Hi all!

Here’s a review on natur-e Daily Nourishing Lotion which I just received in my mail box ^__^

Details on the packaging:

Daily Nourishing Lotion for hand and body.
Vitamin E beads. Pomegranate seed oil. UVA + UVB Protection.

Natur E Daily Nourishing Lotion contain beads of Vit E that provide longer moisturizing effect with antioxidant and nutrition that beneficial for the skin.
Pomegranate seed oil as antioxidant that increases skin elasticity and softness.
Sun protection that protects the skin from the bad effect of UVA+UVB so the skin stay fair and shines all day long.
Natural formula produced by modern technology so it is safe to be used as a daily skincare

Use everyday to the hands and feet as skin protector before starting your day.

The 100 ml bottle looks pretty, simple and attractive. The color of the lotion is a bit light green with green dots on it, which is said to be Vit E beads. The beads on the skin feels a bit rough but able to be pressed and the beads with mushed into a green particles that easily blend to the lotion. 

The first thing I’ve noticed is the scent, it is too much, and I dislike it. It was like using a perfume but unfortunately the perfume smell like mosquito repellents/pesticides. There are a bit sensitivity to the skin right after usage, I don’t know why but I guess I wont be using it anymore, or maybe not on the hands, perhaps on the legs only.

The lotion is not sticky but not easily fully absorbed as well, so it’s somewhat in the middle. A bit rich but not buttery rich, it’s like a rich lotion. It does moisturized the skin but again the fragrance is overwhelming. If only it comes in a more softer scent which gives the lotion a chance to be proud of the vit e as the main focus above all ingredients.