>The next year we went to Beijing, again to enjoy a very cold winter that soon some of us regret. Back then Beijing is really different from the Beijing I know now, there’s not much building and cars, people use bicycle everywhere and they seem to enjoy it. It still look like a calm country, where the people are not rushing each other and smile are seen in every corner.

We transit for about 1-2 hours at Senzhen, I bought a very nice squid there, still can not forget the chewy sweet and salty taste.

Resume to our journey to Beijing and the cold weather with hard strong wind blows our face. The lake are frozen so many people skate there and many people sells roasted sweet potatoes and it was a big hit since it was warm and sweet (yes I have a sweet tooth and can not resist food that I haven’t tried before).

We stay for 11 days and the whole journey filled with China national’s treasure like The Great Wall (hard work just to get to a station), Ming’s Tomb, Tian An Men, Summer’s Palace, and Peking’s Duck. Yup, it is one of their national treasure and I don’t like it, why? I don’t like the aftertaste of a duck, it’s just not my favorite.

Tips and Tricks: When joined a tour and still have time like waiting for group gathering or plane or already reach hotel but not late enough, go ahead and take a walk (ask the hotel for local street snack or market), even if you don’t know their local language, just remember to keep your track so you can get back to your place. Joining a tour sometime restrict you from knowing local rare delicacy like chilly sauteed peanuts.. hmmm…