Hi everybody ^^

Finally, I see my self at Shu Uemura counters in Indonesia. A program which I’ve been involved this past month with Shu Uemura to help everyone finding their match in the varieties of cleansing oils. As everyone probably aware, those 6 cleansing oils has been a true testimony of products that actually work and loved by so many people in the world. From a skincare addict to a true makeup artist. The unique ingredients and individuality of each creates a one of a kind items for 6 different needs.

Please do read about other testimony as well at the counter.

Mine is Ultime8 Sublime Cleansing Oil.


From the beginning until now where I almost finished it, Ultime8 has giving me nothing but pleasure and satisfaction.

Does it means that I can’t use other variety from the cleansing oil family at Shu Uemura world? Nope, I still can use the one for all skin type or just about any type that suits my skin’s need and mood at the moment.


Thank you Shu Uemura Indonesia, the oils are almost up, time to get a new one now ^^