent is mild and I’m not complaining at all but during the application sometime my hair got pulled. The stylist finished the white cream section by section avoiding the root. 

After 30 minutes he checked on my hair condition and re-apply the white cream. This time the pulling get worse, not necessarily super painful but each stroke it like pulled my hair one or two strands (boo hoo).

Then after another 30 minutes wait, they washed my hair with warm semi hot water and making sure no (touchable) chemical are left. Then they dry my hair using blow dryer and apply another anti-frizz spray from Makarizo. The flat irons begins now, yes they use two. Familiar method with rebonding. I’ve done rebonding twice, once in Jakarta and once in Singapore. Both are so different in result, professionalism and of course price.

After about an hour flattening (yes, I know it’s straightening but flat is more accurate) my hair and got myself thinking “what do I get myself into?”, it seems that the salon didn’t use a high quality flat iron so it kept pulling my hair. A very good iron use ion straightening….I know this from my sis and the guy at a pricey salon.

My hair is flat, as you see in the picture. So now left with coloring. I used to hate my double colored hair from the previous color and newly grown hair, so this is an opportunity for me for a new color. I never been brown before. Red? Yes, Purple? Yes, Blonde? Yes, Black? Definitely, Bluish Black? Yup. So brown is my turn now. I love chocolate color and I think it’s a hit now.

The application of the color is like usual and it went for about one and a half hour. I love my new color so much. Finishing they wash my hair, again, and blow dry, use some serum for my hair and another round of flattening iron for an hour….it pretty much sums up to 5 hours. 

After 5 exhausting hours of flattening my butt err hair, the stylist told me not to wash my hair for 3 consecutive days….thanks, next time remind me before all of these begins. I can’t even stand have to wash my hair less than once a day. I like my hair clean and airy. 3 days is a lot of misery for me.

Take note: During application if the stylist told you the chemical was somewhat touch your neck area and he says it’s okay…it’s not, I got some rash afterwards on my neck and it could be an allergic reaction to various chemical. Another tips from me, decide on your own which side your hair would fall into, do you like hairs to go sideways or all fall to the back, etc. Don’t let strangers decide, you’ll regret it like me. When I’m in Singapore the stylist would ask how I like my hair, but yesterday they didn’t. So I look like Aaron Kwok 80’s style. Yikes!

But overall, I like how tidy my hair now, I know it would need some treatment afterwards, I don’t meant salon treatment, my advice buy a good hair mask and do it at home whenever you feel like it. A serum after each shampooing, and to bear for the 3 days fasting? Dry shampoo!

Pic may not belongs to me, I’m not admitting.


World No Tobacco Day

31 May 2011
On 31st May each year WHO celebrates World No Tobacco Day, highlighting the health risks associated with tobacco use and advocating for effective policies to reduce consumption. Tobacco use is the second cause of death globally (after hypertension) and is currently responsible for killing one in 10 adults worldwide.
The World Health Assembly created World No Tobacco Day in 1987 to draw global attention to the tobacco epidemic and its lethal effects. It provides an opportunity to highlight specific tobacco control messages and to promote adherence to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Tobacco use is the number one preventable epidemic that the health community faces.

from WHO website
And there some of the picture from Google image search regarding smoking. Terrible, awful, toxic, and dangerous, yet, still so many people smoke and seems careless of the effect of the smoke to themselves or  anyone near them. Second hand smoke can be dangerous too. 

Once I read about a mother that pass away of lungs cancer, the doctor suspect she has been a smoker for years, but she didn’t even have one. Her husband did. 

Imagine your son, daughter or anyone you love have to bear the consequences of smoking just because people surround them smoking. The process itself is not fun, they will suffer a difficulties in breathing, chest pain, and many more. Don’t forget financial breakdown for the cost of hospitals and medication. Life is difficult enough, please don’t make it more difficult.

A puff ruins many cells in your lungs, imagine having more. 

Yes you’ve got that awful cigarette smell, blackened teeth, lips, skin disorder, hair odor, clothing and many more. If you still can smell the smoke, the toxins still there. Research have proven 2 hours after you stop smoking, your clothes, hair and skin will still able to transfer the poison to those surround you that inhale the smell. Imagine young children and those you love that are fragile and need to be given a chance to live before all those toxic ruins their life. 

Allergy is the beginning, it can lead to asthma, and many more severe problems. Cancers in many different organs, infections in ear, nose, throat; during pregnancy it can lead to premature and or low birth weight and many problems ahead and some also found addiction in nicotine (yes, since little). So a child born with smoke surround them will have 50% chance of being a smoker too. So each generations can get worse and worse, where does it lead us to?


A new beauty salon just open up in Jakarta Barat area near Golf Lake Resident. for a full month of June 2011 they will have a 50% off for ALL treatment. Yesterday I got smoothing and color for Rp 350.000 plus 2,5% tax for using credit card ( I know, a bit boo hoo for that). 
This 5 floor building is ready up to their 3rd floor with many service for hair, face and body. You’ll love the 3rd floor where bathtubs (not just one but three), shower rooms, sauna and treatment room is available. 
Do a creambath here lying down and dozing off is possible -.- comfy to the max. 
My stylist have a very good knowledge in terms of hair treatment so he provide me with a bunch of tips how to take care your hair and the do’s and don’ts. And not like other beauty salon where they force you to a bunch of treatment or styling you don’t need, he gives me what is best for my hair. My hair need time so a bunch of products and chemical in the same time will damage my hair and a bunch of treatment wont help either, his advice? Take your time….Splendid!
For the body and facial treatment you’ll noticed that they have an advance technology like Radio Frequency, Microdermabration, and the facial treatment ranged from regular, intense, Gold facial, and many more. 
So get those 50% off and have a YOU time ^0^

>Do me Yoghurt


I love Yoghurt, to eat them, to play with it event to bathe with it. They are known for their benefit to our internal organ as to our skin (some even claim hair).
Etude Yoghurt Wash-Off Pack is a mask that seems to give moisture. Sorry, no details on the packaging and it seems that the salesgirls also haven’t even try one…or perhaps any of Etude products.
How To Use:
Clean your face properly and after the toner just generously spread a thick milky of yoghurt (gel) mask on to your face. The scent is gorgeous and I just love it. The moisturizing effect is obviously felt on the first touch. Massage the skin well. Use some pressure point on some location but you can just massage it overall. Leave it on for 10 minutes or more if you like.

Clean it with a warm water to rinse of the residue. You’ll noticed that your skin is fairer, dewy and moist afterwards.

Great for a relaxation after a day of hectic to soothe the skin or before a date so your skin got a boost of luminous baby glow.

For a Rp.98.000 this Yoghurt Pack come in 4 different fruit mix. Each have a milky fruity scent and color accordingly .


On 27th of May, 2011, I was one of the lucky women to be able to join this wonderful event. The event start around 3.30 PM at Sushi Tei, Gandaria City.

I wore a deep green blouse, since I normally avoid light color since I haven’t found one that really fit me nicely. Either too bright or distracting.

Before the MC start the show, I spend my time by looking at their collection. This is one of them, it’s a mix between Murano, Swarovsky, Sterling Silver and gold.

Some of their collection shown on the event, do visit their store for a more variety. My favorite? Rose Petal. It really represent a rose garden where’s the light green and pinks are a delicacy to the eyes. Pretty!

Each of the guess are entitled for a goodies bag from Female Magazine, filled with many variety of magazines, Irwan Team voucher, and a scarf.

A concoction of all. Do you know that you can mix and match to your heart desire for every beads available on the store? Who said accessories have to be following the trend, design your own thread for a personal trend that fit you perfectly.

While waiting, a hot ocha from Sushi Tei soothe my throat nicely. I’m not well at the moment and so glad to forced myself to the event.

Then the event start with a cheerful voice from the mc. Guest can enjoy a small plate of sushi before the talk show begin. As usual Sushi Tei is the best in Sushi, we never say no for a good sushi.

Then here it is, the talk show hosted by representative from fashion consultant, Female Magazine and Ms. Dian from Lovelinks.

There’s a lot of tips for fashionista and the main there of the day is do not afraid of color. Even block color where different color are a mix and match and the result can be fun and inspiring. Like Lovelinks itself the beads can be colorful and well, frightening for me to mix and mismatch but go ahead and you might be surprise to find some color do get along together.

After the talk, I ask some question during Q&A how to take care the beads and the answer is very simple, each purchasing they will hand us a special cloth to wipe the silver material, for other material there’s no special treatment needed. The color and quality are made to last.

Then come the fashion show with each model wearing the beads. There are many themes presented from casual, daily activity like working, special event to night use.

Pardon me for being so dark, the lighting is convenient for the eyes there but not to my iPhone.

During the event there’s a special promotion, but no worries, just visit the store, they always have something up for you.

The last meal provided is a beef salad and some fruits which I think have the best dressing in the whole wide world….or I ever tested.

Spring Summer collection is fun, light, cheerful and using colors like light green and yellow.

Now I’m gonna redeem my Murano beads that come in Lovelinks goodies bag.

The colors are lovely and bright, I do have difficulty picking just one.

For all of you at home, open up the website of Lovelinks <—- click there, and try arrange a bead on your own. Warning! The actual beads look a lot lovelier.

Here are the participants.


And the show is done at around 6 PM with a lot of fun and information. There are many prizes and giveaway from door prizes, best question, best dresses, and many more. I think it would be more fun if the guest are allowed to take a picture at the beginning of the event (at the banner) with some of Lovelinks creation (lend, not given) so the guest can see how gorgeous those beads are on their skin.

Don’t forget to join their Facebook page and Twitter gals ^o^

>one of the letters


Yes, I’m so happy that my readers kept sending me their letters through email. Sometime it is on the page as a comment but a lot of you loyal readers come in a form of email. I found some of them can be helpful for someone else. So here’s one of the email sent by a reader (details of the sender and private data are edited for safety) that I want to share:

Hi Carnellin,
> >
> > Thanks for the reply. After reading your review on Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water gel, I would like to give it a try but is it suitable for oily skin? Is the Hydro Boost Clear Lotion effective too?
> > How about Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer?
> >
> > Hope to receive your reply soon.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > senders

My reply:

Hi Senders,
> Neutrogena hydro boost water gel is suitable for me since my skin is combination of normal to dry, i think if your skin really oily (pardon me for saying this my skin used to be told oily by some beauty therapist who are clueless and misdiagnosed me) this product may not be suitable for you since it will create some kind of layer that perfect for dry skin to keep the moisture intact. So if your skin (again) really oily you’ll find your face looking so shiny and makeup easily ran away from you.
> As for the lotion I haven’t tried it, sorry about that one. I think I’ve tried the tester only 😦
> Neutrogena Oil free moisturizer will be more suitable for oily skin since the light creamy lotion will absorb fast and gives your skin the moisture it need not the oily feeling. But if your skin is dry like mine you will feel the lotion doesn’t gives you enough moisture and too dry.
> My suggestion is Za cool pool, but now they changed the name into Za Deep Hydrating Gel. It’s light but not as light as Neutrogena Oil Free moisturizer but definitely not heavy. I haven’t found anyone complaining about that one beside than being addictive. It’s kinda my all time fave moisturizer since it’s refreshing, smells really good and it’s just perfect.
> But moisturizer is personal, you might have to go through a lot of products to found your ultimate fave (I know I did). Get samples, try many testers and observe how your skin react.
> Btw, I went to Clinique woodland branch to get my type of skin checked, unfortunately I forgot her name, and she diagnosed my skin type correctly. Thanks to her I know my skin type now and can easily buy/use/get the right product for my skin type.
> Clinique at Tangs, male beauty advisor? Got it wrong and insist my skin is oily.
> I hope you know your skin type exactly to avoid getting the wrong product 🙂
> Sorry for the long reply, I hope it helps.
> Sincerely,
> Carnellin

Yes, I hope it help you too.

Getting the right moisturizer took time, first you have to know your exact skin type, I event went to those moments where I have 2 different kind of moisturizer since my T-Zone can be oily and the cheek zone is screaming dry. And during pregnancy my skin change into totally dry all over and feels more sensitive, and after giving birth I need an all in one moisturizer that provide everything I need so the exhaustion and lack of sleep is not shown on my skin AND safe for my baby since I cuddle and kiss her a lot.

Yes, there’s a lot of demand coming from one person, take note that your skin can change, it can be hormonal, aging process, diet, environment changing, developed allergy, sickness, sudden change of stress, and many many more. So when you check your skin during puberty and it was so last decade, do check again to know your exact skin type and what it need at the moment.


I got this wonderful product like 6 months ago and after using it for around one and a half month I finished a tube. Yes, I’ve got two. For a 50 ml this cream last really long since I use it only for day time for the SPF benefit.

It is said on the packaging for a more transparent skin, enriched with Melanin-Vanish, this cream helps reduce spots and visibly brighten skin tone for a more transparent skin. Second, is for a more healthy glow. With Tourmaline Gemstone, known to help stimulate skin microcirculation, this cream brings your skin more glow. Third, protection against UV induced skin darkening. Exposure to UV rays, especially to UVA, accelerates and intensifies the melanin production, leading to skin darkening. Enriched with powerful UV filters system, White Perfect Fairness Control Moisturizing Day Cream SPF 17PA++, provides protection against UV inducing darkening and the appearance of brown spots.

Results: perfectly hydrated, skin is visibly brighter.

Day after day, dark spots are visibly reduced for a more even skin complexion. Skin looks fairer and more transparent with a healthy glow.

Texture: Light and non greasy, the texture of White Perfect Day Cream SPF 17 PA++, is quickly absorbed, leaving your skin soft and comfortable, with no feeling of stickiness.

Double action: Help neutralize the program of melanin production at the source. It help neutralize the enzyme that contributes to the melanin synthesis program.
Help unload existing melanin in skin layers. It works to help remove the cells loaded with melanin to brighten up skin complexion.

The actual feel: The cream itself feels thick and rich. White and at the first glance I thought it would left some white-ish residue on the skin. It’s not. The rich white cream surprisingly absorb easily on the skin surface, somewhat like melt to the touch. My skin is combination to dry so the product fit me perfectly.

I used it accordingly which is every morning and use a different cream for night time. It envelopes my skin in a light SPF protection, but you do need more SPF if you spend more time outdoors. I do recommend this product if you spend most if your time indoors. You can use White Perfect Moisturizing Cream Day with or without the rest of the range, which for me I didn’t, but the result is clear for me.

After the first use the skin looks whiter and brighter. After weeks of using the product I found my skin is fairer, less dark spots and the complexion is getting more even. After finishing the whole tube, I found my dark spots dramatically reduced, overall skin tone lightened and even complexion is achieved.

>Super Volumeade 5


I love lip gloss, especially those who are not sticky, it’s a perfect getaway for being natural and sensuous. Now does Etude Super Volumeade gives me that satisfaction? We’ll see..

I love the cherry color that I think enhance any skin color since it’s look natural reddish. How to use it: After you open the lid twist it on clockwise direction and the bottom part will push the ‘jelly’ out. There’s a scent of mint coming out.

The color itself is subtle and leaves my lips with a soft hint of red. The minty feeling last for 10 minutes, it gives my lip a feeling of swollen (not pain at all okay). The product itself is easy to use but you still need a mirror to do it.

Sticky? Yup, but in a medium range, I found some other lip gloss far more sticky than this one. It does gives my lip more volume and the minty feeling gives my lips a boost of a Jolie sensation.


I like transparent glittery nail polish since even you’re a complete mess in self-coloring process the fact that it is transparent wont give you any trouble. Perfect for a quick makeover when you are our partying.

You can easily apply it according to your heart desire from very light to darker shade. It is a clear blue as a blue can get but a bit of turquoise shade. It dries pretty fast and last around a week without chipping, but during cleaning you need to pay attention to the glitters as sometime it can be stuck.

You can also apply this nail polish on top of another color to create a different look.