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Hi ladies!
On Saturday I was invited for Valentina. A new perfume from Valentino. Please do read the press release ✈  HERE before reading this post since you will be inspired, fully understood and falling in love with the scent.
As everyone has known, Valentino is a brand that everyone in the world at least heard of. His designs in fashion is something that always remembered as a celebration of a female body and one of celebrities must have items in the whole wide earth ^__^ already smell the excitement in me?
Immediately I took pictures of myself on the spot, I know it’s in the middle of the mall but in that zone I feel the beauty, gorgeousness and elegance surrounding the area with pale pink florals everywhere. It was simple yet beautiful in every details.
This is it, this is the product that makes all the troubles worth, a very sophisticated bottle with roses on it. The liquid is almost transparent with only a hint of pink color. It shows how precious it is and pure.
Soon after that Mr. Leo introduced me to the 3 notes of the perfume, start from the top notes which is fruity, refreshing and light. It is a mixed between Calabrian Bergamot and White Alba Truffle. The middle/hearth note is Amalfi Orange Blossom, Jasmine, and Wild Strawberry, which gives me a burst of floral which is coherent with the top notes and instead of overwhelming each other they completed in a realm where, they made sense and walks along hand in hand. Last, I smell the base note, Cedar Wood, Vanilla and Amber. Where it enhance the whole notes. It was a very beautiful harmony that I didn’t find in any other perfume. Valentino is a genius.
Then, I try on the perfume, it was a serenade of beautiful components where they are flowing in the garden of paradise. Simultaneously creating a dainty enamor that captivate our heart.
To make the experience whole, team Valentina Indonesia gave us a pretty nail art from Sassi. Look at the flowers and pale pink colored nails ^0^ Love it as well.
 Then I tried in the lotion which is so light and refreshing in terms of texture and scent. There are some blings too, a golden tiny sparkles. The hydration is lovely and feels light to the touch where apprehend scent bursting out, ready to charm the surroundings.
These are the packaging.
Valentina perfume is all in EDP. Sold in 80 ml for Rp. 1.250.000, 50 ml Rp. 950.000, and 30 ml in Rp. 680.000
The Body Milk (lotion) is Rp. 525.000, Velvet Shower Gel is Rp. 460.000 and Perfumed Deodorant for Rp. 455.000
Everyone goes home with goodies from Valentina, a bottle of perfume and clutch bag, specially designed by Valentino himself, which you can get after a certain amount of purchase. Get it now as it is a very limited edition. Available in Metro Plaza Senayan.
This is mine, I love it so much
 The scent is inspiring me in every way, calm, confident and enrapture.
When I received it the cap is still on, a clear cap kept for traveling wise.

Then open it and the black pearl is the head of the sprayer while by pressing the metal on top the perfume will come out from the center of the black pearl.
Do I love it? I truly do, I see my self using this perfume for the next ten years. I love how it made me into this princess, royalty, and goddess-like socialite which speaks freedom and democracy ^0^ The perfume is delicate but the present is undeniable, subtle yet strong in appearance. Delicate yet like a jasmine, so memorable and beautiful.

This is me, a blue blood self-proclaimed, where the skies is the limit. Where the word beautiful is still not enough, fine, precious, sublime.



In downtown Rome near the Spanish Steps, Valentino’s historic
headquarters on Piazza Mignanelli are a genuine legend. Inside
and out, the 16th century residence, which has been the protagonist
of numerous photo shoots appearing in the world’s most famous
magazines, represents the passion and inspiration, results and
recognition of a fashion brand that is universally acclaimed and
loved. Inside Palazzo Mignanelli, the brand’s affinity with classic,
modern, and contemporary art and with grand Italian artisan
tradition magically came to life through the exquisite work of a
unique and brilliant group of pattern-makers, seamstresses,
and embroiderers. Under some of the oldest frescoed and
coffered wood ceilings in Rome, amidst the staircases, desks,
bookcases, rooms and workshops, the Valentino maison is a
fascinating combination of different eras and styles. Like fashion,
it is incessantly and relentlessly changing through an exciting
sequence of transformations, innovation, evolution, modifications,
and changes. It reveals Valentino’s devotion to uniqueness and
dedication to beauty that is expressed through an endless variety of
silhouettes, ideas, images, and projects. Its products were designed
for an ideal elegant woman inspired by her couture clothes and
lifestyle and by her desire to make a statement, stand out from the
crowd, and live life to the fullest.


In sync with the times, restyled and updated, the Valentino woman
of Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli, the current Creative
Directors of the maison, is freer, more extreme and daring. She
wows the crowds with amazing combinations of chiffon and black
leather, cashmere and metal studs, herringbone wool and light
Chantilly lace. Evanescent and ethereal, but also magnetic and
mysterious, she is seductively ambiguous, unpredictable, and as
elusive as a mirage. An intense, ineludible icon that is simultaneously
equivocal and elegantly impalpable, she wears sleek outfits that
impeccably accentuate her figure and are shaped and embellished
by concealed structures, exclusive techniques, and exquisite trims.
Her couture dresses fit her contemporary personality like a glove.
Defining and emphasizing her distinction like a gentle, floating aura,
they transform her uniqueness into an ineffable, quintessential and
overwhelming sensorial experience.


Rome, the home of Valentino couture, remains its ideal stage
and source of inspiration. Its incomparable, aristocratic layers of
sublime artwork and architecture, memories and patina, emblems
and stylistic elements generate a sumptuous and unique texture of
different moods. It is a breathtaking spectacle of slender neoclassical
columns and exuberant baroque caprices, endless views and secret
glimpses, dazzling reflections and shadowy corners that symbolize
the magnetic and contradictory allure of Valentino’s perceptive and
unpredictable woman. She knows and appreciates couture that
redefines and updates fashion’s legendary looks, giving exclusive
materials and techniques contemporary appeal, carefully studying
precise silhouettes and volumes, creating pleated, folded or draped
constructions, and adding meticulous and elaborate intarsia and
cutouts, placed and all-over embellishments. This woman, imagined
by Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli, is on a constant quest
to find herself. Bewitching, mystifying, and utterly stunning, she also
knows how to stand out in a crowd and she skillfully transforms
and distances herself. She lets her imagination fly, interpreting
Valentino style in her very own personal way, wearing couture
masterpieces that, like Rome, are unique and timeless.


Synthesized in a refined bouquet of fragrances, the ingredients that
define the femininity and uniqueness of the Valentino woman have
inspired a new perfume called Valentina that was conceived as
couture style and a signature element of distinction that expresses a
feminine ideal. Valentina is beautiful, radiant with charms belonging
to a modern heiress. She is seductive, sophisticated , unconventional,
charismatic . She creates her own style. She sets home in a classical
Roman Palazzo but there is nothing she likes more than feeling
the heart beat of the vivid city of Rome. She is the only protagonist
of a hypnotic, bewitching story full of references and allusions to
legendary figures of Italian fashion and cinema. Valentina comes
to life in the advertising campaign for the perfume shot by David
Sims and the TV film directed by Johan Renck along the dark and
secret streets of a sumptuously deserted, nocturnal Rome.


From this sensual, insolent beauty, this blatant femininity that
eludes conventions, two master perfumers, Olivier Cresp and
Alberto Morillas, created a fragrance as a tribute to today’s
Valentino woman. With attitude, sophistication and unexpected
characteristics, the bouquet of Valentina blends an irreverent Italian
floral oriental in which each facet reveals a paradox. Calabrian
bergamot is a hymn to exuberance and freshness, shaken up by
the insolence of white Alba truffles. In their trail, jasmine, Amalfi
orange blossom and tuberose celebrate radiant beauty, while being
offset by the rebellious delight of wild strawberries. Finally, the
nobility of cedar is seduced by the captivating sensuality of amber…
Valentina marks out a solar, unexpected trail, classic yet modern.


The intense notes of the perfume perfectly blend with the delicate
purity of the transparent crystal bottle. Slightly rounded yet sleek, it
wears three flowers, emblems of Valentino couture, in pale shades
of white, ivory, and nude : recurring colors featured in the most
recent collections that represent the brand’s taste for contrasts
and contradiction and its new direction. Skillfully blending and
contrasting naughtiness and innocence, restraint and audacity,
the sensual bottle is topped by a silver ring and a black pearl. And,
comes in a white box decorated with floral motifs in relief.