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Hi everyone!!!

For these past few weeks I’ve been using Kerastase Force Architecte and like expected from Kerastase, I love them, I can’t hide it, the juicy fruity fresh scent and stronger hair after every treatment ^^

The shampoo, the masque and the serum. They all feels wonderful and help build the hair structure from within. Please do read my previous post HERE for the press release and information regarding the products. On this post, it will be all about experience.


I always start things chronologically but this time I start with the product I love the most from the series, the mask. It was a very wonderful mask, I don’t have to use too much like most masks or creambath creams, just half of them and my hair become so soft, so smooth, stronger and even looks better too. Most mask on the market only give either one. It could be just an irresistible scent, a softer look, a silkier hair, a shine, but none give all plus adding the hair strength as well.

Kerastase Masque Force Architecte delivers a hair that like using the essence of all of those masks. The deeply coarse part of my hair still need more treatments and time to heal but less breakage for sure since the moment I’m using the Force Architecte series.


Next item and the last one deserve the second place, yes both of them. The shampoo since I need it and addicted to the scent and for the serum, I can use it with other products (other shampoo/conditioner) and anytime anywhere whenever needed.

The shampoo cleans the hair without causing them to be limp and oily like most shampoo for damaged hair. The scalp also felt clean, suitable for my oily scalp when other shampoo making them greasy. I know there are so many brands out there which claim protecting the hair, reduce damage, etc, but the result are disappointing. From clogged scalp, oily hair, and other just doesn’t work, a few even caused dandruff.

The shampoo also helps the hair to be stronger with the same ingredients used on the mask and some on the serum.


The duo tone serum is clear and green in one. Both in the transparent zone with one clear and one green oils. The oil feels light and kinda like a dry oil which easily distributed on the hair ends to help adding protection before hair drying or hair styling process.

It carry the same scent like the rest of the products in the Force Architecte series. And when used all three the scent last until the next day. I love it, my husband loves it and the formula is just wonderful.


Here’s a few tips from me:
1. When using the shampoo make sure to wet the hair and lather the thick white creamy gel on the palm before massage the hair with it.
2. Rinse well and made sure none are left behind, it doesn’t really matter is you use warm/cold water.
3. Toweled dry hair before the mask or squeeze them gently. Only put the mask on the mid length all the way to the end of the hair and never let it touches the scalp or even go near it.
4. Rinse the mask after a good 10-15 minutes covering the hair with a showering cap (this is for the home usage), but if you happen to have a steamer, go ahead and use on.
5. If you don’t have 10-15 minutes, 5 minutes also will do. Yes, they work fast too.
6. The mask is best to be rinse with warm water and massage it all the way through making sure the hair is clean, if there’s leftover the hair will feel sticky, so don’t left any leftover and rinse well.
7. Use the serum a pump at the time, if your hair is long, you may pump it again after distributing the first pump. No need to use too much ^^


And get a stronger hair day by day with the scent that loved by many. Plus get a monthly treatment at the salon for an infused dose therapy.

Thank you Kerastase Indonesia.

Hello dearies,

As perhaps some of you already aware, my hair has come down to this moment where they are dry, brittle and coarse. Not all of them just some where the hair was permed, so you can imagine there’s a part of my hair which damaged and the rest was just fine, healthy and shines.

So when Kerastase comes with the new Force Architecte for high level of damaged hair, I’m happily accept them with two open arms . . . wide open arms ^0^

Here’s a bit info from Kerastase Indonesia:

Jakarta, 8 April 2013- Kérastase menghadirkan inovasi produk perawatan untuk rambut rusak terbaru
dari L’Oréal Advanced Research yaitu Force Architecte yang menjadi solusi perawatan rambut rusak
pada level tinggi karena agresi dan proses kimia. Rangkaian Force Architecte terdiri dari Shampoo Bain
Force Architecte, Masque Force Architecte dan Reconstructing Dual Serum, Fibre Architecte.
terbaru ini dilengkapi dengan teknologi Cyment-cylane3 Complex : Intra-Cylane untuk membuat rangka
pertahanan di sekitar rambut yang rusak, Pro-Keratin untuk mengisi bagian di antara korteks pada serat
rambut yang rapuh, dan Ceramides untuk membungkus dan memberikan perlindungan baik dari dalam
maupun luar permukaan rambut dengan berperan sebagai Intercellular Cement. Hasilnya, serat batang
rambut terekonstruksi dari dalam, terlindungi dan diperkuat pada permukaannya. Rambut kembali
memperoleh kekuatan dan kilaunya, serta lebih mudah ditata.

That’s what I want!

“Kehadiran rangkaian Force Architecte melengkapi rangkaian perawatan rambut rusak dari Kérastase
sehingga mampu menjawab berbagai permasalahan rambut rusak dari level paling dasar sampai dengan
level paling tinggi. Dengan hadirnya rangkaian ini, Kérastase kini memiliki dua rangkaian perawatan
rambut rusak yaitu Force Top Seal untuk kerusakan rambut level dasar pada tingkat erosi 1&2 yang
telah ada sebelumnya, serta rangkaian Force Architecte yang baru diluncurkan untuk kerusakan rambut
level tinggi pada tingkat erosi 3&4. Inovasi ini menjadi bukti komitmen kami di Kérastase untuk terus
menghadirkan teknologi terkini untuk rambut Indah para wanita”, terang Michel Toth selaku General
Manager Professional Products Division L’Oréal Indonesia.

So the previous collection is for a lower level of damage, 1-2.

Mengenai level kerusakan rambut, Hendra Purjaka selaku Senior Education and Commercial Manager
Kérastase Paris mengungkapkan:
“Rambut rusak, rapuh dan bercabang merupakan masalah teratas kedua yang banyak dialami oleh para
wanita khususnya wanita Indonesia. Faktor penyebab kerusakan rambut terbagi menjadi dua yaitu
kerusakan karena agresi teknis dan agresi kimia. Agresi teknis seperti sinar matahari, kandungan air
seperti kaporit, kebiasaan menata rambut (blow dry, catok, menyisir dan pony tail) serta panjangnya
rambut (karena semakin panjang rambut distribusi nutrisi tidak menyeluruh). Sedangkan agresi kimia
terjadi karena frekuensi melakukan servis kimia seperti pewarnaan, pelurusan dan pengeritingan rambut
tanpa melakukan perawatan yang sesuai”.
Berdasarkan penyebab dan kondisi korteks serta kutikula, level kerusakan dibagi menjadi empat tingkat
erosi pada rambut, yaitu:
Rangkaian Lengkap untuk Empat Level Kerusakan Rambut
Force Topseal dan Force Architecte menjadi dua rangkaian yang masing-masing terdiri dari produk
lengkap yang digunakan secara bertahap untuk mengatasi level kerusakan rambut masing-masing
wanita yang berbeda. Sebagai pelengkap di masing-masing rangkaian, produk Ciment Thermique yang
mampu melindungi rambut yang rusak dari panas alat styling dapat digunakan sebagai finishing touch.
1. Force Topseal untuk tingkat erosi level 1&2
Terdiri dari rangkaian produk yang telah lebih dulu dihadirkan oleh Kérastase yaitu Shampoo
Bain de Force, Conditioner Ciment Anti Usure untuk pemakaian harian dan Ciment Thermique
sebagai produk penataan sebelum blow dry.
Level 1 ketika lapisan kutikula tampak seperti terpisah dan permukaannya
tidak halus.
Level 2 ketika Lapisan kutikula terlihat dengan jelas terbuka dan terpisah.
Level 3 ketika permukaan rambut terlihat rusak dan kosong. Lapisan korteks
dapat terlihat dari luar.
Level 4 ketika Lapisan korteks terlihat rusak berat dan tererosi total.

I’m sure the damaged part of my hair is on level 3 and 4. Clearly seen when I do the hair check up on Irwan Team Salon with Kerastase Indonesia last week.


Here are the previous products which I’ve used and love so much, they are able to make my hair strong again after multiple styling, coloring and daily hair drying process. But since the perming chemical left too long on my hair, it cause a very damaged hair. They were like only 15 cm, but still the breakage, color fading, and tangles are unbearable sometimes. Level 1-2 products help my hair to stay intact and less ‘break-ups’, but to be able to be ‘filled’ again, I need 3-4.


Beside these products to be used at home, Kerastase also carries services at salons. Service which in Irwan Team salons deserve a room on their own, to be pampered, to be enjoyed and get the full benefit of the concetrated Kerastase products for once a week pampering times.


Below are the new series from Kerastase Resistance, the Force Architecte:


Fibre Architecte
Perawatan sekaligus penataan untuk rambut rapuh dengan
tingkat erosi 3-4 dapat memperkuat rambuh rapuh,
merekonstruksi, bahkan untuk rambut bercabang. Fibre
Architect memiliki kandungan teknologi Intra-Cylane, Pro-
Keratin dan Ceramides.
a. Intra-Cylane membuat rangka pertahanan di sekitar
rambut yang mengalami rapuh/patah dan bercabang
b. Pro-Keratin mengisi bagian di antara korteks untuk
membuat pertahanan makin solid
c. Ceramides membungkus bagian rambut untuk
memberikan perlindungan baik dari dalam maupun luar
permukaan rambut dengan menggunakan peran
Intercellular Cement


2. Force Architecte untuk tingkat erosi level 3&4
Terdiri dari rangkaian terbaru yaitu Bain Force Architecte, Masque Force Architecte dan Fibre
Bain Force Architecte
Shampoo untuk kulit kepala normal dengan rambut rapuh
tingkat erosi 3-4 dapat membersihkan, merekonstruksi dan
memperbaiki rambut rapuh.


Masque Force Architecte
Masker untuk kulit kepala normal dengan rambut rapuh tingkat
erosi 3-4 dapat memberikan nutrisi tertinggi, merekonstruksi
dan memperbaiki rambut rapuh.

These three items are available at my home right now and I’ll begin using them, so stay tune for the review, meanwhile, don’t hesitate to stop by at any Irwan Team Salon and try the products by yourself ^___^

Hello everyone,

Kerastase has just launch new items recently and they are beautiful. I’ve used the Elixir Ultime (golden) before and really love the pampering effect, now even better, 3 products to enhance and seduce the senses with the aroma. Inspired by world famous perfumes. The Grands Crus are here. 


Details from Kerastase Indonesia

GRANDS CRUS, Mengekspresikan Keunikan Suasana Hati lewat

Keharuman Rambut Indah

Jakarta, 2 Mei 2013 – Melanjutkan kesuksesan formula kecantikan rambut mahakarya Oléo-

Complexe yang diusung Kérastase Elixir Ultime tahun lalu, kali ini Kérastase kembali

berinovasi mengolah eksotisme minyak dengan menghadirkan Kérastase Elixir Ultime

Grands Crus, rangkaian terbaru yang memadukan formula kebanggaan Oléo-Complexe

dengan berbagai ekstrak bahan alami yang langka dan berharga. Dilengkapi dengan aroma

yang beragam, Kérastase Elixir Ultime Grands Crus membawa nuansa dan kemewahan baru

dalam rutinitas kecantikan rambut setiap wanita. Sebagai penyempurna, Kérastase juga

memperkenalkan ritual esensial 24 Carats, perawatan rambut lengkap berbasis kemewahan

minyak menggunakan Kérastase Elixir Ultime Grands Crus.

Michel Toth, General Manager Professional Products Division PT. L’Oréal Indonesia

mengatakan, “Kecantikan rambut menjadi salah satu wujud kesempurnaan penampilan bagi

setiap wanita. Memanjakan mata dengan gaya rambut memukau, juga memanjakan indera

penciuman dengan wangi yang lembut dan berkarakter, Kérastase sebagai brand yang

mengusung DNA ‘The Ultimate Art of Hair Care’, memperkenalkan Kérastase Elixir Ultime

Grands Crus, rangkaian perawatan dan keharuman istimewa yang dapat disesuaikan dengan

suasana hati setiap wanita.”

Kérastase Elixir Ultime Grands Crus mengambil inspirasi keharuman dari tiga kandungan


secara tailor-made untuk mendukung suasana hati penggunanya.

ROSE MILLÉNAIRE berasal dari Provins, Perancis, yang kaya akan Vitamin E memiliki

wewangian bunga yang ringan, memberikan nuansa aroma yang segar bagi rambut.

MORINGA IMMORTEL, dikenal sebagai “Pohon Kehidupan”, kaya akan segala kandungan

vitamin dan nutrisi yang sangat dibutuhkan untuk mengembalikan vitalitas rambut secara

optimal, memiliki aroma nuansa kayu yang oriental, dipadu padankan dengan sentuhan wangi

citrus yang kuat. THÉ IMPÉRIAL, diperkaya dengan kandungan tertinggi antioksidan dan

ekstrak teh putih, memberikan pantulan dan kilau warna rambut yang maksimal dengan aroma

bunga yang lembut, diperkaya dengan wangi buah-buahan yang menyegarkan.”

Caroline Dery, Group Product Manager Kérastase menjelaskan, “ROSE MILLÉNAIRE

ditujukan untuk mewakili suasana hati passionate, MORINGA IMMORTEL untuk menemani

mereka yang sedang merasa elegant, THÉ IMPÉRIAL untuk suasana hati romantic,

sedangkan Elixir Ultime Oléo-Complexe mewakili wanita yang glamorous. Dengan hadirnya

Kérastase Elixir Ultime Grands Crus, kini wanita dapat memilih berbagai keharuman yang

sesuai dengan suasana hati yang sedang dirasakan.”

Hendra Purjaka, Senior Education & Commercial Manager Kérastase menambahkan,

“Kehadiran Kérastase Elixir Ultime Grands Crus memberikan variasi pilihan lebih bagi

konsumen setia salon Kérastase. Dengan spesifikasi teknologi terdepan ditambah dengan

tekstur dan wewangian yang menenangkan, kini para hairdresser dapat menyarankan

konsumennya untuk menyesuaikan perawatan rambut pilihan dengan suasana hatinya

masing-masing. Untuk menyempurnakannya, Kérastase membuka rahasia keajaiban minyak

untuk kesempurnaan rambut cantik mempesona lewat ritual esensial 24 Carats menggunakan

seluruh rangkaian lengkap dari Kérastase Elixir Ultime yang diperkenalkan hari ini; Kérastase

Elixir Ultime Sublime Cleansing Oil Shampoo dan Kérastase Elixir Ultime Beautyfing Oil


Kérastase Elixir Ultime Sublime Cleansing Oil Shampoo, shampoo yang

secara efektif membersihkan kulit kepala, menutrisi batang rambut tanpa

memberikan efek berat, digunakan pada langkah Bathe. Kérastase Elixir

Ultime Beautyfing Oil Mask, masker yang menjaga kelembaban, menutrisi

batang rambut untuk sentuhan kelembutan yang tak

tertandingi digunakan pada langkah Treat. Sedangkan

Kérastase Elixir Ultime Oléo-Complexe dan Grands Crus

memberi sentuhan akhir pada langkah Texturize.


So on the 9th of May 2013, I have the chance to meet them in real life and try the products at Irwan team Salon in Grand Indonesia. The ritual takes about 3 hours and it was an experience that I think anyone should try, at least once.


Start with a scalp and hair check at the salon.


It took around 5 minutes to figure it out which shampoo, mask, and oil suitable for my hair. Since my hair is colored and brittle at the same time, I can use the one for colored and the one for adding the hair strength. I figure I need the strength more than the shines of colors, so I choose the green bottle, Moringa Immortel.


This is the look of a badly coarse hair, nothing inside anymore, white.


Soon, they put me into a very comfortable outfit and a robe too. Drinks are available according to my preference and a biscuit.

Pamper time ON!


Now, are you curious how the ritual goes? Fret not! I’ll post it with a video attached on my facebook page ( or go directly to my youtube channel: HERE.

See you soon! I’ll share more review on Kerastase products!

Hi everyone!!!

I bet by this point almost all beauty bloggers out there knows about WishTrend and their relationship with beauty bloggers. I’m pleased to be one of those beauty blogger and received a pack of products directly from Korea.

They gave me a bunch of samples with one highlight. The Confume Argan Oil for the hair.


The lovely scented oil is said to be beneficial for the hair, details from

[Confume] Argan Treatment Oil

+ Provides nutrition to the hair,   enabling it to maintain its original liveliness.

+ Well absorbed into every single hair,    granting moisture, luster
   and elasticity to your hair.

+ Takes careful care of dry area
   to allow a moisturizing quick effect.

+ Protects the hair from heat,   at the same time shortening the hair-drying time.


My review:

This clear light oil is easy to penetrate into the hair without causing the hair to be limp or weighted down. The first thing I see is my hair become shinier. Since I have oily scalp and knowing for sure the oil is made for the hair not scalp, I avoided the scalp area at least from the middle part of the hair. It is important to use the oil little by little and not to overdo it. I use it on a towel dry hair, right before blow drying. The oil helps the hair to look healthier and on the parts where it is dry and brittle become less dry and less brittle ^_______^


Overall, it is a very easy-to-be-used product which gives the hair instant result and when used daily will give the hair a long term effect as well. The hair will become stronger, healthier, silkier and glossier day by day.

The tangles will disappears and protect the hair from the heats too. Especially for those who love to style their hair with ‘hot’ tools daily. It helps the hair to become stronger and less angry due to the constant heat applied. Angry? Yup, my hair can become super frizzy and look like a bunch of angry mobs there, like they have been electrocuted.

The oil will tame those fly-aways so the hair become tidier as well.

Thank you WishTrend and stay tune for more reviews for all the products shown above. Korean cosmetic lovers, you don’t want to miss this!

Olaaaaa ^^

I’m back with more review for Makarizo, it’s like this week is full of trying and using their products, some are brand new, while some I’ve been using for the past decades.

Let’s start reading them one by one with the details provided by Makarizo Indonesia.



Makarizo Hair Recovery dari MAKARIZO, berfungsi melindungi kutikula rambut

dengan cara membentuk heat shield (lapisan pelindung), sehingga rambut terlindung dari

PANAS hair dryer, alat catok dan sinar ultra violet. Hasilnya?, rambut menjadi tidak kering,

tidak kusam, dan mencegah ujung rambut bercabang.

Mengandung multivitamin dan silk protein serta 3 keunggulan yang Instant, Praktis,

Tidak Lengket dan Tidak Berminyak, Vitamin Rambut Makarizo mampu menjadikan

rambutmu lebih indah, sehat dan terlindungi.

Gunakan sesaat sebelum menata rambut, untuk melind

dryer atau catok, juga sesaat sebelum bepergian ke luar rumah untuk melindungi rambut dari

sinar ultra violet. Tidak perlu dibilas.

ungi rambut dari panas hair

Cara pakai : Bersihkan rambut dan biarkan setengah kering, semprotkan Makarizo Hair

Recovery ke seluruh batang rambut sehingga merata dan tidak perlu dibilas, atur rambut

indahmu sesuai yang kamu mau. Gunakan setiap saat kamu merasa perlu perlindungan

untuk rambut indahmu.

Tersedia dalam :

kemasan spray, 50ml (Rp. 79.000)

kemasan pump, 50ml (Rp. 79.000) dan

kemasan tube mini, 8ml (Rp. 9.000/ tube)

Note : Produk bisa didapat di Alfamart, Indomart, Giant, Carrefour, Hypermart, outlet-outlet seperti

Century, Guardian, Charmant dan Watson, toko kosmetik.


Since the details are pretty clear, like as clear as the product ^^ let me share my experience in using it.

The Hair Recovery I have are in tubes, the liquid is transparent, not as sticky as most serum, considered light and easy to be distributed, especially on damped hair before hair drying. It does help to smoothen out the hair and less tangled. The dryness of the coarse hair also reduced, best to be used before any ‘hot’ tools including hair straightener, curler tongs, etc. I can’t say they 100% protected the hair from further damage but they do give a bit protection and add some shines to the hair. I think it is best to use the whole treatment series for hair overall well being.

Use it little by little and brush the hair before adding some more to avoid using too much.

Next item is:



Makarizo Hair Repair adalah masker vitamin rambut yang menutrisi korteks rambut.

Dengan kandungan Phytantriol, Pro Vitamin B5, dan Royal Jelly. Berfungsi melembabkan

dan menutrisi rambut, menambah kekuatan dan elastisitas serta merawat rambut yang rusak

dan kering menjadi tetap sehat, lebih indah dan lembut alami.

Cara pakai : Bersihkan rambut, dan aplikasikan Makarizo Hair Mask pada rambut yang

setengah basah. Diamkan selama 2-3 menit, bilas hingga bersih. Jika terkena mata, bilas

dengan air segera. Gunakan minimal 2 kali dalam seminggu, atau sesuai dengan kebutuhan

Tersedia dalam :

kemasan tube : 45ml (Rp.12.500)

kemasan sachet : 15 ml (Rp. 4.000)

It’s the product that has been used by many saloons all over Indonesia to treat damaged hair. The yellow-orange cream is a bit like pudding mousse in terms of texture and smells pleasant, even if ones doesn’t like it the smell will easily fades within 2 hours. Used on shampooed hair and a quick 2-3 minutes will help repairing hair condition. I noticed it the most on my coarse hair parts. Like the cream and nourishment inside it fills in the ’empty’ parts on hair strands.

This product need to be rinse out. And even thou’ it is said 2-3 minutes is enough, sometime I like to leave it on longer like 5-10 minutes. The whole tube for my long hair can be use 2 times. The thing about this product or any of hair products here is that they can be used as often as needed and when the hair already gets better and healthy again, use it sparingly just to keep it healthy and nourished.


Makarizo Anti Frizz

adalah suatu produk vitamin rambut yang mengandung provitamin B5 yang dapat menjaga

kelembaban rambut dan menutrisi rambut. Menjadikan rambut ringan dan lentur serta

membuat rambut terlihat indah dan mudah ditata. Produk ini dapat juga memperbaiki

penampilan rambut yang telah terkena proses kimia seperti cat rambut, proses pelurusan,

maupun pengkritingan dan menjaga rambut tetap lembab dan kuat. Rambut menjadi elastis

Cara Pakai : Sangat disarankan untuk memakai Makarizo Anti Frizz setelah berkeramas

dalam proses pelurusan rambut. Makarizo anti Frizz dapat juga pada rambut yang kering

dan rusak, cukup menyemprotkan ke seluruh bagian rambut dalam keadaan kering atau

setengah basah, tidak perlu membilas setelah pemakaian.

Tersedia dalam :

Botol 50 ML : Rp. 20.000,-

Botol 265 ML : Rp. 50.000,- 

Note : Produk bisa didapat di Alfamart, Indomart, Giant, Carrefour, Hypermart, outlet-outlet seperti

Century, Guardian, Charmant dan Watson, toko kosmetik.

The Anti-Frizz for me doesn’t do the job as said, for me it gives the hair some strength and vitality instead of anti frizz. The usage is very easy, using the spray, apply them deliberately all over the hair wherever needed and add some more on the most broken parts, which is at the end of the hair. But for me is in the middle part due to over processed chemicals. This one can be used almost anytime, unlike the serum which is used only during drying/styling the hair.

But I didn’t experience the hair become more flexible, instead it feels like there’s a contradict of being slick. It does making the hair stronger thou’ and I think that is it’s best feature.

Next is the fun products since they are developed with more ‘attitudes’ with the scents and ‘colorful’ features.

Tentang Hair Energy – SAMPO Sachet


• Karena Bahan dasar Hair energy shampoo mengandung Jaguar, yaitu material conditioning

yang berfungsi untuk menempelkan ekstrak shampoo dan conditioner pada rambut dengan

lebih baik

• Karena Variant Hair energy masing-masing kaya akan manfaat dan belum ada di produk



Mengandung ekstrak royal jelly yang kaya akan antioksidant dan vitamin,fungsinya sebagai

moisturizing. Untuk merawat rambut rusak, rontok, kering pecah-pecah.


Mengandung ekstrak buah kiwi yang kaya akan antioksidant dan vitamin. Untuk Rambut yang

diwarnai tampak sehat dan lebih berkilau


Untuk membuat rambut tampak lembut dan lurus


Green Lemon : Melembutkan , mencerahkan


Avocado: Menutrisi dengan gizi yang tinggi

Fenugreek :Melembutkan dan mengandung sebum (untuk menggantikan minyak/kelembaban

yang hilang)

Harga eceran : Rp. 400,- per sachet


Hair energy, serangkaian perawatan rambut untuk membersihkan dan melembutkan

rambut ,memberikan wangi yang tahan lama.

Since it was only sachets and I can only gives a quick short review. The milky colored shampoo smells really good, I think it’s the signature from Hair Energy range. It was a moderately fine shampoo for dry hair but I still see it like a ‘fun’ product instead of a ‘serious’ product that will help the hair to recover, at least in a short period of time. The shampoo had to be used with other products for the hair such as mask, serum and conditioner.


Honey Dew, Solusi Tepat untuk Rambut Sehat

Rambut kering, kusam, bercabang, dan kasar ketika disentuh adalah indikasi bahwa rambut

mulai tidak sehat . Faktor penyebab rambut tidak sehat ada banyak ;seperti paparan sinar

matahari yang berlebihan, kekurangan nutrisi , dan yang paling sering adalah proses kimiawi

seperti pewarnaan, pelurusan atau pengeritingan.

adalah produk perawatan rambut yang sangat direkomendasikan untuk

mengatasi masalah kerusakan rambut . Rangkaian produk Honey Dew terdiri dari 2 product

dengan fungsi dan keunggulan masing masing:

1. Honey Dew Repair Mask – Menutrisi Korteks

Honey Dew Repair Mask, menambah kelembaban dan memberikan Nutrisi Alami

terbaik bagi batang rambut, menggantikan protein yang hilang pada batang rambut

serta memperkuat batang rambut, mencegah rambut patah ditengah akibat proses

kimia atau pengeringan (blow dry & catok) yang berlebihan.

HONEY DEW Repair Mask mengandung Royal Jelly yang berfungsi sebagai “Hair

Moisturizer”, merupakan salah satu Nutrisi Alami terbaik yang membantu memberikan

kelembutan “ekstra maksimal” pada setiap helai rambut Anda. Rambut pun terasa

lebih halus dan elastis. Sedangkan kandungan “Phytantriol”-nya yang mampu

menjaga keseimbangan kelembaban air pada rambut.

2. Honey Dew Nutriv Serum – Melindungi Kutikula

HONEY DEW Nutriv Serum diperkaya akan vitamin (A,C dan E),, mineral dan

amino acid, merupakan salah satu Nutrisi Alami terbaik yang berfungsi sebagai “hair


Kandungan “ekstrak madu”-nya yang mampu memperbaiki dan menutrisi rambut

yang sangat kering, rusak dan pecah/bercabang, memberikan kelembutan yang

maksimal pada rambut sehingga rambut terasa lebih halus-lembut.

Penggunaan Honey Dew Nutriv serum akan membentuk heat shield yang akan

melindungi kutikula rambut dari panas matahari , polusi , blow dry, rotating, maupun

alat catok.

Gunakan setiap kali habis keramas (towel dry) maupun sebelum styling . Rambut

menjadi lebih lembut, tidak mudah kusut dan berkilau. Penggunaan HONEY DEW

NUTRIV SERUM tidak perlu dibilas.

The Honey  Dew serum looks really like a dripped honey and again as other serum, not to be used too much as it will give the hair a weight. The smell is somewhat like sweet musk, the color is like honey, the texture is also like honey and I’m glad it’s not sticky as honey does. It gives my hair shines and softness. Compared to the Hair Recovery serum, Honey Dew gives more ‘weight’ to the hair and silkiness. It’s like if you choose lighter serum Hair Recovery is the better option, but if the hair is coarse and needed more protection (like mine) Honey Dew is the choice to go.

Dear everyone, 

ladies and gents ^__^ since all of these items may be used unisex, this post is open unisex as well!

Makarizo has done a big campaign lately and Indonesian Beauty Blogger are invited for this particular ceremonial to greet the new hair extravaganza in style and their latest products range Texture Experience.

Here are the full products from Texture Experience:

Hair Massage Cream:

  1. Black Chocolate
Diperkaya ekstrak Cocoa murni yang diformulasi untuk kerusakan rambut dengan mengontrol tingkat kelembaban kulit kepala.

  1. Vanilla Milk
Diperkaya ekstrak susu yang diformulasikan untuk melembabkan sekaligus mempertahankan elastisitas rambut. Ekstrak asli Vanilla berkhasiat untuk menenangkan saraf dan membangkitkan mood positif serta menjadikan lebih bergairah

  1. Cinnamon Coffe
Penemuan terbaru menyatakan bahwa kopi sangat bermanfaat dalam merawat rambut. Ekstrak kopi mempunyai sifat anti oksidan yang dapat mencegah penuaan dini pada batang rambut dan rambut patah.

  1. Strawberry Yoghurt
Diperkaya ekstrak Strawberry dan Yoghurt yang diformulasi untuk menyegarkan, menutrisi dan melindungi rambut

  1. Green Tea Butter
Diperkaya ekstrak Teh Hijau yang diformulasi untuk mempertahankan vitalitas rambut untuk kilau yang sempurna

  1. Mint Sorbet
Formulasi ekstrak Mint serta bahan Sorbet dapat mengembalikan vitalitas rambut dan mencegah ketombe

Body Scrub

  1. Seaweed
Body Scrub lembut yang diperkaya dengan Seaweed Extract (ekstrak ganggang laut) yang berfungsi melembabkan kulit.  Microscrubnya mampu mengangkat kotoran dari kulit mati sehingga kulit menjadi bersih, tampak cerah dan terasa halus.

  1. Black Rice
Body Scrub lembut yang diperkaya dengan Ekstrak beras (Black Rice) yang memberi nutrisi pada kulit. Microscrubnya mampu mengangkat kotoran dari kulit mati sehingga kulit menjadi bersih, segar dan harum.

  1. Deep Sea Mineral
Body Scrub lembut yang diperkaya dengan Color Clay Cocoa, mineral dasar laut. Mengandung Microscrub yang berfungsi sebagai scrub lembut untuk mengangkat kotoran dari kulit mati sehingga kulit menjadi bersih dan lembut
 And today I’m going to share some of them which I have at home and have tried it for the review.



First, is the Mint Sorbet shampoo, I’m very excited to see this one since I’ve been looking for minty shampoo for normal hair. Yes, the details said to prevent dandruff as well, prevent is not the same like other over the counter products which is definitely for occurring dandruff.

I wish for a cold breeze but receive a slightly tingling and cool reaction. My husband said he needs something more mint than these shampoos, but perhaps he is used with the very cold shampoo ^__^

Let’s do the chart:

minty feeling: 2 out of 5

cleaning service: 4 out of 5
soften the hair: 3 out of 5

Overall, a good shampoo which cleanse the hair and scalp with a mild mint flavour.



So you want something minty, huh?! This one does it, hubby approved! ^__^ A serious mint in given with a very wonderful scent. I love the mint refreshing scent which stays on like perfume for the whole day.

We use the Mint Sorbet Hair Messag Cream after the shampoo and towel dried hair. 3/4 of the palm is enough for me and 1/3 of palm for hubby. I prefer the cream to be all over my hair and avoiding the scalp, while he is all over with the scalp involved too, he experienced more frosting mint while I enjoy the scent only. So if used all the way from the scalp, you’ll experience the mints as well.

After usage: The normal hair will become so soft, smooth and glossy too, while my damaged hair will looks tangled free, smoother  (but still not as smooth as those with normal hair) and enjoy smelling good like normal hair do too.


The funny thing is that in the cream have these tiny beads (baby blue colored) which looks and feel like a scrub. I thought they will burst when massage into the hair or at the palms, but they don’t. So is it a scalp/hair scrubber? Perhaps. I’m clueless heehee.


Next is the black chocolate, ooohhhhh \^0^/ I’ve tried the shampoo before (Click: HERE) which gives me a soft and smooth hair, (but still needed some conditioner) now, here are the conditioner. A light chocolate cream which looks like liquid chocolate literally and smells like liquid chocolate too. It was a unique experience, the exterior features really encourage me to lick them, which I didn’t, hello, self control O.O Careful thou’ you’ve been warned.

The result of using the conditioner is a softer hair, here’s the chart:

Tangle-free: 3 out of 5
shine added: 3 out of 5

healed broken hair: 2 out of 5
revitalize the hair : 3 out of 5
unique experience plus texture: 5 out of 5

Overall, it’s a good product with natural ingredients which gives the hair a softer and smoother feeling and a whole lotta chocolate.

Still think the conditioner not chocolate enough?

This one will!



A super duper dose of chocolate is seriously found here. It’s not just chocolate mousse texture but heavy pudding chocolate mousse with density and thickness and dose ^__^ Pulled it out of the jar need a bit effort since the opening is small and a bit sharp on the edges, I wish it came in bigger ‘mouth’.


I put the chocolate paste on my shampooed and toweled dry hair, the sensation it created is indulging and for any chocolate lover it will be an experience they longed for. Imagine a hard day at work and get back in a pampering routine with the most famous ingredients in the world that gives relaxing effect. I even crave some chocolate just buy smelling it.

I leave it on like any other hair treatment products, using a shower cap, I leave it on for 15-2o minutes and rinse it well. The after effect is an all day long chocolate scent with soft, detangled hair and fuller feeling. Like they just added some body to the hair.


Now, we moved on to the next level, a Body Scrub Seaweed. A muddy light green scrub with very tiny beads, even the Minty Sorbet Hair Massage Cream have bigger beads ^__– and the scent is almost like seaweed too, so it would be something like sea breeze.

The opening is super small, I can only put a finger in to get the scrub out. The texture is thick but not as thick as Black Chocolate Hair Massage Cream. I use it on a damp skin and the light scrubbing action able to clean the skin and not overdo it. Instead of dry skin, the Seaweed Scrub gives me a plump dewy skin afterwards.


 The skin become softer and gently removed dead skin with no harshness. Suitable to be used several times a week. I’ve used it after and without shower gel/foam the result is just the same, a bouncy and happy skin after usage.
 Last, it’s the item which I recently use, the Strawberry Yoghurt.
The scent is just like any strawberry yoghurt I found in supermarkets. The clear gel texture is cleaning the hair and gives a silky finish. I do need a conditioner afterwards. Suitable for those who are looking for a strawberry yoghurt scent but I think the overall effect can be found in the Hair Message Cream.

So far I’ve been experimenting and mixed a bit, the chocolate and mint can be mixed, the mint sorbet for the scalp and chocolate for the dry hair, the result is like a well blended choco-mint ice cream, delicious!!! The scalp get energized with the minty feeling and the hair become smooth and nourished with the black chocolate.

Thank you Makarizo Indonesia.
Stay tune for more juicilicious hair and body products.

Hi everyone,

IBB is collaborating with Makarizo presenting their newest collection of Texture Experience. The Black Chocolate Shampoo is here.

I think for us, locally, Makarizo is not a brand we haven’t heard off, their ads are everywhere and almost every salon also carries their products. I’ve tried them for the first time around more than 12 years ago. For more than a decade Makarizo keep on developing various products to caters one’s need for the hair, scalp and now, body too.


A simple packaging, design and details, hmm, I think I need more details than these. I try to found some more information from but failed to find any. So the review will be based on personal experience only.


The clear gel in the middle is the shampoo. I thought it would be like these chocolate liquid, somewhat like a hot cocoa ^__^ but even thou’ it’s clear, the fragrant chocolate scent is very noticeable. I use the product after lathering on my palm, gently massage the bubbles on a wet hair and I feel that the hair become so soft and slippery at once.

At first I thought the shampoo will be too dry, but it’s not, the sensation on the hair is quite moist, then I’m afraid it will be too oily on the scalp, but again, it’s not. This shampoo gives my hair the ‘right’ feeling. I don’t experience a greasy oily scalp, not dry hair strand effect.

Overall, I like the shampoo from the experience using it but the lack of information regarding the product drew me back a bit. I hope this brand will give me more information regarding the item, either from the website or printed on the packaging.

Hi lovelies,

this is a very exciting product for me, I’ve been looking for a scalp shampoo since most of the shampoo sold locally is for the hair and only thinking about the hair. So focusing on the dry hair, the shampoo causing the scalp to be overly oily and even causing dandruff to some people. Those shampoo are not made for scalp. This one does, and I love it!!


All details from

As seen above, all the details are in Japanese, yup, I got mine from there as well, during the recent trip to Osaka. Soon, I’ll get there and get a full stock heehee.

Why is this shampoo turn out so well on me?

The non silicone ingredients is one of the main reason, as it wont clogged the scalp and other factors like ginger as well.


The lovely pink bottle is adorable and I love how it look luxurious with the detailed embroidery. The shampoo itself is a clear gel which easily lathered on.


It comes with the conditioner but I only get the shampoo heehee. They also sell the sample sizes.


These are the ingredients, the fresh ginger aroma is rejuvenating without being overwhelming, I love how the scalp becomes clean and gives volume to my hair as well as nothing weighting it down. The hair strands still need some conditioner after the shampooing and I used it with conditioner/mask from other brand and it’s okay.


I really wish the product is available locally or at least more products like these here in Indonesia that take care the scalp, not just a shampoo for dandruff scalp but normal scalp that need a fresh start every single day.


Hi all,

that title is not completely correct, it should be:

(all the details made available by Kiehl’s official website)

Magic Elixir Hair Restructuring Concentrate with Rosemary Leaf and Avocado

Used regularly, this potent concentration of natural oils penetrates hair and scalp with therapeutic action to restructure hair to healthy.
• Immediately restores moisture balance to scalp and  hair
• Improves manageability of hair
• Softens hair and boosts hair’s natural shine

Apply a small amount to fingertips or directly onto dry scalp and hair using dispensing tip before shampooing.
• Massage formula throughout scalp in circular motion. Wait ten minutes for maximum benefits. Rinse thoroughly or shampoo. Use regularly to maintain hair health.
ROWZ-mare-ee OY-IL
Rosemary Oil, extracted from the leaf of the Rosemary plant, contains a variety of Amino Acids, Caffaic Acid, Rosemary Acid and Apigenen. It has been shown to contain strong antioxidant activity. It is also utilized for its fragrance in a wide variety of skin care products.

Ah’-voh-KAH-doh OY-il
Avocado Oil, derived from the fruit of a tropical American tree, is a rich, fatty-acid emollient. Avocado Oil is known to be the most moisturizing of any fruit oil. It is also a natural source of Amino Acid proteins, Vitamins A, D, E, and potassium. Helps to restore the natural moisture of the skin.

SA’flow’r OY-il
Safflower Oil, extracted from the plant’s seeds, consists primarily of linoleic acid triglycerides. It is a carrier oil, also considered hydrating to the skin and used in lotions and conditioners.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera
Derived from the aloe vera plant this ingredient has been known to soften, soothe and comfort skin.


Super duper long names right?! And please do read on the details before reading my review. The product from Kiehl’s as usual, it is simple and minimal design with all the necessary information needed stick on it. If only they change the name into hair magic potion, period. Okay, that’s a joke, they have all the rights to give any name of all their products.

The pointy tip is definitely a helper so the oil goes right to the scalp and drips some to the hair. The oils smells really good, fresh and invigorating. The scalp instantly feels the energy, care and luxurious richness of the oils.

Instantly the oils are taken by the hair strands and I can see the hair are so happy and glistening. The coarse parts rejuvenated and the dryness disappears. I don’t have dry scalp, more like oily scalp, yet still able to take benefit from the oils for the stimulating effect. I hope in the long run also help with adding the fullness of the hair and regrowth. 


I leave the hair with the oils for 15-20 minutes regularly and sometime over those minutes, the tingling effect will be more felt when leave longer. And it will keep stimulating the scalp even after rinsing.

Even thou’ it’s oil, they are lightweight and able to be dissolved by water. Shampoo is still needed but unlike regular oils which made the scalp oily and greasy, Magic Elixir is easily rinse off. I use my regular shampoo for colored hair and all the leftovers are gone. The nutrients are hopefully absorbed and repairs the damage of the hair, enrich the scalp, and hello shiny hair.

Overall, if you’re looking for a treatment done pre-shampoo old fashioned way with a modern twist and simplicity, try the Magic Elixir Hair Restructuring Concentrate for that healthier hair and nourished scalp all the way to the end.

Goody Straighten It Out

Hi all,

lately I’ve been searching for a perfect brush, inspired by the large paddle brush in L’Oreal Academie from 2 years ago (yes, since I first met Mr.Ambar) I was long for a good huge brush since according to him it is needed and essential in creating a gorgeous locks. Wonderful products such as hair care is still needed, the brush is only one of the tool, to make it all work!


Details from

Only Goody brings you the Start.Style.Finish. Collection so you can finally get the best results from your styling routine. Your hair has different needs when you start out with wet strands, when you style with heat and when you smooth and finish a dry style. Select the correct tool for fabulous results with Goody Start.Style.Finish.

Step 2: STYLE.Need to get it straight? Lift the lightweight grip to volumize and straighten medium to long hair.


Ceramic – to minimize drying time
Ionic – to help reduce frizz
Natural Boar Bristles – to add shine


How To Use: 

Style by wrapping hair half-way around ceramic barrel that heats up fast with direct heat from a blow-dryer. Next, lifting at the root, pull hair straight down while you continue blow-drying your way to the ends.


This is the product in my hand, looks normal? Nope, it is huge, super huge, it’s incomparable to any brushes I’ve used before. And at first I’m worried about the boar bristles, they look so rough and super tough on the hair. But there are small tiny pulps (orange color) that seems will protect my scalp from damage or scratches.

The brand apparently to be a reputable one in the USA and famous for creating many different kind of brushes, like the one that with towels inside, it’s very cute and funny in the same time. We are able to comb and dry hair faster. This one claimed to help drying faster too and I’ve prove them right.


The huge rounded brush is really huge, right?! It’s almost as big as my head XD

The bristles are not as rough as I thought it would be but they are tough alright. I’ve use it on dry or wet hair, the brush able to straighten the hair in both condition but last longer if used on wet hair with hair dryer on.

Hair serum also helps the fly aways to be kept tidy and add more shine. I love how soft and airy my hair become after using this brush. The free tangle feeling is most sough of after a periods of perming and bleaching and other form of damaging the hair.

The result?


A shinier straighter hair with no tangle whatsoever. It does take a work to get used to this huge head brush but the result is worth the effort.

Front and back mirror will help during self-usage and pins/hair clips are definitely essential. When the hair is still wet they are fragile alright so pull down gently. The brush also able to gives some volume when pulled up near the root and hair dryer is used to blow the hot air.

Suitable for medium to long hair which means at least shoulder length hair. The bristles are great separating the tangles but if the tangles are too much, use a spray of de-tangler so hair become less stiff and easier to smoothen out.

It is better to brush your hair from halfway down to the end before going all the way from the roots, so the tangles become less stressed ^__^

Overall, I love this brush and will get more brushes from Goody, next I want the one with towels, the one looks like a paddle … and all in XXL sizes \^0^/ woohoo!