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Here’s a product from Australia, heehe , it’s seems that today I’m gonna do reviews all around the world with beauty products.
The Lanocreme Lanolin Cream is made by Lanocorp, please do find more details from lanocorp.com.au regarding the product below:
A natural revitalising cream designed for your more intensive skin care needs.  Lanocrème Cream contains a hint of mild sunscreen for added protection duing the day without leaving any greasy residue.  This multi-purpose cream is an ideal moisturiser for firming and toning the face and sensitive under eye and neck area.  Delicately fragranced with Alomond Flowers and Honey.
My review:
The cream have a nice comfortable soothing sweet floral musk scent that I found lovely and likeable. I thought it would be super rich and difficult to be used as it is so rich, but somehow it’s like water based. The white creamy fluid is refreshing to the touch as it blends easily and leave the skin feeling soft and supple in an instant. This natural skincare is made to be used under make up and as a night cream.
Take note if your skin is really dry and need help, you can use the cream at day time. The cream also soothing for a dry skin, but I’m bot really recommend the product for your oily skin. Combination? You still can use it on your u zone and a bit on t zone during the night.

But careful thou’ some people do have allergy to lanolin, I’m just happy I’m not one of them so I can use this cream. Btw, My friends also love this cream so much, she even stock some at home, apparently Lanocreme Lanolin Cream is highly craved and famous.

Will I keep using it? Hmm, I’m still in the midst of deciding, why? Is it non-comedogenic? is it hypoallergenic? Clinically proven? I’m still trying to figure it out and clueless with the limited information given on the packaging. But so far the cream is smooth and delicate enough for the skin, for me, it’s not too rich nor heavy, in fact there’s a velvety feeling on the skin right after usage. The skin looks radiant, moist and healthier too.

Overall, this cream is like an old school moisturizer, like something that’s comforting and feels like a ‘home cooked meal’, it’s not a spanking brand new high tech cream with latest gigs. For the price that below 10$ per jar, it worth a try and I think your mom or grandma would like it too heehee.

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