Hello everyone ^__^

It’s mask time with Kose Cosmeport.

Bough the product in Japan and the new 30 sheets hyaluronic acid essence mask is ready to boost the moisture and hydration to my skin.


The packaging is simple yet somehow I doubt when I reach the last masks down there will it be too dry? I guess I need to wait all the way to know the answer, right now, I just keeping it tight closed when not in used.


All the details is in Japanese, but the mask is simple enough as to be used on a pre-cleansed skin and after a toner/lotion. Leave it of for 5-15 minutes and continue by removing the mask, massage in the leftovers on the skin and add the rest of the skincare, such as moisturizer. If I want to use a serum, I see the texture of the serum first, if it is heavier than the mask, I use it afterwards, but if it is lighter or water based, I use it before the mask.


Curious to see the mask? Here it is, let’s unfold the mystery.


Details from

About a month and use it every day,
Intensive Care mask of beauty essence plentiful.

  • Hyaluronic acid (moisturizing) combination.
  • Liquid cosmetics Shimiwatari the corner layer in the sealing effect of the mask, I lead to skin that is moistened fresh and young.
  • I combine “trehalose derivatives”.
  • In addition to seaweed extract, deep ocean water, add blending trehalose derivatives. Effect increases the moisture further, the deep part of the stratum corneum to penetrate and keep the skin was full of moisture for a long time.
  • Prescription skin-friendly.
  • In addition to weak acid, no fragrance, no coloration, non-alcohol, no mineral oil to. I was kind to skin more.

Open the plastic cover, the cover may be stick and unfold several time, I think 30x would be the correct number.

There’s a transparent plastic inside, remove it first and underneath it is the mask.


A simple white thin mask, which I yearn for a better quality and thickness. I guess this is a simple product to be used and not necessarily contained a complex ingredients. The main feature is to add hydration (that’s what hyaluronic acid do) and that’s it.


Haha! I look so unhappy with the mask on. It is difficult to create expression when mask is on. The fitting also not so good on me, I keep having difficulties to get it in the right place. Maybe my face just not wide enough. The essence given is basic, which means it’s just one of the routine in a daily skincare which I don’t think suitable as a weekly treatment, it’s exactly more like a daily mask. Why they make it into a mask, I guess we all know that products do need time to penetrate into our skin and work before the next one put in, this mask helps me to wait before the next one and let the skin have it’s time to absorb the nutrients it need.


A simple mask to be used daily, gives the skin a boost of hydration and not made to be used alone, it’s just one of the skincare step, used after toner, lotion and a water based serum. Continue with the rest of the skincare such as oil-based serum, eye cream, moisturizer, sun protection and so on.

The quality of the mask could be better, but for what it’s worth, it does what it says it does.