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Hi all,

after last week event (Read: HERE), I went home with the Double Wear Ivory Cream and Natural Loose Powder.This two dynamic duo is ample in creating a flawless base for me.


I know Estee Lauder for around 20 years and this brand once has the prettiest gift set I’ve seen and one time there’s this loose powder. It was my first loose powder. It was my mom’s heehee, but it is the first loose powder I’ve used. I still remember how soft and light it is. Now, I’m pairing them together.

This is the 1N2 which is called Ecru Internationally, but in Indonesia it become Ivory Cream 39.

The cream looks so thick and rich, how I wish it comes in a pump not just a plain bottle, but later, I know why it comes in an open cap bottle without any pump attached.


Seduced by the Estee Lauder’s MUA during the event to use a brush for better application, I let the brush to do the job, and failed miserably. The cream create some lines and the worst part is they sticks on the brush badly. It was very difficult cleaning it. I have to use a makeup remover, why?

The cream gets dry super fast, I’m talking in a matter of seconds here. So seeing the strikes, I use my fingers (best tool ever) and blends everything, I think 1-2 minutes and the makeup has set. Like I can feel it actually hardening on the skin. Once they set, they wont budge. It stays with me all day long, I haven’t experience something like this before. Or at least not in the last decade.


This is how I look after putting on Double Wear. Most foundation gives a sticky finish (from very to slightly sticky), this one is minimum. Like they are air-dried. I did sweats thank to the hot temp, but the makeup stays undisturbed while other will starts to melt like ice cream on a hot pan.


Some of the cream that I put on my hand, I let it dry just like the face and did some testing. I washed it with soaps, facial wash, liquid dishwasher and how it goes? The foundation stays! It gives the skin a coverage like mask. Waterproof as well. The water stays on top of it and the soaps unable to break it down. It need a makeup cleanser. I have Take It Away (HERE) and it cleaned them well. Like really well. I’m sure a cleansing oil able to do the job as well.


After using Double Wear I don’t have to wait for the foundation to set, since it sets almost instantly, a loose powder is added just to make sure a soft finish. Mine is 01 Light.

Details from :

Minimizes the look of lines

Luminous finish

This loose powder gives skin a luminous finish that minimizes the look of lines and wrinkles.

Special ingredients diffuse light as it hits your skin, creating a “soft-focus” effect that visibly smooths the appearance of your skin.

Powder Points

  • Flawless coverage
  • Luminous finish
  • Comes with a luxurious puff

    Loose Powder for a Flawless Look
    Loose powder is ideal for the sheerest, most natural finish, especially when applying your makeup at home.

    To use loose powder, tap the puff or a powder brush into the powder, then gently blow or tap off any excess. Pat or sweep lightly over face.


  • Dermatologist-tested


Equipped with a big puff somehow I wish the packet comes with big rounded mirror for easier touch up after long hours or when needed. Or I just love it better when there’s mirror ^__^

Hmm, usually Estee Lauder’s base appears fairer on the skin, but this one even thou’ it’s ‘Light’ still a bit too dark for me . . . and a bit reddish. 


For sure I don’t need a bronzer anymore. The texture is soft, light and fluffy alright just the tone that not exactly light enough for me. Perhaps, transparent should do the trick.

Use a big rounded brush for a flawless and enough touch, this time I literally can say, a small powder goes along the way thanks to the dry touch from Double Wear.

The image above is me with Double Wear and Lucidity on sunlight and below in room light


Looks darker right?!

Final look? After brows, blush on, lips and fake lashes.


Ta da! It looks natural, flawless, no photo editing needed and the look stay with me from morning till night thanks to the solid base. I just need a few touch up on lipstick and far lesser touch up on powders.

Now, back to why it is better in a bottle like this, the quick dry formula is the answer. A pump dispenser will be stuck in no time.

Overall? Must try!!

Hello makeup lover,

last week around 8 beauty bloggers is invited by Estee Lauder to witness new shades coming on their long time favorite Double Wear foundation.

Prepared in an atrium at Plaza Senayan we are gathered.


Double Wear has 10 shades now and Estee Lauder Indonesia carefully chosen those shades to match the needs here.


There are promotions going on right now not to be missed.


There are free signature services as well for anyone to try on. From simple smokey eyes to smoothing the lines, 10 choices.


Their iconic white and clean layout with golden linings and those Estee Lauder logo. Simple, classy and sophisticated.


The team with makeup artist, beauty advisors are ready to answer your questions.

Here are some details from

15-hour staying power
Medium, buildable
Natural, Semi-Matte
15-hour staying power. Flawless all day.
This worry-free, long-wearing makeup stays fresh and looks natural through heat, humidity, nonstop activity.
Won’t change color, smudge or come off on clothes.
Feels lightweight and comfortable.
Now the flawless look you see in the morning is the look you keep all day.
  • Oil-free
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Non-acnegenic
  • Fragrance-free


That’s the product, the one in the bottle.

But I still have time to play around, and I try on their lipstick, the one that have abundant of moisture in it and feels so soft on the lips.


The colors are exactly like shown at the packaging. Beautiful. Which one is your favorite?


If you don’t know which is your fave, perhaps this iMatch Shade Finder can help you out. A simple cards from Estee Lauder so you know which is your tone, undertone, colors for your lips & cheeks as well.


I’ve done mine and Estee Lauder give me these two items which I’ll use later on and share with you some reviews too.


First, let’s see the shades, I made a few swatches from cool to warm, yellowish, olive and beige undertone. These are just the 4 samples, remember they still have more for you. Yes, I’m not going to show you the shades now, later ya ^__^


But be sure to find one of your shade here.


And mix and match with powders, colors, and variety of makeup here.


I think by looking at the range, so far their strong points gotta be the lippies. They do follows customers demand, which means . . . we love lippies!!!!


The event started with Mr. Erfan greets us and share how Estee Lauder understand our needs. Instead of going upper where the skin appears lighter or going below the shade where the skin become darker, they added new shades so you’ll find that perfect shade naturally fitted your skin tone.


Michael use the card cart to find her shade, which is later known as sand. The application using a foundation brush following the skin’s hair. There are three models with different skin tones and of course need different shade of foundation.


After foundation she is pampered with color. Michael also adding some ANR on the foundation to help the shades to blend in plus adding some glow and softness on the skin. Perfect solution especially for those with dry skin.


Now it’s Kareninas turn, and she is a Cool Creme, one of the new shades as well. Then, unfortunately I have to leave early without witnessing the last model with yellowish undertone and fair skin. But, don’t missed your chance on trying their newest shades or find your exact match in all their shades directly at the counter.


Thank you Estee Lauder Indonesia.

Hi everyone ^__^

Especially those makeup-addicts. IBB is back with makeup challenge and as always as staff we will provide some looks for you to copy. We gladly do that as well.

After trying to figure it out a unique topic for the members, one of the staff (start with letter H) really want a Valentine with no pink with it. Say whattt?? Valentine is all about pink, so now, try to twist your mind into something romantic without the signature color.

Register here: CLICK ME.

And thank you Make Over for the prizes so the girls (or boys) can win some of these wonderful goodies. For a look using products from Make Over, you all may visit Carryna’s blog.

Now, here’s mine

Here are all the products I’ve used for the look, variety from Anna Sui, Laneige, Palgantong, Estee Lauder, The Body Shop, Dasoda and Lash Grip. You may search their individual review at my blog on the labels or search through the search tab.
Using Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF 50+ PA +++ as a base. This is the first time I’m using the product and it was quite easy to be used and lovely. Later I’ll provide the review on another post.
Below is the image of me after using Laneige.
Mine is No.21 Natural Beige. The shade is very natural as most BB Cream will gives skin a greyish tone or whitish, so it is not really natural. Really natural? Yup, they are ‘mild’ on the skin, like light-medium coverage and look somewhat natural compared to ‘old days’ foundation. But nowadays, foundation already gives us so many choices to look like we are on our ‘born-with’ skin.

So back to Laneige, the Snow BB Soothing Cushion is able to make an evenness, covers most of the problems and ready for some colors.

Add Palgantong powder so there base are set finely. This product is still my best loose powder for being so good in not melting. It kept the makeup sets for 12 hours or so. I’ve used it during my trip to Osaka in summer and touching up is a privilege. This powder is able to stand through sweats and sebum for more than 12 hours. Just remember when sweating to dab on the tissue and don’t swipe. Dab is the best thing for a settled makeup.

The thing I do next is adding some blush on from The Body Shop, it’s an old product which I still love thanks to the shimmering effect of a rosy glow. Not pinky ya, rosy.

Make eyebrows using Anna Sui’s brow set, and eye shadows as well and make it all about sophisticated purple. A strong yet still romantic tones to be used in Valentine.

And adding some purple lashes. Using Lash Grip is wonderful as it is black in color and sticks for the whole day as long as during usage, it is waited until dry and no sweat has touched the unset glue. Removing the glue is tricky as it will not come off altogether. Or perhaps I use too much? In my defense if I’m using less, it will be gone in a few hours.

An eyeliner is added, DASODA is used and a stay on waterproof eyeliner also help to masquerade the gap between the fake lashes and the real one attached to my eyes.

Last, after seeing the whole look, I think my eyes should be the center of attention, I use a peachy gloss on the lips from Estee Lauder.

And the makeup is done, but Valentine wont be suffice with this look, I need a wardrobe to make them complete.


In a magenta colored dress.
I’m ready! Submit yours soon ya ^__–
Hi everyone,

in beauty world, cleansing is one of the crucial step that ones must able to conquer. As cleansing removes all debris, leftovers, sebum, dirt and everything that clogged the pores so the skin is ready for pampering and get the nourishment they deserve.

That’s why cleaning is important, where every tiny particles left behind (when cleaning haven’t been done properly) it will lead the skin to be dull, lack of nutrition, clogged pores makes bigger pores, acne, oily skin, dry skin, and many more other problems.

What is the worst thing that can be left behind un-cleaned? Makeup traces.

This gentle cleansing milk from Estee Lauder helps to remove all makeups, including waterproof. The citrus infused milky lotion able to clean thoroughly but I find it uncomfortable to be used on the eyes to clean mascara and eyeliners are the lotion for me is not eye-friendly.

But for the rest of the face the cleansing milk works just fine and wonderful. The skin doesn’t feel any sting, sensitivity, nor harsh chemical on it. Leaving the skin feeling clean and supple. Use a toner afterward or use facial foam to help remove the leftovers and give the skin a fresher feeling.

The dark blue bottle is luxurious with gold accent and the pump is just lovely. When other brands sometime gives too much in a pump, Estee Lauder Take It Away Gentle Cleansing Milk gives just enough and a little of them do goes along the way.

Hi everyone,

this beautiful palette is from Estee Lauder and I will share with you some of the look made by these colors.

Ultra expressive color
High visibility finishes
Eyeshadow that makes eyes come alive.
True Vision™ technology transforms ordinary color and makes it extraordinary.
Smoky shades are smouldering, bright shades are brilliant, light shades now light filled.
Your eyes are ultra expressive. Prepare to make an impression.
  • Maximized color impact
  • Magnified vibrancy, clarity and dimension
  • Amplified brilliance
Each Pure Color EyeShadow shade comes in one of four distinct finishes:
  • Matte: rich, velvety suede
  • Satin: soft, lustrous sheen
  • Shimmer: prismatic-pearl shimmer
  • Metallic: sparkling, glittering metallic
  • Color adheres velvety smooth, without creasing.
  • Blends easily.
  • Long-wearing. Stays color true. Won’t fade.
Sleek compact includes applicator and mirror.
  • Ophthalmologist-tested
  • Fragrance-free

These are the shades I have on Satin and Shimmer. 18 beautiful shades for lot’s of combination to be explored. The powder is delicate and the colors are popping out (buildable).

Here are some of my look:

Nude Fresco, Hot Cinnamon, Pretty Penny.

Tranquil Moon and Enchanted Forrest.
Tempting Mocha and Sugar Cube.
Riviera Rose
Winking Periwinkle, Moroccan Mint, and Nude Fresco.


Purple Passion and Candy Crave

And there’s still more and more combinations of colors, just be expressive, creative and open to new ideas for tons of look from day to night. Calm to fierce. Lovely to daring. Anyway you please.
Good afternoon everyone….
heehee I’m just presumed that you all reading this blog in the afternoon, since where I am it’s very dark and cloudy. It’s in the middle of the day yet feels like afternoon ^__–
I’ve been using this particular item from some time and enjoy them, Estee Lauder Deluxe Blush Compact since it comes in 4 shades for blush and I can use it individually or mixed it for a different gradation.
Tender Petal is actually like soft roseose and Radiant Berry is similar to brick red, somehow on the picture with my camera they look like lavender and purple.

“Feather-light powder blush sweeps on silky-sheer, builds to full color. Easily goes from barely blushing to full intensity, just like your natural cheek color. Highlights and defines your face with a bloom of fresh color. Never looks heavy or streaky. Natural-looking shades give cheeks a soft, healthy glow. Buildable, extended-wear color stays true.

Estée Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush. Make great color your signature.”

I love the big mirror, that’s definitely a bonus point and the powder is soft, not ultra soft like one particular brand I know, but still considered quite soft. And best of all the color come faint on the first swipe but buildable. So I can either way, very natural to dramatic look.  

This is me using the Pink Kiss. Perfect for a romantic date or when love is just around ^__^

Radiant Peach.
When I want things done, especially used during meetings and formal occasion.
and lastly,
me with Tender Petal
The blush is really tender and delicate. Suitable for daily use, just a tad of petal on the cheeks and stays pretty.
For the Radiant Berry, I didn’t have an image of me using it heehee, sorry, for me the shade is quite serious, let me give you a swatch then.

The image taken with iPhone is actually better, showing them, their true color.

Hi all \(^0^)/
It’s Friday, and it means TGIF!!! I love Friday Saturday (and Friday is the sign of Sat is near) since it’s weekend and I can relax and enjoying my self. Use makeup more experimental and more daring than in weekdays. This is one of the items I’m using and it add the world glam to any conventional daily makeup into something ‘bling bling’.

Details from
Lip Gloss with the power to light up your face.
True Vision™ technology transforms ordinary color and makes it extraordinary. Imagine what it will do for your lips.
In a wide range of wearable shades with lasting shine for a lasting impression. You’ll want them all.
  • Maximized color impact
  • Magnified vibrancy, clarity and dimension
  • Amplified brilliance
Each Pure Color Gloss shade comes in one of three distinct, multi-dimensional finishes:
  • Mirror Shine
  • Luminous Shimmer
  • Dimensional Sparkle
  • All with sheer-to-medium coverage
  • Feels light and luscious, never sticky
  • Drenched with conditioners
  • Flexible-tip applicator hugs every curve of your lips
  • Smooths on precisely, stays on perfectly
“Gloss brings sensuality to a woman’s face.”
-Tom Pecheux, Estée Lauder Creative Makeup Director
On the images, it’s is clear I’m trying to make the camera focus but hey, the shine is really there and the sparks are va va voom. However, one tiny major problem, they are sticky. So sticky that my hair kept being stuck on the lips and it ain’t pretty. It is best used when the hair are all pulled up and tidy back there. Or when there’s no wind . . . and movement from the user.
The color goes out exactly just like in the packaging, less usage means transparent, more means bolder and careful not to drip some of these gloss (if used too much). When applied, the gloss does feels smooth then try move the lips like saying ma ma ma ma and immediately I feel the stickiness. After that, I start doing my activity, going out door and there it goes, the hair thingy. They sticks.
I do feel sensual using these lip glosses and the sparks are real. Oh well, enough talk, a picture worth thousand of words.
The Racy Raspberry is closer to my natural lip color, a bit red, touch of peach and nude. The Passion Fruit is closer to the red family, deeper color like more to the coral. Both offers a comfortable conditioner to the lips, it’s away from chapped, more like juicy.

Use it anyhow I please, after lipstick, after lip balm, after lip pencil, before lipstick, after/before lip tint, it’s speaks freedom and gives me liberation (beside the stickiness), or just like shown in the image above, use it alone.

The lip gloss is not waterproof and definitely leaves marks when kissing, smells fruity and wonderful too. Luxurious packaging and the main attention? The sparks!

Hello lovelies,

all these time I rarely use a lip pencil since I haven’t find the one that suits my needs. Until I try Double Wear Stay-in-Place Lip Pencil in 04.


12-hour staying power

For precision shaping
Glides on effortlessly for precise definition with 12-hour staying power.
Lightweight, creamy color helps extend the wear of lipstick without feathering or bleeding.
Flip the pencil around and use the integrated lip brush to apply your lipstick or gloss for brilliantly defined color and shine.
Removes easily with Take It Away makeup remover.

Above is the  close up image of Lip Pencil with Eye Pencils (HERE) clearly the 04.Rose is the one with rose-like color ^__^

The pencil glide on like crayon on the skin and on the lips . . . well on the lips it feels a bit tight. Just really a bit. It reminds me one of the lip pencil from MUFE.

This is me using the lip pencil in 04 and the tone is perfect for most color of lipstick. I find the lip pencil to really stay in place, so when eating remember to reapply the lipstick or there will be just the ‘frame’ with nothing in it. But when eating something oily the lip pencil wont last, it need to be reapply.

The shade comes in 14 choices but may vary in different countries. The matte finish lip pencil may be used as a lip color as well, but it will keep ‘drying’ so a lip balm is needed. I can create colored lips as matte as possible or as moist as possible with added lip gloss.

The lip pencil is similar to the eye pencil, I think it can be used as an eyeliner too, I did try it as an eyeliner and for me it works quite well. Colors like Chocolate and Plummy is perfect in terms of shade.

Cleaning wise: an oil based cleanser is needed (such as cleansing oil).
Hi all ^__^

Apparently this week going to be Estee Lauder week at my blog since I’ll be reviewing a lot of their items, some works really really well and becoming my favorite cosmetic while some did not. This particular product is one of the ‘didn’t’.

(Me with Onyx)

Details from


For precision lining

12-hour wear
Long-wearing eye pencil lines and defines with smooth, even color that looks fresh all day.
Wears for 12 hours. Sets in seconds.
  • Lightweight, creamy formula glides on effortlessly.
  • Rich, stay-true color won’t feather or bleed.
Double-ended pencil has smudger on one end, color on the other.
Sharpens easily with the Estée Lauder Pencil Sharpener.


  • Ophthalmologist-tested
  • Fragrance-free

The pencil felt like crayon on the skin, on the hand it glide effortlessly but on the lid I find it a bit tight. The color is vivid, it’s shows quality however it doesn’t dries instantly and give room for some blending action. I am unable to create a fine line using this pencil, it always come thick and after sharpening since fine lines means sharp point, it’s a bit painful. I have difficulties creating precision lines as well.

And then the lines will set? Unfortunately, on my lid, it doesn’t. All day I have to struggle with smudges and looking like Panda, it’s dark circles due to the bleed. And cleaning them also not that easy, as eye liner are put on the eye area, the crayon-like texture need a very good eye makeup remover (oil based) to be completely clean as it was a tad sticky and due to the contour of the area.

Hi babes,

these items are amongst my priced collection for being super smooth on the lips and feels ultra rich too.

These are some of them, in Crystal Pink Creme, Demure Rose Creme, Wild Orchid Shimmer.

All feel so moist on the skin and lips, like very very moist.

Details from


Looks and feels incredible

It leaves lips wanting more
Color so incredible, it leaves your lips wanting more.
True Vision™ technology takes ordinary color and makes it extraordinary.
In a seductive spectrum of sheer, brilliant shades, from sublime to vivid.

  • Maximized color impact
  • Magnified vibrancy, clarity and dimension
  • Amplified brilliance
All in a sheer formula.

In 2 seductive finishes:
  • Sheer, Crystal Creme
  • Brilliant, Crystal Shimmer
Sheer-to-medium, buildable coverage
  • Wears for hours
  • Stays color true
Enriched with lip-loving ingredients, including apricot kernel, shea butter and murumuru butter that leave lips soft and creamy smooth.

“Lipstick makes a woman sensual, powerful and kissable.”
-Tom Pecheux, Estée Lauder Creative Makeup Director

(Me with Wild Orchid Shimmer.)

For me the lipstick is fragile, as it is very moist and on the lips the feeling is incredible. Creamy, beautiful, shimmery and forget about lip gloss, this one shines through. However, for me, one color to the other doesn’t have much different when seen with the packaging but on the lips somehow the color reflects differently but still in Estee Lauder world of subtle and natural daily colors.

I love how smooth the lipstick is but careful to never leave the cap un’clicked’, so make sure to put the lid until fully closed, or the moisture will gradually gone and the lipstick will eventually cracked.

The lightly scented lipstick is a bit citrus-ey and smell delightful. I think this is the utmost moist lipstick in rich color I’ve ever used. The feeling on the lips is unbeatable, suitable for daily use as it keeps the lips protected, hydrated and juicy. So I’m able to look great everyday, day and night with Pure Color Lipstick.

Highly recommended!