Hello ladies,

I think by now the brand Paula’s Choice has been heard several times by many beauty bloggers. And since years ago they did land in Indonesia. So they offer me to try some samples from their skincare, cosmetics, and body series.

Sachets samples are given, so I can’t say much about them, just first experiences. And I wont share many details as well since I can’t share much within the 2-5 ml(s) items. Rest assure all of them are available at www.paulaschoice.com


There are: Optimal result hydrating cleanser, weekly resurfacing treatment (10% AHA), Daily smoothing treatment (5% AHA), Skin recovery moisturizer, Advanced replenish toner, Skin recovery daily moisturizing lotion with SPF 15, Skin recovery moisturizer, and Resist pure radiance skin brightening treatment, skin recovery super antioxidant concentrate serum.

There are a number of trial and errors since the team from Paula’s Choice Indonesia doesn’t exactly know my skin condition, so the first batch of cleanser for dry skin doesn’t work well on me. Maybe it is for a super dry skin with flakiness. On me the cleanser leave so many leftovers, even for daily debris. When I swipe a cotton of toner, there will be residue of the stuff left uncleaned. 

The toner is okay and hydrating, this one I can use, but a big no no for anything with AHA and BHA from Paula’s Choice. I can’t stand it. The BHA immediately causes the hands to feel numb and itchy, while the AHA on the face causing acne.

The serum and moisturizer is okay but I dislike the scent and the super rich texture. In the end the first batch ends in almost failure. However, the Paula’s team in Indonesia are not a bunch of people who would easily gave up on me, and so do I. I think it’s just a matter of finding the right products for my skin.

The only thing from the first batch that I haven’t try is the Resist pure radiance skin brightening treatment, which I’ll share with you along with the second batch.


So on the second batch they send me more items. Most of them works really well on my skin, so yes, there’s a progress in finding my match ^^. The first item I’ve tried is the Gentle touch makeup remover. It works really well in cleaning the makeup, from the base (look at the image above) and even waterproof mascara and eyeliners (image below) without causing the skin to stress out. No discomfort, no allergies, no itchiness, just a good gentle yet effective cleanser. This is what I need.


And then I followed up with a Moisture boost one step face cleanser and failed. It doesn’t help me in cleaning the residue, and when I use it again the day after without any makeup on, so just for cleaning daily residue (sebum, daily dirts, etc) it still left some. So when I swipe a cotton pad filled with toner, there are dirt, and I can feel the sebum are untouched. I know the difference between a cleanser that does a great job in cleaning yet the skin still feels so moist and soft and supple, but this moisture boost one step face cleanser left too much, even the skin doesn’t feel clean.


Now, how about the rest? The Beautiful body butter is a simple body butter without that oily effect that most body butter have. Suitable for those with sensitive skin since it contain no fragrance whatsoever, I need fragrance on my toiletries heehee! So, I think that’s the only low point on this particular item. The while body butter is easily apply without any stickiness nor grease, so hooray for that.

Wow! It’s been up and down hasn’t it?! It is the reality of skincare and other products, some does work on me, while some just doesn’t. The following item works well on me too, the one item from the first batch I haven’t try: Resist pure radiance skin brightening treatment. This pearly glow product is like a wonder. easily applied on the skin and sunk in leaving the skin soft and for the 5x1ml I can’t say anything about the effective brightening effect, but so far, none from this item bothers me. I love the texture, the feeling on my skin, the natural scent from the ingredients, it is lovely and I’ll keep using it for sure.

Last but not least is the Barely there sheer matte tint in sheer ivory, hmm, it was a tone too dark on me. I look like I just spend a day in the sun on the beach. And for me it’s not barely there, it was  completely there, the coverage is sheer but the feeling is thicker than barely there. After a while, the skin feels itchy too. So, I don’t think this is my favorite product either.

I have one more item, and it’s not a sample size (yippie!!). A Weightless body treatment to help treat my sis’s keratosis pilaris condition on her upper arms. It will be discuss and deliberated on my next post, it might take a while, since a thorough review take weeks up to a month of usage before posting.

So far I have up and down experiences with Paula’s Choice products, but I think since they do have a wide varieties of the products I can choose, I’m still positive in finding more items that are made for me.

Thank you.