Hi dear,

Who have chapped soles? Dry, coarse ? Or at least in desperate need of exfoliation?

Me! And I’m not in the mood (or ever) to do that dry scrubbing thingy, or having pedicured every now and then. So I try this Bebe Foot Mask from Etude House.

I’ve tried this kind of product before, Baby Foot. And it work so well. Too bad I can’t find it here. But, Etude House is here with the Bebe Foot Mask ^0^ hopefully it works out well too.


I know how harsh can they be so I made sure I don’t use this kind of product too often, for me once every 2-3 years is enough.


It’s a simple product where all needed is inside the packaging and read it thoroughly. Clean the feet, dry them, open the plastic which shaped like feet and put them in. Tape it so they wont run.


Make sure the feet stay inside the plastic as long as needed but if ones happen to have allergy where the feet feels too hot, burning sensation, very itchy or other kind of discomfort, perhaps it is best to take it off and wash it away. There may be reactions that needed to be avoided and can’t use this product.

Me? I’m feeling a cool slippery gel, a bit itchy but very little and it happens during the last minutes. I wash it off and dislike the acidic smell of the gel.

And I just leave them dry after a good rinsing action.


1,2,3 days nothing, on the 4th day the skin start peeling from the heels, and this image down here is a week.

It will keep on peeling for 2 weeks max (on my case) and some may experience differences. There is itchiness on day 3-4 which for me was nerve wrecking since other brand doesn’t carry ‘itchy’ in their ingredients.

But now as remember my days back then ^^ it was quite okay and the result is a new skin for the feet, not as smooth as baby’s feet but better than before. During the journey from week 1 to week 2 where there’s a chunk amount of skin peeling of is quite disgusting and interesting at the same time haha. My feet feels dirty all the time as if I’m not cleaning the floor properly.

They look kinda ugly and I avoided going out for a while to their appearance. But hey, after the caterpillar stay in a cocoon, comes the beautiful butterfly ^^.

This product worth a try and suitable as a gift to any hard working mom.