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We are giving away free membership card to 300 costumers, attached is the price list for our members.
Members will get 70% discount for hair cut and 50% discount for other treatments.

Hi all, how are you today?
I’m blogging in a cool morning now, it’s heavily rain in my part of town and it was scary looking at those dark clouds and living on the up most building in the neighborhood, I can see it all. Now, the collection I’m going to show you is all the contrary of those dark clouds, imagining a beautiful pink flowery spring is here and yes, lot’s of pinks, be prepared for the girl in you to jump out and say “万歳”
The galore of the event in Senayan City at Shu Uemura’s counter is just かわいい and inspiring in the same time. Mamechiyo is the one choosen by Shu Uemura for these gorgeous collection. Now in Indonesia working together with Raffles Design Institute, they are making Kimono.
This is the invitation, if you follow my blog on facebook you’ve seen it right ^__^ and probably come as well. Yes dears, every open invitation I get, I’ll be sure to share it will you all.
The highlight of the show beside the kimono’s that need our voting, please make your way –> HERE and pick the one you really adore. Now, okay, the other highlight of the show is Mr. Hendrix Sakura Spring Makeup Demo. He looks neat and his creation on her looks artistic. Fancy to wear a kimono now?
Oh yes, no way coming here without looking at these gorgeous products and their new designs. You do aware this is not the first time Shu Uemura collaborating with an artist for a limited items right?
So Mamechiyo isn’t the first, btw, let’s find out who is she?
Details from

who is mamechiyo

extracting the essence of tradition and re-creating a contemporary new style with edge, mamechiyo is a modern kimono artist, an enchantress of the kimono. from childhood, she dreamed of becoming an apprentice geisha. she started to work in second-hand shops to pursue her attraction to kimono. fascinated with reviving antiques and adding the essence of the 21st century, mamechiyo creates high fashion kimono for women who adore fun and beauty. mamechiyo has always been fascinated by the intricate and delicate patterns used in traditional kimono and always imagined how the work of old kimono craftsmen would translate to modern times. what kind of creations are possible?
mamechiyo’s world is one that is free and infinite, depending on your creativity; your world will spread from the past to the present and into the future bringing a life full of dreams and the spirit of contemporary Tokyo to your universe.
Find out more about Fuji, Sakura, Botan and Ume here:
Beside the collection I’ve got to try some of must have items from Shu Uemura. The BB Mouse and DeepSea Water Facial Mist (I try the one in mint). Represent all the products of Shu Uemura, precision and passion are the ingredients in them.
Stay tune for more products review and event from Shu Uemura, right here on my blog ^__^

Hi all!

Perhaps you need to know about Shinjuku Premium Salon first,
read it —> HERE about the Grand Opening and HERE regarding my makeover and some winners from this blog. And maybe you should as well check out the PRICELIST of this lovely salon.

Now, after visiting the salon last Saturday (28th April 2012) and get this gorgeous finishing color and style

I spoke to the owner of Shinjuku Premium Salon and he kindly offer all of you my readers a 50% off of all treatment and service in the salon.


Just by mentioning my name: Janda Quirkygirl

and enjoy the 50% off.

Easy right ^__^

This offer is last until June 30th,2012.

Visit Shinjuku Premium Salon at Kuningan City Mall Lt.1 No 58
Phone: (021) 3048 0775

Get that effortless looking hair style, fuss free and be gorgeous!

Hi gorgeous people!
Weekend is coming and holidays is just around the corner, aren’t you egg-cited?! It’s like the season is here to be jolly, sniffed it, yet? You will, the minute you step in Glow Living Beauty, comfortable located in Plaza Indonesia.
Yesterday is the anniversary party, be prepared for the excitement I’m goin’ to show you all, a lot of a day only promo and yes, you’ll bite your self for missing in action
Read it and yes, 11th is the last day. So you do have time ^___^ to catch up! Btw, so sorry for the late blogging, I’m been really busy, like seriously! But hey, no worries, you got 2 days now heehee.
with BNI, enjoy 10% discount on everything. Now, start from below I’ll give you a grand tour inside Glow Living Beauty and all they have to offer. Please do kindly be reminded that they have lotsa beautiful and gorgeous stuffs and it is impossible to portray them each one by one. So, here’s the glimpse.
Let’s start with Elizabeth Arden and they have that special package for you. And for Rp.700.000 minimum purchase you’ll get a free facial service with massage too, plus it will be in Elizabeth Arden’s treatment room in the Glow (wow!)
Don’t forget that Beauty Awards Winner from them.
Does it call your name?
Next it.s Bobbi Brown, what do they have? A pretty eye shadow in cream texture for every purchase of 1 million Rupiah, the price of the gift itself is around Rp.250.000, hurry! While stock last 🙂
Purchase minimum Rp.750.000 ( Body Wash not included) -> Free exclusive Pouch. Ooh, but if you still really want the famous Body Wash as part of the pack, you can get one with the purchase of body lotion and shower gel and get a shower gel for free. I know their shower gel/body wash is a massive hit, I’ve smell them yesterday and LOVE IT! Ask the friendly staff, some promo ended tomorrow, while some for the whole month of December (woohoo!).
Now, let’s go to Shu Uemura’s, this is the lovely Ms.Dwi with her Shu’s look. Be a member of Shu Uemura by speding Rp1,2 million and there are no expired points. But do take note to spend 2 million within every year to keep being a member = Shu Uemura Fanatic. 1 point equals to Rp.100.000.

This is a closed up look, want to get this look? Come to the counter and the makeup artist will help you to have a makeover on your own with min purchase of Rp.1,5 million.

Next store is Kiehl’s. With BNI you get the 10% and Kiehl’s will give 3 deluxe sample for you. Each deluxe sample can be use for around a week. Oh and do you see the lovely red box? Ask the staff for how much a minimum purchase is to get a free wrapping in a box like this ^___^ Neat! My advice try the Midnight Recovery, I have mine and will do the review ASAP, I’m craving for more now.
Anna Sui and their super pretty, adorable and Ooh, their makeup box. I want one! The package is worth 1,3 million rupiah but you only need to pay for 1 million, and for a purchase of 2 million you get a full size product . . .come and be surprise ^___^
Anna Sui’s lovely perfume also have promotion and get a free lip gloss.
In the counter I’ve tried one of their mascara, will do a review soon and let me tell you one thing, no wonder  they won a Beauty Awards 🙂
The best seller right now according to them is Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation.
Let’s take a break right now and make sure you can absorbed all these wonderful news, I know! I’m excited too to share all with you, but just look at their decoration, so serene.
Continue ^__^ it’s Biotherm time and the box, bag and one more bag which is a limited, only 2 of them, the bag itself worth million, you just have to see it to believe it. Don’t forget to get their vouchers and lovely Christmas package.
For every purchase of the perfume (Ralph Lauren) you’ll also get lucky dip by Biotherm.

These are all prize, gifts, to be won ^__^

Shiseido also around and for every 2,5 million Rupiah you’ll get free cosmetics ^__^

On the 8th also the first time for CoSTUME National presented. Unfortunately the 20% discount only available on the 8th at 3-6 PM, this will give you a very good reminder to never missed Glow Living Beauty event ever again!

Max Factor also conveniently around, check them out!
This is Ms.Nina from Glow Living Beauty, she is the one that help me with the grand tour and look what she is holding, a free bag from every purchase of Escada, ask the staff for this promotion. I will take a deep breath and explain some of the promo they are having for the perfume:
Gucci: Get a free body lotion and shower gel plus vial samples and candles too
D&G: for the numbers collection, buy 2 get 1 free.
Hugo Boss: Free 30 ml
Some of the promo only until Sunday.
Another glimpse of all the prizes \^o^/

Promotion from Glow Living Beauty, along with every 1,5 million of purchase get a free lucky dip.

You’ll find this promotion at the cashier and you wouldn’t missed the delightful candles just right next to the cashier.

There are still many promotion like from Lancome, for 1,5 million of purchase get a package. For Tresor in Love a Rp.750.000 coffret become Rp.500.000 while stock last.

For the Guerlain every 20 million purchase, the 10 million would be 30% product, now, you really need the staff to explain them for you ^___^

Naked santa as promised, he is really famous with the ladies and it’s not difficult to find the reason why =^___^=
Besides all the things above there are still SO MANY stuffs in Glow Living Beauty that you’ll definitely wants to check out.
Accessories for yourself and for your sophisticated home. You can find more than 100s of varieties here and there. I don’t think I can finished with a single blog post.
And these are the perfumes available here, and yes, like ALL the famous perfume from Katy’s newest that smell sweet yet unique and warm too, to the gorgeousness of Banana Republic that I really L.O.V.E, you find your match here and have a happy ending.

That’s all for now and I know it’s a lot, so what are you waiting for, headed down to Glow Living Beauty to get some goodies for you or for your loved one ^__^

Oohh yes, it’s that time of the year again, where holiday is coming, Christmas, New Years Party, you want that look, the look that’s adored by many, yes, the gorgeous holiday look specially by Bobbi Brown. Expect luminous and that Crystal glow. Expect Bobbi Brown!

MORE INFO and RSVP CALL: (021) 70726011

Limited seat available, so don’t wait  \^0^/

Join Bobbi Brown Indonesia Facebook Page plus Twitter and see you there!

Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we’ve no place to go
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Thank God the weather here is not frightful and we DO have a place to go, which is Glow Living Beauty located comfortably in Plaza Indonesia.

A place that have been with us more than 15 years. That long? Yes, me and my family’s favorite place, especially when Christmas is around.

This year, you’re invited to join an anniversary party at 8th December 2011 at Glow Living Beauty. Please do click on the image for bigger view.
Read the following details for further detail on the exact date and have a wonderful Holidays y’all! I know I will ^___^
Hi Ladies ^__^
Have you been browsing through those sexy website to find a perfect pair just for you but really doubt how the style, size and designs will effect the whole thing, instead of looking fab you’ll ended up looking and feeling awful for those amounts of money spent and a pair of lingerie unusable? Fret no more, AdoreMe.Com is here.
Try open up their page and you’ll see a wide selection that change monthly with the help of professional stylist that will choose a selections for you. Yes, for you! After signing up for FREE, take their quiz and it help the stylist and your self get a pair that is usable and well, saying yours from every angle.
Glued with Free shipping and Free exchange (both ways), customers satisfaction is guaranteed alright with just $39.95 per set their collection are ready from 32A to 40G. Currently they are only available for USA only (Canada coming soon), so the rest of us just have to wait for their expansion.Or ask a friend in the U.S to help you out ^___^
This is one of their collection called Juliet that I really like, the look is innocent, virgin, and in love.
Want something different? A bit wild? Keep on searching and you will find something hotter, like this one :). From my opinion, customers are assured of their privacy, satisfaction and selections.

Not just that, in you can have your own personal showroom, add your friends and their collection, ask your lover to choose a set for you, and share it with anyone you like about the designs that you think is very nice for you or your girl friends. You can even see the stylist tips, how to wear and details regarding each product that will keep any fussy gal happy. I know I am.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out, now!

Hi all ^__^ still remember my recent giveaway for bloggers only?
Here is the 3 bloggers who’s going to get a FREE hair makeover sponsored by L’Oreal Professionnel . . . hoooraayyyyy!!!! Thank you L’Oreal Professionnel!

Take note the criteria of choosing them are based on:
1. Bloggers (active bloggers are preferable)

2. What they choose
3. Their hair and facial condition match for the makeover
4. Last but not least abide to the t&c from, L’Oreal Professionnel, and Lancome.

and they are:

Hanna from will be getting a Korean Wave by Dulcia Advanced.
Gita from will be getting an INOA hair color.

And Christina from will be getting a Japanese Smoothing by X-Tenso Moisturist
Clap clap clap!!! They are going to have their makeover this week and you all will witness their transformation.
Readers? Pay attention! There will be 2 readers (of each blog) that will join the bloggers they choose, for hair treatment day with them, so yes, total 6 readers. Details will be given later so keep on tuning ^__^
Is that all? Nope, remember when I said there will be another surprise for the 3 bloggers (the clue is everywhere in this post)

It is:

Lancome has kindly join the makeover team and will be giving the 3 bloggers a makeover plus getting hampers sponsored by Lancome. Merci beaucoup, Lancome!

Wonderful isn’t it?! Hair makeover by L’Oreal Professionnel plus Rp.500k worth of hampers AND Makeup makeover by Lancome plus hampers too! Don’t forget to read their testimonials after the makeover and comments away 🙂 You never know when the opportunity comes to you.

Dearest Readers,

All of these times I’ve received many questions of, “How do you get invited to those wonderful beauty class/workshop?”, well now it’s your chance ^__^
Lancome is so kind and generous, they are giving my readers opportunity to be invited on a special makeup workshop by Lancome this Saturday (22nd of October 2011) at a 5 star hotel.

In the workshop you’ll be getting all of the above mentioned (please do click on the image) and you need to RSVP by calling the number shown before Saturday and pay Rp.150.000 at the counter which on the event can be redeemed with the products you like and if the price is higher you can simply top up.

Those who pay in advance, don’t forget to mentioned you’ll be with me: Carnellin – Beauty Bloggers of While You On Earth and a special welcome gift will be given on the event.
I know it’s kinda tight, so you still able to pay on the spot during the event. But you need to register now, I’ll be waiting for your email until Thursday.
How you can participate?
“Like” my facebook page:
Since a lot of information will be shared there.
Comment here with your email and preferred time slot (10 am or 3 pm)
Email me ( with your name and phone number.

That’s all lovely ladies!

Hope to see you there and have a great day ahead!
Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
I’m looking for 3 bloggers who wants to get a FREE makeover by L’Oreal Professionnel, there are 3 style/texture you can choose:
1. INOA hair color.

2. Korean Wave by Dulcia Advanced

3. Japanese Smoothing by X-Tenso Moisturist

Please read more about them —> HERE and my INOA experience —> HERE

Now what you have to do is:
1. Be the follower of my blog (in case you haven’t)
2. Post this Special Makeover Giveaway in your blog (with the URL linked to here)
3. And comment below with your: Name, Email, URL of your blog post for this Special Makeover Giveaway, and which style/texture you choose.
Take note:
  • For those who are suffering from allergies to hair color and makeup, please refrain yourself from joining the contest.
  • Full consent given to L’Oreal Professionnel and my blog to publish your experience including pictures.
  • The winners will be notified after 12 of Oct 2011 by email.
Oh and one more thing, after the makeover each winners will be given L’Oreal Professionnel products worth Rp. 500K from Shampoo, conditioner/treatment masque and styling products  ٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ ٩(͡๏_๏)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶ Hooray!!!
So, what are you waiting for? Let’s join! We even prepared one more surprise for you on the spot!

Makeover will be done in Jakarta, all of you around the world may join as long as you’re in Jakarta at the time being, sorry, the free makeover doesn’t include your flight tickets.