It’s time for the men now!

212 VIP Men is a delicacy from Carolina Herrera to be used by men and in the same time enjoyed by ladies \^0^/

This is a private party! NYC

When the woman comes in gold oval packaging, the men comes in edges and silvery.

I love the magnetic forces created by the cap and bottle. They are strong and shows opposite attracts. Cool isn’t it?!

Details can be found in an official website from Carolina Herrera

And after indulging having the bottle, let’s sniff inside it.

An immediate scent of something sharp, edgy, interesting yet strangely addictive. The ingredients:

It promises you something unusual, intriguing and manly in the same time without showing your age. The ageless feeling is lingering, young and happening. Ladies, when a guy is in a club passing you by with 212 VIP Men, you’ll definitely notices him as someone who is confident, a center of attention and very stylish.

The first top note is vitality, then turns strong like a vodka and finally comes the wood unlike others. A perfume that stays strong for hours and hours without failing to captivate anyone your imagination and his presence.