Hi everybody,

this is (for me) a long awaited post since March last year XD haha seriously. The media event is really last year: CLICK ME. On that post there’s also product details and many more information regarding the product and series comes with it.

Months ago Estee Lauder finally handed me one and here is the review.


Please do read the details from that previous post regarding the info or just click www.esteelauder.com for reading materials regarding the product. It is still the same Resilience we knew, just improved, better and new-er.


It comes in variation, mine is the one with SPF 15. I’ve used the ‘older’ version before and very much loving it, now, I love them still. The aroma, the texture, the sensation when using it, the comfort and the result.


The pinkish cream may look thick but when touched it melts on the skin and easily dissolve, glide and made my skin feel the love of being pampered. The SPF is quite low, so for me, I need to add more since 15×15 is 225 means 3 hours and 45 minutes. My skin need 6 hours of sun protection, adding another sun protection like sunscreen is needed.


Overall it’s a wonderful day cream that helps the skin get firm again without any stickiness, oily, nor any kind of discomfort. The skin gently become firming and the sculpting can be made with the help of massaging. There are some technique and tools helping a sculpting cream to work better. When we reach a certain age, the skin become less firm and start to loose their tightness.

This cream able to help slowing down the sagging skin. Preferably use the whole product in the series, from the serum ANR or Perfectionist, and the one for the eye.


If you’re looking for a moisturizer with a firming and sculpting effect without the greasiness and just plain superb, try Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Firming/Sculpting Face and Neck Cream (which means can be used for the neck too, yeay!!) SPF 15 ^__^

Tips from me, add a higher SPF sunscreen afterward for protecting the skin from UV damage. For those with dry skin may use serum for adding hydration before the moisturizer. So far this product can be used with other luxury products from other brand and other range. Customize them with your own skin type.

The whole pot (50 ml) when used daily may last for +/-2 months.