Hello everybody,

after decades of successful iconic item called the Advanced Night Repair, a serum for the face, finally Estee Lauder launch one for the eyes area last month (Read it: HERE).


Here is the product, the box and the details attached to it. A 15 ml pump bottle with nothing but goodness for the eyes area. The minute I saw the product, somehow I found it believable. Maybe due to it’s precedent product known as ANR, or maybe because of all those research behind it.


Use it before an eye cream, so yes, it’s an eye serum. Twice daily and enjoy the benefit. The product has been with me for a month now and here’s my review.


I’m not using it alone, but with her faithful companion to guide her through. The Advanced Night Repair serum for the face. I’ll compare their texture and see them standing side by side to fight the aging out of my skin. Since now there are two ANR, one for the face and one for the eyes, let’s call it ANR face, ANR eyes, face and eyes, oh whatever, you got the drill 😀


Here they are, in terms of texture, color and physical appearance, immediately there are some differences. From the clear slightly brown/orange easy to digest serum to the light creamy white ANR eyes. However, both have that almost the same memorable scent, the one that only available in the ANR world. A subtle herb earthy slightly aromatic floral scent.


And both feels so easy on the skin, one for the facial skin feels so good on the skin and the one for the eyes as well. It may looks creamy but it is away from heavy and thick. Instantly melts and cover the eyes area with the liquid, penetrates and absorbed by the skin. The feeling afterwards is smooth, soft and relaxed.


From the press release and details given, I know that ANR eyes are made with full research and knowledge of the eyes original condition. Where it needs a pampering action from all those blinking, laughing, and all our facial eyes expression. And I know for sure I can’t escape using anti aging products, these last few days I have difficulties in sleeping on the right time.

Perhaps due to the surgery and the stitches or maybe it’s just something that all of us has experience. Stress from work or daily life. I meant, we all want a nice, slow paced life with zero pressure. But in reality almost all of us can’t have that luxury, the result? We are exhausted and the skin gets to it’s toll as well.

Lines, wrinkles, dehydrated skin is amongst the things we’ve seen the minute we step into the 30. Or for some 25. ANR with a remarkable formula which not just fix the skin on top but all through the DNA.

There’s when and why we need help, and ANR (face and eyes) are 2 of my recommended items on my list. List? Yes, there are a lot of good products out there, anyone just need to find the perfect item exactly matches their skin. It’s just happens that these 2 matches mine and a whole lotta people out there ^_________^


Use the eye serum from ANR to help the aging off from your eyes from the early age, I’m talking about 18-20’s. Since the signs of aging hits the eyes first. Always use the ring finger from the outer to inner side of the eyes. Try to avoid rubbing the eyes, it’s not just causing wrinkles (since the eyes area are 40% thinner than the face) it’s also might cause infection to the eyes. Avoid using other products for the eyes which has thick texture and fragrances since it can migrate to the eyes. The ANR eyes may be used alone without an eye cream on top of it.

ANR eyes also help reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.

And if needed or wanted, use it with ANR for the face.


By using them both for a complete Advanced Night Repair experience continually and routinely (minimum of 2 weeks daily application and see the result on your skin) I’m looking younger overall and gradually.

PS: Don’t forget to use the rest of the skincare products (cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sun protection) and always use a clean hand when applying.

So far I can use these products with other brand and range, mix and match accordingly to one’s skin type and needs.

Thank you Estee Lauder Indonesia.