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Hello ladies,

here’s another face mask from Love More, a pink My Melody that helps the skin to be fairer in a 3D shaped mask.


A super duper cute packaging, Sanrio fans will surely collects.


Here’s the details given on the back side, can’t seem to read it?

Read the details provided by

I found My Melodies to be irresistible, after all she is my favorite character in Hello Kitty’s rings of fellowship \^0^/

The usage of this mask is simple and like any other facial mask, use it on a cleansed skin and some may add toner too.


And then let this 3D mask do it’s magic by getting fitted to the skin and chin part, chin? Yes, chin.


The 3D means the mask are unable to be pulled out straight as the 3D shape will bend some of it parts so it will be a perfect fit to the skin. It is better than conventional shaped mask but still a bit too big for my tiny face.

The quality of the sheet is remarkable as it was thick and feels like cotton. So soft and gentle to the skin. So does the formula. Friendly to the skin, thick and so wet. There are plenty of  ‘juices’ as there’s no way in 30 minutes the mask become dry, it probably took around an hour to be dried. There even so much leftovers inside the packaging which I refuse to throw it away and apply them on my neck, arms, and legs ^__^


Result? The skin does become whiter as in fairer, but it need regular usage to get rid of dark spots. The mask also add moist effect on the skin and no need rinsing the leftovers, I continue the skincare regime by adding serum and moisturizer. I feel that the mask best used at night when the skin is resting or about to rest.


Hi skincare lover!

I hope you’re here since you love your skin as much as I love mine ^__^

I’m sharing this product from Love More, a very very cute My Melody face mask.

This is Jiro Wang for Love More. Check out more infor on Love More on HERE and HERE.

Look at these cuties!! I feel so bad have to tear them apart to be able to use what’s inside. My daughter also want to use it, they are so cute.

Here are some details from

And this is me using the mask, it was too big for me and the middle part can be tear up and voila, a better fit for my face, check out my before after picture of adjusting the mask.

From left to the ride side. On the images I’m using the My Melody Oil Free Moisturizing 3D Fitting Mask and the texture of the mask is lovely. Soft and cottony. Very juicy, and inside the packaging there are more liquid, I can even share this mask with one more person heehee, or after massaging the liquid for the neck and decollete.

The mask is indeed moisturizing and comforting too. The skin clearly love it and no sign of irritation whatsoever. The mask does feels better than other paper mask I’ve used for being chubbier and thicker ^__^

The mask can be used daily or weekly. The oil free moisturizing effect is gentle for all skin type including those with oily skin. Usually a product relies on the cute packaging alone but give little effect on the skin, My Melody Oil Free Moisturizing 3D Fitting Mask gives result too, not just sweet character.

Same goes with the Whitening one (pink packet), gentle to the skin, still gives a moisturizing effect and mild whitening result.

Both mask are recommended for the soft cottony quality, juicy mask, oil free effect and moisturizing the skin in an instant.

I’m here with these masks from Singapore. No, they are not that usual face paper mask, they are made with cottons and one made with a soft mask.

Lovemore French Caviar Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Mask


Sexylook Intensive Moisturizing Black Cotton Mask

The LoveMore is within a box with 5pc of mask inside ($8.90) while the SexyLook I have is sold per piece for $3.50 and right now they have a promo for $2 only. Check out okay ^^
I really like the packaging of both items. While one is so inspired by love letters, the SexyLook really defines sexiness ^^
These are the product details and the ingredients of each products made from many different places accordingly, so cute isn’t it?!
Beside pomegranate, black caviar and gold pearl there’s still so many other interesting ingredients at LoveMore. You’ll be sure to find one you like.
And I’m going to try on the Black Caviar first. Here are some detail regarding Beluga Caviar, apparently beside being so good to be eaten and known as high class meal ^0^ ohohohohoho Bealuga Caviar also good for our skin, now Love More gives us the extract (minus the smell of course) and just those important ingredients for our skin to be pampered and feel all the love.

❤ ❥ ♡ ♥ ღ ɞ
❤ ❥ ♡ ♥ ღ ɞ
I always looking for a moisturizing mask and usually other brand, especially those paper mask, even thou’ it claims to moisturize the skin, it exfoliate 😦 but this one seems different and promising heehee
This is me holding the item, as seen on the darker puff under my eyes, I’ve been having lack of sleeps lately, I need some relaxation a s a p.
I use it after cleansing and tap it dry. I open the packaging and the soft mask is protected by the plastic.
I decided to put it on and then open the plastic after pressing the soft mask that feels really moist and a bit gooey.
After peeling the plastic the mask seems transparent and feels so good on the skin. They are super soft, gentle and lovely to the touch, like a whole lot of moisture is in there.
The best fitting is really fits me ^__^ and the featherly soft mask is proven alright. SYN HYCAN, gives me those moisturizing effect than ever before, your skin feels thirsty? Try this mask and let it drink all the way.
Here’s a clip of me taking of the mask and you can see the texture of the skin, they are still moist and my skin becomes moist as well. The left over liquid can be distributed by massaging the skin and tapping motion too.
After? A glowing skin thanks to the moisture and my skin feels comfortable again while before I feel some stretch on the cheeks.
Then, few days later, I try the other mask from SexyLook, the one that gets the raves from Taiwan.

This is a black cotton mask. The mask is really black in color and the cotton is really lovable to the touch.

Use after cleansing your face and use it for 15-20 minutes also, simple and easy to use just like other mask but the effect is just superb.

I don’t know, maybe it is just me, my face turn instantly whiter/brighter. I guess this is the detox effect and cleansing the pores as well. Usually after using a mask the skin feels moist but this time, there’s something extra, for the whole day and days ahead, my skin is ‘cleaner’, in terms of less sebum and the skin feels lighter and easy to breathe ^__^ You really have to try this one to understand how I feel. I’m a big fan of carbon and it was well known to be detoxifying and beneficial to be used on regular basis.
Thank you so much Secretive for the products and don’t forget to join their Facebook and Twitter page: